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    posted a message on So there's good news, and then REALLY concerning news...
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    I do; in fact, I've never, ever played the game in any other way, even the sole map that I have played on (a fancy version of Skyblock) was based on Survival:

    Otherwise, my form of Survival is one of the simplest there is; the vast majority of my time is spent running through caves, mining resources and killing mobs. Any mods that I use do not detract from this, if anything, they reinforce it (more varied caves, more and more interesting mobs). I use next to no redstone (does using powered rails on redstone blocks or placing a button next to a door to open it really count?) and have next to no building skills (this is my latest base, basically a copy of a village house, many of my other bases are even simpler). I've also played this way for over four years with over 5,000 hours of playtime, it is also one reason why I have never upgraded past 1.6 (newer versions detract from my experience as well; less interesting caves in 1.7+ and a lower mob cap and nerfed zombies in 1.8+).

    With all due respect, you're a special case.
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    posted a message on The Problem With Elytra
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Quote from Lord_Garak>>

    What if one drops down on you from high up in a ravine? Did you know that they explode on impact if they fall far enough?

    (fall damage reduces their fuse to a minimum delay of 0.25 seconds - which is far too little time to react)

    Or if one sneaks up behind you? Really, you expect to be alert enough at all times that you can spot one before it explodes, especially if there are many mobs around? Well, maybe in the lame caves in 1.7+ but try exploring a cave like this - no use trying to block off passages when there aren't any: Um, yes, I do. If you have moderate situational awareness no creeper should ever be able to sneak up on you. If anything that kind of cave generation just makes it easier to see them coming.

    Sorry, I am never playing any game where you can just suddenly die for no good reason no matter how well prepared you are or however low the chance is; that is just not good game design - thank god that you can still play older versions and/or mod the game! Why is failing to identify or destroy a thread "dying for no good reason"? That's dying because the player failed, which is standard game design.

    In fact, "insta-kill creepers" were even used as an example of a bad suggestion:Who mentioned instant-kill creepers? Creepers are already an instant kill mob- if you stand still. Even being a block from a creeper means it's pretty ineffective at dealing KO damage. I don't understand what exactly you're trying to get at, we weren't discussing creepers in the first place and you seem to have derailed the conversation into something about older versions being better. (which I may or may not agree with)

    Responses in bold.
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    posted a message on The Problem With Elytra
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Let's do some math:

    Creeper explosion damage on Normal difficulty: 49
    Armor penetration = damage / (2 + totalToughness / 4) armor points; for full diamond armor and 49 damage this is 49 / (2 + 8 / 4) = 12.25
    Armor points left = 20 - 12.25 = 7.75, barely more than full leather (7)
    Damage reduction from 7.75 armor points at 4% per point = 31%
    Damage after armor = 49 * (100% - 31%) = 33.81 = You died!

    And that was just on Normal difficulty... on Hard they easily one-shot you from a distance, and this was much worse before they added armor toughness - they could one-shot you in full Protection IV on Normal difficulty.

    So, you can see that it is absolutely necessary to wear heavily enchanted diamond armor in order to survive a single hit from one of the most common mobs in the game unless you don't mind playing on Easy; on Hard even full Protection IV is not enough with the saving grace being that creepers rarely explode right on top of you (unless they drop down from a ledge) and damage rapidly decreases with distance (they deal about half the damage at the distance at which they stop moving before they explode).

    Even prior to 1.9 (with no armor penetration, which is all that armor toughness affects, it does not make armor reduce damage even more) they leave you with a couple hearts left on Hard - I'd sure still want enchantments! And, yes, while there is Blast Protection, which protects you even more while not reducing non-explosion damage so other mob damage is not overly reduced, I want Protection because it also reduces fall damage; Feather Falling by itself does not give you the maximum amount of Protection, which requires 2 pieces with Protection IV as well; hence why I wear a diamond chestplate and leggings each with Protection IV and Feather Falling IV diamond boots (in 1.6.4); this combination still averages less protection than full unenchanted diamond armor (also, Protection is NOT more effective on stronger armor - both unenchanted and full Protection IV diamond armor double the damage survivable when compared to the same iron armor so it is the armor itself that makes the difference either way. It only affects damage that bypasses armor, so for diamond it only further reduces 20% of damage compared to 40% for iron).

    In fact, I even nerfed creepers in my mod because I reduced the maximum protection of armor to 66% (3.3% per armor point, only when worn by players, still 80% / 4% for mobs with zombies having up to 22 armor points for 88% damage reduction) and let them continue moving (right up into your face) when counting down to explosion (explosion damage also falls off less with distance, from a maximum of 36 to a minimum of 6, so that in most cases you take more damage; maximum post-armor damage is 12 vs 9.8 for vanilla and minimum is 2 vs 0.2, a ten-fold increase).

    If you stand so close to a Creeper that you trigger its 1HKO zone then you deserve to die no matter what. That's the point of the mob, and I'm really not sure what you're trying to point out. The point here is that in PVP diamond prot is overpowered.
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    posted a message on Ocean Mob: Sea Cucumber

    This would fit perfectly.

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    posted a message on Fix x-ray exploit for good

    There are plenty of obvious solutions to x-ray, they just aren't implemented.

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    posted a message on Is it illegal to give out someones ip?

    They're blowing steam. Highly doubtful of any real threat. Once an admin told me they called the Chicago PD to my location.

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    posted a message on Statues!

    Quote from fishg >>

    I fixed most of the minor nitpicks. As for the "fuel" affecting the look of the statue, it crossed my mind but I decided it wouldn't be necessary. Statues wouldn't have a stone texture, they'd just be gray. Other colors wouldn't look as nice. It would just be there for the sake of being there.

    Why couldn't you be able to use materials like gold and iron to make statues?
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    posted a message on Most nostalgic mc Youtube Channel
    Quote from L0ST5ILVER»

    He's not a Minecraft channel anymore, but TheSyndicateProject is VERY nostalgic for me, the Minecraft Project for example.

    Came for this, great times, taught me about the game, and built the best world I've seen to date.
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    posted a message on What is your opinion on raiding as a form of protest?
    Quote from Mastermined»

    We're talking about a Minecraft server here. That's not exactly a valid comparison. Different participants and audience and all that.

    Why does the scale matter? It's basic human nature
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    posted a message on Is 1.13 going to change all the textures to a higher res?
    Quote from kiqkin»

    You like endstone, but you think it ugly? Faithful looks fine? I'm sorry, but that makes no sense. If you're saying people use endstone because it looks good in Faithful, then you completely missed the point. I've never seen an epic build anywhere that used endstone as the primary material. I'm sure you can find one if you look, but there's a reason you would have to look hard to find it and not just stumble upon it.

    Also and I'm trying hard not to make this personal, but if you're not planning on using vanilla Minecraft textures, why do you feel the need to personally disparage they guy working on them, JAPPA. Everybody agrees some of the textures are bad, but no one agrees on which ones.

    It's not going to be possible to make everyone happy. It takes a pretty brave soul to even try this. Can we try to offer constructive criticism, and specific helpful suggestions instead?

    For example: you stay, "This is hideous. I mean, really, really hideous." is completely unhelpful. Instead, say what you object to, and how it could be corrected.

    A comment like this might be more useful to the guy.
    I think the Cobble looks like... well Cobble, the rounded pavement stones used for streets long ago. It would look good as a road material. Unfortunately, it does not work well as a building material. I would suggest making the "stones" larger with less dark material in between.

    That is not what I said. I said endstone is a good looking block. However, the 16x16 nature of Minecraft inherently makes everything ugly. Faithful just changes it to 32x32 for the most part, and thus makes the game look much better without doing much.

    I don't hate JAPPA for attempting this. I think he doesn't have enough respect for what the game is supposed to be, and automatically assumes he is correct that every texture must go, and that everything must look smooth and plastic. Almost like some generic kiddie movie villain. He has good intentions, but the way he is going about them and his results, along with the wave of criticism at least the same size as the amount of people who think this these textures are good, must be taken at face value.

    As for the cobble: there's too much contrast (along with everything he makes), the color is too blue, the stones are too small and too asymmetrical. Quoting reddit, it looks like dragon scales. Cobble should be big, blocky, and rough; like an English stone wall.
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