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    posted a message on Typing Unicode characters on signs in Survival mode (in Linux)
    I, too, was looking for something like this. After spending a while on Google I found a Windows solution:

    I found this tool called Unicode Input. You just open the program and it goes to your tray. You then go into Minecraft, plop down a sign and press Alt + NumpadPlus. A GUI with an input field pops up in which you enter the Unicode ID of your requested character ( is great for looking this up) and boom the character gets written.

    I can confirm it does not work for the section sign (U+00A7) for formatting purposes.

    I tried some quite obscure Unicode characters and they all seemed to render out pretty seemlessly. Some of the characters are pretty tiny though.
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    posted a message on Making a /playsound follow a player
    Quote from FireArceus64

    Wow. Very interesting exploitation of a bug ;) . But the only way I could see myself using this is if I could use /playsound to play records. Which, correct me if I'm wrong, is broken right now.

    First off, I doubt it'll get fixed as it's a LWJGL issue. Secondly, no records is not broken. Just use records.13, and so on! :)
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    posted a message on Making a /playsound follow a player
    In many of my maps I've wanted to play some background music that follows the player around the map. A problem I quickly encountered was that you couldn't have a sound follow a player. It'd just keep on playing from the original coordinates. Thus, as soon as the player leaves the 16-block radius he wouldn't be able to hear the sound which kind of ruins the concept.

    I tried many different methods to solve this problem but the one I'm about to explain to you seems to be the only currently working one.

    First off, let's take a look at the /playsound command!
    /playsound <sound> <player> [x] [y] [z] [volume] [pitch] [minVolume]
    <sound> The sound to play. Could be something like or random.orb
    <player> The player to play the sound to. You may want to use a selective player such as @p, @a or even @r
    [x, y, z] The coordinates from which the sound will be played. Use ~ (tilde) for relative coords.
    [volume] The default volume. Defaults to 1. This is the one we’ll be looking more into in a bit.
    [pitch] The pitch at which the sound will be played. Defaults to 1.
    [minVolume] The minimum volume at which the sound will be played. Is bugged out in the latest version.

    Minecraft’s sound system has a limit to the maximum volume in which a sound can be played. This means that when a sound reaches this limit it’ll just stay at the roof of it. Thus, there’s no real difference in 1000 and 10000000 volume-wise.
    This is the first feature (or bug if you will) we use to our advantage.

    The range for the sound is determined by volume * 16. Thus, if volume is set to default the range is 16. If volume is set to 1000 then the range is 16000.

    This way you can just place one command block in the spawn chunks and have a volume of something big like 1000 (or possibly even more) to make it reach out to the player.

    I hope you learned something and could make use of it! :)

    Merry map making and happy new year!
    - Locercus
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    posted a message on Resisting the Blast
    I have just released a new custom map, it's called Resisting the Blast!
    It's a minigame where you have to get rid of creepers by ping ponging them through a tripwire wall. Get points and buy upgrades from the shop!

    You can download the map from my website's downloads section!
    Click here!

    If you are considering making a YouTube video on this, then please read the Legal page, that can be found on my website, too.

    Thank you for your time!
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    posted a message on What's the first word that comes into your head when you see the above posters word?

    Really, due to this:
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    posted a message on Counter Strike Beta Limited Guestpass Giveaway
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    posted a message on I'm looking to find this building somewhere.
    Looks like something made on The Voxel Box ...

    Also, next time use for images! :)
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    posted a message on T99 (My Server Map)
    Bigger images? Pleeeease! :)
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    posted a message on [MAP] THE MINECRAFT GRAVEYARD
    What would you like to say on your gravestone: R.I.P [Locercus]-
    2 Items That you Would like to be bury with: Redstone and sticky piston
    Would you like flowers on top of grave : Yes
    If so what kind: Both
    Would you like Netherock lit in the corners of your grave: No

    Thanks! :)
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    posted a message on [TOOL] [WIP] Minecraft Recipe Maker (Development temporarily based)
    Quote from Wolfofthenyght

    The download is broken :( I'd really love to try this out!

    Sorry, there ain't much I can do. I lost my version of the software (including the source code) and since the download is broken, I can't solve your problem. I am willing to do a web-based version of this if you would like (but it will take some time, though).
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    posted a message on Racism name
    You could mail Notch at: [email protected]
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Minecraft Mod Maker - MCreator
    Seems interesting... But you will need to add some more features for this to become popular!
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    posted a message on Friends can't connect
    You are supposed to post this in server discussion, not here...
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