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    posted a message on League of Legends
    wow, how can someone with their head screwed on right call this game bad? :S
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    posted a message on Battlefront 2 PC - still active?
    I allways loved the battlefront series, and i remember playing it hours upon hours on my old ps2.
    So i see that it is for sale on steam for a couple of bucks, so my question is, are anyone still playing it? and if there is, are there alot of hackers?
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    Hey, this project sounds very interesting, and i really like indie developers because most of them are not effected by the mainstream games, and make the games THEY want to make and play and therefor their ganes very often get a very fresh and original touch( like Minecraft and sorry for the long sentence :tongue.gif: )

    I myself have absolutly no experience in game development, so there is not much i can do to help your project, but i am a very acctive gamer and i play all sorts of games from mmorpgs to online action fps's. So if you want someone to test your game before you realese it, i am the perfect guy for the job.

    I am also quite good at drawing, but i am not suggesting that i should do all your artwork. But i can maybe draw some weapon/armor/mob ideas for you.

    I also noticed that you are from Norway which is pretty cool because i am also Norwegian.

    I also have one final question, is this going to be a pc only game? or other consols to?
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    posted a message on !
    Quote from BC_Programming »
    Quote from Krispooed »
    Soo, i was actually so lucky to get the oppertunity to create something in Minecraft as a school assignment

    That somewhat explains your spelling.

    but since Notch updated to 1.5

    Notch doesn't have version numbers. That would just be weird. Obviously you just omitted "Minecraft" from the sentence.

    i have probabely used 1day more then i thought having to remove alle THE GOD DAMN SNOW!

    Why? This is what I've never understood about people complaining about snow- WHY do you "have" to remove it?

    but i was at the edge of my Minecraft gaming carrier

    we wouldn't want you to fall off your gaming carrier. I'm assuming it's some sort of ship, by the way.

    and this totaly got me off the game.

    That.... sounds messy.

    I don't understand why all you english guys troll on us who doesn't have english as our main language. Stop being a jackass and be happy that atleast some people actually care to learn your stupid ass language.
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    posted a message on !
    Quote from ShannenAshlea »
    You know, you could just move to another biome... It’s not that hard or that far to travel to on minecraft and it would have saved you a lot of time.
    Fair enough on your complaint but you could have just moved.

    I made the building in a previous version of Minecraft, therefore i had no idea that my building was in a snow biome.
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    posted a message on !
    Post removed, faggots!

    User warned for flaming everybody.
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    posted a message on Remove snow from the ground?
    Soo, i was working on this awesome creation of mine, when i went to the bathroom.
    When i came back, the world AND the creation was covered with snow.
    Sooo how do i remove the snow that is laying on the ground?
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    posted a message on which Call of Duty is better? (POLL)
    MW2 was by far the worst cod game ever, and ruined the modern warfare series for me, because i really liked cod4
    Black ops was ok, got boring very fast, but i has zombies therefore its million times better then MW2
    Cod5 is the best of the best, it has the original call of duty style of weapons, and is very very balanced, if you don't count in the mp40, but it wasn't nearly as overpowered as the ump in MW2 ...
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    posted a message on [Multi][PVP]Sanctuary
    Awesome dude! Can i have the download link? :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Call of Duty Map Remakes
    That is soo cool dude! I myself have made a remakes of both De Dust 2 and WMD :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [REQ] Pushblock/Pushball !
    * PushBlock *

    I want a block that you can push by walking into it, and it would be nice if you made SMP support for it too! Beacause i want to play this minigame:

    This mod is for Minecraft classic and i believe it is outdated, but this minigame is alot of fun! And i really want play it again in minecraft BETA! :Notch:
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    posted a message on Any alternatives to ROBLOX?
    BLOCKLAND! (ftw)
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    posted a message on [REQ/IDEA] Minekart ( = Minecraft + Mario kart )
    Minigame idea:

    * Minekart * ( = minecraft + mario kart )

    - Plot -

    Bringing an fun racing experience to Minecraft

    - How it will work - 

    You will download it the same way as with Zombiecraft and it will have it's own launcher. Whit the download you will get a couple a tracks ( 2 - 4 ) and the ability to create your own tracks.

    - Singleplayer -

    You choose which track you want to race on, how many laps and how many bots. The bots will get a random skill level.

    - Multiplayer -

    The title speaks for itself. It lets you race against friends. And if there are not enough spawners inside the race the people will be placed in a VIP room untill someone from the race quits.

    - Powerups -

    You get them from this " blocks " around the map that will look like the thing above the mystery box in zombiecraft. It will cycle through all the diffrent powerups and the one it is currently on when you hit it will be the powerup you get.

    - Powerup list -

    Flint and steel:
    Will give you an extrem boost for one second leaving a trace of flames behind you.

    You shoot it at people to stunn them. The powerup turns them into a confused cow for a short amount of time then their back to normal. Be carefull to not hit the cow yourself, because then you will be sunned too.

    -> Feel free to suggest more powerups! Try to keep them Minecraft related

    - Vechile list -

    If you dont like the idea of vechiles in minecraft.


    Off rail.

    from SDK's mod

    For water races, the boats will be indestructible

    -> Feel free to suggest more vechiles!

    - Keep in mind, this was written on an IPad so i excuse any grammar errors
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    posted a message on Who's your favorite commentator
    2 bucks with out a doubt! He is one of the few commentators ican watch with out being bored to hell.
    Petrimace awesome guy, funny as hell!
    Captain sparklez calm and relaxing voice + cool and high quality videos!
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    posted a message on What do YOU hate in Minecraft?
    I hate Minecraft lets plays. Unless it is with a custom map or showcasing a mod. ( especially SOLO lets plays )

    Open servers that don't let you do anything unless you go the server owner's forum and sign up.

    Great coders that use their time on making boring mods like more ores/food/tools. Why can't they make something awesome like vechiles, monsters or a huge controllable robot? There is a reason SDK is so successful :wink.gif:
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