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If you wish to contact me use private messages. In most cases it is not necessary to get my direct attention if it is not something that can't be handled by reporting a post in Minecraft Discussion for staff to handle. I am not particularly receptive to small talk. If you attempt to friend me in advance on PSN or other services it is likely to be ignored unless you notify me beforehand.

About me:

I do not actually write much of anything about myself other than my age and maybe general location. For social medium sites such as facebook or google+ I only have an account for the sake of having an account for things that require it. I am not the most social person in the world verbally but I'll type plenty via text, though not publicly that often. Thinking of me as a hermit isn't exactly an incorrect comparison. I play a good amount of games. Furthermore I an a novice study of Japanese but nowhere near usable levels. I like cats, you like cats don't you?


I am a moderator of Minecraft Discussion so if you have a problem with something that is going on in that section, send in a report and sooner or later I will take notice of it and take care of it unless someone else gets around to it first. Before posting in Minecraft Discussion please make sure to read the rules, provided by a link on the top of the forum and in each specific forum section.


Japanese Stuff, Touhou, Computer Entertainment, Cats

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