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    posted a message on Is minecraft still on 1.12?

    Yes mc is still on 1.12, but not for much longer. 1.12 has 2 bug fix updates so far.

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    posted a message on Seed your name!

    I went back to 1.8 to make a new resources world for survival on Minecraft Central and while looking at this thread, I have decided to have a look at what some of the seeds posted in this thread during the beta days of Minecraft look like in 1.8. These seeds will probably be the same in all 1.7.x (except ocean monuments, red sandstone, coarse dirt, granite ,diorite and andesite), 1.9.x (with igloos), 1.10.x (with fossils and better villages), 1.11.x (with woodland mansions) and 1.12.x. All screenshots are in the link at the end of the post as there are defo more than 5 of them. All spawns marked out with beacons. Idk if any of those I looked at seeds of their names still play.

    Quote from NoteBlock»
    For NoteBlock, I got a big lake behind me and to right, desert to left, and forest infront.

    A survival island seed with a frozen continent and an ocean monument not far away.

    Quote from Swafa»
    Do Swafa, Its pretty epic with awesome natural mountains

    Another survival island seed with an ocean monument, but this time no frozen continent, the ocean monument can be seen from spawn and there are a lot more islands.

    Quote from Sir_Veillance»
    Sir_Veillance was actually quite boring. Just a bunch of normal stuff, deserts, water, flat grass, if you look around a bit there are some pretty big mountains.

    Edit : I do however like that screenshot Molecyle, is the whole world like that?

    Two interesting things only: a flower forest and a beta-style hill.

    Quote from warlordluke»
    warlordluke produces a huge desert on one side and a river on the other...still exploring the desert.

    And this is what I found on the other side of the desert

    Outside the desert part 1 by Luke Parker Photography, on Flickr


    Outside the desert part 2 by Luke Parker Photography, on Flickr

    Start of a trend where the biomes found are nothing rare and quite uninteresting for a seed. This one has literally nothing but a lava lake next to spawn which is almost not visible from the surface. At least it means there's some coal ore on the surface of a forest that's not a cave, which is rare.

    Quote from Taiine»
    My name (Taiine) as a seed provided a boring landscape at first. But soon found a open lava lake by the river and just south were large hills with over hangs and one of the LARGEST tundera biomes I had ever seen. along it is a small valley in the middle of some tall mountains that is of a forest biome. So it's sort of an oasis with in the frozen lands.

    The oasis.

    No rare biomes but it has a hole in the ground in a taiga biome that leads to a complex cave system which leads to diamonds with zero digging required. There's also two ravines in the swamp.

    The seed HijanaPantherpaw contains lots and lots of forests with a few good landforms.

    This was my spawn. On a desert biome with a forest behind.

    Surface iron right next to me. Giggity :ironore:

    There are some pumpkins to the right of the spawn next to 2 waterfalls.

    A cross in mid air.

    To the right of the spawn we have a mountain. Not the biggest I've seen, but pretty good.

    Two "Great Oaks" and a field of flowers and long grass

    The forest stretches farther, and below is a cave filled with coal (no Screenshot)

    This is a natural secret entrance to a cave that has coal & iron :coalore: :ironore:

    Another biome with uninteresting biome generation, the only thing interesting in this seed is an ocean monument.

    Quote from UnforgivenJ»
    I put in UnforgivenJ (obviously) and this is what I got

    The last three have had no rare biomes, but this one spawned in one. A huge jungle, with a jungle temple 20 blocks away from spawn. Not only that, but go exploring and you'll find the rarest biome in the game bordering the jungle, a mushroom island. A nice insane seed after three seeds with nothing but caves and an ocean monument to check out.

    Quote from BlockMan4444»
    Put in BlockMan4444.

    Its awesome. It spawns you near two lava pools and by some wicked looking mountains!

    Spawning in a plains next to an ice plains, this seed has an insane set of ravines linked into eachother somewhere in the ice plains. There's also a ravine near spawn. I was looking for spawn when I stumbled upon the golden area of the seed; a ravine, sunflower plains and ice spikes literally next to eachother.

    Quote from Zenity»
    My name produced a seemingly ordinary world, until I discovered a cave system, the vertical shaft at 122 -192 leads into a cave system that goes down to about Z 12, there is also a sunken dungeon close by, ( hint: look for the beach....), not gonna spoil the unusual nature of the vertical shaft, it has a feature that amazed me the first time I saw it....

    Seed: Zenity

    The best seed of them all. For this one, great wasn't good enough. Spawn is rather uninteresting but explore abit through the desert and you'll find a desert temple and a village. This seed also contains another village, two more desert temples and two savanna plateau M biomes. So decent number of generated structures, check. Rare biomes, check.

    Screenshots (22 in total): <iframe src="" width="500" height="626" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true"></iframe>

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    posted a message on Add Nuclear Mechanics!
    Quote from 1337Congress»

    Nuclear power can be Minecraft as well if it gets added.

    Neh, its unMinecraft and won't fit into the vanilla game.
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    posted a message on Add Nuclear Mechanics!
    Quote from 1337Congress»

    Nuclear Power isn't the same as redstone.

    Ofc redstone is less powerful, but its Minecraft, unlike nuclear power.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Quote from Fabian42»

    "trophy worlds"? What the heck is that? Did you make it up or is console edition even worse than I know so far?
    If the worlds are still 1000x1000, then you're probably playing a pretty old version. Try connecting your console to the internet and installing updates.
    If your bookmark is broken, use the search on the forum or just Google. In any case, this is not the place for suggestions for console edition.

    All console editions have 1000x1000 worlds, but Xbox One (old), PS4 and Switch have the option of bigger worlds.
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    posted a message on Ocean Improvements Part 2/3: Sea Content (Updated)

    I fully support this idea, but there are some things I disagree with.

    • The saturation for crab is way too OP. Do yk how many shanks 12 points is? 6! Make the raw restore 3 points (1.5 shanks) and cooked 9 points (4.5 shanks)
    • Sea soup is also too OP. 14.5 hunger points is 7.25 shanks (almost three quarters of the entire hunger bar) so it should be 10 points (5 shanks) just like rabbit stew.
    • Molluscs should be a mob. I agree with you that they should rarely move, but they should open their shells quite often (except for when there's an octopus around), and should drop 0-1 mollusc shells when killed.
    • Mollusc shells should be used for crafting mollusc boxes. The crafting recipe is one shell on the top row, one on the bottom (crafting table grid). Mollusc boxes cannot be dyed, and being a lot smaller and easier to get than shulker boxes, only have 9 slots.
    • Whale blubber can be used to shield blocks that can melt (i.e. ice and carpet snow) from being melted by light sources that they're close enough to be melted by. This block will be crafted from 9 pieces of blubber.
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    posted a message on Add Nuclear Mechanics!

    Nuclear is too in-Minecraft. If you want to have powered items, use redstone. No support

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    posted a message on 1.13 Data pack
    Quote from D_Inventor»

    @ShelLuser Thank you very much for your advice! I tried putting my loot table in the minecraft namespace (which in the context of datapacks means renaming the namespace folder to 'minecraft'). Unfortunately the loot table still doesn't override the default loot table. I also cannot reach the loot table through commands anymore, because "minecraft:entities/guardian" refers to the default loot table ofcourse.

    Although it is not your job to help me, I still thought I would share how my pack looks like at the moment. Perhaps you are generous enough to have a look and perhaps to give some suggestions.

    This is how my folder structure looks like right now:

    | pack.mcmeta
    | data
            | minecraft
                    | advancements
                    | functions
                    | loot_tables
                            | entities
                                    | guardian.json
                    | recipes
                    | structures

    Am I experiencing a bug right now? It would be very plausible, since we are still in the snapshots.

    Wait for the default data to become a data pack then delete the guardian.json from the default data pack and put your own in the data pack folder.
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    posted a message on How should mob loot table .json files in data packs look when open?

    I made a data pack just for fun bc its the first time I've done it that makes pigs drop diamonds when killed.

    ^ download it there ^

    If yk how the .json file for changing the loot table of a mob should look can you plz tell me what I've done wrong and how to correct it?

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    posted a message on 1.13 news and updates (source: Twitter @jeb)

    Sry for my absence and lack of updates to this thread, but the fact I found out about the 1.13 snapshots bought me back so I've completely changed the OP and udated the title.

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    posted a message on Ocean monument and ice spike biome on good seed for island hopping

    I loaded a random seed last week and found this seed, which is 409310003

    You spawn on a peninsula of large land mass with lots of islands just offshore. In fact, I found three land masses, and each had a number of islands just offshore. Not sure if that's normal for this version but I thought its worth pointing out.

    Going to the east of spawn you find a few islands in the middle of the ocean, but there's also an ocean monument.

    Going south of spawn is nothing interesting, just an ocean with islands until you find another land mass of the same biomes as the one you spawn on.

    To the west of spawn is a mixture of plains, extreme hills, roofed forest, forest and birch forest. The biomes not too interesting but there is a lavafall to be found which you could make a neat decoration from.

    The best direction to go in if you want to see what makes the seed interesting is north from spawn. You need to cross the entire land mass you spawn on first (a small ravine on the way, but its not an extreme one its like the ones on other versions), then you go across the see until you find an iceberg around some frozen islands, not far behind which is a frozen land mass of ice plains and ice mountains. Near the coast you find another ravine, same type as the one on the spawn land mass. Go abit further and you come across this weird hill, where there's an area under it which has grass in it. This seems to be the perfect place to transform into a house. Go through this and you'll find an igloo, which has a basement. Go past this igloo, then you'll see a cold taiga biome, which to the right of it is a village with some good loot, but to the left is an ice spike biome and an extreme ravine. Yes, the type that goes down to diamond level from the surface.

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    posted a message on New forums feedback
    Quote from citricsquid»

    Just done that.
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    posted a message on Small Minecraft Suggestions

    Here, post small suggestions that don't need a thread of their own, like a new block, mob, item or texture update.


    I think red soul sand should be added, which soul sand plains have a chance of spawning with instead of regular soul sand in the nether. Inspired by red sand.

    Thread rules

    • Only one suggestion per post. There's no limit to how many suggestions each user can make, but only one per post.
    • Only one suggestion per day. Nobody wants to see a full page of suggestions by the same user, whether they're good or bad suggestions.
    • Keep it PG. There are kids playing Minecraft so don't suggest anything inappropriate for them.
    • Take other people's responses to your suggestion. Its totally fine if someone doesn't like your suggestion, so don't rage at them or report them for it.
    • Make sure your suggestion is small. Its in the thread title so it should be obvious, this means if you want to suggest a new biome or new block/item that comes with some complex mechanics or has multiple blocks/items made from it, please make it in a thread of its own.
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    posted a message on New forums feedback
    Quote from citricsquid»

    You are still allowed to make suggestions for the various Minecraft: Editions. The Discussion and Suggestion forums for each of these editions were not receiving very much in the way of new posts, therefore we consolidated them into a single Discussion forum which is where members are encouraged to discuss the game and make suggestions. I will update the descriptions of these forums to better communicate this change.

    So there will be no forum like those of the seeds and show your creation forums of the other editions for suggestions. They will just be posted in the discussion forums of the specific edition. Makes sense.
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    posted a message on New forums feedback

    So, the forums got redone (rearranged). Here is my thoughts and improvements on it.

    Java edition forums

    They are ahead of the main edition forums in the forums list. Its not the main edition anymore so it shouldn't have its forums at the top of the list.

    Main edition forums

    Every other suggestion forum has one, a small suggestion thread. I might even make one tomorrow if one isn't made.

    Pocket edition forums

    The pocket edition is the main edition. Remove its own specific section as it is no longer needed.

    Other edition forums

    Add a suggestion forum w/ small suggestion thread. Most of the editions in that section are still recieving updates (as far as ik only Xbox One and Pi are no longer getting them, with the Switch edition soon to join them) so it makes sense for us to be able to make suggestions for them.

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