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    posted a message on Ocean monument and ice spike biome on good seed for island hopping

    I loaded a random seed last week and found this seed, which is 409310003

    You spawn on a peninsula of large land mass with lots of islands just offshore. In fact, I found three land masses, and each had a number of islands just offshore. Not sure if that's normal for this version but I thought its worth pointing out.

    Going to the east of spawn you find a few islands in the middle of the ocean, but there's also an ocean monument.

    Going south of spawn is nothing interesting, just an ocean with islands until you find another land mass of the same biomes as the one you spawn on.

    To the west of spawn is a mixture of plains, extreme hills, roofed forest, forest and birch forest. The biomes not too interesting but there is a lavafall to be found which you could make a neat decoration from.

    The best direction to go in if you want to see what makes the seed interesting is north from spawn. You need to cross the entire land mass you spawn on first (a small ravine on the way, but its not an extreme one its like the ones on other versions), then you go across the see until you find an iceberg around some frozen islands, not far behind which is a frozen land mass of ice plains and ice mountains. Near the coast you find another ravine, same type as the one on the spawn land mass. Go abit further and you come across this weird hill, where there's an area under it which has grass in it. This seems to be the perfect place to transform into a house. Go through this and you'll find an igloo, which has a basement. Go past this igloo, then you'll see a cold taiga biome, which to the right of it is a village with some good loot, but to the left is an ice spike biome and an extreme ravine. Yes, the type that goes down to diamond level from the surface.

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    posted a message on New forums feedback
    Quote from citricsquid»

    Just done that.
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    posted a message on Small Minecraft Suggestions

    Here, post small suggestions that don't need a thread of their own, like a new block, mob, item or texture update.


    I think red soul sand should be added, which soul sand plains have a chance of spawning with instead of regular soul sand in the nether. Inspired by red sand.

    Thread rules

    • Only one suggestion per post. There's no limit to how many suggestions each user can make, but only one per post.
    • Only one suggestion per day. Nobody wants to see a full page of suggestions by the same user, whether they're good or bad suggestions.
    • Keep it PG. There are kids playing Minecraft so don't suggest anything inappropriate for them.
    • Take other people's responses to your suggestion. Its totally fine if someone doesn't like your suggestion, so don't rage at them or report them for it.
    • Make sure your suggestion is small. Its in the thread title so it should be obvious, this means if you want to suggest a new biome or new block/item that comes with some complex mechanics or has multiple blocks/items made from it, please make it in a thread of its own.
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    posted a message on New forums feedback
    Quote from citricsquid»

    You are still allowed to make suggestions for the various Minecraft: Editions. The Discussion and Suggestion forums for each of these editions were not receiving very much in the way of new posts, therefore we consolidated them into a single Discussion forum which is where members are encouraged to discuss the game and make suggestions. I will update the descriptions of these forums to better communicate this change.

    So there will be no forum like those of the seeds and show your creation forums of the other editions for suggestions. They will just be posted in the discussion forums of the specific edition. Makes sense.
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    posted a message on New forums feedback

    So, the forums got redone (rearranged). Here is my thoughts and improvements on it.

    Java edition forums

    They are ahead of the main edition forums in the forums list. Its not the main edition anymore so it shouldn't have its forums at the top of the list.

    Main edition forums

    Every other suggestion forum has one, a small suggestion thread. I might even make one tomorrow if one isn't made.

    Pocket edition forums

    The pocket edition is the main edition. Remove its own specific section as it is no longer needed.

    Other edition forums

    Add a suggestion forum w/ small suggestion thread. Most of the editions in that section are still recieving updates (as far as ik only Xbox One and Pi are no longer getting them, with the Switch edition soon to join them) so it makes sense for us to be able to make suggestions for them.

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    posted a message on Chat narration - am I the only one with this problem?
    Quote from Herb_»

    I don't have an answer, but maybe a workaround; try pressing CTRL and B at the same time. it should toggle the narrator options.

    Thx for the help. It worked.
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    posted a message on Chat narration - am I the only one with this problem?

    So yesterday I was playing survival games on CubeCraft when I could hear some narration. I wondered what it was. Turned out it was chat narration in-game. I was so confused as I had never turned it on before, it had turned itself on, I didn't even know it existed before yesterday. I tried to turn it off, but there was only one option, which was narrate all, as seen in the video. Also as you can see in the video I turned the volume to voice/speech to off and I could still hear narration. Has anyone else here had this problem or am I the only one? Ik its not a bug with the game as I've used this exact client (1.12-OptiFine_HD_U_C2) for over a month and no problems until yesterday.

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    posted a message on combat in 1.9 good or bad?
    Quote from Ptolemy2002»
    Just let the argument die. No

    Yes, its pointless at this point in time after 2 years. Anyway, bye, I'm unsubbing this thread as I don't want to keep watching this argument pointlessly going on for the rest of my life.
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    posted a message on Can anyone suggest a Minecraft Youtuber plz?

    I'm looking for a Minecraft Youtuber who does lets plays to help create a community on a small server.

    Read more about the server its for:


    The Youtuber you suggest must have between 10k and 1m subs, this is to help make a decent sized community.

    The Youtuber must make lets plays of the java edition.

    The Youtuber must be willing to play more recent versions.

    Plz leave suggstions down below.

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    posted a message on [1.12] HeliosGaming - skywars, survival, more gamemodes coming soon

    Updated OP.

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    posted a message on combat in 1.9 good or bad?

    I should at least be able to swing a WOODEN sword that fast!

    Why? Something to do with its weight.

    It doesn't completely disable your right click option. You can still place blocks with anything in your offhand.

    Right click can't have two functions at once. If you have a shield in one hand and blocks in the other, right either places blocks or uses the shield. The point being: one of them doesn't work while the other one does. Thus the shield is annoying to use.

    That's a lot of work, thus making it HARDER to combat!

    Translation: it raises the skill ceiling.

    You could still do it while they're running if you have fast reflexes.

    Skill ceiling.

    What I said has nothing to do with weak players beating strong ones. Quite the opposite. The strong player can beat the weak one much better.

    As in the skilled player can beat the unskilled player. Isn't that what we want? Yes

    The axe's ability to be stopped less by armor is important toward making it usable in player combat because otherwise its slow swing time would lend to you being unable to kill a player while they stand there eating food and laughing at you.

    And yet it still does a lot of damage, so you could get in about 7 damage without even waiting for the cooldown to fill up.

    Without the new system including toughness as well as larger attacks penetrating armor, a perfect 18 damage axe crit would deal only 3.6 damage to a player in full diamond armor without protection.

    Everything I have said was said because of experience.

    And yet our experience suggests to the contrary.

    What is your point? The facts are that in pre-1.9 PvP, a player in Diamond armor is very well defended yet can still be killed if they are being constantly attacked. In post 1.9 PvP, the same is true.

    Nope. They could be killed in less hits because of the extra damage added to the items.

    In less hits with more time between hits = same amount of time. Actually probably slightly more time, but that's probably a good thing. PvP used to be a little fast. Imo higher pace is better but the axe power was increased to combat the cooldown.

    My whole purpose for talking about this bit is to get you to stop acting like the change affected how well players can kill each other, because it hasn't changed.

    Yes it has.

    You say it yet evidence suggests to the contrary. Spamming attacks in someone's face might not break through their armor, but using some tactics will do it even if they have diamond armor and a shield, and you have wooden or stone tools.

    That is a pathetic effort to balance things considering that it was fine before 1.9.

    You say it but you aren't backing it up with evidence. We've told you what was wrong with combat before 1.9. Let's summarize what's been said: It was more spammy and less tactical. You seem to agree but feel that the old way was better. We argue that the old way was less skill-oriented meaning that it was the player with the best gear who generally won the fight. You seem to agree that a skill-oriented system is better, but you disagree that the new system is more skill-oriented. It has more things to consider, giving it a higher skill ceiling.

    Quote from Ptolemy2002»

    Because wooden swords are very light.

    When placing a block with a shield, the block doesn't get placed unless you have a block highlighted. If you do have a block highlighted, then the shield function is disabled and the block is placed. If you don't, the block is disabled and the shield is used. That is a perfect example of the right-click having 2 uses at once.

    . If the skill ceiling is too high, there will be specific people who skill and nobody would have any chance of beating them because it would require way too much skill Everyone can kill anyone. The worst PvPer in the world can kill the best PvPer in the world, no matter how small the chances of that happening are.

    . See above.

    ? Not exactly. If the skilled player can beat the unskilled player too easily, the unskilled player won't get a chance to become skilled because he'll be too busy dying. On the other hand, if the unskilled player can beat the skilled player, the skilled player might quit playing. The key is balance, and I think the old system did a better job of doing that. Everyone gets good eventually with enough practice. It can sometimes take only one kill of a pro by someone who can't PvP to give their road to becoming a pro a huge boost. A pro would never quit the game just bc of one low chance loss to a noob.

    . Which means that the player with the OP weapon is not guaranteed to win, although he has an advantage. Gaming is supposed to be about skill, which both 1.8 and 1.9 take very different skillsets to be good at.

    . But they aren't constantly being attacked. The regen time gives them time to regen. If their hunger is too low, they won't regenerate.

    . My evidence has already been stated. Now I am trying to keep my evidence valid and use it against other evidence. In case you forgot what my evidence was:

    1. the spoiler in this post describing how disabling using commands is very hard
    2. this post explaining how easy it is to make the change
    3. this post which highlights the fact that 1.9 made it messier and that most minecraft developers don't like it
    4. this post highlighting why the second system was better
    5. You didn't see anyone complaining to change it when the old system was still current, so that showed that it was accepted more overall. And even though more people seem to like this system better, they were probably fine with the old one.

    . Because it was simpler.

    . The better skilled person still usually wins.

    . Which also makes it MUCH HARDER! Harder = better

    . Thus being a little too OP for the unskilled player. Again, anyone can become a pro with enough practice.

    Responses in bold. Just let the argument die, state your opinion on which you prefer and move on. I have tried many times to do that but the argument keeps going pointlessly and I've been responding to ppl's arguments hoping they'll just shut up. As I've stated many times before I prefer 1.8 bc of the higher pace but 1.9 is good.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Quote from Bjokey»

    Alright then, according to your logic you can also add vodka since it's not a drug, only the alcohol is.

    But as kids can be very impressionable, they might start drinking vodka just bc its in Minecraft and they have alcohol problems before they're 12.
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    posted a message on So there's good news, and then REALLY concerning news...
    Quote from Geneo»

    * BTW, the 360 and ps3 will no longer be sold or updated once the BT update is released. Mojang hasn't said if the ps4 will continue to be "supported" or not, that I've heard. I do know they won't get the BT update. Sorry, but Sony shot themselves in the foot on this one. Course, the java edition will keep on keeping on, just like it always has.

    They will, until the ppl that make those consoles stop allowing updates to the games on them. Only the Xbox One and Switch editions will stop getting updates. For now, the 360, PS3, PSVITA, PS4 and Wii U editions will all have updates to the console edition.
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    posted a message on Any Beta/Alpha servers still around?

    Tried to look to see if I can find the jar online for you but couldn't find it. I also checked if its possible to host beta servers but the earliest version they do is official release 1.4.7.

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    posted a message on 1.13 (probably) news and updates (source: Twitter @jeb)
    Quote from Mastermined»

    Could you add those tweets confirming the devs will increase the block ID limit in 1.13? that's pretty much the only confirmed feature I can think of off the top of my head.

    Can't find the tweet.
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