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    Mine Emblem - Arena is a 2-4 player battle arena. It is based off the Link Arena battles in the GBA Fire Emblem Games.

    There is still a lot I want to add, but I want to put out a first version to see what people think and see if they have any suggestions.

    Download: Here


    1. Find a few friends, This game cannot be played by only one person.
    2. Join a team. Each player on their own team.
    3. Once you click the "Start Game" you get to pick which 5 units you want to battle with. Each Unit has different strengths and weaknesses, so pick wisely.
    4. BATTLE!
    Each player will take a turn. On your turn you choose a unit to command, and then choose an enemy to attack.
    Once a Unit's health falls below Zero, then that unit is dead. Battle continues until one player remains.
    5. Play again! Pick different units and try a different strategy!







    Pegasus Knight

    Wyvern Rider

    (Armored) Knight






    Upcoming Features:

    Weapon Triangle

    Effective damage

    More classes

    Items (vulnerary, Elixirs, Etc.)

    Battle animations and sounds

    And More!


    - Early version of arena, but shows Unit Sprites.

    - Most of the Arena complete. Shows a unit in the field.

    - Final Build of the Arena.

    Any suggestions, comments, bugs? Please comment below or message me!

    All Units, sprites, and mechanics are based on FE7 (The Blazing Sword).

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