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    posted a message on 100% Vanilla SMP Mature, Friendly, World reset
    About us

    Crafters-United is a 100% vanilla survival server. We have had this server up for about 8 months now but we have recently reset the world and removed some of the in-active members. Altogether there is about 8 off us left, we are all active ( some have school exams atm ), mature, fun and trustworthy.


    Crafter-United has another server set aside for events such as UHC and Survival based adventures.

    World so far

    So far we haven't really done much, we have all been looking for base plots, gathering resources and so on. This means if any new members join they wont be far behind us all. We have started a few projects but are all for the community such as spawn and blaze farm.


    We do not have many rules and would ask all members to read and abide by them

    - No Griefing
    - No Stealing
    - No PvP ( unless both parties agree )
    - No going to the end until we kill the dragon as a community
    - Do not use TnT or lava in pranks to destroy someones work
    - Build within 1500 blocks from spawn


    Why do you want to join:
    Why should we accept you:
    project ideas:
    How much time would you dedicate to the server:

    (Please take your time on this application)
    (We are currently playing on snapshots)
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    posted a message on 1.7 100% Vanilla White-Listed Mind-crack/Hermit-Craft inspired server
    Welcome to the Unnamed server.

    We are a small community of 4 but we would like to invite some to new members!

    Currently the server is running on 1.7 but we have had talks about updating to snapshots in the near future, This server is white-listed because we just want a small community where we can build our world together. At the moment we have built.

    -Iron Foundry
    -Mob Farm
    -Witch Farm
    -Ender Ender in progress

    -No Griefing
    -No stealing
    -Respect other members
    -No Killing other members
    -Pranks must be harmless to players

    The type of players we are looking for will have to be 16+, Mature, Friendly, Ambitious and have some decent project ideas they would like to build and share.

    if you are still interested in joining just fill out the application and we will get back to you ASAP.


    -Age (16+):
    -Time zone:
    -Why do you want to join?:
    -Why should we accept you?:
    -Your project ideas?:
    -How many hours would you dedicate to the server? (daily):

    Hope to see you soon :D
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    posted a message on |Minecraft White-list| 1.7.2 | 16 Ram | Small Community |
    Title: |Minecraft White-list| 1.7.2 | 16 Ram |

    BackUp IP:

    As you guys have seen. I have already made this kind of forum earlier before.
    There have been many players [Not greatly] removed from white-list due to lack of active and lack of creativity (A disappointment, I must say, because the people that were removed did not stick to the application they filled out).
    Also, the server encountered a problem, and is now fixed, but I cannot promise it will not come back. Due to the problem, I had to freshly reset the server and a few tweaks here and there, I could have saved the map, but found that, this would be a great opportunity to start over, with the people I have chosen as the BEST players in the server. There are 7 players remaining on the server.

    I am looking for 5 more players! (This will update, when new players are added)

    ++SMALL COMMUNITY! (About -15 players)

    >>List of the 5 players
    +Mizuyuuki (Host/me)
    +iiTrojan (Good Ole Friend & Good in Redstone)
    +NinjaPeddler (Awesome builder & Great Co-Op)
    +DeMordrey (Great with sky builds)
    +Zoiney (Great builder & quick resource gatherer)
    +LittleNataly (Great Farmer & quick resource gatherer)
    +PiePieYa (Helpful & quick resource gatherer)

    >>All of these people are what I have listed below are...

    These are the type of people I'm looking for:
    +Good Builders
    +Good with redstones

    Server Maker's Info:
    Name: Mica
    IGN: Mizuyuuki
    Skype: mica.dgaf (I will add you, unless, I cannot find your name on skype then I will inform you to add me)
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Specialty: Building, sorta redstone, but mostly building
    Hours I play: I play all day (If I can) on the weekends
    Server Banned?: I host my own. I've been admin on lots of servers. (Most are because of friends that run servers publicly)
    Enjoyment in MC: I like building, and 1.7.2 has new biomes that I have yet to explore
    Inspiration: Keralis (Youtuber) and my imagination :Sheep:
    Other Info: I watch and absorb. I don't talk about the problem, I solve it without a word.
    TimeZone: Mountain Time.

    >>Rules on Server

    1. Read EVERY sign that you see.
    2. Don't be normal.
    3. Respect everyone.
    4. :Pig: Love and Enjoy every moment that passes. :Pig:

    If interested in applying, please fill in this application:

    >>When filling application, be creative and SPECIFIC

    +Name (Not really needed):
    +Minecraft Game Name:
    +Reason for wanting to join?(BE SPECIFIC):
    +What's your specialty in minecraft (BE SPECIFIC!):
    +How long do you play MC and what time zone do you have?
    +Have you ever been banned on other servers?
    +What do you enjoy about minecraft (BE SPECIFIC):
    +Any Youtuber you use as an Inspiration? (If yes, who?):
    +Ideas you already have in mind for the server? (If yes, what would that be?):
    +How are you on your maturity level? (Honesty comes with great price, use your words well):
    +Ever griefed/stolen from other MCplayers?:
    +Other things you'd like to add (Not really needed but I am interested Posted Image)


    "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed
    by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you
    did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the
    safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
    Explore. Dream. Discover." -Unknown

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