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    posted a message on RealisticLivestock Mod, new models for vanilla farm animals, new AIs, new breeds, and new animals(yak, turkey, bison, goat, etc)

    I was not going to say anything, but since this has turned into personal attacks, I guess I should.

    My coder is currently working on this mod, on top of coders that may still be coding the mod, for all I know

    But I assure you all, this mod IS being worked on, yes it's slow, but since no one wants to help, no one has the right to complain.

    Matheus is working hard on parenting models and creating textures, if you go to his Discord fan chat, he almost always has new pictures of models and textures.

    I wont give anymore information, I just want to stop the argument, as it has gone much to far, and is very uncalled for, no excuses.

    Good day.


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    posted a message on Being Able To Turn Off Some Mobs For Worlds

    I love this idea and personally think we should have more options like this, where we can disable more things like items, terrain generation, like trees and certain blocks, in a more advanced way than like super flat or whatever.


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    posted a message on The problem with potion tipped arrows

    I'd have to disagree, since most people are already on track for the end, it's not hard to get a stack or two of bottles and fill them up, it seriously takes 5 minutes or less.

    Some arrows like water breathing are underpowered for the work to get to the end, but instant harming 2 arrows aren't, personally I don't think many people use tipped arrows anyway.

    If I had to suggest a way to balance it, I'd say extend the timers for all of them, most by at least double, and if you guys are hell bent on having tipped arrows pre-end, make a rare nether mob that drops something to make them linger, perhaps?

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    posted a message on Introducing the Boomerang! A unique ranged weapon with custom enchantments.

    Love it, I've always wanted a new weapon, not just making a tool swing slower and do more damage (Even though the axe thing worked, it was incredibly lazy imo), so I've always liked it when there's a good weapon suggestion that the community likes instead of 'We have enough weapons'.

    As for this suggestion, amazing job, one of the best (if not the best) boomerang suggestion I've ever seen.

    Honestly anything I could say has already been said or is just nitpickey, so I'll just say overall I find it balanced, but don't think it would become a major pvp aspect, at least if players had a choice.

    I'd use this weapon, however, and I think a lot of others would on single player/pve as just a backup weapon.

    Full Support.

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    posted a message on Better Fishing!

    Necropost much?

    Anyway, I think fishing does need a little more, the last time it was updated (Like, what, 5 updates ago?) it fit well, but after multiple years on that same system, it gets a little mediocre.

    Also I'd personally be of the opinion to make the net its own block that catches fish over time (3 cheers for originality!) with its own GUI and everything.

    Partial Support.

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    posted a message on Idea for First Mod?

    My mod team is gonna start work on a realism mod, if you want to help us.

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    posted a message on The Pike Mod Team, Now Accepting!

    Welcome, we are the Pike mod team, and we are looking to become one of the best mod teams around, but great teams take great people, so any help we can get is amazing.

    You may recognize a similar post I made before, that was me wanting to make the team, (Sorry if you're tired of me, this should be my last thread, at least for awhile) now I've got it made and staffed, owner, co-owner, supervisor, all the accounts made, email, twitter, Facebook, Patreon, etc., and am looking to really get this project rolling, by early fall at the latest we hope to be onto mod creation.

    If you want to know what kinds of mods we're interested in making, I'd have to admit we don't have a lot of plans beyond a realism mod which will probably be called 'From Scratch', so there's plenty of room if you have a mod you want to make.

    If anyone comes from WIP mods and joins the team/helps with our mods, we will return the service by helping you create YOUR mod. (If we can, of course)

    Even if you don't want to be part of the team, we would urge you to sign on to help for only a mod or two, because anything helps.

    We are looking for modding positions and just general team positions, listed here;

    Modding positions:

    Coder, as many as we can get.

    Model creators/animators, as many as we can get.

    Texture creators/animators, as many as we can get.

    Mod testers, up to 5 to start with.

    Team positions:

    YouTuber, we have an official channel, and will have unofficial channels as well, probably only need 1-2 or 3 people in this category.

    Account manager, I'll list our accounts below, and include links if I can, we only need one person

    Treasurer, someone to manage the money aspects (Of course we'll only need one if we ever make anything), one person

    Newsletter manager, we will have a weekly/monthly newsletter, this person will be in charge of writing it and making sure it gets out, one or maybe two people.

    Picture and banner creators, create pictures/banners for the team and our mods, one or two people.

    Team positions will have to join the team, modding positions can be people who don't necessarily join the team.

    Application form;

    So you decided you can't pass up a slice of this? Apply with this format, or similar.

    *IGN/Nickname; (What we can call you)

    *Position; (What position you want)

    *Time; (How much time per week can you dedicate to this? Is your schedule regular? Etc)

    *Age; (We're taking experience over age, so don't feel shy if you're a little bit young, if you know what you're doing, that's good enough for us)

    *Communication; (How can we reach you?)

    Previous experience; (Not required, but will help you stand out a bit)

    Brief description; (Also not required, just to help you stand out)

    Mods you may want to make in the future; (Optional)

    *= Required

    All applications will we answered via private messages, unless otherwise requested.

    Just so everyone is aware, we use Discord, no Skype or Teamspeak, so expect that as our main method of communication. (If you don't have Discord, read

    the FAQ question.)


    Q: Do I get paid for my service?

    A: At the start, we will not be able to give pay, but look at it this way, if your efforts go into making a well-known mod, that's your name on that awesome mod, and maybe we could start getting pay, which will be divided up, and even if we don't make money, or enough to distribute, you're still getting your name on some good mods, which could help in the future.

    Q: I have a great idea for a mod! How soon can we make it?

    A: I'm gonna say this now, we're gonna start with everyone focused on getting the realism mod to an Alpha stage (Unless we have a LOT of people) after that, numbers allowing, we can separate small groups to start work on other mods.

    Q: I'd love to help but I'm new to modding/somewhat young/Can't dedicate much time, do I still have a shot at making the team?

    A: Yes! Until we get a full stock team of legendary modders (Which I don't see happening soon) You're more than welcome to come and help us, however much you can with your experience, time, or age.

    Q: I don't have Discord! What can I do?

    A: Well, if you don't have it and can't get it, we can still communicate over email, twitter, Facebook, or here, at the forum, so there are many ways we can get in touch, don't sweat it.

    Q: I have a mod that's WIP, but isn't getting anywhere because {Insert Reason Here}, will you guys help?

    A: We will not be developing other people's mods for them, but if you have given your service or helped the team, we will return it.

    Feel free to ask questions, if they're likely to be asked again, I'll put them in the FAQ.

    We thank you for taking time to read our thread, and hope you give some serious thought to helping us, with a good team we can be making good mods very soon.

    Also, this is our official picture, if anyone cares.

    Good day, from everyone here at the Pike Mod Team.

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    posted a message on Chisel: tool for custom patterns

    Not to be redundant, but I think it would work well like the chisel mod as well, for more reasons than one.

    1) It allows nearly every block to be tinkered with, chiseled, fixed, rechiseled, etc. until you get the exact pattern you want for a base

    2) It'd give more textures for map makers (I think?)

    3) While dark/light texturing could be interesting, and function fine, it wouldn't really add a large concept to the game, while something more like the mod could.

    Although I don't think Mojang would ever add the chisel mod, it could fit in nicely if they finally did update for more slabs and stairs and whatever else people complain about.

    Also, why not give the chisel both functions? I mean like if was like the chisel mod, right click opens the chisel GUI, and then maybe left clicking with it could open up the dark/light feature.

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    posted a message on New Item: Statue

    What he means is the Steve and Alex models are different, the main difference being Steve's arms are bigger and blockier, while Alex's are slimmer. Then when you've selected which model you want, you can pick a specific players skin, or load one in.

    Also, I support, as it would be a good idea for map makers, as well as regular players wanting a statue of them in their base.

    Or using them as PvP decoys. The possibilities are somewhat endless.

    I do have a couple questions however;

    Since they're basically a player model, would mobs be attracted to them?

    Do you think you could upgrade the suggestion to include heads? (Same concept, just using a mob head, would really be a mapmaker things because of the hardness of obtaining any mob heads in a legit survival)

    All around, support.

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    posted a message on The PvP community Weakens :(

    Em, I don't think this really counts as a suggestion, and probably belongs in the discussion section

    Also, 'All or 90 or more percent of' the pvp community, is definitely not all wanting old 1.8 combat, I think rather that it is 50-50 or less to the side of the 1.8'ers, meaning I think more people like 1.9 than don't. The problem is the people who don' generally don't understand one key thing: It's not going to change back, no matter how many hundreds of atricles everyone creates.

    Also, the pvp community is actually not a huge chunk of the community, sure, it's a lot of people, but there are still plenty of people who prefer building or PVE, so that argument is invalid.

    Also, and I'll bet as much money as you wish on this, Mojang isn't going to put 1.8 combat in the new updates, or the new update things in a 'remastered 1.7'

    Now I don't fully understand this, as it was written rather poorly, but it sounds like you don't like 1.9 combat as a person, and are calling the 'very large' pvp community to come back you up, to make Mojang do what you want. Sorry, but not gonna happen most likely.

    Can I even put support/no support because it isn't really a suggestion? Well, if I can, no support.

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    posted a message on Djaro's guide to balanced items

    Great idea, if you flesh it out some more it could be a decent guide for new people, even though we already have an item balance guide, this kinda focuses on the terminology more, which is good.

    I'll be glad to help if you need any.

    Seems like a good guide, keep it up!

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    posted a message on Looking to start a mod team.

    Hello everyone, as the title implies I'd like to start a team of modders to make mods. Now I as a person have next to no experience modding, but I am learning, and am willing to help and learn from anyone who knows more than me.

    This mod team doesn't have to be the best of the best modders, but people who know what they're doing and are able to make well made, well based mods, or are learning to and can prove it.

    The first mod we would be working on, for anyone who cares, would be a realism mod, which I hope would become very popular, as I have some ideas, and anyone on the team could make suggestions too, I hope this mod could become the 'Go-To' mod for realism.

    What the mod would be based around: Improving mining, farming, and all aspects of Minecraft to become more interactive, and time consuming, while retaining a Minecraft feel as a whole.

    How to apply:


    Age: Optional (Doesn't matter, all that matters is that you either have experience or are looking to get some)

    Brief description: (Good things to state: Character, how you work, do you work well with people, etc.)

    What you're good at: (Coding, modeling, texturing, etc.)

    Past experience:

    Time per day/week:

    What mods you might want to create in the future:

    Other people you could recommend: (Optional)

    These are the base questions I can think of off the top of my head, I may add more later.

    But I would encourage you to apply below, if you fit what I'm looking for, I'll send you a link to the Discord server.

    Thank you.

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    posted a message on Advance Crafting Table

    Since all the Minecraft recipes are already based on a 3x3, why should we make it bigger? Also, I'm confused as half of this suggestion isn't worded very well. What is a legacy crafting table, for example? What does it do? Please explain and word your suggestion a little better.

    No support.

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    posted a message on Small Suggestions

    Llamas aren't wool animals. Alpacas (I was on team alpaca) are fiber animals, and used to create thread and material much like wool.

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    posted a message on Archery target practice !

    I've always wanted a target that works better than my one made of wool with a button in the middle.

    And colored arrows would be nice, definitely.


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