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    posted a message on [Survival journal] Legends of Quintropolis: The Return to Starlight HQ (Season 3)

    Welcome to Quintropolis
    a vanilla survival world I've stayed with since June 12, 2013!

    Over the past three years, I've had a very specific way in which I documented my world's progress. On the day the world was conceived, I started a Word document, and each time I logged into the world to complete a specific task (or series of tasks), I documented that progress as a separate "session" (this is how I organized the world's progress - not by days). Prior to me logging in, however, I usually write up the list of things I want to accomplish in that session, that way there is a sense of organization and planning with my system. I would like to keep to that system in this thread. What that means is that I will post an update each time I've completed a session, documenting what was done in that session, and often times posting a screenshot (or more) to showcase that. Hopefully you find my methods to be satisfactory.

    Every 100 sessions, I create a video world tour that showcases everything I've done along with a world download. Based on my current pace, it takes roughly 1.5 years for me to get through 100 sessions and stay on top of my life (with a job/college, things can get quite crammed). Every 50 sessions is a developmental checkpoint session, where we culminate our progress with a special session that stands out! Welcome to Quintropolis!

    If you're new to the journal: The checkpoint sessions will help you get caught up!


    Session 50 - "The Grand Tour!"

    Session 50 took place on December 1, 2013, and featured the completion of Starlight HQ 1.0. It was comprised of a world tour, which wasn't uploaded until June 19, 2015. In it, you'll get a feel for the original authenticity of what Techtropolis was like throughout its first six months!

    Session 100 - "End of an Era"

    Everything prior to what is in this journal can be collectively seen in session 100, which was recorded on November 7, 2014. Though, it wasn't uploaded until May 12, 2015. This world tour not only goes through all of the developments throughout the first season of this world, but also dives into some of the history throughout both the original LP for this world and the stories that followed it. I do talk too much, so feel free to skip around. The tour doesn't actually start until 11 minutes in, fyi. NOTE: "Year 2" as I mention in the video corresponds to "Season 2" as is transcribed throughout this thread.

    Session 150 - "Where Are We Now?"

    Session 150 took place on August 22, 2015, but was recorded and uploaded on December 24, 2015. It was featured as the Techtropolis Journal update, serving as a way to connect with you throughout the inception of this journal!

    Over a period of nine months (though technically six since I took a holiday break from December 2014 - March 2015), I embarked on 50 sessions, trying everything from massive exploration missions to massive build projects! These of course include the buoyantly vivacious Starlight Plaza, the blazingly beautiful Nether Temple, the exhaustively decorated Mob Processing Hub, and a plethora of other fun changes and additions along the way! So where are we now? In today's video update, I want to answer that question in a few different ways. So sit back, relax, and feel free to even play in your world while you listen!

    I am happy to say that working on this journal over the past three weeks has been fun for me, even if I wish I had started it sooner (thought better now than never, right?). This is one of the many topics I cover in today's update. I won't transcribe the whole video because that's why it's a video, but basically I wanted to outline my goals with this journal, some context on it and the world, as well as what the goals are for the future. One of my big goals with the journal in particular is to gradually start to make each session feel more like an episode, enriching each with considerably more content.

    Hope you enjoy the mid-season finale (I know, that's a comical title for something like this, but by definition, that's what this is!) as we embark on an exciting new direction for Techtropolis!

    Session 200 - "The Day Techtropolis Fell" (Season 2 FINALE!)

    Additionally, take a look through all the links below to catch up on lost time throughout Quintropolis' history! You'll find everything from complete documentation of all current sessions, history logs, reference guides, world downloads, video playlists, screenshot showcases, and more!

    Quintropolis by Season

    (June 2013 - November 2014)

    Throughout Season 1, the goals were simple: survive and thrive. The first half of the season was comprised of the construction of the Starlight Castle – our main base and the central part of what would become Starlight Headquarters. It was rebuilt twice within this time frame – once out of cobblestone until it was renovated into its final form. The second half of the season revolved around developing foundational utilities of Starlight HQ, including the Power Museum, mob XP farms, and automatic farms. In addition, a special focus was put on becoming better-rounded in Techtropolis – acquiring wealthy amounts of materials and improving the Starlight. Season 1 was the game breaker – that point where you make the most of what you have, even if you don’t have much. While it works as a self-contained season, it works better as a beautiful setup for developments to come.

    Complete Season 1 document is downloadable here.

    Complete history log of Starlight HQ up until session 100 is downloadable here.

    Playlist that features the first 26 sessions as episodes of the original LP series, as well as some other videos (including two world tours) is available for streaming here.

    Complete Season 1 "Screenshot Showcase" is downloadable here.

    Season 1 World Download from Mediafire here.

    Season 1 World Download from Curse:

    (November 2014 - August 2016)

    The primary focus of Season 2 was to improve everything that could be improved, and complete the plaza faction of Starlight HQ. The goal was that by the end of Season 2, we would be at a point in the world where we could have anything we wanted – that we were wealthy enough to be comfortable. There were many firsts this season: the Nether, underwater dungeon, mesa, Mushroom Island, and so much more. The first half of the season spiraled around the development of the entire plaza faction of Starlight HQ, as well as the complete renovation of the Starlight Castle. The second half of the season featured many new adventures and a complete redo of almost every possible farm in the game, only much better. Topped with the introduction of the mythology behind Quintropolis, Season 2 had everything from mass amounts of almost every resource to adventures over 10,000 blocks away.

    Complete Season 2 document is downloadable here.

    Complete history log of Starlight HQ up until version 2.0.1 is downloadable here.

    Starlight HQ 2.0 Reference Guide is downloadable here.

    YouTube playlist that features all Season 2 videos is available for streaming here.

    Season 2 World Download:

    (November 2016 - December 2018)

    Currently in progress! Season information will be available following the season finale.

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    posted a message on Updates of a [7 year] old Surival World

    I want to say that I admire the thought of saving certain experiences like the Wither fight for such special occasions as your 7th anniversary. I myself am still holding out on traveling to the End after 4+ years; what seems like a mundane part of the game to so many is a special treat to others. It's what I like about this game; you get to play at your own pace.

    Agree with you about changes. Even the smallest changes can introduce such a beautiful new perspective and inspire new motivation.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    Quote from Sharpe103»

    Congratulations! Very cool! I wish I had kept track of my MC days. Didn't know about them until recently when Mr. N Derman told me where to check.

    I'm at 4,817 in my vanilla hard-mode SSP world began July 2, 2014. What's the date you began yours? If you're not sure, it's the "date modified" of your level.dat_mcr file in your MC directory in Windows.

    I've taken at least six months off every year. Last time was eight months. So, you either take more or longer breaks than I, or you don't play very much each day, which I'm sure is a good thing. ;)

    Is your world unmodified?

    Do you have a download link?

    Little bit of both, I'd say. For example, I only just got back into my world after a four-month hiatus - one of many. In my signature is my journal which answers all of your questions (paced slowly because it's true that I don't play often every day). It is vanilla survival, started just a year prior to yours, on June 12, 2013. There is a download featured in the first post on my journal page (choose Quintropolis v2.0.1 under "Season 2" heading for the latest version from November 2016).

    For a while, I tried to take screenshots every 100 MC days. But after day 3,300 I stopped keeping tabs after season 3 started. I like the concept though; it gives a sense of what my in-world age might be. :)
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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    Yesterday, September 5, 2017, I reached a notable milestone in my survival world... MC day 4,000! That's across what is now 4+ years of survival (so I guess, 1,000 MC days per year). Day 3,000 was reached on May 28, 2016, so this is quite the leap in time. I look forward to another worthwhile 1,000 days in this world.

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    posted a message on Miner seeking advice on constructing roofs
    Quote from Herb_»

    Corners with respect to stairs behave the same way pistons and other such blocks would - its dependent on your position when you place it. I don't know the exact angle at which you have to be positioned, but when I place corner stairs I always place the corner block on the side adjacent to the wall I'm facing (helpful especially when you are making a complex arrangement that utilizes lots of corners, because the stairs will "follow" my placement instead of drift behind, if that makes sense).
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    posted a message on OhFly's Survival World Diary

    I quite like the helicopter idea - an innovative integration! The lighthouse and yacht almost seem to depict a scene frozen in space and time, as though there is a story to be told behind them.

    With the remote-island theme that I see here, I could see a potential sandcastle or treehouse working well in conjunction with these builds if you find it appropriate. You could also disguise the treehouse from the outside, such that it would be a secret room.

    Ideas aside, this looks great so far! Hope you stick with it. :)

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    After a two-month hiatus, I returned to my now four-year-old survival world to construct this addition:

    It's the Redstone Room! Here I now have a designated storing unit for all redstone appliances and components. Additionally, the room itself is a redstone puzzle that, when solved, lights up the ceiling!

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    I turned this...

    ...into this:

    Much prettier, in my opinion. Makes use of all those old armor drops.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    After several months (since December 2016), I have completed the first version of my guardian farm - a hybrid farm and secondary base - that I've titled "Aftermath." It is given this name as that is exactly what it is: the aftermath of my escape from my original base. Its design reflects this reality; it is a blob of tubes and things!

    In terms of features, this is both a collection farm and XP farm. However, its XP capabilities are unfortunately limited due to the new gamerule added in 1.11 (or whenever it was added; forgive me). However, I still designed it as I would've otherwise in the event that either a) Mojang reverts the gamerule for single-player, or B) I choose to overwrite it myself. Regardless, the function is there and it works well. This farm, despite its small spawning space, produces a lot of drops - just in the time developing the farm (though realistically the time I spent away from the farm) I have filled an entire double chest of each drop. That's great considering I have yet to do any real AFK run!

    The farm includes several pathways, including an underwater tunnel to the shore, and the portal up top connects to a railway that leads directly to both an ice spikes biome and mesa. All of this completed in four months? I'd say it's been a worthwhile project.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    Quote from Ihlly»

    I feel your pain...

    This where I'm at on my own monument drying out project:

    I thought drying out the outside would be the longest and most annoying part. I was very wrong. And as the volume of water reduces, the guardians are getting more and more agressive... I don't get why. It's not like I'm methodically destroying their home and local ecosystem in preparation for a giant genocide machine, is it?

    I haven't done much aside from working on this. As you can more or less see in the picture I've planted sugar cane on the outer sand wall, because I spend all my time there so I might as well grow something while I'm at it; and I can trade the paper off to villagers, so that's that. I've also done some miner work down in the mine (yes, the mispelling is intentionnal. It's supposed to be "minor". It's a pun. A bad one. I'm not ashamed.) and discovered there is a slime chunk right below my base. I'm trying to figure out exactly which one it is so I can mark it out for later. I have tons of stuff I want to do right now and really don't need a slime farm, but it's still good to know it's there.

    Yeah, I've noticed that too as the frequency of guardian spawning does not decrease even as the spawning spaces do. I nearly died at the final layer of mining because there were so many of them:

    Thankfully, the last few layers see very little guardians since they need three blocks of water vertically to spawn (could be two?), but it's been quite a journey just getting here.
    Quote from Mr_N_Derman»

    Nice to see a few people attempting Ocean Monument draining! Its certainly one of the toughest MC projects out there, in terms of sheer graft just to prepare the area. Assuming you will build a farm here, I recommend doubling it up as an XP farm - its one of the best XP generators I think (probs second only to a blaze farm). I know of myself and Courageous Marinade who have made our farms this way, and its really good. The concept for ours is quite simple, in normal mode, the guardians pass thru a 4 layer lava damage-inducing floor onto some hoppers where they burn to death and the loot is auto collected. At the flick of a switch, the guardians get flooded with water (which stops them from burning up also) out of the chamber into a second chamber where you can throw Instant Damage potions to kill the weakened Guardians and get the XP (and the drops as well). Also, for XP mode, it helps to light up any surrounding caves nearby (shouldn't be many at that depth in the water) to speed up the spawn rate (my farm will cap around 70-75 guardians in around 60 seconds) XP mode before I have to kill them). The cave lighting also seems to speed up the farm in normal mode as well. But it may depend on how big your spawning area will be; may not need to bother with cave lighting if its large (mine isn't).

    In other news, I'm now going on an extended diamond mining spree, as I've decided to build a statue of Steve in diamond armour as a commemorative moment for when my world reaches MCD 10000 (currenty 9670). I'm also gonna build it at x=10000, z = -10000, just for the symmetry (I know z is minus, but its on the fringes of my explored world - x=10000, z=10000 is 1000s of blocks from anywhere! :P )

    Thank you for the tips! I do plan to form it into an XP farm because you're absolutely right - the frequency of it is incredible if prepared properly. I originally thought of having the guardians funnel into a chamber similar to what you described, and then sending them into the Nether for collection/killing. This would circumvent the mob cap, I think, and as such might provide a larger yield in a shorter time span. Ideally this would need to be kept in check since too many mobs could mean lag overflow, but a simple timer system would prevent that.

    I've only just finished preparing the area. Finally I can begin building!

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