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    posted a message on WorldCraft | Builder Recruitment

    We appreciate your interest! Just shot you a friend request on Discord. Looking forward to discussing things with you!


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    posted a message on WorldCraft || In need of Build Assistance! Large Map - Lots of space

    Hey there! Over the past couple months, a few friends and I have been working on a massive project for a new server. The entire server is run on custom plugins, and we have been working on launching the server with a very large custom map. We have the majority of the plugins completed, but we are lagging heavily in terms of the map.

    We have done some building ourselves, but we have come to terms with the fact that we cannot complete the project soon without any help. We need it desperately, and would be greatly appreciative if a couple people would be kind enough to help us out. The server we are creating will not only be known for the custom plugins it runs on, but for the amazing experience that this map will give them. So far, there are two towns in which will eventually provide different types of quests and tasks for players to complete, as well as set up trade routes and buy/sell items in various shops located throughout the map.

    We need everything from small towns, mines, dungeons, lone houses, markets, and more.

    We are currently going for a medieval and ruins type build theme, and would love for any help available.

    Here is what the map currently looks like:

    The black square on the right signifies what is shown on the left, to get an idea for the size of the map we are dealing with.

    If you are interested, please apply here.

    If anyone would like to see some screenshots of what has been done so far to get a basic idea of what we would like, let me know and I would be more than happy to give some examples!

    Thank you for your time.

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    posted a message on Is there any way to create a permissions or rank tree?

    Hey Minecraftforums!

    I'm currently using PermissionsEx.

    I'm trying to find a way to create a Permissions/Tech Tree of sorts for my Server, but I am not quite sure how to do so. I know it is not possible to do with PermissionsEx alone, so is there another plugin that will allow me to do so? In short this is how it works. In Tier I, there is Farming, Logging, and Mining. The user can go through advance through all three of these categories, with Farming III requiring that they went through Farming II and Logging II. Then, to advance to Tier II, the user must have gone through Farming III and Mining II.

    I have attached a picture to better explain what I am looking for.

    So is there any way I can do this? The items would be restricted down with a plugin such as ItemRestrict, so all I really need is a way to do it with Permissions. Can anyone help me?


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    posted a message on WorldCraft Survival ► Random Teleports - Factions - Raiding - PvP [NEED STAFF!]

    Our Black Friday & Cyber Monday has been extended all throughout the week! All ranks in our rank shop are 50% OFF!

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    posted a message on WorldCraft Survival ► Random Teleports - Factions - Raiding - PvP [NEED STAFF!]


    Expect new features and other fun things to be coming to the Server in the upcoming weeks! One of the features that will be included is a very large one, as it has been privately worked on for the past couple months now... It has not been seen on any servers in a very, very long time, if at all. So it will be an entirely unique experience. This new feature is expected to be released the week of October 7th! Get ready!

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    posted a message on WorldCraft Survival ► Random Teleports - Factions - Raiding - PvP [NEED STAFF!]

    All items in our Rank Shop are now 20% Off! World Border has also been updated, and a couple spawning issues have been fixed.

    Join today!

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    posted a message on WorldCraft Survival ► Random Teleports - Factions - Raiding - PvP [NEED STAFF!]








    - WC [Default Rank]

    - Tier 1

    - Tier 2

    - Tier 3

    - Mod


    - No excessive caps or spam.

    - Do not request a rank-up.

    - Refrain from starting large-scale arguments. It's a factions/server, things you don't like are going to happen.

    - Any type of hacking is strictly prohibited.

    - Any form of advertising is not permitted.

    - Refrain from asking for items, and or money.

    - Creating an inappropriate faction name/desc will result in your faction being disbanded.

    - Exploits are not allowed.

    - No inappropriate or suggestive creations/builds.

    We are seeking staff! Please apply on our website.

    Some information about our Survival Server:

    Survival has been around since late 2012, and has been part of our family ever since. Our other Server, WorldCraft Build, has been around since late 2011. For the past 3 years, WorldCraft Survival had always been the underdog, but with recent additions and changes, it no longer is. With a lightly used map that has just been created, there is still plenty of land to explore. We have completely overhauled our ranking system, re-balanced the economy, and added multiple new features, and there are still more to come! Come join WorldCraft Survival today.

    Having issues/problems in our Server?

    If you are having issues in-game, please do not hesitate to ask a Staff Member for assistance via our /modreq system. If there is no one online to assist you with your issue, please visit our Forum at Forum.WorldCraftNetwork.com and submit a post. Your post will be replied to shortly, and the issue will be resolved.

    Have a suggestion for us? Speak up!

    We love suggestions. Suggestions from our community are our top priority, and we wish to create the best experience for everyone. If you wish to suggest a change to the server, speak up! Let us know what change you'd like to see made, it just might happen.

    Wishing to become Staff? Applications are always open!

    Although we are not always accepting new Staff Members, our applications are always open, and will always be read. Submitting an application is a great way to become a candidate for our team.

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    posted a message on Looking for an FTB-Monster server-host

    Hey Nyanars. I would highly recommend you check out Minecrafted.net

    I see that you asked that the host be as close to PA as possible, and that is exactly where this host is located.

    Secondly, Minecrafted is one of the cheapest hosts out there. At just $1.99/GB, you would be able to host an 8GB Server for a small fee of $16/mo!

    All of Minecrafted's Servers allow Custom Jar Files, so you would be able to host your FTB Server with ease, it would just require some initial configuration.

    Lastly, Minecrafted.NET is a Self-Managed host meaning that everything is done yourself. Whether that be fixing errors or uploading files to the Server.

    Here is a link to their website: http://minecrafted.net/

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    posted a message on The best minecraft hosting servers? Pay Per Month

    If you're shooting for the lowest price possible, I would definitely recommend checking out Minecrafted.net

    The prices start at $1.99/GB, which is incredibly cheap for the great service you will be receiving.

    However, this hosting is Self-Managed which means that you are the one taking care of any problems you come across, whether it be plugins or the Jar File you are running. The only exception to this is if there is an issue with the hardware or billing.

    Also please note that there is not a true dedicated DDoS Protection.

    Going back to the pricing:

    If you are looking for an 8GB Server, that would only cost you roughly $16 a month. How could you say no to prices so low?

    Here is a link for their website http://minecrafted.net/

    If you have any questions feel free to drop me a PM or simply reply to this post.

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    posted a message on Minecrafted.NET • $1.99/GB • 4-Year Anniversary!!! • SSD Powered • Multicraft Control Panel
    Quote from FrostwiredGC»

    Are your servers ddos protected and if so how much protection?

    One of the ways Minecrafted.NET keeps the Server costs low is not having DDoS Protection. The only type of protection available is a nullroute if a DDoS Attack occurs to prevent the Server from being potentially ruined by the over-sending of packets.

    I apologize if this may cause any inconvenience.


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    posted a message on Minecrafted.NET • $1.99/GB • 4-Year Anniversary!!! • SSD Powered • Multicraft Control Panel

    Hey, I recently submitted a ticket, but I've received no reply yet - basically, i have a few questions.

    1) Is minecrafted still functional? Do you still host?

    - Yes. Minecrafted still offers Web, Dedicated, and Shared Minecraft Hosting.

    2) can I purchase 15 1GB servers on one account?

    - Can't see why not. I would personally believe that this is an extreme form of overkill, but if you wish to do this I do not believe there is any limitation per customer.

    3) If I ever upgrade to 2GB servers, will my server ip change?

    - Unfortunately there really isn't an exact way to 'upgrade' other than cancelling your server and moving to a new one.

    4) Where do you prefer I contact you guys? here, or thru the website?

    - It depends on the type of support. If it is technical stuff such as plugins or just general help, you can visit the forums and get plenty of help from our community. However, if your issue happens to be billing or something similar, please submit a support ticket.

    5) Will i be able to get a custom ip?

    - Dedicated IP's are available occasionally. To get a Dedicated IP with your Server(s) simply submit a support ticket asking for one.

    6) What happens after I purchase the servers? can you please write me a detailed process of what happens and what i should do to access my servers after purchase?

    - Shortly after you purchase your Server, you will receive an E-Mail Confirming your Order, then receive an E-Mail with all of your Server Information. After this, you can have access to your Server via the MultiCraft Control Panel.

    7) are the trial servers going to be back in stock any time soon?

    - Not so sure about this one. If they are going to be, I would think they will be available within the next month or so.

    If you have any other questions be sure to either post here or in the Pre-Sales Section at Forum.Minecrafted.Net


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