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    posted a message on Looking for experienced server makers, PLUG-INS!
    Hia, I am interested. I know how to make Mob Arena, and I'll understand Group Manager + Spleef as well..

    Name: Mathias

    Skype: minecraftmathias1

    Age: 12, but I am mature :)
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] NorCal Craft (In Progress...) [BOSeconomy] [WorldGuard]
    JWoodi when will the server turn on again..?
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    posted a message on Looking for a new server to play on!
    Ok, Jwoodi, May you tell me when the server is open, and closed? :)
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    posted a message on Looking for a new server to play on!
    I've tried to join your server, but it says I'm not whitelisted.. May you please white-list me? :)
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    posted a message on Looking for a new server to play on!

    I am currently looking for a new server to join.
    I'll tell you later in this text what I would well, like.

    But first, something about me :D !

    I am a mature player, I am 12 years old. I got a sense of humor, I'm good at building, crafting recipes, redstone, helping and more. I would love to be staff on the server if that was possible as well (No need).

    These things I EXPECT:

    The server is a bukkit server.
    The owner is at least 14 years or higher.
    You should expect me to suggest a lot of stuff..
    I would love if the server was brand new!
    And I would like a 24/7 server.

    The reason I'm looking for a new server is..

    I want to build spawn, and make beautiful cities, towns, buildings!!
    I also want to make a popular server, with RolePlaying, all that stuff..
    If you've played RuneScape I kinda want to make like a minecraft server of it, just not the same.

    Please help me :/

    Been looking for a server 2 weeks now, not the best ones I've been playing on.

    Yours Cincerely


    (Please help) And if you wanna make a TOTALY new one, please message me so we can discuss.

    My skype:

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    posted a message on [1.4.7]Lunarcraft [Faction PVP][MCMMO][CHESTSHOPS][Friendly Staff][24/7 NO LAG][Economy][Raiding][50 SLOTS]
    Dude, splorygon. Stop commenting so damn much, it will show that you is desperate to have new members to join. I've been on this server, it wasn't the best i've seen, and i have been on over 500 different servers. You should really try to make it better.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][24/7]ArchaniaMC[Factions][Economy][Chestshop][Survival]
    Hia, wanna apply for Resident rank :)

    IGN: JezuzInMyPants
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    posted a message on {1.5}***The Three Worlds[100 Slots][Survival][Bukkit][25+ Pluins][McMMo][iConomy & ChestShop][24/7][99,9% Uptime] Join us today!
    This server sucks!

    You cant PVP, you cant almost do nothing?!
    Its allowed to create the ugliest structures in the WORLD.

    You should be ashamed of this server.
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    IGN: My username is JezuzInMyPants, don't judge me about the name. It's supposed to be a joke. And for you guys who's christian: Sorry.. :(

    Name: My IRL name is Mathias.

    Skype: If you want to add me, it's "minecraftmathias1" . I am not good at talking english so I would recommend writing :P Just add me if you want to.

    Why: I want to be a moderator since I got a lot of experience, and I LOVE to help people! When they say thank you and get's happy, that warm's my heart, not in minecraft but IRL too :P I also like being a party of the staff community, I like being kinda over-ranked (Not to be like a boss) but to help them, and have an extra chance to help them with all stuff, like fights.. Complaints.. plugins.. Everything! And if i'm not getting this rank I will still help though.
    And I also got a sense of humor, so I may be serious, mature and that stuff. But I will try to make the players on this server to feel happy, and of course, welcome.
    I also got huge experience with plugins!

    Age: I am 12 years old.. I may be kinda young for being a part of the staff, but I am very mature and serious sometimes. And I can also be a nice guy and a funny guy :P

    Have you been mob before: Sorry for fixing your spelling mistake, but everybody does something wrong sometimes. But yes. I've been a moderator 7 times before, helper 1 time, admin 2 times and I had my own server as well.. The server was free-made though.

    Do you know the essential commands for moderating: Yes, I know most of them. But if I don't know like 1, I will teach it very fast. I also know commands for: mcMMO,factions,WE,WG and a lot more!

    How do you rate this server: I have actually not been online on this server yet, I was gonna join to check out, but it stands "Can't reach server" So i'll edit this post when I get a chance to see :)

    Can you donate: Yes, or no. It depends how much you want me to donate. I won't donate like 30 USD every month, that's too much. 5 USD every month may be ok. :) But if I donate for perks and features I'll maybe donate :D

    Some other information that may be usefull:

    TimeZone: European

    Country: Norway.

    Please take a look on this application, and if you do. Thank you :D

    - Jezuz/Mathias

    Hello, I got one single question:

    Is the server offline?
    Since when I added you to the minecraft-server-list it stood "Can't reach the server"

    Are you changing IP or server? Or having trouble..?

    Please tell :/
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    posted a message on Brothers of Valhalla [BoV] [1.4.7] [PvP] [Towny] [Brand New!] [No Whitelist] [24/7] [Lag Free!]
    Nice server, good spawn, good plugins. Good start :3

    (You should add a starter kit though) xDD

    - Jezuz :D
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    posted a message on [STAFF NEEDED] [1.4.7] » Lysa Gaming « [Survival] [Factions] [PvP] [McMMO] [LWC] [Nice Community]
    Hellu, its me mario! Jk, its me Jezuz :D

    I just wanna tell that i've joined this server, since yesterday. And I got a warm welcome, and everybody is so kind, and nice!! I love this server 100% it pwnz!! xD

    I recommend you to join it, more will come on this server as well :3
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    posted a message on AceCraft! | 1.4.7 | In need of plugin suggestions!
    Hello, I'm JezuzInMyPants, and I would love to apply for staff/builder to your server.

    IGN: My username is JezuzInMyPants, please don't judge me about this name, it's meant to be funny. :P

    Age: I am 12 years old, but i'm still mature.

    Position: I would LOVE to apply for a staff/builder rank, no matter wich rank i'll get. I just want to help you guys with making a great community.

    Experience: I've played minecraft since 1.2.5, a while now. I was nooby in the start, but i've gained more and more experience past these months. I have been moderator on .. 7 server until now, admin on 2, and I've had my own FREE server too.. So I wasn't able to show 100% of my skills then, that's why I wanna do it now!
    I am very good with building, redstone, helping, plugins and a lot more. :)

    Why I should pick you over everyone: I am not telling that you shouldn't pick the other persons who applied, they're great too! But I am very helpfull, trustworthy and I know a lot of stuff that may help this server up from stage 1, to stage 2. And if you pick me, me and the rest people would make an awesome community. I want you to pick me since I can handle complaints, fights and all that stuff (Not good in PVP though) xD And I am also a very good person, i've heard. And if i'm mature, i'll still be funny. I've got a good sense of humor too :D And like Braydon said, I hate to see that servers that would be so good, shut down. I don't want this one to shut down, I wanna help this one, i'll bet you've seen the "Hot" servers that's very popular, I want this server to be one of those! If we work together we can do it!

    Ideas to bring to the server?: Yes, of course! I got a lot of plugins down below, and nice ideas too. I'll also suggest this could be a RP (Roleplay) server as well, with events, spells, cities and all that stuff!

    mcMMO, Factions, LWC, WorldEdit, WorldGuard,Trade,Spleef,MobArena,Ranks(GroupManager), votifier (Voting system) so more people can see this server, Buycraft (So people may donate for features). And NPC's that may help players who needs help.. I understand this may be a lot of pressure, but I promise, it will help. It may lag with all those plugins, but if many people donates, maybe you will be able to buy more RAM? :D Who knows :P

    Skype: minecraftmathias1 (Im not the best in english at talking, so don't bully me) xD

    Additional Info:
    I got huge ideas, building ideas for spawn, helping ideas, I wanna make this server to a top server.
    If you don't have a website, I'll suggest we should get that too :) But yes, if you pick me, i'll promise to be active on this server, and i'll help so much that i'll die in the game :D

    I'll hope you read this application, and if you do, thank you.

    Good luck, everyone, with this application and that stuff :P


    - Jezuz
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    posted a message on Looking for a new server to play on!
    Hello, my username is JezuzInMyPants.

    I am looking for a server at the moment, to play on. I'll love to be staff, but i don't need to. Ok, I would like a newly fresh started server, with a mature owner that's at least 15. I am 12 by myself, but I think an owner that's 11 don't take stuff serious. Ok, please comment or reply any ip's in the comment-field.

    - Jezuz
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    posted a message on Wonderful server! We need more people to come :D
    Hello, I've just joined this server. Until now it's great. Maybe it needs a new spawn, I like the one that's now though. But I wanna help you guys to get a great server. Since it's a bukkit I can help you with plugins that may rise the population.

    You should also make a website I recommend

    And make people donate to keep the server up and get good features.

    - Jezuz

    Message me if you need my help :)
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    posted a message on KiCraft - ★ 64GB Dedi Server ★ Factions ★ mcMMO ★ Creative ★ HungerGames ★ Skyblock
    Hello, I wanna get those commands soo..

    IGN: JezuzInMyPants

    See ya on the server :D
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