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Creator of Polychromata, a 32x texture pack.
Creator of Consistent Glowstone Drops, a 1.6.4 mod that makes glowstone always drop 4 pieces of dust.
Creator of Resource Expansion, a 1.5.2 mod that adds more materials to better balance Minecraft. It's unfinished and rather inefficiently coded, so I don't recommend using it.
Creator of Logical Aesthetics, a semi-realistic texture pack available in 512x resolution. This is probably discontinued because it was taking far too long to make (thousands of hours), and because I don't think realistic textures above 32x fit very well in Minecraft.

If you wanted something more than a list of my Minecraft-related projects, here is a small list of random things about me in no particular order. They should give you an idea of what I'm like.

-I'm a gamer (quite obviously), having started before I aged two years. My favorite genres are RPG, racing, sandbox, adventure, and simulator, but I can appreciate a good game from almost any genre.

-I don't like all games, though. I strongly dislike linear, highly restrictive games filled with quick-time events, invisible walls, and/or tiny levels with only an illusion of freedom/exploration. To a slightly lesser degree, I dislike mandatory multiplayer and/or abundances of obvious/tacked-on/overdone DLC, especially if said DLC is locked behind an immersion-breaking paywall during actual gameplay.

-I've experimented with production in just about every digital field of production, especially those related to game development: 3D modeling, texturing, animation, game design, writing and story outlining, worldbuilding, programming, sound effects, music, the list goes on.

-Science interests me, since I strive to understand our existence to some degree. My subjects of choice are astronomy, astrophysics, chemistry, and quantum mechanics. Basically, I want to know the workings of existence, from the macroscopic to subatomic scales.

-I like gaining/having knowledge and understanding in general.

-I'm usually serious (some might say too serious) and calm, and more of a listener than a talker.

-My music of choice is mainly European power metal, but I also like orchestral compositions. On occasion, I even dabble in making my own orchestral music, but it's usually not very impressive.

Well, that's all I can say that's worth mentioning.


In no particular order: Programming, texturing, astrophysics, chemistry, gaining knowledge, gaming, reading, and probably a few more things.

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