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    posted a message on What's your favorite Minecraft Challenge?

    It wasn't a post on here and I don't have the link but there was basically a thing with "only use x blocks for building, no tools above x,"

    Quote from _sised_»

    the tree spirit challenge! i haven't tried it but it looks awasome! also what is the noob challenge

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    posted a message on What's your favorite Minecraft Challenge?

    The noob challenge is my favorite, whats yours?

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    posted a message on What are your current goals?
    Quote from taffu»

    ", times, serif">My current goal is to achieve every advancement in hardcore mode.

    Interesting. Whenever I try to gain 100% advancements, I end up doing the "use up a full diamond hoe" achievement, and give up.
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    posted a message on Anarchy realm ideas/quests?
    Quote from lukahna»

    Have you heard of 2b2t? It is a notorious anarchy survival server that has been online for six real-world years, with a world size of nearly 2800 GB (yup, 2.8 terabytes. Not a typo), and has gotten a fair amount of press. Absolutely mental. There isn't much those crazy fools haven't already tried. I'd suggest reading about it or maybe watching some YouTube videos first to get the full picture, as simply logging in and having a go isn't likely to teach you very much about the server unless you have a lot of time and an incredibly high threshold for pain.

    N.B.: This is not a promotion for 2b2t. In fact, I wouldn't go near that place. :-)

    Note for any mods reading this: I checked the ToS and I believe it's OK mentioning the 2b2t server, here, right? I don't play on it, don't have anything to do with it, and only mentioned it because the considerable content created around it is a goldmine of information for the OP's question, in my opinion, and presents the various shenanigans far better than I could. If I'm wrong, please let me know!

    Of course I've heart of 2b2t! It's just.. 84 player wait list? I've played so much but its just gotten impossible now to even join.
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    posted a message on Tips for a 24 hour gaming session?
    Quote from Badprenup»

    I know this isn't what you want to hear but I would advise against it. Remaining sedentary for a long time (even if only for a few hours like a normal work day) is not good for you. You sound young so it probably wouldn't affect you much but there is a risk. But excessive caffeine is also dangerous. So if you must, have some general tips:

    Change positions or move around often. I would take a 5 to 10 minute break every hour. Use this time to walk around and get your heart rate up. Do some jumping jacks or lunges or something.

    Drink water for every caffeine beverage. I would drink at least 2x as much water as caffeine. Also don't just get junk food, go for fruits and vegetables. Not only is it better for you, they give real energy for longer so you won't crash like you will with junk food. That said, go ahead and have some treats too.

    Finally, know when to throw in the towel. If you start to get tired and can't keep your eyes open, don't try and push through it. If you start to get a headache or migraine, call it quits. There isn't any glory in a 24 hour gaming session, or a 24 hour "anything" session. I've done gaming sessions or other sessions for longer and it only seems neat that you did it for like a week. After that it doesn't matter.

    Thank you for the general tips! I might limit it to 12 hours. It's not for glory or pride or anything, but a server just reset so I just decided why not. Thank you.
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    posted a message on Tips for a 24 hour gaming session?

    If I want to play for a direct 24 hours, what supplies should I bring, other than food, water, and caffiene

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    posted a message on Anarchy realm ideas/quests?

    Basically, I have a minecraft realm (PRIVATE, do not beg to join.) and its set to an "anarchy world" where you can basically do whatever you want

    one person contantly crashes the realm by making giant nukes in creative

    I try to survive in a woodland mansion

    anything goes in that world. So, I'm looking for suggestions of what to do.

    It's not limited to default gamemodes. You suggest skywars- I WILL MAKE SKYWARS! etc, I'm fine with anything.

    So what are your ideas/suggestions?

    Remember, ANYTHING goes.

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    posted a message on What are your current goals?
    Quote from zopesconk»

    (This is my second long-running survival world)

    Redstone/Farm Goals

    1. Build a afk fishing farm. [Done]

    2. Build a chicken farm. [Done]

    3. Build an automated sugarcane farm. [Done]

    4. Build a mob grinder.

    5. Build a villager trading station.

    6. Build a creeper farm.

    7. Build an automated melon and pumpkin farm.

    8. Build a spider grinder. [Done]

    9. Build a villager breeder. [Done]

    10. Build an iron farm. [Done]

    11. Build an automated carrot and potato farm.

    12. Build a multi-animal breeder.

    13. Build an item sorter building. [Done]

    14. Build a guardian farm. [Done]

    15. Build a super-smelter. [Done]

    Building goals:

    1. Build a tree house. [Done]

    2. Build a fake jungle biome. [Done]

    3. Build
    a fake desert biome.

    4. Build a fake savanna biome. [Done]

    5. Build a fake mushroom biome (with

    6. Build a fake mesa biome. [Done]

    7. Build a mesa vacation house. [Done]

    8. Build a jungle vacation house.

    9. Build a desert vacation house.

    10. Build a savanna mountain vacation house.

    11. Build an extreme hills vacation house.

    12. Build a “wild west” desert town (with villagers)

    13. Build a “space age” floating town (with villagers)

    14. Build a small city (with villagers and a beacon)

    15. Build a creature museum with a desert/mesa room, an ice plains/ice
    plains spikes room, an extreme hills room, a plains room, a forest
    room, a taiga room, a mega taiga room, and a mushroom island room,
    all with their respective mobs, plus a hostile mob room with a
    charged creeper.

    Create a fake desert? How'd you go about that? Did you go to the ocean with sandstone and sand? Did you convert a plains? That sounds interestig
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    posted a message on What are your current goals?

    My current goals are

    -raid a woodland mansion

    - make a sheep house

    -make a tree house

    - get 100 Deaths

    What are yours? Feel free to add them on.

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