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    posted a message on (1.7.10/1.9) Time Machine Mod

    Added a video Trailer with a sneak preview to the Dark Ages Update to this thread. The Dark Ages Version 1.3 Update Expansion for 1.10.2 will be released this Thanksgiving so stay tuned!

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    posted a message on (1.7.10/1.9) Time Machine Mod

    Alright I'm sorry everyone for the long delay, I can confirm that V1.0.3 for 1.10.2 will release exactly two weeks from now. I will reveal that the new timeline is 1500CE aka the DARK AGES. The timeline has more mobs, items, and weapons then the year 2030 making it the biggest timeline ever so far. Theres also gonna be two new bosses, custom sounds and music, and this timeline is gonna be dark. (lighting in the timeline will be dark so get your night vision ready).

    I've also added some pictures to the forum so you don't have to click the link to go to my page. I also just today released a video of me showcasing V1.0 of this mod in 1.7.10 as well as Popularmmos video on my mod as well as he really gave me a huge punch in activity and downloads so I thank him for what :)

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    posted a message on (1.7.10/1.9) Time Machine Mod

    could you do it for 1.6.4, too, plz, because i am doing a let's play, and i would love to use this mod, or at least a updated version of 1.7.10, and 1.10.2, and also, when can we expect the new timelines, this mod is AWESOME, i only wish there would be more timelines, and bosses, and also friendly mobs, like future villager or something

    1.10 is possibly coming out in a few weeks as I'm almost done editing and compiling it. Theres gonna be a huge new timeline and its really going to be huge with lots of new things! I'll bump this thread again when we get closer to the release! Stay tuned!
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    posted a message on (1.7.10/1.9) Time Machine Mod

    Good news, I am making one for 1.10!!! I have almost finished making the new timeline, also know as the DARK AGES (1500CE), its gonna be the biggest update yet adding in tons of new mobs, weapons, armor, custom sounds, and a creepy "lavender" (cough) timeline! (you might see the reference).

    This update will also introduce a fixed version of the loot chest and will include the change in a buff or nerf of other mobs and there will be a few new mobs for other timelines as well along with blocks/ items. Mostly the mobs that were stupidly overpowered (cough Herobrine) will get nerfed. Atleast Annoying Zombie will be able to attack once again.

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    posted a message on (1.7.10/1.9) Time Machine Mod

    Yes, also it was included in the credits already if your saying I wasn't giving credit.

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    posted a message on (1.7.10/1.9) Time Machine Mod

    Sorry didn't post an update announcement but here it is so:

    Time Machine Mod Updated to V1.1 with lots of new features, mobs, timelines, and a hah bug has been fixed. This Update includes a new timelines called the Jurassic Marsh, a new boss, 4 new mobs, improvements, and the ability to fly in survival mode. We also fixed the timeline crashes.

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    posted a message on (1.7.10/1.9) Time Machine Mod

    Have you ever wondered about the future of your Minecraft world? What about the past? Do you want to go to the era of evolution or to the primal years when mobs were being developed? Or do you want to go farther and farther to the end of time. The future is now!

    This mobs features:

    • 4 Timelines of the future
    • lots of new items
    • lots of evolved mobs with different abilities
    • 4 Bosses
    • Super strong weapons and gear
    • Sloths????
    • Supports 1.7.10 and 1.9
    • Added Herobrine
    • Flying Skeletons??

    Other Project Site:


    Mod Showcases:


    Your timeline mobs:

    Sloth: 10HP Moves like a Sloth

    Professor Herobine: 10HP Found I'm the Nether in 1.9. Spawn able in 1.7.10 through /tp @p Professor Herobrine

    Time Guard: 20HP Mini Boss who spawns from the Time Machine

    Generic Villager: 26HP Throws Potions

    Nether Creeper 20HP Jumps onto the player 5 times causing explosions

    Timeline Invader 2030: Raids your world and drops a block that can spawn all mobs from the Year 2030

    Year 2030

    Annoying Zombie: 20HP Evolved Zombie with a huge speed boost

    Skeletron Zombie: 20HP Spawns Unlimited amount Skeletons

    Robot Creeper: 20HP Spawns tnt below its feet

    Rogue Spider: 16HP Spawns Webs on the player

    Creeper Slime: 20HP+armor Small Slime that deals a ton of damage if found

    Mouse: 20HP So tiny and hard to spot

    Herobine 2030: 100HP+armor Super powerful and also spawns all evolved mobs

    Year 2037

    Evolved Zombie Pigman: 20HP Invader that Invaded this time from the Nether

    Year 250,582

    Evolved Sloth Boss 205,582 100HP: Sloth with a Zombie sword that can launch the player in the air.

    Jurassic Marsh

    Primal Zombie Skeletron: 20HP: When killed it spawns two more duplicates of itself.

    Floating Primal Skeletron: 20HP: Starts flying once attacked

    Newspaper Zombie Boss: 146HP: Has 3 deadly powers and a deadly explosion


    Your timeline items

    /tp Professor Herobine @p: Right click on the ground to spawn professor Herobine

    Sloth Cloak: Will be used later

    Herobine's Unfinished Time Part: Core to craft the Time Activator

    Brutal Dimension Block: Exclusive to 1.7.10 Users. Used to craft the Time Machine.

    Time Machine: Strikes lightning on placement. Right click to spawn the actual time machine. Also spawns the Time Guard Mini-boss

    Year 2030 Activator: Right click the bedrock portal to activate the portal to travel through time.

    Year 2030 Items: The Year of Evolution

    Zombie Tear: Used for crafting

    Skeletron Core: Used for crafting

    Spider Core: Used for Crafting

    Cheese: Delicious Food you can eat. Also used for crafting.

    Magical Crystal Key: The key that is used to craft the 2037 activator.

    Zombie Sword: Does 11 Damage

    Skeletron Bow (1.7.10): Shoots explosive arrows. Removed in 1.9

    Web Sword: Click the ground or the air to spawn webs

    Pokeball: Used to spawn Herobine. Removed in 1.9

    Year 2037 Activator: Activates the time line for the year 2037.

    Timeline Invasion Block: Used to spawn Herobrine in 1.9

    Year 2037 Items: The Nether Falls into our World

    Destroyed Dirt: When the Nether world fell to our world it destroyed all the land causing the ground to look like this

    Pink Ruby: Used for crafting a new set of armor along with the year 205,582 activator.

    Pink Ruby Set: Very strong set or armor that is way better than diamond.

    Year 205,582 Activator: Activates the timeline 205,582

    Year 205,582: The Second Ice Age

    Key Ore: Drops Crystal Keys

    Crystal Key Block: Cool color block. Also used for crafting.

    Evolved Sloth Boss Spawn Egg: Spawns the Evolved Sloth Boss:

    Jurassic Marsh Part 1:

    Year: Jurassic Marsh Part 1 Activator: Gateway to the Jurassic Marsh. Obtained from a Evolved Sloth Boss Loot Chest

    Levitation Leggins: Allow you levitate in the air.

    Silk Touch Book: Obtained from a Rogue Spider Loot Chest

    Update History:

    1.9 V.1.0.2

    The Jurassic Bug Fix Update

    • Fixed Time traveling crashes
    • TImeline Alert: Year 2030 Invaders can invade your world from a magical block so watch out!
    • Added a new timeline called the Jurassic Marsh which we are still adding new elements to (so far it only has 3 new mobs)
    • Evolved Sloth Boss drops a loot chest that contains the key to the Jurassic Marsh
    • Annoying Zombie is annoying again
    • Primal Skeletons Added to the Jurassic Marsh
    • Primal Skeletons might be able to fly as well in the Jurassic Marsh
    • Added a new boss called the Newspaper Zombie with 3 forms and a levitation ability
    • Added Levitation leggins
    • Rogue Spiders act like spiders again
    • Creeper Slimes are super rare now and now have the Ai of a slime
    • Time Machine portals can spawn throughout other timelines in case you forgot where yours was
    • Jurassic Marsh has a few extra new structures that can spawn in the timeline
    • All WIP mob loot chest before have their very own textures
    • Added Spawn Egg Colors
    • Some mobs have a fixed Ai
    • Year 2030 has less trees in your face
    • Year 205,582 has snow instead of ice
    • Added a silk touch book you can get from rogue spider loot chests by using a picaxe
    • You can combine the Special Silk Touch Book with a wooden shovel in the crafting table to add silk touch to it
    • All enchanted books have a cool blue texture
    • Fixed many other bugs


    1.9 V.1.0.1:

    • Updated from 1.7.10 to 1.9
    • Added Nether Creeper
    • Added Generic Villager
    • We are currently developing the Wizard along with a Wolf Boss
    • Sloths now spawn in the Nether and End
    • Professor Herobine now spawns in the Nether
    • Herobrine now spawns from a Timeline Invasion Block
    • Herobrine has a new Ai along with more health
    • Evolved Mobs which include Annoying Zombie, Zombie Skeletron, and Robot Creeper can spawn there past versions
    • Robot Creeper now has increased health and a deadly explosion
    • Evolved Zombie Pigman are no longer hostile
    • Skeletron Zombie now shoots arrows
    • Rogue Spider can also shoots arrows and spawn webs
    • Pokeball mob still exist but is unspawnable
    • Fixed other mob bugs
    • At the moment traveling through timelines is buggy unless you head through the portal quickly which will result in no crash
    • We are currently developing a system called LootChest where if you kill a mob in the future they drop a loot chest
    • The Lootchest that drops from future mobs is a WIP but you can still break it to get the loot inside of it
    • Removed Skeletron Bow
    • Removed Creeper Leggins
    • Year 2030 has a more futuristic look
    • The Year 205,582 no longer spawns in mobs
    • Fixed Professor Herobrine
    • Fixed Fake Mob Spawning Glitch
    • Fixed Other Mini bugs

    A Witherstorm may be approaching

    Stay tuned since in the future updates we're going into the past with prehistoric mobs and quests!


    Made by: Iggy3434

    Assistants: SpaceSloth6887, ItzOrca_, Zid7777

    Program used: MCreator


    Nova Skin, Galaticraft Textures, Starminer


    For 1.7.10:


    For 1.9:

    V1.0.1 Beta:

    V1.0.1 Release:

    V1.0.2 Release:

    See Version history for update details

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