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    posted a message on Camera Studio [V2.18] (standalone - MODLOADER - FORGE) (VIDEO RECORDER)
    Cool thanks for update.
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    posted a message on rsmalec's Maps & 800 Reviews!
    Great idea Fangride, I'll have to find a story writer! I also agree Wrath of the Fallen has potential, in fact I had a lot of ideas but didn't know how to word them out properly and thought I would just wait for the 2nd one to expand it.

    Sorry Peirstbob but I don't see why such aggressiveness, a lot of game developers are making money off their work and they still have passion, so do I. I understand where you come from, some map makers start with money in mind but most of the time they will fail, because really if you account the time to put in my maps it's not even worth it. I'm probably paid a few cents an hour when I think about it ha! Also, all my income after rent and food is going into my own game project that I'm really passionate about. Anyway all that is off-topic, I only said it was my only income, doesn't mean it's doing great enough for me to spend that much time on it if it wasn't a passion :)

    I'm the Call of Duty of Minecraft... that's mean :P
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    posted a message on rsmalec's Maps & 800 Reviews!
    I couldn't agree more that my stories are bad, I'm not native english speaker and barely wrote any stories in my life but I have fun doing what I do at the moment and people seem to enjoy it as well. I know it sucks for you guys trying to get exposure, don't be mistaken I put a lot of hours and sleepless night to keep the high production rate as this is now my only income.

    My builders do get a lot of credits, I help their YouTube channels a lot and support them in various ways, in fact in the next few weeks I have another builder spotlight going on my channel.
    One of them went from 10 000 to 15 000 subscribers just by making 1 map for me that took 3 days, I think it's a good trade! At least they enjoy working with me and we are having good fun, I respect them a lot for all the help.

    I wish the community here would get to know me, I just enjoy what I do and I try my best to tell people about all the great work I see on here. I have played some of your maps and was impressed by the story, ideas and everything. I wish I had the creativity you guys have that's for sure. If I had more time, I would be more active here and interact with all of you, but my own website, server and maps are taking all my time.

    I wish you all best of luck, if you ever need help promote your maps, don't hesitate to send me a tweet, I will do my best!

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    posted a message on [32x32] [1.4.7] The End is Extremely Nigh/Vanilla! [Over 250,000 Downloads!][Featured on Curse!] NEWLY UPDATED FOR 1.4.7!
    Quote from Santiago3

    OMG, this RULES.

    I really don't know what peoples' issues are with face-pants zombie right now. I'm trying to sort it out. If you could tell me the exact build of Minecraft you're using, what settings/mods etc, it would be helpful!

    I'm using the MCPatcher as well as the latest pushed download for Minecraft, but not the latest snapshot (which I never use, btw).

    Thanks :D

    I'm getting a lot of reports about people having issues with the face-pants zombie since I released the map, it's probably people having mod conflicts with MCpatcher or just trying to use Optifine instead.

    I usually use this TP for my adventure maps and both Optifine and MCPatcher fix it, unlike this one where only MCPatcher works somehow.
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    posted a message on Infinite potion effects?
    For the part where you are blinded in Wrath of the Fallen I've used a filter on a beacon:

    Also if you want infinite time on the potions you can just change the tag that controls the time on it with NBTExplorer/NBT Edit or just use a filter to make a whole new potion here:

    So you could just have player spawn with a potion splashed on them with infinite time and also set their respawn point at this place so it can't be avoided by dying.

    Good luck!
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    posted a message on Zombie Apocalypse
    Quote from DeemedMezy

    Hypixel has done it again!

    TeamCFRArchitect is.... the best ever TimeLapse filmers... I have ever seen.

    I agree! Been a blast working with them :)
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    posted a message on [32x32] [1.4.7] The End is Extremely Nigh/Vanilla! [Over 250,000 Downloads!][Featured on Curse!] NEWLY UPDATED FOR 1.4.7!
    Zombie Apocalypse Adventure Map using your awesome texture pack :)
    Got already over 20,000 downloads in 3 hours of release!
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    posted a message on [32x32] [1.4.7] The End is Extremely Nigh/Vanilla! [Over 250,000 Downloads!][Featured on Curse!] NEWLY UPDATED FOR 1.4.7!
    Nice progress pics Santiago3 :)

    Quick question, any way to make the texture pack compatible with just optifine and not having to install MCpatcher ?

    I know some of my old texture pack mobs where bugged and just optifine would be enough, but it seems like this texture pack requires MCPatcher. Having both available could be very important as I'm going to make this a required texture pack for my upcoming adv map this weekend.
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    posted a message on [32x32] [1.4.7] The End is Extremely Nigh/Vanilla! [Over 250,000 Downloads!][Featured on Curse!] NEWLY UPDATED FOR 1.4.7!
    Glad you are back working on the TP, I'm about to release a map using your beautiful texture pack!

    My map Herobrine's Mansion got 1.5+ million downloads in 2 months and I hope this map will hit as much and the texture pack is required to play for this one!
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    posted a message on [32x32] [1.4.7] The End is Extremely Nigh/Vanilla! [Over 250,000 Downloads!][Featured on Curse!] NEWLY UPDATED FOR 1.4.7!
    Any way to make the TP mobs work with Optifine ? I'm working with in-game NBT edit which uses forge. Forge doesn't work with MCpatcher sadly.

    Thanks in advance.
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    posted a message on Community Creations - Wrath of the Fallen
    Quote from Saydin

    This looks very similar to Herobrine's Mansion.

    Same texture pack, night time (for mobs burning) and same item progression for RPG feel.

    100% new items, new story, new places, bigger, more complex, new techniques.

    Next time I'm going to use a new texture pack and completely revamp the items progression, it was meant to make it familiar and not confusing so people could get right into it.
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    posted a message on Community Creations - Wrath of the Fallen
    Quote from NosePicker5555

    This map is extremely laggy! I got like....30 fps low settings. And i have a gaming computer.

    Other than The Mad King waves, the map is well optimized and shouldn't lag.
    What are your computer specs ?
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    posted a message on [32x32] [1.4.7] The End is Extremely Nigh/Vanilla! [Over 250,000 Downloads!][Featured on Curse!] NEWLY UPDATED FOR 1.4.7!
    Will be using this TP very soon, prepare for massive downloads ;)
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    posted a message on Hypixel Adventure Map - Herobrine's Mansion
    Quote from MegaMech

    Awesome map... Herobrine fight is to ez and witherboss is to hard...

    For the herobrine no drop disc, just save a disc from an earlier boss fight. Heh heh heh Nice way to cheat and skip boss battles

    There should be a clean disc before the boss fight
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    posted a message on Hypixel Adventure Map - Herobrine's Mansion
    Quote from b2jammer

    Yes, I played the entire map beginning to end, and I died about 1,000 times. Maybe it's just me and that I suck at PvE, but the enemies are a: more powerful than you and b: more plentiful than you. That's a bit harsh, IMO.
    As for the bosses, I like the concepts, but they just throw way too much at you.
    • The Skeleton King is probably the second easiest boss fight, next to Herobrine (which is kind of ironic, actually). However, his knockback bow sends you skyrocketing across the stage. Like the other bosses I had to back him into a corner and wail on him.
    • Benetha's fight is bad enough without potion rain and baby zombies who will beat you to death 20 times over if you don't notice them. The 50x zoom potions are a bit over the top too.
    • Arita the spider (or whatever her name was, I can't remember) had god-awful collision detection, when I was clearly hitting her and the hits didn't count. I ended up using the bow throughout most of the fight, which makes no sense.
    • ZATHO IS BRUTAL! Not only does he have 3 pumpkin mages to constantly wail on you, but his choking attack (he squeezes you so hard it makes you blind) is outright overpowered. It's completely random, so just when I have him backed in a corner, BAM! He picks me up and throws me again! Beyond that, he deals so much damage by himself that it feels like I respawn with 0 health. Really man?
    • At least Herobrine wasn't so bad. As soon as I had him locked in a corner, I could just wail on him as much as I wanted while taking little damage myself. Kind of disappointing considering the difficulty of the other bosses.
    • And like many others have stated, in the Wither fight, there are too many obsidian skeletons. I had to go into Creative mode just to get a good hold of him. If I didn't, I wouldn't be able to see where I was.
    So, to summarize, my main problems with this map are:
    • Elites are a pain to kill, so fighting an elite with other enemies or multiple elites at once is downright impossible.
    • While the construction is certainly impressive, it's very easy to get lost in the mansion. I tried to find Benetha from Arita's chambers and only found Herobrine. Took me about 10 minutes to find her and come back.
    • Sometimes there's so much lag that the game crashes, at least for my 6-year-old Macbook. That's too much for a map like this, considering how localized the setting is. Must be too many enemies or potions flying around. Used Optifine, didn't mean a thing.
    • Regular mobs are too powerful for how weak your weapons are. Sure the enchantments are certainly nice, but they aren't enough to beat these guys, especially with the swords. Just like in the demo video, I ended up using the bow at close range, which would work just fine if the bow mechanics didn't change back in Beta 1.8.
    • All I ended up buying at the shop was Steak, Healing Potions, Regen Potions, and the occasional Bezerking potion. Considering how much grinding you have to do to get enough flesh and bones to buy these items, it's not worth what they cost.
    • Because of the sheer damage output from the enemies, I had to spawn in golden nuggets to buy the demonic set of armor. It was just too expensive for me to find them normally without dying another 500 times or so.
    • The bosses may be a nice touch, but the best way to defeat them is the same: lock them in a corner and pump them full of arrows. I already talked about the Wither up above.
    I love the immense detail and intricacy in the design of your map, but it's just WAY too hard, even on easy mode. The map may be one of the most well-developed and designed maps out there, but I would be lying if I said it wasn't painful. That's my opinion.

    I had comments about the map being too easy, so it's very hard to balance for me as a game designer when you have people complaining it's way too easy and other saying it's impossible. I think some people have to learn Minecraft PVE mechanics to be fair, use crits jump,avoid being hit by cornering and find a good partner that will not knockback hit the enemies towards you. I can't tune it down just for a % of players, that's why death don't have much consequences and you can bring more friends. I decided to make the map hard by nature so people could bring friends.

    I don't want people to 1 shot zombies, that's boring. I want every fight encounter to be entertaining and challenging - it's new.

    You were talking about using the bow spam technique... which is not very good DPS output as the bow has a very low min damage and you need to deal some good DPS to eventually get out there alive. (Pigs are actually very easy encounter with 2 players)
    Gather regen potions before bosses is a most-have for some fights, get them in hidden chests and at the shop.
    I suggest NOT buying berserking potions until you have completed your Demonic set.

    Of course you are going to die if you are not careful, it's meant to be so that people doing non-dead challenges are actually being challenged. I've seen a few do it all on hard without doing once, including me. I had to use a lot of potions and tries.

    About the part getting lost in the mansion I think you are exaggerating a bit because all the mobs I've put on the map are for the most part persistent, so that means if there's no mobs in here, it means you been there. So now it's just a matter of looking at odd things such as doors with lights or giant signs "SPIDERS AHEAD".
    I think herobrine's mansion is one of the most Linear adventure out there, getting lost for 10 minutes is actually something I've never heard of. I've watched a bunch of YouTube videos and the one thing I notice is how easy they can find the bosses.

    If you went creative for the Wither, you clearly did not understand the fight. You have to do "packs" with mobs and use the Holy Water on them, it will 1 shot them all. Then gather enough Crystals for 2 Heaven's Grace to bring him down to 50% and use Holy Water on him. All that done without dying once is VERY VERY VERY easy.

    I have no plans to make my future maps easy, however I will not make them frustrating and allow people to bring friends so they can pummel through.

    I've done an update on my website:

    Dropped Zathos the Mage hp by about 15%.
    Dropped Zathos the Mage on Herobrine fight by about 25%
    Dropped Zathos the Mage damage by about 25% on both encounters.
    Dropped Herobrine hp by about 20%.
    Added ender chest at the end.
    Added a chest with a book for the Wither boss strategy next to the ender chest.

    I'm taking in account all feedback for my next adv map, but difficulty is a very touchy subject... I get people saying there was no challenge at all and people saying it was impossible. I think it ends up being balanced
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