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    Minecraft EM LuckyBlocks

    Hi everybody,

    Milchbar and I created a new LuckyBlock modification with cool new features on the subject UEFA Cup 2016.

    The idea and features are devised by baastiZockt - A german youtuber.

    Basically this mod adds one new Block - the Lucky Block EM. (EM is the german abbviation for UEFA CUP)

    LuckyBlock EM

    If you break this Block many random events can take place:

    Here is a smal example of this:

    Of course there are many other events too!



    This mod is depending on Modlibary (CoreLib) from HyCraftHD!

    Here is a little installation guide for all Mods, depending on Modlibary (CoreLib).

    Please ensure that the CoreLib version suits the required version!

    The download for CoreLib could be found at the download site of the EM LuckyBlocks

    All available versions for EM LuckyBlocks could be downloaded here.

    (This mod supports from 1.8 up to 1.10.2!)

    The people behind this mod:

    Bug reporting:

    You found any bug? Please report this with a reply under this thread or use the github issuetracker.

    This mod is under the german copyright:

    • You are not allowed to claim the mod as your own!
    • You can include this mod in every modpack you want to, but you must credit the creator team and provide a link to this post!
    • You are not allowed to upload this mod on an other platform (modpacks are allowed)!
    • You are not allowed to publish the sourcecode!
    • You may develop addons.
    • Please don't use a direct download link in your videos. Provide a link to this thread instead.

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    posted a message on Custom attack speed for swords?

    You can do this on an itemstack like this:

    [noparse]stack.addAttributeModifier(SharedMonsterAttributes.ATTACK_SPEED.getAttributeUnlocalizedName(), new AttributeModifier(UUID.fromString("FA233E1C-4180-4865-B01B-BCCE9785ACA3"), "Weapon modifier", 10, 0), EntityEquipmentSlot.MAINHAND);[/noparse]
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    Just create an Eventhandler with LivingUpdateEvent:

    	public void onEntityUpdatedEventArmor(LivingUpdateEvent event) {
    		if (!(event.entityLiving instanceof EntityPlayerMP)) {
    		EntityPlayerMP player = (EntityPlayerMP) event.entityLiving;
    		ItemStack stack = player.inventory.armorInventory[2];
    		if (stack == null || stack.getItem() == null) {
    		Item item = stack.getItem();
    		if (item == mod.items.chestplate_fr) {
    			player.addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(Potion.damageBoost.getId(), 2, 4));
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