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    posted a message on SSSS.ME | 24/7 | Dedicated | Public No Whitelist | Two Servers | Creative Build & RPG
    I say dont listen to the trolls who say that this is a **** server, becouse this is a aweome server! All you people talking about that the server is soooo open to griefers and looters, i have a solution for your problems: Dont use chests, and HIDE YOUR HOUSE! I joined a while ago, and now im a member of the growing guild called"Pax" and i havent had so fun playing minecraft since the "10 000 000 creeper rush"! Some :Diamond: s ,some :iapprove:s and a big :SSSS: to you Tibs!
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    posted a message on Planes, Blimps, Gliders And Boats! (CLOSED)
    There are already planes in minecraft! They are awesome but VERY hard to make (the good ones) and there is also a coal powered biplane that fits with most peoples wishes about a simple and old fashioned minecraft. Try it , its worth it!
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    posted a message on ☼Project Art of War☼Organized war server|Tournements|125Slot
    This is getting annoying, i posted a while ago and i didnt get any answer in any way. Is it possible that you missed me or did you ignore me becouse there was something wrong with my app? Please answer and tell me if i am getting whitelisted or not, and if i have to redo my app, no problem, just tell me. Thx
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    posted a message on ☼Project Art of War☼Organized war server|Tournements|125Slot
    In-game name:
    Country you live in:
    Sweden (country of notch!)
    Where did you hear about this server?:
    A friend told me
    Why do you want to join this server?:
    It seems like a cool server.
    Did you read my post through?:
    Experience in Minecraft?:
    I`ve been playing since alpha came out, and i have hosted several servers.
    Banned before?:
    Yes, for placing a block of diamond in a guys house as a gift.
    Tell us about yourself:
    I am a fan of minecraft who plays almost every day, and i`m looking for a fun clan-based server
    Did you, or will you vote for us each day on
    I did, for the past week, and i think i will.
    Which rule is your favorite, and why?
    The rule about spies not griefing, as i have had bad experiance with griefing spies.
    Have you signed up, and will you be active on our forum/website?
    I have not signed up yet, but i will after i send this.
    Are you in a clan already?
    No, but i intend to start one, or join one soon.
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