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    posted a message on Lost my mc saves from 2011/12/13/14 Read please

    Do you know that those worlds were in that directory? (.minecraft)

    I have a lot of different minecraft directories for different versions.

    If you had a different directory with your worlds and then reinstalled Minecraft with the default directory then the old games wouldn't show up in MC unless you switch directories or copy the files to .minecraft

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    posted a message on MC edit import/ almost no mobs spawning!

    Are you seeing normal mob spawns when you are away from your farms?

    Any squid in the guardian farm?

    You could try turning out the lights and see if zombies and skellies spawn in the dry parts.

    Either would indicate that it wasn't counted as an ocean monument any more.

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    posted a message on I have mined more than 3 million blocks and collected 2.74 million resources
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Somebody actually did use MCMap to render their world and while they had done a lot of caving they didn't come close to what I'd done in my first world as of a couple years ago:


    That's one of my worlds (the one on the right.)

    Note that that dog leg on the right, the northernmost bulge and that separate little square that I must have accessed from the Nether are mainly explored above ground.

    TheMasterCaver edits or mods out all the torches in mineshafts and such before starting so unexplored mineshafts show up in my world but not in his.

    I switch worlds a lot more than TheMasterCaver so I don't know what my total stats are but I note that while he had spent less than twice as much time in his world he had mined somewhere around 6 times as much ore as me.

    (At least I come closeish on diamond ore per day of playtime, 86 vs 98)

    These are from the stats file they posted:
    Time played:    30.33 days
    Sessions:         335
    Stone:         337840
    Coal ore:       89943
    Iron ore:       44829
    Redstone ore:   19399
    Gold ore:        7372
    Lapis ore:       2849
    Diamond ore:     2608
    Emerald ore:       31
    Moss stone:         5
    Cobweb:          1620
    Rail:            2102
    By contrast, these were the stats for my first world at the time:
    Time played:    55.53 days
    Sessions:         378
    Stone:         216806
    Coal ore:      601956
    Iron ore:      220500
    Redstone ore:   35786
    Gold ore:       28114
    Lapis ore:      11257
    Diamond ore:     5455
    Emerald ore:      897
    Moss stone:     25114
    Cobweb:         25554
    Rail:           60823
    And the stats for my most recent world (modded but the mod ores are insignificant):
    Time played:    22.46 days
    Sessions:         140
    Stone:          95777
    Coal ore:      256837
    Iron ore:       93786
    Redstone ore:   12831
    Gold ore:       10857
    Lapis ore:       3754
    Diamond ore:     1598
    Amethyst ore:     223
    Ruby ore:         153
    Emerald ore:       92
    Moss stone:     10173
    Cobweb:          8850
    Rail:           18053

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    posted a message on MC edit import/ almost no mobs spawning!

    Overlord? Is that a mod or a misspelling of Overworld?

    Are mobs spawning normally otherwise?

    For the gold farm are you going up over level 200 to cut down on spawns under the roof?

    Check the debug screen to see if mobs are spawning somewhere else.

    (Press F3, check the number after "All:" on the fifth line, if it's much higher than the number of zombie pigmen in your farm you probably have mobs somewhere else (unless your Nether is full of minecarts or drops or something.))

    For the guardian farm the only thing I can think of is maybe the world got messed up so it is no longer counted as an ocean monument, if you have a backup check if the seed has changed.

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    posted a message on Villager Breeder

    Should work if the brown robed villager is an apronless farmer type, farmer/fisher/shepherd/fletcher.

    If you don't remove any villagers it should stop at 12 villagers.

    Starting from just 2 could take a while, you could try starting with them in a smaller room and tossing them food and/or trading to make sure that they are close to each other when they become willing. Though I don't really have much experience, for all I know that may be small enough.

    Personally I'd plant potatoes so the farmers inventory doesn't fill up with seeds (and I prefer potatoes to carrots.)

    (If that does happen you can just remove all the wheat (?) and follow the farmer around removing everything he plants until he runs out of seeds and then replant.)

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    posted a message on Iron Golem Farm Not Working

    The chunks have to be loaded, so either be within 128 blocks or put it in the Spawn Chunks.

    But your main problems are:

    Unless you use some complicated trickery with redstone and/or moving villagers around villages have to be at least 66 blocks apart or they merge, forming one village with the center in between.

    Some or all of the villagers may be too far above or below the new center of the merged village to be counted.

    By my calculations the bottom villagers would be 7 blocks below the center if all doors were counted, that's too far.

    If you have at least 10 villagers in the upper level then golems should be trying to spawn but maybe not where there is room for them.

    The doors between the villagers and the golem area have a roof five blocks out on both sides so they don't count as houses. The, presumed, doors on the right of the second picture may well have too much roof over them as well (all that dirt at the top right.)

    Is there a villager pod on the right side of the second picture? Otherwise the doors I presume are over there will be out of range of the villagers if none of them are on that side of the potato farm. The same is true of the doors at the far right of the visible rows.


    So, remove the roofs at left and right, glass is fine.

    You only need one row of glass in the roofs, say right in front of the doors (not above them) in case the roofs are for lightning protection, though I think glass works for that.

    Knock out one layer of doors and have at least 10 villagers by the other layer.

    Stick some villagers on the right side if they aren't already there.

    Keep at least one villager on either side a bit closer to the doors so you're sure that all the doors get counted, moving the wall of their enclosure in 2-3 blocks should do it (most of the time anyways).

    If you want a second farm build it 70 blocks away. (66 plus a margin for error.)

    70 blocks straight up is fine if you make sure the upper one dosn't shade out any doors of the lower one.

    If you build the second exactly above the first you can avoid that by replacing the row of the upper farm closest to the doors with glass so the sky is visible from outside the lower doors.

    I found that just having the golems fall out the bottom of the upper iron farm into a hole in the roof of the second worked fine, no chute neccesary, if you find golems on the roof, just enlarge the hole a bit.

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    posted a message on Dual skeleton/zombie XP farm
    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    From my experience and reading this is very rare in Vanilla.

    Nice score :>:

    I'd be interested in seeing what you do with this…

    My initial inclination was that it would be best either to build

    A ) separate farms with the kill cells back to back (so I could stand in the center and clear them alternately)

    B ) separate farms with the kill cells just far enough apart that only one spawner was active at a time to maximise one sort of drop

    …but writing this, I sort of want to find something like this so I can build

    C ) which allows me to switch between modes A ) & B ) :rolleyes: :P

    C should be easy enough, either use redstone lamps to disable a spawner you don't want active or combine A and B with three waiting areas, one in the middle, within 16 blocks of both spawners, and one to either side, within range of one spawner each.
    If you're REAL careful with your calculations and the spawners aren't RIGHT next to each other you should be able to set the kill cells right on the borders of the area within range of both spawners so that if you stand between them, killing mobs on either side, both spawners are active and if you stand on the other side of one kill cell only that spawner is active.
    Or you can have three kill cells and switch water streams so either both mob types end up in the middle or each type goes to their own kill cell when their spawner is active.

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    posted a message on Changing the light level of a torch?

    I don't know how to do that but would redstone torches be a viable alternative?

    They have half the light level. (which makes them useless for stopping mob spawning, so maybe you're looking for something inbetween.)

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    posted a message on Help My villager spawner not working v1.12.2

    They don't seem to need any special conditions, I just plonked it down on an infinite (well nearly) plain of redstone blocks.

    Now I've got them stacked up and it's raining villagers.

    (The grass block was for the pig.)

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    posted a message on Help My villager spawner not working v1.12.2

    Hmm? Odd.

    I plonked a spawner down, clicked on it with a spawn egg and now I've got villagers all over the place.

    Nothings happening right now because there are too many villagers standing around it, but almost as soon as a few move off more pop up.

    Do you have any mods or game rules that could be affecting things?

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    posted a message on Help My villager spawner not working v1.12.2

    The Wiki says that spawners can be made to spawn any entity.

    I think it would help if you posted the command (or whatever) that you used to make this spawner so maybe somebody can see if there is anything wrong with it.

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    posted a message on I can't find any Enderman!

    With Looting III on your sword you can get plenty of ender pearls even in the Overworld.

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    posted a message on Inspirationless

    It might or might not be your thing, but you could try not automating things, instead of building an automated tree farm (which you could probably do in your sleep by now) and just watching the chests fill up you could plant saplings, wait for them to grow and chop them down and replant.

    I enjoy completely filling a big square with saplings, giving an enormous block of wood to mine.

    You could do challenges, I prefer the simple ones that don't require you to follow a bunch of rules and count points.

    Keep moving, don't build a base just keep traveling in more or less the same direction, maybe stopping a day or two to do some caving or grow a few stacks of potatoes and then move on.

    I've very much enjoyed the Colour Your World challenge, it uses resource packs to start you off in a completely white world, as if all the blocks were made of white paper. Then you have to find various things to get the colors back, find diamonds and you get to load in light blue for instance. I've done it several times.

    Or, if you're the type, start a YouTube channel or post a journal in the forums.

    Works best if you can think of a theme or are doing a long term challenge.

    Endy123 has a very interesting thread about his Structureless Superflat World with very inventive solutions to the problems involved in not having any trees or iron other than mob drops, etc.


    A single biome world?

    I'm rather partial to deserts, I've played several desert worlds, not all that challenging beyond finding that first tree.

    I once started a desert world where I didn't allow myself to use trees, a milder variant would be take the wood but don't replant, I found a dungeon at the surface but gave up before I'd managed to turn it into a mob farm.

    Ice Plains have the same feel as deserts, wide open with good visibility at night, but more trees.

    Ice Plains Spikes might be challenging.

    Mesa is nice.

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    posted a message on I can't find any Enderman!

    You'd have better luck running around in the desert or plains to cover as large an area as possible.

    Bring a good bow and a lot of arrows if you don't have Infinity on it so you can pick off the skeletons and creepers from a distance if you can't bypass them. Wear good armor and bring a whole stack of food, healing potions if you have brewing, a few milk buckets for witches and you might want to prepare by building a few huts to go to if you need time to heal.

    I'd say the main benefit of plains and even more so deserts is the visibility, it's easy to see the mobs and pick your fights or pick mobs off at a distance.

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    posted a message on Iron Golem Spawning Question

    Well, it turns out Iron Golems spawn just fine in farmland, so that wasn't the problem.

    (There's an iron block floor 2 blocks under the farm for them to spawn on.)

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