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    posted a message on Auto Furnace Not So Auto!
    Quote from jwgmorley»

    auto furnace however these will only work when she is stood nearby


    At any time, only some part of the world are loaded. Normally, that is within 128 blocks of a player in the x and z direction - height does not matter.

    So if you go more than 128 blocks away from a furnace, then it is no longer loaded into memory, and is frozen in time until you get close again.

    The only exception (in vanilla Minecraft) is the "spawn chunks", which are always loaded. It's where the player originally spawned in the world (not their spawn point that they can set by sleeping in in a bed). A compass will point to the world spawn point.

    (There's some more complications, such as on multiplayer servers running certain software or configurations)
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    posted a message on Shulkers are too OP

    I think they're too easy. By the time you're out there, you are presumably in diamond and have feather-falling (unless you like dying to the dragon a bunch of times.)You can deflect almost all their shots with a sword. The levitation just helps rather than hinders. They only take a few bow shots or hits with a sword (which, surely, are enchanted up pretty well).

    I don't find the camouflage to be much of a problem; I just wait until they shoot again.

    And even if you were not well-kitted-out before you got there, there's so much cool armour and apples/gold out there.

    Even if you do get into a troublesome spot, there's plenty of ender-pearls around to get away, or back down to earth if levitation takes you worryingly high.

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    posted a message on I need some help slowing down my 1-wide observer/piston trapdoor.
    Edit: Maybe a very easy thing to fix;
    the piston gets replaced too quickly and hits the villager in the head as they are falling

    Just replace the block he stands on with a half-slab or upside-down stair, or glass block, or leaf... something that won't cause suffocation damage.
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    posted a message on Three Letter Accounts Are They Worth It?
    Quote from EditName»

    I have seen many people go an sell them anyways. Yes the buyer is stupid for buying it that way but it does happen. So there is a worth out there.

    That's not true; please let me try to explain why. I'm not going on about this because I care about people breaking the law; it's because people lose a lot of money on this, every day.

    Imagine if you got my account password - maybe by watching me log in, and seeing what I type. Would that mean you owned my account? Of course not! And if you used it, I could write to Mojang, prove it was my account, and regain control of it.

    Just yesterday, someone posted on this forum asking for help - they couldn't change their skin. (The thread has been deleted.) They didn't know the email or security questions, because...they'd "bought" the account from someone - so, there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to help them. They never owned the account. The real owner can change the email, and regain it, at any time.

    Even when they have changed the email address, the owner can still get it back, by proving that they bought it - with their transaction ID, or evidence from their bank account or other payment method.

    Selling accounts is a complete fraud; it's a con-trick.

    The person talking about username "8" was just using a stolen password, that is all. If somebody paid them for it, they wasted their money.

    It's a bit like trying to sell your social security number (because it is a 'cool number' or something) - you can't do it. Sure, someone could give you $99999 for it, but that still wouldn't mean they owned it, or that it was worth anything at all.

    Selling accounts is a scam.
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    posted a message on close together XP balls combine to form a big ball

    My friend owns a cubedhost server with Spigot, and a plugin is making it so xp balls will combine to form 1 big ball when in close proximity. What plugin is causing this, and is there any way to disable this? thanks

    # This is the main configuration file for Spigot.
    item: 2.5
    exp: 3.0

    If that is changed to -1, they shouldn't merge.

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    posted a message on How to automate this farm ? :D
    a melon/pumpikn farm for trading with villagers the problem is the melons/pumpkins grow slow lol :D advice is, don't bother.

    Trade potato and carrot instead.

    Preferably, get bones from a skelly spawner, and make a very compact bonemeal farm to get an inventory full of potato/carrot in about 3 minutes. But failing that, a large semi-auto potato/carrot farm is a lot easier.

    I did the first one on a brand-new world recently, and by the 3rd day of playing - after using the bonemeal farm and trading for a couple of hours - I had the 23 stacks of emeralds I wanted to make a full beacon pyramid.
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    posted a message on Are mineshafts worth exploring?
    Quote from Phattwoohie»

    Do you bother to explore mineshafts when you come across them?

    Early game, I think they're great - for string, and all the exposed iron and gold.

    Later, I'm not too bothered, except the chests are one of the few places you can get Notch apples from.

    Any other tips for not getting lost?

    It is impossible to get lost, because if you press F3, it tells you exactly where you are.

    So as long as you've taken a note of where your base(s) are, you're fine.

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    posted a message on Help meee
    Quote from Willzzzdaman»

    Thanks dude. Yup it runs without the erebus mod, but the problem seems to be the id. Here is the scipt

    Yeah, so, it seems to be a conflict between Erebus and Twighlight Forest. There's one block conflict, which may not matter; but there's a bunch of biome ID conflicts.

    It might be easiest to try changing them in the TwilightForest.cfg; you can see which are a problem in that log, "Biome ID 40" thru 58. You could maybe try changing those to anything you think could work - maybe try adding 100 to them, so 40 becomes 140, 41 becomes 141.

    There's no guarantee that the two mods will work together, and the 1.7 version of Twi' is no longer being developed. But you can try it.
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    posted a message on Main base room versus side rooms.
    Quote from SkellySmelly»

    Hello there! I am building an underground base in survival and I'm looking for some inspiration. What features/farms/etc. do you keep in the main room/section of your base? What goes in side rooms/outside? Do you have any other underground base ideas?

    Thanks! :)

    The only true purpose of any 'base' is to store things, craft, sleep, enchant, and maybe make potions. Anything else is really just decoration. Minecraft players don't sit around in their base, watching TV, shooting the breeze.

    That's not to say it's useless... it's great to make a really nice looking base! I'm just talking in practical terms, and functionally.

    Beyond that, I generally have almost all types of farm within the 128 blocks of the base, ie the loaded area. Some to prioritize are.

    -A reasonable-size manual or semi-auto farm; primarily for wheat; can also be used for potato/carrot/beet. Because you need some wheat to breed cows
    -A cow farm. For leather, for books. For enchanting.
    -A cane farm, for books.
    -A chicken farm, for feathers, for arrows.

    You can also get the books from villages or strongholds. And you might also get an infinity bow, and not worry about arrows.

    Tree farm. (Might be really simple at first, ie just a place to plant them. I like putting slabs 7 blocks above though, at least, to avoid the hassle of chopping down the huge trees)

    Villager breeding. Because next priority is usually an iron farm; I like the simple ones (e.g. Docm77-style), to get maybe a stack per hour or so; enough for a full beacon

    AFK fishing, if you're gonna do that. It's very productive.

    Enhance the villager breeder so you can keep the good ones to trade with, and kill off the crap ones.

    Very fast micro bonemeal wheat/potato/carrot/beet farm, mostly to get massive amounts of carrot/potato to trade with villagers.

    General darkroom mob farm, and/or creeper-only darkroom spawning.

    Slime farm.

    Auto-sorted inventory system; optionally with shulkers.

    Others (for lulz, really) include a horse farm [breeding the better ones; stables can be cool and fun], all the other animals (esp sheep; coloured wools can be handy for some builds) (and I do like llama too), and possibly 'pretty' farms for all crops, although if you have a skelly spawner for bones, those become mostly decoration.

    (I've left out things that are place-dependent, which is usually gold-farm [because it's probably best above the nether; you can make one overworld using portals though], dungeon mob-farms, blaze farm, wither skelly killing zone or farm, etc.)

    A 'record' farm is always quite a good, fun challenge.

    i guess a lot of it depends on how much you just want to be practical (in getting better gear ASAP), and how much you want it to look nice. But anyway, I hope that gives some ideas.
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    posted a message on Fix x-ray exploit for good
    Quote from fishg»

    Why not remove a bug from the game?

    If you could magically fix the bug without affecting anything else at all, that'd be great. Unfortunately, I suspect that the suggested change would slow down the rendering considerably, and possibly cause other problems. I also suspect that people would find a way around it before it'd even come out of beta.
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