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    posted a message on server startup error
    Quote from ocean44»

    im using the launcher.bat so it doesnt create a log

    It should still create one, as far as I know; is it in C:\WINDOWS\system32 ?
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    posted a message on server startup error
    Quote from ocean44»

    and how would i get an entire log im new to this server stuff

    It should be in the same place as your server file, and it's called "server.log", you can open it with a text editor like Notepad.
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    posted a message on server startup error
    Quote from ocean44»

    anyone got any ideas on how to fix this

    Not from that; post the entire log on a pastebin.
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    posted a message on Microsoft ruined minecraft pe
    Quote from Geneo»

    Mojang is trying to save the MC franchise, not ruin it. The java version essentially is bogged down.

    You forget that the BTU is the first variation. Many more updates and bug fixes are coming. You ain't seen nothing yet.

    But they're 2 different games, and they work different... on purpose. People assume that just because both games have "Minecraft" in the name they should be alike. No, there's 2 Minecrafts, and they're each different.... and they're becoming more different with every update.

    Play the edition you like, but it's a waste of time to try to compare them.

    Oh, IDK, let's compare...

    100,000 servers, or make your own in 5 mins
    millions of free mods
    millions of free skins and textures

    3 servers (tightly controlled)
    a few add-ons (from the market, top up your coin$!)
    a few 'packs' ($$$)

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    posted a message on Not enought saplings.
    Quote from CinnamonGirl»

    Is there any command I can use to make the leaves whenever I cut a tree drop more saplings? I am having trouble specially with the dark oak tree because it won't drop enough to even replace the tree I am cutting much less to have some extra saplings to make my own tree farm. I don't want to deforest my place. Thanks!!!

    You could break the leaves with any tool that has the fortune enchantment. With Fortune 3, there is a 10% chance of a sapling, instead of a 5% chance.

    But, you're asking this in the creative section - so why not just grab a stack of them from your creative inventory?
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    posted a message on How to make texture packs for MCPE Windows 10
    Quote from Hydra_Cube»


    Since my latest texture pack request was a fail, I wanted to know how to make my own texture pack for MCPE Windows 10, I am on 1.2,

    All I want to do is change a few textures (just changing 3 textures)

    I don't think that is possible.

    Microsoft is controlling the content; you'd get a texture pack from their marketplace, using the coins.

    The game prevents you from making any changes to it directly; there may be hackish ways, but those would be in breach of the EULA, so we probably can't even discuss them on here.

    To modify textures in any official way, you'd need to be a certified Microsoft Partner, which has complicated criteria.

    The downloadable content, including textures, is vetted by Microsoft.
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    posted a message on Problem in world generation
    Quote from Ludeb»

    Hi, I done my modpack but it seems that there is a problem with the generation of a "Meteorite, I don't know from which mod it is and how to fix it, can someone help pls ?

    Here is the crash-report:

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report -------- Minecraft Crash Report ----// Ouch. That hurt :(
    Time: 06/10/17 20:03Description: Exception in server tick loop
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/mcft/copy/betterstorage/api/crate/ICrateStorage

    It's a problem with "Betterstorage".

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    posted a message on Crashing On Startup 1.11.2
    Quote from PlzHelpMe12»

    Ok, thanks, wasn't sure how to read crash logs.
    Now I got a new crash log though, which I'm not sure how to read...

    Look for the first mod mentioned after the errror's "Description". In this case...

    Description: There was a severe problem during mod loading that has caused the game to fail

    net.minecraftforge.fml.common.LoaderExceptionModCrash: Caught exception from Mowzie's Mobs (mowziesmobs)

    So, remove "Mowzie's Mobs", and try again.

    Later - if you care about using that mod - you could investigate the error further. It might be conflicting with another mod. But to get things working, just remove that mod.

    P.S. Actually, if you check the mod's page, it says "Mowzie's Mobs depends on LLibrary and will not run without it!"

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    posted a message on Crashing On Startup 1.11.2
    Quote from PlzHelpMe12»

    Using MultiMC 5 as launcher

    Minecraft 1.11.2
    Java 1.8.0_131

    64 bit system

    Caused by: net.minecraftforge.fml.common.MissingModsException: Mod chisel (Chisel) requires [ctm@[MC1.11.2-,)]

    Chisel requires CTM, as it says near the top of the error log, and in big bold letters on their page.
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    posted a message on Positioning villager-powered farms
    Quote from MartinTheMess»
    I have had a few disappear from the breeding farm, not quite figured out how that's been happening, but it's rare enough to not be a huge problem.

    I'm not positive you actually NEED the glass blocks to let villagers see the doors, it may be enough to simply be within 16 blocks of them, but I'm a "better safe than sorry" type in minecraft.

    They'll be suffocating, Sometimes when you reload the chunk, they glitch sideways a bit; they can migrate into the neighbouring blocks.

    Regarding the second part, they don't need a line of sight to the doors, at all; they just need to be within 16 blocks; they can be totally enclosed in solid blocks.

    I'm absolutely sure. Most iron-farm designs have then encased...although I guess they often show it with glass on the top, to make it easier to see where the vills are. But I've got various designs with the villagers totally out of sight, working fine.
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