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    posted a message on -=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-SPELLBOUND // STAFF MANAGER //URGENT//-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-

    3) you need to improve your grammar. Your missing several full stops.

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    posted a message on I can't start modded server 1.12
    Quote from lorisdj02»

    Help me, I can't start this modded server... thanks... This is the crash report:

    Try without malisiscore/doors.
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    posted a message on need help finding out what this error is for the mod pack 1.7.10. PS the mod pack is realy called 1.7.10
    Quote from Speeedsteer»

    The error log says:

    Chisel: Errors like "[FML]: Unable to lookup ..." are NOT the cause of this crash. You can safely ignore these errors. And update forge while you're at it.

    That message isn't the reason I'm suggesting trying without Chisel; it's because the actual error seems to relate to chisel.

    Anyway, it's worth a try for the 2 mins it'll take.
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    posted a message on Adding custom background music in 1.12.1

    I am a very passionate musician, and I would like to be able to play my own music in minecraft via resource pack.
    I already know how to do this in versions 1.7.10 - 1.10.2, with Json files. The Problem is, when I move UP a version (like 1.11 - 1.12.2), These custom background tracks do not play anymore, and will always fall back to the regular minecraft music.
    In saying that, I DO NOT intend to replace any original minecraft music. I only want to add my own. I have made sure that all of my files have been named in lowercase letters, and that my Json file has no syntax errors. The only thing that I can think of is that the actual structure of resource packs has changed again since 1.11, and that the structure I am using no longer exists.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated. I do intend on distributing my music pack, provided that nobody will steal the music. (because all the music is my work, and would like proper recognition for creating it.)
    Thank you for reading this.

    Resource packs are version specific, and you'll likely need to remake it for 1.12, and almost certainly for 1.13 (because that promises a lot of technical changes).

    Unfortunately for you, that is the way things are, and will probably apply to future versions as well.

    There's help about how to make resource packs here.

    I would encourage you to consider the "Creative Commons" licencing, which allows you to publish your music while retaining the rights - in particular, "CC By SA" means a licence where people can copy your music, for any purpose, as long as they say where it came from and include the same conditions on future copies.
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    posted a message on Your biggest noob mistake?

    I followed an adventure map for several hours; the white dot was bottom-left, so I headed for it, South-West.

    I eventually realised that the dot was me, and I needed to go North-East.

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    posted a message on Bedrock version is literally worse in almost every single way from Xbox One Edition.
    Quote from DapperDinosaur»

    Post reasons in this thread about why this version is inferior compared to the Xbox One Edition. I have several off the top of my head:

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    posted a message on Entity Error causing players to crash before logging in
    Quote from Skotkeller»

    There is the issue of

    It is all related to "Mo'Creatures". Maybe reconsider if you care about that mod.
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    posted a message on Eazy Villager transport ?

    so you say you can kill villagers in the breeder ?

    is that not effecting the breeding or just might stop them from breeding ?

    It only stops them for 3 minutes.

    It affects your 'reputation' with the village, but that only affects Iron Golems from that village, and presumably you don't get any from the breeder, so is irrelevant.

    It does not affect trading.

    If anything was affected (which is doesn't seem to be), you can just break the (presumably 6) doors, so the village no longer exists, then put it back.

    I've never had a problem with mass-murder directly in the breeder, other than a few minutes of no hearts.

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    posted a message on Connecting Minecraft Win 10 to Java Edition servers?

    Textbook Microsoft,

    1. Embrace: Development of software substantially compatible with a competing product, or implementing a public standard.

    2. Extend: Addition and promotion of features not supported by the competing product or part of the standard, creating interoperability problems for customers who try to use the 'simple' standard.

    3. Extinguish: When extensions become a de facto standard because of their dominant market share, they marginalize competitors that do not or cannot support the new extensions.

    I copy-pasted that without changing a word. I think it is obvious how bedrock, and its proprietory nature, fits this pattern.

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    posted a message on My thoughts on 1.13's new Default Resource Pack, and Minecraft's evolution in general.
    Quote from ctmsm»

    it's one of the more contested updates in Minecraft's history

    [Citation needed]

    Every change is controversial, this one is nothing particularly controversial - compared to e.g. combat update, or world gen changes, or clay/terracotta.

    People still argue about the change to cobblestone texture in pre-classic.

    It's the nature of the internet, and of forums, and "We Fear Change"; there's nothing particularly wrong with that, it's healthy to see lively discussion about these things. It means people care, and are involved with the community and the game's development; if people were not complaining about changes, that'd be much more worrying.

    I think you might be assuming too much - correct me if I'm wrong, but, has anyone actually said that the textures are gonna change so soon?

    Maybe that'll be 1.14, 'coz 1.13 is billed as being mostly technical.

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