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    posted a message on New SkyBlock 5.0 Minecraft 1.13 Map (20/2/2018)

    For the love of Santa, please use a normal font.

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    posted a message on MultiMC client error
    Quote from KawaiiKasai»

    I installed Java 8 u151 (the launcher was set to 8u151, too), and so far have which itself seems no different from my previous crash.

    In that log, it's still using Java 9. "Java is version 9.0.1". You can change that, by editing the Minecraft profile.
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    posted a message on Working on this. Do you like it? do you know where's this from?
    Quote from kit01»

    I've been working on this, your opinions or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Looks gorgeous. Give us downloads ASAP!
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    posted a message on Symbols On Minecraft Signs?? HELP
    Quote from wishfulpear»

    Can anyone please tell me how to copy and paste symbols (like a checkmark ✔) on a sign? I really want to use them for decoration purposes.

    Sorry to say, in vanilla Minecraft, you are very restricted. You can't do much more than creative things like,


    Nether hub

    <-- Base

    Spawner -->

    You can add a little colour; see wiki.

    There are many mods which let you do a whole lot more, and/or offer different types of signs. But if you are on multiplayer, the other people will not see them, unless they also use the same mods on their computer.

    You can't add checkmarks unless you (and all people reading it) use a mod.

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    posted a message on Pixel Format Not Accelerated
    Quote from CrazDC»

    I got the latest driver of the NVidia card and it worked! I still don't understand how I could launch the game normally 2 hours before the error, because I didn't even turn off the computer. Thanks!

    Windows probably sneakily updated your driver for you. It likes doing that.

    But now you know...just keep up with drivers from the manufacturer, and you'll be golden. Or diamonden, I guess, is better.
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    posted a message on Ok so...
    Quote from Ptolemy2002»

    What is wrong about Minecon being directed towards children? It's a game designed for children.

    Minecraft is far too good a game for children.

    It can be taken very seriously - look at typical YouTubers from the past years,with average ages of about 30-40.

    I honestly do not mind kids playing it, but I resent your assertion that it was designed for kids. Back in alpha/beta and really up until quite recently, the people chatting about it were mostly mid-20s, with a large diverse bell-curve around that.

    Sadly, the game has been dumbed down recently, most profoundly by Microsoft's imposition of servers that are all about mini-games, and diminish the true potential of this amazing sandbox game.

    As regards MineCon - I don't care too much. I watched, of course, because I love the game. The first hours were incredibly patronising and dull; then there was 5 minutes of truly interesting info about the update.

    I do not object to making a song-and-dance number for 5-year-old children; it's great, go for it.

    But I dearly wish that Mojang would also respect the older community.
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    posted a message on Finding a saved file in Macbook Pro OS X Yosemite

    Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

    I started creating a 1:1 scale model of Hampton Court Palace

    has disappeared

    Thanks for any and all suggestions! I'd really hate to start over.


    Huge respect for such an insane endeavour, would love to tour it one day.

    Best hope: seach your mac for ".mca".

    Tell it to search for hidden/system files; tell it to search the entire drive. Just find anything with that string. How to do so is not my area of expertise; Google is much better.

    Best of luck.
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    posted a message on Pixel Format Not Accelerated
    Quote from CrazDC»

    The launcher fails and gives the error "Pixel format not accelerated". At first I thought it was Optifine, but vanilla gave the same error. Here is a dxdiag. I don't know why it doesn't work, because earlier today I was playing fine.

    It may be trying to use your built-in Intel graphics (5500) instead of the NVidia card.

    As Tails said, you should (firstly) update and get the latest driver from Nvidia (not from 'windows update' or whatever).

    You may then need to tell it to use your Nvidia card.

    Incidentally, you should check for updates of the Intel too.

    So head to and; then try to persuade Minecraft to use the NVidia. If you have problems doing that, let us know.
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    posted a message on Very Wierd Minecraft "lag"
    Quote from atapa32»


    i am experiencing very wierd miencraft lag that started happening about 2 months ago

    It'll be your internet connection.

    Using wireless can cause it; lots of things can interfere with wireless networks. If possible, try using a wired connection to your hub.

    You could also ask your ISP to check the line.

    The fact that other games work isn't really indicative; different games connect in different ways. Everything you describe is typical of a connection problem; if it's on several servers, then it's almost certainly "your end" rather than theirs.
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    posted a message on Help please!
    Quote from GapingDoor»

    More details...i cant post pictures yet,i have the redstone timer,the dispensers,and like the nice Herb_ said,now i need the pulse generator (thats what i was looking for) and i hope that will help!

    Another easy way to make a pulse is, just put an observer facing the redstone wire. When the wire turns either on or off, the observer fires briefly. Put a repeater or comparator on it, to get a longer+stronger signal.
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