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    posted a message on How to increase FPS?

    Graphics card is the most important factor. Maybe upgrade it.

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    posted a message on Organization

    More seriously - very similar to ThreeEightius.

    I usually start with a couple of chests - I'm usually stripmining at the start, so 1 for cobble, 1 for everything else.

    When I'm a bit more set up, I usually have:

    "Cobble+stone" (includes stone slabs, cobble stairs, fence, etc; those are down in the lower right slots of the chest) - and later, 2 separate chests for these.

    "Blox" (all blocks that don't go elsewhere)

    "Oograh" (everything "natural" - plants, saplings, seeds, food, mob drops), tools (includes weapons, armour)

    "Ore" (not just the actual ore blocks, but - diamond, iron, gold, lapis, redstone, coal (in ingots, ore, blocks or whatever)

    "Wood" logs, planks, stairs, ladders, fence, etc.

    "Dungeon/rail" for saddles, nametags, disks, horse armour, rails of all kinds, minecarts

    I often add one of "Sand/Stone" ie sand and sandstone; I usually keep glass in that too.

    "Cobble+stone" is usually split into two later on. And when those are full, I tuck more chests of cobble or stone underneath.

    "Nether" after I've been there, and fairly soon after that, the "Netherrack" gets split into another chest. Or should that be aNether chest? :-)

    "Enchanty things" for ench books, and stuff-to-enchant (unenchanted diamond items, waiting for the best enchant to pop up)

    I keep potions separately, near the brewing stuff. At first a single chest for all potions plus the bottles and ingredient items; later I create chests e.g. "Speed and fire resist", "Night vision and invis"... depending what I'm up to.

    On recent games I've added a couple more: "Not stone" for diorite, andersite, and granite, and "Coloured stuff" for dyed terracotta, wool, glass/panes,dyes, etc.

    I also usually have a chest labelled "X" or something, for 'things I am currently working on' / items that don't really fit elsewhere. For example, wither skulls / beacon, totems of undying, redstone repeaters, pistons, golden apples, hoppers. This chest can also be a dumping ground, when I'm in too much of a hurry to put things in their proper place.

    Others, situational; for example, in the game below, I have "Beef/leather/mutton" because I was breeding those guys, "More oograh" because I was growing a lot of potato/carrot/wheat to trade villagers, and "spare set" for another lot of armour I was putting mending on,

    My wool is outside, by the sheep; I keep most of the crop stuff at the farm too.

    The reason for "Oog" = Oograh is, in the Discworld series of books (by Terry Pratchett), trolls call pretty much everything that isn't stone "oograh" - they do not really distinguish between trees, plants, humans, animals - it's all the same to them, just 'green stuff'. So, it's pretty much 'living items' or ex-living items.

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    posted a message on Organization

    Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the ultimate in Advanced Storage Solutions;

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    posted a message on What would be the oldest minecraft server?
    Quote from sunperp»

    Thread cleaned up to reflect the topic of the thread. People, the OP is looking for servers running the oldest versions of Minecraft, not servers that started first or have been running the longest. Please limit the topic to discussing servers running oldest Minecraft versions.

    Well, way to go, killing an interesting discussion about older versions.

    Given your remit, I just fired up Classic, 0.0.23a server (multiplayer test, from July 11 2009) - and connected to it. Do I win a prize?
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    posted a message on How to move Parrots from a Jungle to Home the easy way

    P.S. While you are at it, get an enchant table, if you didn't already. That needs 2 more diamonds, 4 obby, and a book. Totally worth the effort; even with basic level 1 enchants on your armour, tools and weapons, you are MUCH stronger. Much better chances of surviving the nether without dying.

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    posted a message on How to move Parrots from a Jungle to Home the easy way

    Thank you so much!! I will look into that right away. but I don't have a diamond pickaxe and mining for diamonds would be a pretty long task for one parrot. do you know a quicker way to get obsidian without needing a diamond pickaxe? I currently have 8 pieces of obsidian. also, will it teleport me close to an already built portal in the nether?

    Hello again. Now - I'm going to be completely honest with you, because I think it will save you problems further down the line;

    -There is a way to make a nether portal without obby. It uses buckets, to place lava and turn it into obby in the right place. However, it's rather more advanced stuff. So I don't recommend that, right now.

    -Lava is usually quite low down. Remember, I said to make the first (overworld) portal as high as possible, so you come out high in nether? Can't do that using the 'bucket tricks' (unless you carry it up and down... even more complicated...) - at best, it'll be using surface lava. That means you'll come out at a similar level in the nether, and have to mine up about 60 blocks before tunnelling (to get to the 'solid part' near the top where it's much easier). Digging up in the nether is very very dangerous, because lava can flood down on you.

    -And you'll need more obby at the other end of the tunnel, to get out. 10 more, to make the portal in the nether at the far end.

    -The parrots are not going anywhere; take your time. Your first adventures in Minecraft are the best; it's a wonderful whole-new-world. I seriously envy you, doing that part. I mean - I still love MC after many years playing it, but... I have very happy memories of the 'learning curve' processes early on. Please please, enjoy it.

    If you are more than 128 blocks away from an area, that part of the map is effectively "frozen in time". It is not loaded; nothing at all happens there.

    You're gonna need diamonds for lots of reasons - not just to get the parrots. If you want to get those efficiently, get down to y= 11 or 12, and dig in a straight line; you'll hit diamond - it might be 5 mins or it might be an hour; 2 if you're super unlucky. It's unlikely to take much longer than that. Note, you'll also hit lava - always have a bucket of water on your hotbar.

    (That does not apply later on, in the nether, where water does not work. For that dig, you just have to be very careful and alert, ready to run back).

    My suggestion for you is;

    0. Do you have the coordinates for where the parrots are? If not, go get 'em. You'll need 'em later in this suggested plan

    1. Get diamond pick. Get more obby - at least 12.

    2. Make overworld portal - preferably high up. Pillar up, whatever; about y=120 would be ideal. (Nether ceiling is at 128. Unlike overworld, where you can build up to 256)

    3. Have 10 obby and the ligher with you. And several picks, and/or stuff to make more picks. And food, of course, goes without saying. Thus equipped, light it and go through. Maybe briefly make it safer with cobble around it, and get your bearings - but don't stay long. Go back to overworld.

    4. Remove that high-up portal but remember where it was. Now build it under where it was, at ground level. Light it. It'll connect up to the same one in nether.

    5. Now...back in the nether; is this portal quite high up? I hope so. You really want to dig up to about y=118, to make your tunnelling easier. That may only be a few blocks up but be very careful when digging upwards - lava is likely to pour out, and ruin your day; not only will it kill you, but also it will burn up all your items. Be super super cautious going up those few blocks - like, a staircase. Have a 'trench' (1-drop) between you and the blocks you're digging into, so lava flow would be stopped. Take it slow.

    6. Once you are up at y=118 or so, life will be easier. Calculate where you're going; to: the X and Z coordinates of your parrots divided by 8. Do not worry about the y-level. So for example, if your parrots are at +16000, -4000 then you want to get to +2000, -500. I know you won't have nice round numbers, but hey; use a calculator. I hope that makes sense. Every block in the nether represents 8 blocks in the overworld.

    You can dig a 2x1 tunnel in a straight line. Be cautious, and ready to run backwards if lava appears. There is time, as long as you're alert, to get out of the way of it. Then you can go closer, place a block to stop the flow, chip away a little around it, and place a block to remove it. There shouldn't be too much lava; just depends on luck. You're digging about 1000 or so, so I expect you'll hit 2 or 3 average. Could be none, could be 10.

    7. When you reach the coords we calculated, clear a little space (being careful of lava!) and make a nether portal there. light her up, hop in, and you should be real close to your parrots. With a straight, direct tunnel "home".

    Good luck.

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    posted a message on Minecave down?
    Quote from qq410219243»

    so basically, Minecave is down?

    As far as I can tell, has been down for a little over a year (400 days, since 28.05.2016).[1] [2] I could not find any sign of them updating any of the server lists, nor any news on a website about it. The only other info was the domain registration, which doesn't tell us much.

    They do have a website at but that has not been updated either. There is an email address there, [email protected] - so you could try that.

    However, it seems to be a dead server. Sorry about that; Minecraft servers come and go. You may have to find a new one.

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    posted a message on Failure to launch Minecraft after downloading of files
    Quote from BeyondTheMoons»

    I installed the launcher and pressed 'download 1.12'. The files downloaded normally but just as Minecraft was about to start an error message came up with the following code:

    What should I do? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting appdata, and using alternative launcher.

    What code? What is the error message?
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    posted a message on How to move Parrots from a Jungle to Home the easy way

    Any ideas?

    Use nether portals; go up to about y=118 in the nether, then make a tunnel from the jungle to home. straight line. It helps if you make the overworld portal high up (up to 128), because you are more likely to come out high in the nether. You can break the high portal after you go thru and back, then make another at ground level - it will link to the already created high one. Watch out for the fast lava; it's far easier if you have a fire resist potion.

    There are very few caves that high up in the nether, so you can dig a tunnel very fast. OK, so you burn through a few picks, but they don't have to be great picks. I had diamond efficiency 5 available, so just used that; I could dig 1000 blocks (so 8000 overworld distance) in 5 mins.

    Then just run along the tunnel with the parrot on your shoulder. Plus, it'll be 2,000 blocks instead of 15,000.

    (Edit: OK OK, some pedant is going to complain about that, so... 1 block in the nether is 8 blocks of the overworld. So 15,000/8 is 1,875 blocks, not 2000. I was just simplifying.)

    That's exactly what I did today, to get parrots home on an SMP.

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    posted a message on Only have Windows 10 Minecraft Trial even though I have the full game
    Quote from Geneo»

    Before you get the java version, read this:

    ..and yet java runs on anything, from a toaster (literally) up to a supercomputer. We were far "better together" before MS got involved.
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    posted a message on Pickaxe speed?
    Quote from ISenojI»

    No, I didnt even know beacons did anything. I've never crafted one in survival, is haste worth getting a beacon?

    If when they fix the bug re efficiency - yes; beacons are amazing. With a full beacon on 'haste 2', with an efficiency 5 pick, you instant-mine stone. So it's like blasting netherrack with an eff pick. You can dig out a huge area, just by waving your pick around.

    It's a game-changer, especially if you are doing a large build, need a lot of materials, or want to knock down a mountain or two.
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    posted a message on Pickaxe speed?

    Was there perhaps, a beacon in the area giving you "haste"?

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    posted a message on Slimes not spawning in swamps

    Mob spawning and mob caps is a complex issue, but without getting too technical - you can probably fix this by moving at least 128 blocks away, closing Minecraft, and then going back to the lovely swamp.

    Personally, I also find it helps to do a 'slime dance'.

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    posted a message on Only have Windows 10 Minecraft Trial even though I have the full game

    It seems you're not the only ones; see this discussion. Make sure you've got the latest updates; try "Buy Minecraft" button in the game...failing that, see if you can get a refund and buy it again. If that fails as well, scream at Mickey$oft along with the others.

    Or, possibly, give up on that version and get java/PC Minecraft, if your device can run it.

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    posted a message on Pickaxe speed?

    What block are you trying to mine?

    An unenchanted iron pick takes about 40 seconds to break obsidian; a diamond pick takes under 10 seconds.

    Efficiency increases the speed considerably.

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