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    posted a message on Clever Use of 1.8's Skin Format
    I always thought it was a cool idea to have "Iron Golem" armor. The idea would be that it was made from the remains of an ancient Iron Golem that the character found, but I didn't want to always be wearing it. So that's what my second layer is now, my custom armor... Unfortunately, I'm no graphic artist, so I basically just took the MHF_Golem skin and edited it to fit what I wanted.
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    posted a message on The Barrier block should have a texture
    I had a passing thought that was very similar. But I wonder if it might be easier (instead of making it a command) to make it so that the barrier block itself can be equipped as a helmet (have to be op on a server, obviously) and while wearing it, barrier blocks would appear as translucent blocks, enabling easier building with them. I'd suggest it to Mojang directly, but not sure how to go about that.
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    posted a message on Arachnophobia... Way to remove spiders?
    So, I decided that I wanted to try to make floating skulls instead of spiders, just to see if I could. This is the result.

    The only problems:

    Entities behind the transparent texture fail to render the places where the texture SHOULD BE (note the invisible part of the slime.)

    And when the mob is damaged, the entire hotbox flashes red, ruining the illusion.

    Other than those issues, which I think are just limitations in the minecraft engine itself, I kinda like the floating skull idea. It reminds me of Demi-Liches from D&D.

    Also, I edited the cave_spider and spider_eyes PNGs as well. May change the spider_eyes to include some type of flame or "magic aura" since it's capable of rendering over the entire texture (I think).
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    posted a message on Arachnophobia... Way to remove spiders?
    A suggestion that may help is this. Take the spider texture and edit it. Remove the legs by making them transparent (last i checked, the Mob textures supported transparency). If you'd like you could remove everything except the head. Maybe replace the head with the skeleton mob head, and have floating skulls instead of spiders. Change the glowing eye texture to something that would look cool, like flames or whatnot. If you want, you could even change the spider sounds out for other mob sounds (like the skeleton) and compile it all to a resource pack. They'd still drop string, and would still spawn in abandoned mineshafts (you'd have to do the same skin treatment to the cave spiders, or make them something else, like floating zombie heads). Just a thought.

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    posted a message on [surv] Buckets' Chunk Challenge - Now With Pictures!

    Anyone think adding a "treasure hunt" to this map might be fun? Like, two or three chests hidden throughout the map with goodies in them?

    Also, if you know how to add mob spawners to maps that don't just spawn pigs please let me know. I'd like to add a few to caves for a bit of extra challenge.

    The hard way? Use MCEDIT schematics. The easy way? Use Risugami's Spawner Gui Mod. Just place the spawner, right click on it and set the mob it spawns.
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    posted a message on [ADV] Kingdom of the Sky (Narrated Story) Multiple Perfect Review Scores - 175,000+ Downloads!
    Hi. I was just wondering if I could possibly get a link to a download with all the audio files? My computer isn't fast enough to run both Minecraft and a browser at the same time. Not to mention that Youtube doesn't buffer fast for me at all. I've watched some videos and played a little of the map and really want to finish it. I'll even ask really nicely if you want. I can beg with a passion that puts most five year olds to shame, I assure you.

    EDIT: Never mind. Did it myself. I think perhaps you should make the option available to those that need it. I'd rather use youtube then have to download 20 videos worth of audio, but I can't.

    Also, the map is freaking fantastic. Just sayin'.
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    posted a message on An Interview With Jeb!
    If you are worried or unsure about the 1.8 update, then just make a backup of your 1.7.3 .jar.
    If you don't enjoy the changes, then switch back... This is the entire reason that Notch made updates optional. Personally, I have my reservations about 1.8, but there are other things that seem interesting. Hunger seems okay, as long as you can turn it off when you just want to build. NPC villages also seem okay, so long as I can choose to either befriend them, or slaughter them and steal their stuff... Not that I ever would... Because, um, that would be wrong...
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    posted a message on [ADV] The Eye
    I really enjoyed this Map. The use of the ImageToMap program was perfect. I actually found this map from your post in that thread. Not having to pause and tab out to read notes really helped with immersion. My final score was: 19 diamonds, 26 feathers, 17 bones, 2 books, three music disks,
    (FYI, I really loved the pun of finding a "Record" in the "Record room" of the Police Station level. However, that was the only TV reference I didn't get.)
    ,five minecarts, no food, and no arrows. I only found one clay block in the entire map. Not sure if there only is one, or if I just missed the rest. The story was humorous, and different than most of the Adventure maps which try to be "Serious". Only critique:
    In the Police Station, there is a switch very high up, marked "I.O.U, Electrician". The only way that i could find to get to it was to close the trapdoors around the lights, and jump across. I think this is the way you intended it to be done. But in earlier stages, you use trapdoors as "Decorations" on walls, the sides of tables, etc. So I was confused if opening the trapdoors was allowed, or forbidden (like opening iron doors that are purely decoration). If that is the intended way of solving the puzzle, maybe make note in the rules "You may open or close trapdoors". Or open all the trapdoors around the lights in that room, making them "fans"?
    That is my only critique. Your map was funny (VERY FUNNY), engaging, and very well made. I loved all of the little details, like THE NUMBERS... You know which numbers I mean...
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    posted a message on [TUTORIAL]The Complete Guide to Making and Releasing a Custom Map
    Firstly, OP, thank you for a fantastic guide. I've been wanting to make an adventure map for quite some time, but I just didn't know where to start. I'm currently working on a map, thanks to your guide.

    Secondly, I was wondering where the community (or just you personally) stands on the subject of using Dropbox for hosting files. From an uploader's perspective, it's much easier than using other services. But how is it, from the perspective of the downloader (i.e "customer")? Can I stick with Dropbox? Or do I need to go through another service?

    Again, thanks for a great guide. Hopefully my map will be good enough to release.
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    posted a message on [Solution to remix packs]
    I distinctly did not read the entire 37 pages of posts, so forgive me if it's been mentioned before. I wanted to get Doku's opinion on 16x versions of his packs. I personally have no opinion on remixes, though I understand how they could irritate pixel artists. I'd like to hear opinions on this particular aspect of the issue, though. I personally only use 16x, for several reasons. Lag, not wanting to have to repatch after EVERY update (though I have to update mods, but oddly being without a texture pack I was used to would be worse than being without a mod), and I honestly LIKE 16x. I don't need crazy amount of detail. However, there was no 'Doku-approved' 16x version of the RPG pack, which I thought was BEAUTIFUL. I found two really good 16x versions that were fan-created. I was just wondering how Doku felt about those, specifically this one and this one.
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    posted a message on Minecarts in 1.6
    I think the idea that people who started playing before the official booster track was implemented tend to favor "traditional" boosters is flawed. I've been playing since before the Halloween Update. I stopped being a lazy pirate right before the Beta release (moral views on piracy aside, by the way, I was happy to pay for Minecraft and would do so again in a heartbeat). And I built a very large scale automated bank using Storage carts and boosters. Not overly complicated, but quite a lot of work. I never really liked boosters as they were, but they were all I had to work with, so I did. When all said and done, I LOVED my bank. I had fun building it, and figuring out how to make it work. Sure it was frustrating, but the sense of accomplishment afterwards was immense. I loved my bank. And now it doesn't work. So as soon as the TMI mod gets updated, I'm hacking in some TNT, and (to use a Minecraft Pop Culture reference) doing it the Yogscast way. Then, I'm going to figure out how to make it work again, and rebuild it from scratch. Or maybe I'll build something else, who knows. But the point of this game is not the having of nice things, but the building of nice things (at least for me). I take this as an opportunity.
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    posted a message on [B1.5-B1.5_01] Ladderfix [Dead] [1.0]
    Quote from devilkingx2 »
    you guys need to redifine bug

    bugs are problems, something everyone likes is not a problem

    booster rail next to normal rail crashing the game is a problem, its a glitch, its a bug

    convieniant ladders is not a bug, nothing that makes the game MORE convieniant can be a bug thats just dumb

    what are you going to tell me next, TNT cannons are a bug because notch didnt intend to have them?

    if we define a bug as anything the dev didnt plan for, then 99% of everything built in minecraft is a bug

    this ladderfix is not a bug, fixing the ladders was a bug, because all it did was **** people off and cause hardships

    i cannot see how a bug with litterally no downsides can be a bug,

    notch fixed the ladders, people who didnt double space it werent affected people who did were negatively affected

    this guy unfixed ladders, people who didnt double space once again werent affected, people who did were positively affected


    I hate to get back into this shitstorm... But your definitions of 'bug' and 'bugfix' are entirely wrong (And I'll try my hardest not to tell you exactly where to find the Shift Key). A bug is NOT something that the dev didn't intend. It's something that does not WORK in the way that the dev intended. Notch obviously never intended for ladders to be usable incomplete. If he did, he never would have changed their behavior. TNT works EXACTLY as Notch intended. The fact that we can use the way it works to make a cannon is irrelevant. Let me ask... If there was a bug in Minecraft that caused diamonds to be sometimes dropped instead of flint when mining gravel... And people became dependant on that bug. When Notch fixes said bug, is it not a bugfix because all it does is **** people off? You yourself asked how a bug with literally no downsides could be a bug. What are the downsides of free diamonds?

    " nothing that makes the game MORE convieniant can be a bug thats just dumb"

    Free diamond (in the above example) would remove 99% of the challenge. It undoubtedly makes the game more convenient, but it's still a bug. Just like the bug that caused stacking a new fishing rod on an old one to remove the damage gave you an infinirod. It was obviously a bug (otherwise there would have been no damage bar in the first place) it made the game more convenient... Would you argue that fixing THAT bug was wrong?

    The entire point of modding is to play the game how you want, and if someone wants to mod ladders to work the way they used to, that's their business. If someone wants to mod the game so that you can place ladders on anything, that's their business (There actually used to be a set of mods that removed placement restrictions for things like ladders, minecart rails, torches, chests, redstone dust, etc.... dougbenham was the guy's name I think...). How people mod is their own business, but when people start attacking Notch for making HIS game the way HE wants it, and fixing what HE thinks are bugs... It annoys me. If you want to mod out the bugfix, that's fine, but Notch wasn't wrong for fixing it in the first place.

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    posted a message on [B1.5-B1.5_01] Ladderfix [Dead] [1.0]
    Personally, I never used gaps in ladders. It looks stupid (in my humble yada yada). I'm not going to download this mod, for above stated reason. And the original behavior of ladders was a bug, i.e. it did not operate as intended... Having said that, people make mods to 'break' the game all the time. They add features they want, and take out features they don't like. If someone wants to be able to climb gapped ladders, who the hell are we to argue with them? If someone wants to fly around their own world, or mod zombies to drop diamonds, or make tame-able Creepers, or craft two dirt in a one by one grid to make a monster spawner that spawns Herobrine, that's their prerogative. The great thing about modding is that it's optional and making a big stink about how someone else wants to play the game accomplishes nothing. I won't use this mod, but if Op wants to then bully for him.

    P.S. :Diamond: to you OP for having to guts to open java and change what you don't like. Hope you keep up the good work.
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    posted a message on Bed Obstructed glitch
    Same thing keeps happening to me. Sometimes my beds work, sometimes they don't. And the new spawn point? Out in the middle of freaking nowhere. So irritating. Whenever it screws up it always spawns me in the same place? How about you, OP?
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    posted a message on Minecart Tutorial- Building a Smart Booster
    At first I was 'This seems easy enough'. Then you started talking fast and using big words and my head asploded. Great videos. Seriously instructive.
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