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I'm a seventeen year old Scottish Australian, I'm a die-hard gamer and I love listening to Heavy metal, drum and bass and happy hardcore!

I'm a fussy eater, Wish everything tasted good >:|

I'm creative, I have an excellent eye for detail. I've been drawing since I was two years old and I built with lego A LOT when I was younger... These skills developed into minecraft skills.

I'm going to be a Tattooist and a Graphic Designer in the near future.

If you put me on a console I'll annihilate anyone on most games... Seriously, Once I broke my le for six weeks and achieved 14k gamerscore before getting an RROD.

Played Runescape for eight years...

Played WoW for a year...

Played A LOT of korean mmo's; Flyff, Aion, Cabal, Rappelz, Knight Online etc.

Used to be a die-hard halo fan, from beating all friends irl to getting general online within a month. After the RROD I moved to the PC, yet again.

I'm a nice guy, I tend to look out for people and I'm easy to talk to.
Interests Gaming, Music, Sketching, Skateboarding

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