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    posted a message on REVOLUTION|3 - a RotaryCraft/ChromatiCraft-themed Progression Pack on ATLauncher version 3.6.0

    I started using this modpack, mainly because I wanted to test Rotarycraft. I have several comments:

    - Trees seem to grow really, really fast. Both Greatwood and orange autum saplings grow in less than 5 minutes.It makes producing charcoal quite easy (for Botania and furnaces) and balances the raruty of coal. Note: my base is in a fungi forest.

    - "Elite" mobs are a pain when you first spawn: you look for a nice place to build your home, and you end up spending your time running away from a Naga/Valkyri/<Insert strong mob name here>.

    - As I am not familiar with a lot of the mods (such as Reika's ones, Mega Plant Pack, Galacticraft...) I would enjoy HQM quests.

    - TiC Tooltip would be nice.

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