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    posted a message on Old Minecraft players will agree with me, Pay-to-Win servers ruins Minecraft! what do you think?

    I understand and totally agree with your opinion.

    However, there are certain things that I have to say about your statements:

    YES! Pay-To-Win wasn't the overall idea when servers were first becoming popular and beginning to evolve, but in the same sense as players not being able to afford ranks and certain foot-forward items, server owners must suffer from this too! Servers aren't free, and the time it takes to keep them up and running is breathtaking, and sometimes the owners of said-servers unfortunately cannot afford for the hosting. Therefore, I can understand the need to have Pay-To-Win in servers that are largely known and spacious. Now I know you're probably thinking, well they could just have donations and not super ranks and unbreakable items, but in this day and age, a given with nothing received is nothing at all, and in some cases, players don't feel obliged to donate to a server, because that is all that it is, donation. No Items, no ranks, etc. People disagree with this because people feel like their money is worth more than genuine human actions. I agree with you, and I agree with how people run their servers today, but for totally different reasons, however to answer your question. I wish we were back in the early days too!

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    posted a message on I bought cracked version of TeamExtreme minecraft,is it safe?

    This may seem like sarcasm, but I promise it isn't.

    I remember when I was younger and unemployed. I wanted Minecraft so bad I made an oath to save a dollar a day (Or more if I could handle it.) It may seem like a stupid idea, but I assure you, it'll work, and if you're able to scrounge up more than a dollar a day sometimes, you'll exceed 30.00 in no time. However, there isn't a suggestive way to imply to you that makes Minecraft easy to obtain without a unsafe, cracked version, so I implore you to save up! Otherwise, you might need to ask your parents, or get a job, which is time-consuming. ;o

    My idea may not be ideal, but it's efficient and it won't ruin your computer. :)

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    posted a message on [Idea] Sand Spider (New Mob)

    I like the idea but I think it'd be more interesting if it wasn't a reskin but a different type of spider, or whole new mob in general.

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    posted a message on Closed

    IGN: EpicTMK

    Name: Danny

    Age: 19
    Birth Year: 1997

    Location: United States
    Have You Read and Do You Agree to the Server Rules: Yes I have thoroughly read the server rules and agree to them.

    How Would You Describe Your Minecraft Play Style?: I love simplistic Minecraft so I guess Old-School style.

    Why Do You Want to Join Our Server: Vanilla Minecraft with other players, Sign Me Up!

    Tell us About Yourself: Well I'm nearly twenty.I live with my girlfriend and we have a dog named Max and a bearded dragon named Rex.

    Anything Else?: Other than I hope you let me join you guys in adventuring around vanilla minecraft, I think I don't. Thank you!

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    posted a message on |CVLTNationGaming| Staff Recruitment (1.12)
    WELCOME to CVLTNationGaming!

    Welcome to the Official CVLTNationGaming Staff Recruitment Thread! We are currently a 1.12 Factions server, though in the future, this could be subject to change. We are in full search for mature, hardworking players to participate in assessing the server in growth and popularity! We have certain positions that we are in need of, with specific qualifications and requirements. In order to ensure the server progresses, we insist you oblige by said qualifications and requirements, or disregard this thread IMMEDIATELY. To view these certain qualifications and requirements, please see below!

    Qualifications & Requirements

    We are currently looking for, as follows:
    -A Server Manager

    -A Developer

    -An Administrator

    -Four Moderators

    -Four Helpers

    and two Public Representatives.

    Below are the applications and formats for said applications, you will understand the requirements and follow the correspondent format for the position you wish applying for.

    Helper Requirements & Application Format:

    1. You cannot be under the age of 15.
    2. You must have good grammar and understand the restrictions of our server and be able to give insightful tips and satisfying assistance.
    3. Semi Mature atleast! We respect people having their fun, but don't get over your head!
    4. You must submit to an Interview where, dependent on your position of choice, I'll ask a confident amount of questions and trivial situations in which you have to respond on how to resolve said situation.
    5. Be active. You don't have to camp at your desk and play twenty-four-seven, but please stay consistent.


    In-Game Name:


    What interests you in our Server?

    How will you improve our Server?

    Have you been punished for breaking the rules of any server previous to this one?

    Why do you insist on being a Helper?

    How many hours do you believe you can invest per week?

    Discord? (If yes, please leave your username (Username#0000))

    How efficient is your building skills? (on a scale of 1 through 10.)

    Anything Else?

    Moderator Requirements & Application Format

    1. You cannot be under the age of 15!

    2. You must have good grammar, a good attitude, and understand the restrictions of our server in order to assist players.
    3. You MUST provide proof of punishment, as it's our code.
    4. You must be mature and fair. You WILL be demoted for abuse of power.
    5. Be active!
    6. Be able to handle situations that put you under pressure.
    7. You must submit to an interview.


    In-Game Name:

    What interests you in our Server?

    How will you improve our Server?

    Have you been punished for breaking the rules of any server previous to this one?

    Why do you insist on being Moderator?

    How many hours do you believe you can invest per week?

    Discord? (If yes, please leave your username (Username#0000))

    How efficient are your building skills? (on a scale from 1 through 10)

    Anything Else?

    Administrator Requirements & Application Format:

    1. You cannot be under the age of 16!

    2. You must have experience as an Administrator.
    3. Good grammar and excellent skills in approaching situations and leading a team for events/building/etc.
    4. Under certain circumstances and trust, you may be asked to use console, in this instance you must have excessive knowledge on how to use it. (NOTICE: If you don't meet the knowledge requirement, speak up. You will not be demoted.)
    5. Be Acitve! We expect you to be on more than other members of staff due to your importance, unless given a excuse of leave for your inactivity, you will be demoted.
    6. You must be mature. This is needed as we do NOT need kid-like staff members who are lackluster, therefore apply appropriately.
    7. You must submit to an interview with The Owner, and Myself.


    In-Game Name:


    Explain Past Experience:

    What interests you about our Server?

    How can you help improve our Server?

    Have you ever been punished for breaking the rules of another server previous to this one?

    Why do you insist on being Administrator?

    How many hours do you believe you can invest per week?

    Discord? (If yes, please provide username (Username#0000))

    Do you have sufficient knowledge of Consoles and their purpose and uses?

    How efficient are your building skills? (on a scale from 1 to 10)

    Anything Else?

    Developer Requirements & Application Format:

    1. You cannot be under the age of 17

    2. You must know how to add/remove/modify plugins, add/remove permissions.
    3. Must have excellent grammar and attitude.
    4. Must be active!
    5. Be able to troubleshoot problems efficiently.
    6. Must be trustworthy and know the proper usage and features of the Console.
    7. You must have great experience as a Developer.
    8. Maturity is a must for this position, as we need someone serious and down-to-earth. Who can stay focused


    In-Game Name:


    Explain IN DETAIL your experience in being a Developer?

    Why were you interested in our Server?
    How can you help better our Server?

    Have you ever been punished for disobeying a servers rules previous to this one?

    Why do you insist on being Developer?

    How many hours can you invest per week?

    Discord? (If yes, please provide your username! (Username#0000))

    Can you customize plugins?

    Are you familiar with Permissions, Prefixes, etc.?

    Can you code?

    Anything Else?

    Server Manager Requirements & Application Format:

    1. Must have sufficient leadership skills and basic knowledge of servers and how they work.

    2. Must be active, consistently.
    3. Must be creative and have a confident attitude.
    4. Be able to troubleshoot and solve situations inside and out.
    5. Be Mature, and be consistent with your positions description.
    6. Cannot be under the age of 17


    In-Game Name:


    Are you knowledgeable with Console use?

    Can you customize plugins?

    Are you familiar with Permissions, Prefixes, etc.?

    Can you code?

    Why were you interested in our Server?

    How can you assist our Server?

    Have you ever been punished for disobeying the rules of a server previous to this one?

    How many hours can you invest per week?

    Why do you insist on being Server Manager?

    Explain IN DETAIL your experience with Managing Servers:

    On a scale from 1 to 10, how well do you approach and handle a situation, involving a great amount of pressure?

    Anything Else?

    Please be honest in your application as we WILL provide a short test to overview your skills.

    Do NOT Spam us trying to get your application reviewed instantly, it will NOT work and you WILL be ignored.

    Please be specific about certain questions in these formats, as your answers affect your application completely!

    In order to find out MORE about the Public Representative position, contact me through PM on here!

    Thank you!

    Please be patient when waiting for a response from me, I am particularly busy, but I will reply after a focused overview of your application. If you wish to become apart of the team, what are you doing? Get the application template and get typing! We're waiting for your greatness!

    -CVLTNationGaming Staff

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    posted a message on < 🔥 Cortex Gaming 🔥 > Looking for Builders & Staff < Factions & Custom Modes >

    --Basic Info--[/b]

    Username: EpicTMK

    Age: 18

    Discord (username#1234): EpicTMK#0376

    Brief description about yourself: Well my name is Danny, and I work as a blueprint expert in engineering and I live with my girlfriend, with our dog and bearded dragon. I'm a very patient individual with a strong understanding of rules and of situations that can be hard to manage and/or contain. I'm genuinely happy and excited to help and I am very prudent to work.


    Describe your experience on servers: I enjoy most servers, and I love the community-esque

    environment. I never have been banned, nor kicked. I keep it clean and fair and I don't use cheatclients nor xray or any other frowned upon notion to assess my work.

    What skills do you have you can bring to Cortex?: I got a few tricks up my sleeve, but ai believe my most anticipated skillset would be my common knowledge of basic things. Certain instructions to help get someone started, like I stated above I also have patience and can comprehend most problems and their causes and solutions. I have a high work ethic and I love helping communities which weighs down on my work ethic.

    If faced with an issue what steps do you take to resolve it?: I look over the simple facts, I comprehend each part of the situation and I attack it step by step. It's organized and the steps I take are easiest for me to find and diminish the problem quickly and satisfyingly.

    Based on other applications and prior experience with others, what makes you a good candidate for this position?: I have never been demoted, nor do I pretend to be someone knows everything. I handle what I can and if I am unable I will notify someone because I take responsibility very seriously, when I attended BrutalCraftMC. I started as a member who then rose through Trial-Moderator, Moderator, Admin, Head-Admin and finally Manager. I held this position for 2 years on the server before its initial and unfortunate death. I also was a Helpe on Hypixel for a few months before having to move and the situation cost my position due to inactivity.


    Anything else you'd like to add? (optional)[/i]: I hope we can find time to discuss more, hopefully we can make a good team and raise this community to grow unreachable status amongst the Minecraft Universe.

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    posted a message on [CCC] High-Spec 16gb Economy Survival Server Looking For Staff.

    Would love to help. EpicTMK#0376

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    posted a message on Sick of trying to find a good server to be staff or memeber? your lucky to find FireNet

    Hello! I am interested in your plans for the server and would love to chat over what you need and what I can do to help. I am a long time player and dedicated. Please discord me or pm on here! Thank you.

    (Discord: EpicTMK#0367)

    (MinecraftForum: EpicTMK_)

    If more information is needed I am available on Discord 24/7

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    posted a message on ----Index Factions NEEDS STAFF-----




    Preferred Rank (Doesn't mean you may get it):

    Do you have a donator rank?:
    Not At The Moment, no.

    Do you have any previous server bans?:
    Nope. I'm a good noodle :) I try to lead by example.

    Can you record your screen?:
    If needed, yes, I am able to record.

    Why would you like to be staff?:
    I've played Minecraft since Beta 1.4, so the original idea of Minecraft has gone quite bland to me, so I love interacting with communities, and since this one is not only newly introduced by also very promising I decided to see if we could work together to grow a wealthy and trustworthy community.

    How long have you played IndexOP? (At the current moment answer N/A):

    Do you have Discord/Skype? (Please do not put your Ids here):
    I no longer use skype, but I do have a current Discord.

    Do you have any previous moderation experience?:
    I was a loyal staff member of a server named "BrutalCraft". It was active from 2012 to early 2015 and I was there from the beginning, earning my way up from Trial-Mod to Head-Admin and I maintained that position for a year and 4 months until the Server was disbanded in Feb. 2015. I was also a Helper on Hypixel last year but I was demoted for inactivity because of moving situations. Videos of Brutalcraft can still be found amongst Youtube's library of videos and if you can get into contact with Scott or Mark from Hypixel they will inform you I was very loyal while present on the Server.

    Hav you changed your IGN before? (if so what from):
    Not to my recollection.

    Any other information?:
    Well my names Danny, and I graduated and I have bearded dragon and a crazy girlfriend. I also have a job that I control from my desk at home. Other than that, I like Pizza and Bacon Tacos. :)
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    posted a message on Professional Minecraft Server Searching For Professional and Experienced Staff, Developers, And Builders


    Name: Danny

    IGN: EpicTMK

    Discord: EpicTMK#0367

    Age: 19

    Timezone: EST

    Do you have a working microphone?: Not at the moment, however I plan to pick one up soon! I have good communication through grammar, so it shouldn't hinder my abilities.

    Are you able to record?: If possible, yes. I am able to record.

    Are you multilingual?: Other than a tiny bit of Spanish, I am 100% English.

    Which of our 3 gamemodes will you be on the most?: I'm flexible therefore I can manage being helpful through each gamemode. I know about Factions and KitPVP and I am very aware. But for a complete answer, I would probably be consistent on Factions more than anything else.

    How much time can you devote?: I transfer Data through servers and simplify blueprints from my desk, it's my job. BUT I have dual monitors enabling me access to my job and your sever at all times, So I would say whenever you need me, I'm there. :)

    Have you ever been banned or punished on a server before? If so explain: I believe we all have had our fair share of trouble-making but mine was never severe enough for a punishable action or ban.

    How do you feel you could benefit our server as a moderator?: I have only been a Moderator once. After that I was always an Admin - Manager wherever I applied. I have been a player of Minecraft since Beta 1.4 and the time invested has given me a lot of knowledge. I promise you I will stay devoted and invest my time to improve your server and make it as popular as ever! With dedication and time, I can prove my worth!

    Why did you apply?: Usually I only apply for Admin positions due to my knowledge in the Ladder, but I read carefully over your well-put together thread and it gave me a sense of excitement. It wasn't about the position but about the fact that this server seems like it is ready to blossom and expand heavily in all aspects. I would love to be apart of it and it's community in full.

    Why did you choose our server over the hundreds of threads?: As stated above, your thread gave me a sense of excitement and a surge of professionalism. You've just began the journey to becoming a very reliable server and I would love to help! Growing the community one step at a time!

    Why should we accept you?: Well I cannot promise anything. But I can give you my word you will not regret giving me the opportunity to become a very good friend and staff member. I have experience and I am more aware than most people I personally know, I can multitask and I understand people very well. I believe I could be a great asset to your team.

    Are you patient?: Very patient, I can hold my own under pressure.

    Are you willing to learn?: If you're teaching I'm learning :)

    Are you open minded?: Depends on your definition of "Open Minded". I take criticism well, and I love soul-searching ideas. I love opinions and facts and suggestions and I love discussing problems. In that sense, I am very open minded. :)

    Do you learn from your mistakes?: I try to leave as narrow room possible for mistakes, but if one were to occur under my supervision, I would take full responsibility for it and I would ensure it won't happen again.

    SCENARIO: You're in a busy lobby as a helper, questions are flying at you rapidly, you can just about keep up. You're getting messaged by 2 different players both asking you to get them a moderator for a hacker, then someone messages you telling you that there is someone blasting music in their channel. What do you do?: First things first, the important issue. If a hacker is spotted and players are reporting him rapidly, my first action is to handle it and make sure the hacking/cheating is hindered. I would reply to the Channel-Spam by directing him to someone more prudent/closer to Discord for assistance, if none available I will assist the problem by hindering his spam quickly, and sufficiently. As stated above I can multitask so as I progress through the Channel-Spam and Hacking issue I can tend to the questions in the chat as follows.

    Do you know how to screenshare?: Yes I know how to Screenshare. Because it is prudent to use when identifying hackers.

    How would you go about dealing with a hacker?: Sometimes you need to stalk your prey. I would consistently follow him under vanish and identify his use of cheat/hack/client, and once identified, I would gather enough evidence to shut down his argument and he would be punished by higher forces.

    How would you deal with the chat going haywire?: Well first off, I usually clear chat every thirty minutes, depending on the crowd, I would consistently use that to keep the chat clean and if people are spamming they would be handled with a temp mute. If problems insist, 2 kicks, and a ban will follow these obstructive actions.

    What would you do if a player was asking for help about the basics of the gamemode while you are dealing with a hacker?: Refer him to somebody not as occupied or ask for his patience while I handle the abuser. (Another way to fix this is to have a main room to explain gamerules properly. That way we can easily send the a /Warp (Help/Rules,etc.) and they can be redirected to our Q&A or Troubleshooting.)

    What have been your staff experiences?: I started becoming staff in 2012, on a all-around mini-game/survival server known as Brutalcraft. I rose from Helper to Head-Admin over my time present there, until the untimely downfall of the Server in 2014. I have been an Admin on a server called Nations, and I had a position on Hypixel until I had moved and lost it to inactivity.

    Please provide proof: Unfortunately, Brutalcraft has been too far gone for me to retrieve any proof, however there are several videos on Youtube of the Server.

    I can provide proof of being an admin on Nations. But again, it's been a while since Hypixel so I have no visual proof, but if you're able to reach Jack or Erick on Hypixel (If they even still support the server) - They can shed some light on my work ethic, for they were the ones who initially passed me for staff.

    Any other info you would like to add?: I hope you enjoy my application and see it fit to provide me an opportunity to show you guys I can be supportive and helpful to you and your growing community. If you have any further inquires please PM me on Minecraft Forum, or DM me on Discord, which can be located above (Under Discord Section,)

    On ending note, Thank you for reading over my post, I greatly appreciate it.


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    posted a message on 🔹FairCloudMC🔹Looking for🔹Co-Owner🔹Admins🔹Builders🔹1.12🔹1 Year Pre-Paid🔹

    [----Basic Information----]

    Position: Admin

    IGN: EpicTMK
    Discord ID: EpicTMK#0367
    Age: 18

    Time Zone: EST


    Do you have a Microphone: Not At The Moment, but when I cash my check I plan to get one.

    What experience do you have in this role: I was Head Admin of Brutalcraft, a older server that was once popular but is unfortunately down. There is still videos of it out there,but I rose from Helper to Head Admin by gaining trust and hardwork. I have been an Admin two other times on smaller servers, for more information on those, Discord me.

    What makes you want to work with FairCloud:

    There's a certain excitement when you find a server that genuinely wants to grow and expand. I would love to be apart of that motion, it fills me with comfort and joy when I can help people enjoy their time on a server.

    Do you fail to meet any of the requirements? If so, please list the number you lack experience in: N/A

    Thank you for taking time to read and reply. Please get back to me asap. I would love to get to know y'all and the community!

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    posted a message on Arcadia - Political Towny Survival

    Checked out your server.

    It seems like fun, and I like how you've assembled it.

    I'm not so much into playing as I am staffing servers.

    if you need someone who can build on average, and can watch over the players, like an Admin, I'd be happy to help.

    Although I cannot lie I will try this out cause I love challenges.

    You should message me so we can discuss more indepth if you're interested.

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    posted a message on Fierce Network (NEW) Looking for a Staff Team!

    Do You Know of Our Server?

    No, but I'd love to help bring your community up.

    If so, who or what referred you? N/A

    Age: I'm 18

    What's Your Interest In Becoming Staff?

    I use to play Minecraft for the aesthetics, but now I love overwatching and sharing my knowledge with other people, since I began playing in Beta 1.4. :)

    What Rank Do You Think You Succeed At Most: Admin, It's my most experienced position.

    Have You Ever Used A Client/Or Been Punished For Not Abiding Rules?: No. I'm a good noodle.

    Do You Know How To ScreenShare? Yes, I do.

    How Can We Contact You? Mainly Discord (EpicTMK#0367) but I'm reachable through Email (Will reveal in DM) or on MinecraftForum

    Other Info:

    I've plenty of experience in overseeing servers. I have basic Minecraft knowledge to assist players in advancing if needed, I'm joyful and patient, and I have a free schedule most of the time. Please get back to me ASAP!


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    posted a message on Arcadia - Political Towny Survival

    When you say you're recruiting, what exactly are you looking for, in terms of positions, age, requirements etc.

    Also, this Server seems unique in its own sense and I'm going to try it out!

    Thanks for your time.

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    posted a message on Planning on running a small, whitelisted, purely vanilla server, need some early members.

    I'm interested. Would love to help a community grow. However currently without a mic. But I plan to get one when I cash my check.


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