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    posted a message on [RP] The Untold Empires [Forge Your Empire][Multi Worlds] (Always Accepting!)

    (( No, this is the biggest necro ever. (Please don't ban me).

    The memories! It was a good time being Hitlpoleon about 4 years ago.

    This'll probably be my actual last post here. ))

    A man walks through the dust at the archaeological site. Half-buried in the ground, he notices an old journal, preserved over centuries by the dry sands. Opening it delicately, he reads "Diary of Akhir Thressmen, Chief Army General of the Malkrantian High Council of MIlitary Leaders". Studying the hardly legible script, he begins to uncover the histories, the stories, of long-forgotten nations.

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    posted a message on Project Survey
    Hello people. NO THIS IS NOT AN AD/SPAM/WHATEVER. I don't really use the Minecraft forums much anymore, but am currently doing a project for a class in which I must create a simulated business, and all its ins and outs, then eventually present it. I have chosen a technology-based business that revolves around cell phone accessories. I now need direct data (besides citing normal large-scale surveys) to determine if the products would appeal to the masses. So, from my time on Minecraft forums it seems that this would be the fastest way to gather information. If you would like to help me out in my collection of information, please take this poll. Thank you and have a nice day.

    Product 1: A phone case that acts as a hub to our other accessories, which will input to the phone via an app and transmits to and from the other accessories. Will perform like any Otterbox besides for its technological component. Price estimation at about $70.

    Product 2: Wireless earbuds. That's basically it. Beats is developing ones but will probably be luxury/more expensive. We're guessing around $20.

    Product 3: Wristband that tracks distance from itself to the case. If the case is farther than maybe 100 feet, the wristband will light up (to prevent losing your phone). Around $20.

    Product 4: Small projector that would display the phone's screen on any flat surface. Useful for people like the elderly who want to read things like ebooks but can't see the screen very easily. Probably a hundred dollars or so.
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    posted a message on A Hundred Years Later
    (( Hey there people. I just decided to come back and look at a few threads once more before I'm inactive for good. And look here! This is still going. So let me get this straight; after my alt went inactive, you had it create a giant virus to wipe out earth, so then everyone went to mars? That's a neat little plotline. Well, gotta go. May your nanobots remain productive and your aliens remain benevolent. ;) ))
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    posted a message on Eragon Roleplay: The new beggining. [Intermediate] [Fantasy]
    (( Hello people. :) I just decided to return today to see how things were going in the forums. It's awesome that you brought this back to life. I'll be inactive after this probably for eternity. So... may your swords stay sharp. ))
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    posted a message on The Walking Dead [Reboot] -Accepting-

    "La la la... da do da daaaaa... la la loooo... da do da doooo..." I quietly hum as I sharpen the blade of my machete with a whetstone. After its recent uses, regrettable that they were necessary, the front of the blade, along the inward curve, has become dull. During my work, I ponder this new group.

    So far, most of the people in this group seem nice enough. I have lately been extremely wary, but I've lately became more trusting of them. However, this Buck person, though I can't say I know him, seems somewhat... 'creepy'. Well, I ought to just observe and not attract much attention to myself. Hopefully I'll just be able to wait out all of these tensions I've seen, and stay as neutral in these obvious conflicts as possible.
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    posted a message on The Walking Dead [Reboot] -Accepting-
    (( Did you stop for me or not? I haven't gotten a response to waving you down other than MidKnightDark noticing me. ))
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    posted a message on Emerald Tools
    This is in the wrong section, it should be in suggestions. However, this particular suggestion has been suggested before, so it would be against the rules anyhow. Please read the rules, especially before creating a new thread.
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    posted a message on Best PVP equip/plan?
    Before the battle begins, use the following potions on yourself:
    • Regeneration 2:00 Potion.
    • Swiftness 8:00 Potion.
    • Fire Resistance 8:00 Potion.
    • Night Vision 8:00 Potion.
    • Strength 8:00 Potion.
    • Invisibility 8:00 Potion (optional, since it doesn't cover armor or held items ).
    The following is a list of items that you should have equipped or in your inventory at the start of the battle itself:

    The Hotbar, from slot 1 to 9:
    • Diamond Sword with Sharpness V, Fire Aspect II, and Knockback II.
    • Bow with Power V, Punch II, and Flame I.
    • Stack of Enchanted Golden Apples.
    • Stack of Ender Pearls.
    • Splash Potion of Weakness.
    • Splash Potion of Slowness.
    • Splash Potion of Poison.
    • Bucket of Lava.
    • ( Whatever you prefer in this slot: Water Bucket, stack of TNT, etc. )
    Armor Equipped:
    • Diamond Helm with Unbreaking III, Protection IV, and ( Respiration III or Thorns III, depending on preference ).
    • Diamond Chestplate with Unbreaking III, Protection IV, and Thorns III.
    • Diamond Leggings with Unbreaking III, Protection IV, and Thorns III.
    • Diamond Boots with Unbreaking III, Protection IV, and ( Feather Falling IV or Thorns III, depending on preference ).
    Other (Non-Hotbar) Inventory Items:
    • 2 Splash Potions of Poison.
    • 7 Splash Potions of Harming.
    • 2 Stacks of Ender Pearls.
    • 3 Stacks of Arrows.
    The rest of your non-hotbar inventory items are optional and vary from person to person. Many more potions are recommended. You can include shorter-timed, but more effective, variations of the previously used positive potions for yourself. Also, more harmful splash potions, especially Slowness and Weakness ones, should be included as an extended battle would leave you vulnerable if you only used the ones in the Hotbar against your opponent.

    Tell me if I missed anything important! :)
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    posted a message on Screenshots on a Mac
    On my Mac, screenshots automatically are saved to the desktop. However, this very well could be different for you. To get to the Minecraft folder, go to finder, press alt, click library, then application support, then minecraft.

    Also, just to let you know, this type of thread would be better suited for one of the support sections.
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    posted a message on The Walking Dead [Reboot] -Accepting-
    Outskirts of Chicago

    I find the bicycle right where I had left it, in the thicket beside the road intersection. I take a moment to get the plants off it, then hop on. I steer it towards the road. However, just as I am about to begin peddling away, I notice the sound of a truck in the distance. My head instantly snaps towards the noise. I can just make out a truck in the distance... Or is that two trucks? I can't see clearly from here, but I decide that a group this large might, just might, be willing to take another person. Going solo is too dangerous for me to do forever, so I take the risky move of waving them down.

    (( By the way, exactly how many months after the start of the apocalypse is it? ))
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    posted a message on Random lagging?
    Lag spikes used to happen to me sometimes. There isn't much that you can do about it from what I've seen, although I'd recommend installing Optifine, since it improves FPS.
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    posted a message on The Walking Dead [Reboot] -Accepting-

    It has been... a while. I haven't really kept track of the time, of the days that have passed since it all started. Maybe I should have. I don't know, it doesn't really matter. It's not like it would change anything. Anyhow, I have been raiding the city for the first time. My food was running out, and I needed to resupply quickly. So far I've gotten useful enough supplies, but this place isn't exactly where I'd want to stay for a long time. Once I browse the rest of the buildings on this block, I think I'll leave. Don't want a pack or something to come through while I'm still here.

    I pause, lifting the pencil off the paper for a moment. This old school had a lot of paper and pencils, so I thought I might as well write down what I'm thinking; a sort of journal. It isn't necessary at all, but hey, it is probably a good idea to organize my thoughts. I've watched enough documentaries to know that isolation can drive people insane. I consider writing more, but decide to just shove a few papers and a pencil into one of my jeans' pockets. There will be enough time for writing when I'm in my comfy old forest again.

    I pop open a can of beans, and pile them into my mouth. Might as well have a snack before hitting the road, and I'm hungry anyways. My pack, now full with all sorts of canned food I've scavenged in the past while, will last me at least a week or two, or so I've estimated. I was lucky that I found so much in these buildings alone, else I would have been searching the buildings for another day even. I don't want to take any chances against walkers, and the less time here the better. Finishing off the can, I pack my meager belongings and prepare to head out.
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    As to your question, you highlight the word, then push the 'link' button in the 'Reply to this Topic' options. Enter the link, and the word that you highlighted should appear as linked when you make the post.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Card game design
    For the purpose of this thread, I like Number 2 better. However, you posted this in the incorrect section. This would be better suited to be in the Images subforum. Please read the rules before posting to be sure that you are posting in the correct section.
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    posted a message on hellllp!
    Here is an article from the Minecraft wiki about navigation. I think it might be quite useful for you in this case. :)

    I always write down the coordinates of different places in my world, so that I can more easily remember where they are located.
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