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    posted a message on MCPE (BT) I need some family friendly servers for my 9yr old daughter

    You Can Try LSBG 54 I think it's a bit boring but It's kid friendly in my opinion

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    posted a message on I Adopted 2 Baby Boys in Minecraft HELP!

    So I decided on adopting Baby Dapper (1) and Baby Emil (2) but they will constantly argue and Emil will start that I don't love him and he will start killing Baby Dapper and Baby Dapper will be chased around I have made 2 baby nurserys but nothing helps when Baby Dapper wanted a crib in my room with my bf Emil started killing him I have had Emil longer and he had never acted like this Baby Dapper will hide in the corner for long times and Emil will destroy his crib and hit Baby Dapper what should i do? plz help

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