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    posted a message on Let other players configure the realm?

    Is it possible?

    My friend bought a realm and he is not usually playing so we have to stick with the last map we were playing before he would go.

    That's kinda annoying but we tried to see if he could give us some permission to let us configure the map, load backups etc... But it doesn't seem possible.

    I hope it's.

    Of course, he won't give me his account!

    Thank you.

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    posted a message on Died and lost everything.

    About 2 days worth of work.

    Oh come on I've lost an entire solo faction base of months of work. But still surprised it lasted that long xD
    Also one day (in SSP) a creeper got into my base and blew up a lot of chests, I was afk and the items ended up despawning.
    I didn't whine, I just had to embrace myself again to get all my stuff back.

    It's very noticeable that you're a pretty newbie player (it's not bad, we all were like that) that we lose our heads when we lose items, then with time and experience we realize that things that used to take us 2 days to gather we can get in some hours or even minutes (and yes, I'm talking about the stuff you lost)
    But to be able to do that, you will need to keep playing!
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    posted a message on How can I get more people to play on my server?

    invite (or pay) some big youtuber to do a gameplay.

    But you will waste your money if it's just another server in the bunch, it has to be different and fun.

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    posted a message on (Finally) Updating my Survival World to 1.12 After a Very Long Preparation

    Wow dude, you are rocking!

    I remember that the best thing i made in one of mt first survival worlds back in beta 1.8 was a piston trapdoor at the entrance of my house c:

    Now i have anoteher world from 1.8 (release) where i buit the iron towers.

    I'm pretty sure that you will be able to build the new iron phoenix, and i hope the new updates don't break much in your map, 300+ hours is a lot of time.

    Maybe you will reach the level of some player of SciCraft or Zipkrowd or ElRichMC, that (crazy) spanish youtuber who built the iron trench in survival and is still playing in 1.7.10 so he can manage to keep the farm loaded so it doesn't break when he updates.

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    posted a message on No Free copy (Error!)

    I Bought Minecraft back in July 2012 and later I migrated the Mojang account to my Google account.

    I've finally got windows 10 now, just today. Of course, the computer is tied to my Microsoft account.

    How can I get that free copy?

    The error says:

    Error! It looks like we've temporarily run out of gift codes for Minecraft for Windows 10. Don't worry though, more codes should be on their way. Please check back later!

    Apparently, I have just to wait, but I don't think that it makes sense.

    Can someone explain me this?

    Is this error due to the different accounts?

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: now I tried going to my account-redeem code and it got me into a Microsoft web page where I have to put some code that I don't know.

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    posted a message on I am constantly crashing when I boot up a world or seconds after I boot up a world

    Try uninstalling Java and installing the new version.

    Make sure it's the 64 bit version if your computer supports it (very likely).

    Also try updating your graphics card drivers.

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    posted a message on My minecraft will not go past the Mojang screen in 1.12.2

    Sometimes the best solution is the easiest.

    Go to the versions folder in .minecraft and delete the 1.12.2 folder, don't worry, everything will be safe, it's just like upgrading to a new version but in this case it's reinstalling it.

    Maybe you touched something in the launcher about ram usage.

    Also try updating Java JRE. make sure it's the 64 bit version if your processor is 64 bit (most likely), and delete the old version.

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    posted a message on [1.12.2] [Parkour Map] I've always wanted to be an astronaut!

    I have to say that it's really good!

    I Love parkour and it's been a while since i haven't seen a map like this one.

    Really cool back story: "The player wants to be an astronaut".

    The only frustrating thing are the slimeblock jumps, they sometimes hurt you and sometimes you don't even bounce.

    But still, it's really cool!

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    posted a message on Hammer and Sickle Banner Symbol

    We don't need that, it's already possible! (at least it's possible to get the idea, right?)

    Or try this in a command block

    /give @p minecraft:banner 1 0 {BlockEntityTag:{Base:1,Patterns:[{Pattern:cr,Color:11},{Pattern:hh,Color:1},{Pattern:mc,Color:1},{Pattern:lud,Color:1},{Pattern:flo,Color:1},{Pattern:dls,Color:11},{Pattern:tl,Color:1},{Pattern:tr,Color:1},{Pattern:ld,Color:1},{Pattern:moj,Color:11},{Pattern:cbo,Color:1}]}}

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    posted a message on Mouse Sensitivity Broken?

    are you using other mods besides optifine?

    Does it only happen when you record?

    If so, What recording software do you use?

    Maybe you changed an optifine option that does this. Close the game and go to the minecraft folder and delete optionsof (this will reset your optifine configurations).

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    posted a message on Quick Witch farm question

    It shouldn't matter.

    The structure spawns together with its corresponding bounding box, always in place.

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    posted a message on Creative Mods



    That mod allows you to visualize a schematic file (it saves a structure, as big as you want) in the world as you play it so you can build over the "projection".

    It helps to learn how to build while giving ideas on how to build; ultimately creating your own building style.

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    posted a message on Any solutions to this problem?

    I think the crash is related to MFR or twilight forest.

    It might be caused because the version of those mods are not compatible with the forge mod loader version.

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    posted a message on Break Leaves Or Let Them Be?

    It's the same. Breaking the leaves or letting them decay alone have the exact same chances of dropping saplings or apples.


    A tool with fortune will increase the chances for getting dropss, but I don't see that worth it. It's better to plant a very big forest of trees and then harvest all the wood and run around collecting the items.

    Finally, there are ways to make automatic, afk farms that produce wood as well as saplings and apples. You can make it automatic with a wither cage, kinda hard and hazardous; or you can just arrange the wood blocks in a giant cube for easy harvest.

    And it's actually fairly easy and cheap to start with a basic one.

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    posted a message on Swamp Slime Farm Help

    As it was said, golems might make good farmers.

    The other better way would be to go hunting with a looting 3 sword during full moons or nights where the moon can be seen the most (the less moon there is, the worse the spawning rate will be, the worst being at new moon with absolutely no spawns)

    But the absolute best way is to make a slimechunk farm. It's the only way you can make a "farm". The other ways are more manual, you'd have to look for the slimeballs dropped by the golems and just killing yhe slimes yourself is not automatic.

    Therefore, if you want a way to make an automatic farm, there might be an alternative to the slimechunk based one (tha I highly recmmend)

    Make a big platform (roughly 32x32) like 20 blocks above the ground in a swamp biome and then light up the terrain under the platform as well as part of the surrounding terrain. Place some fences in the borders and some iron golems inside the perimeter. Finally make a 120 block high pillar and wait there AFK. But remember that you will have to go down every 3 minutes as dropped items despawn in 5 minutes.

    You could also make a better way to farm them in that same farm: Just as how the chunk based farms work, placing a "bait" to atract them to a cactus surrounded by hoppers (the same iron golems are good bait) would be the choice.

    But still, the best way is to just spend some time looking for slimechunks. If you are in a survival mp server, times where there are little players is recommended. And if you are in SSP, Amidst, a 3rd party program to see structures and slimechunks would be comfortable (unless you feel things about cheats)

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