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    posted a message on What Happened To Minecraft?

    Yeah, I really don't like pluggins; I'm considering starting up an MCPE server that doesn't use any. It should only cost about $20 per year using Leet, but I'll only have ten server slots. Still, way better than trying to deal with a junky logon script in the chat or walking for three hours just to find an area I can build in.

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    posted a message on Star wars biomes

    The idea of an entire biome is so irredeemably overpowered that no number of Star Wars references or maximally-enchanted weaponry can make up for it. All of the other biomes are basically already in the game (except without the ripoff structures and overpowered whatnot).

    No support. In fact, just for the brick of text, negative one support.

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    posted a message on Ideas for Minecraft mob A.I.

    I really like ideas #1 and 2, but #3 doesn't appear to have any way of enhancing the game. Zombies already spawn in clumps, and honestly, I think fighting zombies in the loose little groups in which they naturally spawn is more fun than facing a tight ameoba-ball of bumbling revanants. Also, you should probably know that villagers don't have some special way of knowing what is a house and what isn't. Villagers are only set up to find their own houses, the ones in which they originally spawned when the land was first generated. I'm not sure if you knew this beforehand or not, but I'm guessing you didn't based on the way you spoke about villager AI.

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    posted a message on Project Dragonrock [New Post-Endgame Blocks and Items!] [Screenshots!]

    Also, am I the only one who has a problem with the player being forced to mine one block for an entire minute? Does that not sound incredibly tedious to anyone else?

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    posted a message on A new use for Prismarine: Guardian's Gaze. A new ranged weapon.
    Quote from Shourin»

    Almost every other game on this planet has guns in them. If you really want to play with a gun play those games or use flans mod.

    This specific "criticism" is condemned as 'lame' in FTC.

    The arguments against this suggestion are generally contingent upon the idea that the weapon is a gun. There's no real evidence supporting this claim; nobody knows how the item would be shaped, and it appears that the Guardian's Gaze will shoot lasers instead of projectiles.

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    posted a message on A new use for Prismarine: Guardian's Gaze. A new ranged weapon.
    Quote from Jukakun»

    I'd rather call it Prismarine Overcharger

    Honestly, I think it would be good to drop the 'Prismarine' and simply call the weapon "Overcharger." People will figure out that the Overcharger is related to Prismarine by building it, shooting it, or getting shot at by it. The simpler name is shorter to say, cooler (in my sight), and easier to remember. A name doesn't have to describe the item it's assigned to, at least not in depth; a name is just a series of letters/sounds with which to associate an object.

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    posted a message on Blaze rod as Light source
    Saying that because blazes give off no light, neither should the rods is a poor argument. There is no clear reason that blazes give off no light and as far as anyone can tell they probably should.

    I like the idea of using blaze rods as torches, and I also really want to see items with a light level higher than 15. It shouldn't be difficult to program into the game, and I think it should have been done long ago. Simple: an object with a light level above 15 lights blocks accordingly, but a block above light level 15 merely displays as if it were just at 15. This allows for more expensive light sources to spread light further, allowing you to illuminate your home adequately without lightsource pollution, even if you wouldn't spend so much just to light up caves.

    If light sources could go above 15, I'd opt for the blaze rod to go to a humble 18, making it a significant upgrade for the torch and better able to shed light all the way across a ravine or wide cave segment. Then I'd suggest redstone lamps have a light level of 25, making them ideal for home lighting but due to their complexity in setting up, perhaps not the best thing for caves. I might bring a few with me anyway, however, so I could place one in the center of a cavern to light it up. It's not so hard to just place multiple torches around the outside, though.


    Dynamic Lighting

    Or as I like to call it: LagLight. This is why your suggestion of carry-around torches and lanterns usually get tackled and cuffed. Constant light updates will kill performance. Imagine an entire server with 100 players walking around with that stuff.

    And no, don't try to defend yourself with "Well Mojang could just make it not lag!" because that's absolutely retarded. That's like saying, "We can just make it so we'll rob the bank and kill everyone but not catch attention!" Reality, come back to it

    I don't mean to irritate you with the Guide's harsh speech, but it is a bit of a good point made by a reliable source. I altered both quotes only by underlining things and reformatting the second quote.

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    posted a message on A new use for Prismarine: Guardian's Gaze. A new ranged weapon.

    I support. It looks like a great idea and a much needed change to Minecraft combat.

    PS: Your profile 'signature' brought me here.

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    posted a message on Project Dragonrock [New Post-Endgame Blocks and Items!] [Screenshots!]
    Quote from coolcat430»

    If there are servers where players hack stuff in to kill people, the admins must be really bad at their job.

    As for the idea, this seems OP, and the items obtained are very limited and exclusive, why even have this? No Support

    You're not wrong. I oftentimes play on backwater Anarchy servers, so this is probably why I encounter the issue to which I earlier referred. In any case, my point was that it makes a problem (albeit an uncommon one for most players) considerably worse.
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    posted a message on Finite World with Seasons
    Quote from chrispang»

    To be frank, if you think the guide or the comments are rude, WELCOME TO THE INTERNET. You have no idea... From what I see, its actually quite civilised here... :)

    Honestly, I've been all around the Internet, engaging in political and religious debates (none of which I regret), and I can honestly say that I've received the most intolerable lectures from users on this website. Of course, I received them by doing stupid things, but I think there's a more effective way to deal with ignorance than incessant disparagement.
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    posted a message on Finite World with Seasons
    Quote from Deji2002»

    1024x1024 blocks, I think

    The fact that you used the words "I think" leads me to believe that you just pulled that off of the top of your head, which is just... wow.
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    posted a message on Project Dragonrock [New Post-Endgame Blocks and Items!] [Screenshots!]

    In a very long-term survival mode game, these items would be obtained, used up/lost, and then the world would revert back to a state akin to that in which the update never existed in the first place. So overall, this feature wouldn't have a huge effect on in-game worlds. It would be fun for a little while after the bosses were chopped up, but then, the player is forced back into a state of decreased power, which sucks. Anyway, have you ever gone onto a dumb little server wherein some players just ran around with hacked-in full diamond gear killing mobs and/or players? Yeah, if this feature were added, they'd probably be running around with full dragon gear that, of course, that they hacked in. Could you imagine how annoying that would be? Nothing about this idea really appeals to me; I don't think there should ever be a resource in Minecraft that's consumable, finite, and rare.

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    posted a message on The Giant Squid
    Quote from BookWyrm17»

    Thats actually a lot of what I was looking for :D pointing out different ways to look at this, and issues that people could have.
    I do need to refine the tentacle idea a lot, don't I?
    I really don't have time to edit tonight, but I will tomorrow. Thanks for the criticism!

    Yeah, to be clear, I don't hate the central idea by any means; I just think there are a lot of specific issues with this proposed mob.
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    posted a message on The Giant Squid
    Quote from BookWyrm17»

    So, I haven't actually had nearly enough underwater experience, but I do think that the oceans could use some more variety. Agreed. I'm fairly sure most people do. And while we have the Ocean monument, its not exactly the most fulfilling experience to fight your way past all these giant pufferfish with laser eyes... and get a bunch of gold blocks.
    And I feel like there is so much more we could get out of that endless expanse of ocean.
    So, introducing the Giant Squid!

    The Giant Squid looks quite a bit like a normal squid, with a couple key differences

    -The Giant Squid has a red tint to its whole body
    -The Giant Squid has much longer tentacles.
    -The Giant Squid has one enormous eyeball, sorta like the Guardians, that follows you around.

    Really, not two? Your choice.
    -The Giant Squid is Giant. 15 Blocks long and 5 Blocks wide, with tentacles reaching another 20 blocks. The tentacles are prehensile, unlike the stick like limbs of its smaller compatriot.

    That's quite the colossus; good word, by the way, "compatriot."

    The Giant Squid only lives on the bottom of the ocean, in the deepest of trenches.
    On the bottom of the ocean, there can be found an enormous tunnel dug into the sandy bottom. It is at least 30 blocks wide around, and can travel for more than 300 blocks, twisting and turning. It has no branches, save for caves it may have intercepted, and there are spires of rock jutting out from the top and the bottom of the underwater cave. It has patches of cobblestone, and chunks of mossy cobble all over.
    Following this tunnel will lead you to an even bigger cave (50 blocks across). The top of this cave has a small pocket of air, with a small shelf around the edge. This underwater lake is where you can find the Giant Squid. I take it anyone who got here already can breathe underwater, but I'm cool with it. To be clear, is this tunnel under the ocean or simply on the sea floor?
    Be very careful though, as the Squid can wander from its cave occasionally, though it will never stray too far.

    An exact value would be appreciated.

    The Giant Squid is comparatively weak, having a mere 50 health. That's enormous. But it makes up for this with a superb defense and a large attack.
    Health: 50, or 25 hearts.
    Armor: will take a maximum of 1 heart from ANY attack, except ones that hit its Eye. This is its weak spot, and it will take normal damage there. Okay, depending on the manner in which the Giant Squid attacks, hitting the eye is going to be nearly impossible. One would normally think of a Giant Squid as attacking with its beak facing the player. If that's what it does, and all it does, then there's no good way to hit the eye, especially underwater. Do you ever see the back of a zombie that's attacking you? Me neither. In order for this to work, the squid must circle the player for a while so the player can shoot the eye with arrows. But if the player doesn't have a bow, is he/she forced to smack it 50-100 times as it attacks?
    Attack: When you are below water, the giant Squid will flail at you with its tentacles. A hit will do 6 damage, or three hearts, and a large amount of knockback. Does this mean that the Giant Squid simply can't be fought with melee weapons? I mean, I couldn't see somebody getting past a metaphorical wall of tentacles that deal "a large amount of knockback," especially considering the very poor movement speed of a submerged player. Do I have to try and swing at the (probably fast and thin) tentacles with a sword and hit 25 TIMES without getting smacked four times in order to win without a bow?
    If you are IN the water, but not underwater, just floating on top, the Squid will attempt to drag you underwater. A connecting attack will do 1 heart, and lots of knockback downward. Incredibly powerful attack that deals damage, causes drowning, and likely brings you closer to the other tentacles, which can kill you quickly all as a punishment for trying to take a breath? That's pretty harsh.
    If you are out of the water, the Squid will attempt to knock you back in the water. Any tentacles that hit you will deal 2 hearts and a large amount of knockback in a random direction. Again, incredibly powerful. Disengaging such a creature would be hard enough without the possibility of being pulled back in after getting out of the water.

    When finally killed, the Giant Squid has a few useful drops.
    4-7 Ink Sacs
    5-10 Raw Fish
    25% chance of a Giant Eyeball

    Not nearly worth the effort

    A Giant Eyeball can be used as a decoration (just click and place, and poof! A giant eyeball is the perfect centerpiece.) It emits a weak light, with a light level of 10 (7 is the base, right?).

    The Giant eyeball would have one of these effects (or multiple. I can't decide which one is best, thats why I made the poll!)

    -Brewing it into a potion of Night Vision will make a potion of True Seeing. A PoTS causes all mobs and players to have the Glowing effect, and any potion particles are multiplied to be more visible. (but only for you. Its client side) You retain the Night Vision. More details... I can't see anybody wanting to kill the monster you describe even for three hours of night vision.

    -Placing a torch under the eyeball will cause it to emit a "spotlight" effect, a bright beam of light (light level 15) that travels for 30 blocks before slowly fading.

    Not bad.
    -Making it a redstone torch will cause the Eye to follow mobs or players, at the cost of only traveling 15 blocks.
    -The light has the same effect as sunlight, burning undead, and making spiders neutral. I like it.

    -When a mob or player walks into the view of the Eye, it gives off a weak redstone signal Good. That's useful.

    The Giant Squid can respawn multiple times in the Squid Cave, but there is only a 3% chance that two will spawn at the same time. The horror!
    The Giant Squid requires a light level of less then 7 to spawn.

    The Giant Squid will attempt to sink any boats it can get its tentacles on.
    The Giant Squid can wander from its Squid Cave, but it will always stay close by, and will return to the main cave occasionally, to keep up pretenses.
    These two "quirks" will do a great job at screwing over unsuspecting players.
    Thank you for reading! If you see any flaws, or have any ideas, please tell me! I'll talk about it if I think you are wrong, but I will always take your opinion into account.

    Responses in italics, because I'm too much of a hipster to write my responses in bold.
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    posted a message on Redstone holding on
    Quote from Mickelangello»

    That's why we got redstone block. You can move it with pistons thus create almost anything. Maybe it could work with redstone dust on slime block since the slime block is sticky and moves (most of the) blocks that are placed on it. But i don't think it's necessary.

    Yeah, I don't think this feature would come in handy much at all, but it has the potential to, given the physical difference between redstone wires and redstone blocks. In any case, it would be at least a small improvement.
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