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Hi. Well, since this is an 'about me' page, I guess I'll let you know a little about myself.
I go by the name Doogle (or DoogleSmile if the first is already taken) while on the Internet, named after my first Hamster who died just after I got my first PC with an Internet connection back in 1996.

I enjoy going out with my friends mountain biking, doing downhill and cross country courses. My favourites being up in the mountains around Morzine in France and out back of Finale Ligure in Italy.

When I'm not out on my bike I'm usually either round at my brother's house, playing with my nephews and nieces (two of each) or if not there I'll be with one of my friends doing something random, or just sat with my PC.

I've temporarily (I hope) stopped training in Aikido, due to the cost and not going as often as I should do. But I've taken up Kickboxing so I'm still getting exercise and learning how to attack as well as defend myself now.

Oh yeah, I'm currently working as a trainee web and MIS developer for my college, learning MVC, C# and the associated things that go with them.

It's a massive change to what I've ever done before, but I'm enjoying it so far.

Location Sherwood Forest

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