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    posted a message on Burning Bridges Survival Server - ★ SMP ★ Whitelisted ★ Survival ★ McMMO ★

    IGN: JayAmazing

    Age: 36

    Activity level: Evenings and weekends

    Favorite things: I'm gonna say... building. Building big things, when I can get the tools. Building and chatting, sometimes just shooting the breeze. Mining. You know, #justminecraftthings.

    Skype: No idea, barely use it, we'll see if that turns out to be a thing...

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    posted a message on Midlife Minecraft - Mature Community Looking For Players - New World Event This Saturday!!! [17+]

    In-game Name: JayAmazing

    Age: 36

    What you like to do most in SMP: Build, sometimes shoot the breeze and chill while building, help out newbies, build farms and stockpile resource for community projects, sometimes you just gotta do some mindless digging though.

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    posted a message on [1.8] ☆☆ Pure Adventure ☆☆ {Mature} {Vanilla Survival}
    What is your Minecraft IGN? DrgdHmstr
    How old are you? 35
    What is your timezone? PST
    Are you able and willing to use voicechat? Mumble, TeamSpeak, Vent, no problem. Not Skype.
    Why do you want to join the server? 1.8, not overcrowded, not overburdened by a top-heavy admin clique of self-righteous children in teens and 20s bodies.
    Do you agree and promise to comply with the server rules? Yes.
    (Optional) Post a picture of a build that you're proud of: I used to have links to these on imgur, but my (crappy Seagate) hard drive head crashed two weeks ago and nothing was recoverable. Guess who has a CrashPlan account now! :(

    P.S. We don't have all these fancy huge build spawn, it's all simplistic and pure survival.. If you want you can build all these fancy buildings etc - Sounds like fun!
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    posted a message on ☼Freedom Society☼, Great Vanilla Server, Established Spawn untouched lands 16+ to join.
    IGN: DrgdHmstr
    Age: 35
    Time Zone: PST
    How often do you play: 5-20hr/wk
    Have you been banned: Some 15 year old admin on a then-popular server decided a 24-hour ban was an acceptable response to calling him out on abuse. This was scrubbed from mcbans years ago. You won't find any trace of it. This was during alpha.
    Your style of building if any: Stone brick, stone and slab everywhere. Towers and domes. Way too large. Align to chunk boundaries. Excavate to bedrock.
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    posted a message on Omniscience - See invisible mobs and players
    This seems like it could be handy for larger SMP servers where the staff like to creep around invisibly and watch people... giving it a shot.
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    posted a message on Basalt, not 'Andesite'!
    Quote from ThesaurusRex84

    Hey guys. So I love that new stone! Raw granite looks a bit crumbly but otherwise it and the diorite aren't too shabby! The third one though, 'andesite', pretty much looks like the game's normal limestone (Stone) and limestone could easily be used in building patterns requiring andesite. It doesn't stick out, and the name's kinda vague. Who's ever heard of Andesite before Minecraft?

    Dwarf Fortress players, and this is very much the point.

    These stone names were lifted directly out of the more common stone types in Dwarf Fortress, which was Notch's stated inspiration for Minecraft from the very beginning -- and (inb4 Notch is no longer developer) the current dev team knows it.

    That is all.
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    posted a message on The Imperium Society 18+
    IGN: DrgdHmstr

    EDIT: (Stupid enter key)

    Age: 34

    Bans on record: None that I can find. If you can, I'd like to know how.

    Additional info: Played since alpha, like a mature community, only build in survival. A little OCD. I don't know why I make it so hard for myself :P
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] 100% New Vanilla Server [18+] [Whitelist] [Lag-Free] [Friendly]
    In-Game Name: DrgdHmstr

    Age: 34

    Country: USA

    What is your past Minecraft/server experience?
    Well I've played SMP since Alpha. I've played on big servers and small servers. I've played on good server and bad servers. I've built large projects in groups and on my own. I've gained notoriety for sharp structures and infamy for a sharp tongue. I've come to appreciate the sheer amount of work it takes to run and staff a good server, from both the technical and social ends. I've also seen the player demographic shift from the tech head early adopters and creatively minded discoverers to the mainstream adolescent market, and for better or for worse I'm always trying to relive the glory days.

    Have you ever been banned from a Minecraft server? (Will check)
    I don't think it remains recorded in the past annals of McBans (I could easily say no, or just as easily buy a new account, but that's not me), but in the interest of full disclosure I was 24-hour temp banned some 2 years ago from what was at the time one of the leading servers in population for calling out some petulant and power-tripping 15 year old that some genius made a mod. It is what it is.

    How active do you intend to be?
    I usually have an hour or two after work on weekdays, a few hours on weekends. I have a family of my own, and putting in long hours at work, but I do try to get in some fairly regular time to just avoid going crazy.

    Why do you want to become whitelisted on our server?
    Very few servers take the risk of limiting their potential player base by advertising a mature age limit. Very, very few of them actually ultimately hold themselves to that standard. These are my ideals - strictly enforced mature (or at least aged; people I can relate to even if we do have to cut loose sometimes) player base, vanilla or as near as reasonably vanilla (protection mods are completely understandable) to lend the legitimacy of builds in survival, admins who aren't themselves fresh out of middle school or lose interest after a month. Given the rarity of servers who even come close, let alone specifically target these same ideals, it would be an inexcusable waste of an opportunity for me not to apply here.

    What do you feel you can contribute to our server?
    Cobblestone*. Lots of cobblestone. With a slightly sarcastic flavor to it. Also: experience, a helping hand, dry humor, sharp wit, general literacy, occasional opinionated banter, and an obnoxious volume of pop culture references from when we were growing up. I do have a warming-up period, though. Typically I'm quiet and reserved until I get to know people.

    Do you play any other games besides Minecraft? What platforms do you play on? (Mac or PC)
    I've been a PC gamer for 21 years. Longer if you count my Commodore 64, and VIC-20 before that. :)
    Yes, I'm one of those people. The games I have or have played is a list longer than can be recalled. As far as what I play now? Mostly just Minecraft. See below.

    How many hours a day do you spend gaming?
    Less than I used to. A couple of hours a night, more on weekends. Unless I'm temporarily distracted by something shiny, typically my gaming hours are spent in Minecraft (or falling asleep at the keyboard with Minecraft still running.) See above re: activity level.

    Do you have Teamspeak/Mumble/Skype? If not, are you willing to download one or the other?
    I may have any or all of those installed at any given point in time. Except Skype. I don't like Skype.

    Do you have any videos of you playing Minecraft or of your creations? (Include YouTube/file links)
    No, but here are some photos! -- That's a perfect dome dug out from bedrock through the sea floor to about 20 blocks above sea level, topped in glass. About 120 block radius at the base. In survival. Took about 6 months. With help.

    Actually, you can see a glimpse of that here:
    ...right about the 38 second mark. The rest of the video shows where I've come from, that server in it's glory days and Minecraft still in its innocence.

    Also, you can't see it without logging onto the same server and going to the Historic world, but sometime back I erected a 65 block high Apogee software logo, with a 1:1 pixel reproduction of Commander Keen and a pair of Yorps. Ah, nostalgia. (None of the kids appreciated it, of course.)

    EDIT: Holy crap, I found it! It appears here briefly at the 41 second mark:

    Tell us a bit about yourself:
    First and foremost: wife, two young girls, full time job.

    Proud alumnus of the Old School. I grew up on Commodores to customized 386/486s; GEOS to Windows 3.11; MS-DOS from memory tweaking and direct hardware coding in Turbo Pascal/C/inline asm to QBASIC; SID chiptunes to Future Crew demos. Bulliten boards to IRC. HyperCard to HTML. Shareware, SoundBlasters, dialup... Beach Head to Commander Keen to TIE Fighter to... Minecraft. My desktop wallpaper is a Star Destroyer and I have an IBM Model M keyboard in the closet. Starting to get the picture? :)

    I've spun up a few smaller servers of my own off and on, mostly for friends and family, testing and prototyping. I've always buddied up with the technical staff on any large server, I'm always curious to know how folks have their servers set up, and always keeping an eye open on how to overcome technical limitations and create a better Minecraft experience from the server end. Back in my code-writing days I even studied up on the communication protocols and chunk formats in a vain attempt to fashion a scalable and multiprocessor capable backend in erlang. That... didn't ultimately happen, but I was always learning.

    Last but not least, I'd like to thank you for the opportunity to submit my resume application, and hope to... wait, what?

    * Crap. I just read that someone else already used that line.
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    posted a message on KingCraft PvE's Mature Vanilla Survival Server (1.7.2 - 24-7 Whitelisted)
    IGN: DrgdHmstr (short for Deranged "2Cool4School" Hamster), old IRC nick

    Age: 34

    Why do you want to join our server: Mature + Vanilla + not empty

    What do you look forward to the most in our server: See above.

    Do you have Skype or TeamSpeak 3: Yes, and the second I hear a squeaker I'm done.

    Tell us about yourself: Played since alpha, wife sometimes plays, I like making legit vanilla builds without kiddies griefing and mouthing off everywhere.
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 [16+] Vanilla Whitelisted Survival Server.
    IGN: DrgdHmstr
    AGE: 34
    Location: Tacoma, WA, USA (253 represent!)
    Anything Else you want to mention: Played since Alpha. Spent a lot of time on some really big projects on older servers. Love vanilla, love the challenge of building big things legitimately. I will not fix your computer.
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    posted a message on lock this post please!
    ============================== Josh's Application ============================

    IGN: DrgdHmstr

    Age: 34 (Stop reminding me)

    Maturity-level(1-10): Psh, maybe a 7? Don't get me wrong -- ten, five or even two years ago I might have optimistically shot for the moon with that number too, but these days I harbor no delusions. I mean, sure, 98% of the time I'm just quiet and occupied with whatever project I happen to be involved in at the time, but look: exposure to the Internet since before it was commercially available to the public kind of warps your mind. This has a tendency to manifest itself by way of brief but raucous trollfests which nobody else but me may find particularly hilarious. Not to mention the occasional off-color joke. Caps? EVERYWHERE. I'll go for any stretch of time as a mild-mannered, literate and coherent IT service manager/sysadmin -- and in the blink of an eye, bam, unload a thoroughly practiced, highly refined and occasionally subtle outburst.

    I will be occasionally snarky. I do have a lot of experience in most things I care to chime in about. That can manifest itself as being also highly opinionated, so take that as you will. If you repeatedly demonstrate that you can't English, I will call you on it. If you claimed to be 17 to get whitelisted and it's obvious to everyone that you're 12, I will use words at you that you've never even tried to pronounce yet in your short little life. I just came to grips that my time is the one thing I'm never going to get back, abandoned the pursuit of being uptight for it's own sake and sometimes I just cut loose.

    In real life, being a manager in a highly technical and detail oriented field, it's my management style: I'm actually trying to help you and everyone else around you by making it painful to be stupid. It's tough to turn that off in the handful of evening/weekend hours I get after 50+ hours per week of dealing with people who should already know better.

    So that's how it is. Could extreme incidents of this be construed as bullying? Will this get me in hot water with the zero tolerance rule? Perhaps... perhaps. In short, I don't tolerate idiots and will not coddle the undeserving, and I'll tell you one other thing -- I've never been sorry for it.

    Other than that... I've been known to get along with people.


    Country & TIMEZONE (GMT+-?): USA, PST (GMT -8)

    Do you understand we have a 0 chance policy on Bullying/Abuse/Grieving/Harassment of any kind, even in time of conflict? YES

    Do you have team-speak3 and an operating microphone? Yes, a nice wireless one too -- if you don't mind the constant sound of small children in the background. It's a small apartment.


    So, that just happened.
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    posted a message on Bukkit 1.5 Survival Server for Mature and Skilled Builders. Long Running and Stable.
    Name: Josh

    IGN: DrgdHmstr

    Time playing Minecraft: Since Alpha

    Approximate hours per week played: Anywhere from a couple to a good 10-12, usually weekends (job, kids, etc.)

    Reason you want to join: Wife and I (she has her own account) are tired of joining mature whitelisted servers, starting a megabuild and just ending up losing all of our work when the admin gets bored and shuts it down 3 months later. I can't tell you how many times this has happened. Additionally, it seems to have the optimal mix of plugins and community management. There aren't a lot of servers like that out there that don't just come and go.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1][Mature 18+][Whitelist] Vanilla Minecraft Survival Server
    IGN: DrgdHmstr
    Age: 33
    Specialty: Large builds, round things, general architecture on a medium to large scale
    Things you hate about Minecraft servers: Servers disappearing, block lag while I'm mining, admins turning out to be kids.
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