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    posted a message on 1.11 enchanting

    15 for me too. Maybe you placed them wrong.

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    posted a message on 1.12 news and updates (source: Twitter @jeb_)

    Sounds interesting

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    posted a message on Temple of Traps - Survival Map

    You think you can beat every thinkable trap in Minecraft? Then try this challenge to survive the Temple of Traps.

    What shall i do?

    Your task is to simply walk the leaded way through the temple. On this way you have to deal with deadly hided traps. The challenge is to reach the end in only one go. This will not work the first time but with every dead you will learn a little bit more how to trick out the traps. After every dead you have to reset the map, without the reset you cannot try another run.

    How to reset?

    Most of you probably know this. For those who does not:

    - make a backup of the folder "temple of Traps"

    - Press Windows + r

    - type %appdata%

    - enter and go to the folder ".minecraft/saves"

    - delete the folder "temple of traps"

    - copy the folder "temple of traps" from your backup and paste it in "saves"

    - start the game

    That is also the way you install the map the first time so I think everybody knows how to do it.


    by Denny91

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