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    Quote from Nucleep»

    Silas, not wanting to pick another fight, quickly mustered a quick explanation. "The vision I had. Annie has a child. It called me father. That's all I can tell." He refuses to say much more on the subject.

    Maras mutters something along the lines of 'That's something she needs to know', but doesn't respond to Silas.
    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Fin looked out at the ocean again before turning back to the cloaked 'man'. "Are you... The Grim Reaper?" If he was who he thought he was... Fin would have preferred to face a nest of Snakes alone over this.

    The hooded figure chuckles, though it sounds more like a deep humming noise. "No, I am not the Reaper. The Reaper only visits the dying, and you are already dead."
    The figure extends an arm and moves it across the open sky, and the scenery changes, now the duo are in the house, witnessing Chisille kill Fin.
    "I am here to... give you an offer. An offer to bring you back to life, if you agree on something that is. Are you interested in hearing my proposal, or would you rather... pass on?"
    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Ei’s attention is caught by a sharp sound. She looks to see that Annie’s encasement has ruptured. Cracks continue to form in various areas before the shell decorticates. Annie rises from within the open chamber. She appears older by only a few years, a beautiful young woman in her late teens. The soft locks of her lustrous pearl-white hair seem to glow with an unnatural aura, as does the silver rings of her iris’s, beading like gems against her otherwise powder-blue eyes. Her skin is exquisite, also aglow with a texture that seems somehow out of focus, while her lips are full, glossed with a frosty purple hue.

    She rises from her chamber and stands beside the bed, unclothed as she was prior the transformation. She takes her eyes to Ei, a spectral reverence in her gaze.

    “Ei… my love, you’ve done well in keeping me safe. Behold, I am no longer under threat.” She smiled attentively. “The Order can no longer defeat me.”

    She opens her arms, welcoming Ei’s embrace.

    Ei turns around once she hears the sound, and watches as Annie emerges, stunned by her new appearance. It takes her a few seconds to get used to Annie’s knew look, but she soon rushes over to embrace Annie.
    "The vision, was it true? The child, is it ours?"
    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    In a peculiar moment, Maras discovers himself alone in the dining room with Ezra. The event seems… ambiguous, rendering him uncertain as to whether the others with him had vanished, or if he had simply missed the moment when they exited via the door. Whichever the case, while Maras is still coming to terms with being forsaken by the others, Ezra looks up frightened from his position on the floor to propose the question:

    “Where… where have the others gone?”

    Maras looks around the room, confused.
    "I don't know, so stay close." Maras says, as he reaches out to pull Ezra up onto his feet.
    "Let's explore, hope we find some of the others." He says, as he approaches the nearest door and opens it.
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    Trixie took a step forward towards Ezra, and looked him over for a breif few seconds. "Who is Ei exactly? And how would spinning us up into a tornado 'convey gratitude' ?" she asked, slightly accusatory, but not making any hostile action.

    Quote from Nucleep»

    "Gratitude?" Silas inquired, out of the blue. "I can already surmise what sort of gratitude you are giving... Anyway, could you explain to us more about yourself, and Ei, other than whatever relationship exists between the two of you?" he then questions passively.

    "Lady Ei saved this man, that's the relationship they have." A voice speaks, coming from the doorway into the dining room. Maras walks in, apparently the person who spoke. He walks up to Lyudmila, pokes her with the back of his spear, and mutters the words 'Can't handle alcohol, huh?' before looking at Ezra, and then at the other people in the room.
    "As for answers to your questions, I'm afraid neither I nor Lyudmila can answer them all, even though we are her servants. Lady Ei's species for example is something nobody knows, and I'm not sure even Ei herself knows nowadays. She's not here right now because she's got some... intruders to deal with. Those figures that have entered this building are targetting her friend, Miss Annie. She has, however, asked us to not interfere, and that goes for you too, Revel." Maras says as he points his spear at Revel for a bit before stabbing it into the ground.
    "But, since Lyudmila here passed out due to being drunk, I do believe I'm the only one here in any position to answer any questions about her you might have. As for you," Maras says as he looks at Ezra. "Lady Ei is busy right now but she should be finished soon. I must ask you to wait for her to be finished and not try and get to her before that."
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    Quote from Nanobytes717»

    "I̛n͡sįd͡e̕ tha͟t h͏oúse..͞.͠"

    Allie notices a figure that passed by. It also started raining suddenly...
    It would be best to shelter from the rain, but it would probably help to follow this figure, maybe it will lead to somewhere with people.

    Allie immediately runs toward a house... an abandoned house. She doesn't know why she chose to look inside that house, it must be her instincts. Inside the house, she found... an umbrella! Old, worn, and patched up, but still useable. She for some reason also decided to leave her shoes and started running barefoot outside in the rain to catch up with the figure. Maybe she'll be able to pick up better shoes in the way...

    Allie runs down the street in an attempt to catch up to the figure, it's cold and wet outside, and the stones that make up the road are slippery, and the muddy bits of dirt aren't very nice to step in either. Inevitably, Allie slips and lands in a muddy puddle. Before she can get up though, she hears footsteps coming closer.
    "Need a hand?"
    Quote from People Having Dinner »

    [Dinnerstuff, also Ezra making an appearance]

    Meanwhile, Lyudmila has spent most of dinner drinking wine. She didn't have many opportunities to drink alcohol, so now that she had one she was going to make the best of it. Unfortunately for her though, she quickly becomes too drunk to hold a decent conversation. When Ezra comes in and makes a mess, Lyudmila is thrown to the floor. She tries to get up, failing several times before she manages to stand. She then tries to say something, pointing in Ezra's general direction, but instead falls over and passes out.

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    Quote from Buttons»

    Revel just lets Ei drag his human form around, thinking that it's all very entertaining.

    "Well duh, Ei, I'm aware of what's going on." He says with his face pressed against the glass. "It kind of goes hand in hand with being omnipresent. Why did you think I was offering to help?"

    Back in his seat, he turns himself back around and smiles for Lyudmila. "Told you she loves me."

    Revel then grabs the hand of the arm Ei sent out as it is retreating, and gives it a gentlemanly kiss. "The pleasure's mine, my lady. And do let me know if you actually want some help. Not that I'd want to spoil all your fun." He takes another bite of his turkey leg, then mumbles under his breath to Lyudmila;

    "How was it not obvious I was offering to help so she could take a bit of time to have dinner with us? She must be a real headache to live with." He shrugs. "Oh well, I guess if she doesn't want me to help then I won't. I can take a hint."

    As he holds up the bottle and offers Lyudmila another drop of the wine, the animal sounds not-so-coincidentally start up from somewhere else in the mansion. "Maybe one more sip of this and we will find ourselves in the mood to join the fun those two are having. I've always liked the circus."

    Lyudmila sighs, and takes another sip of the wine.
    "I don't think we'll have a lot of time to finish our dinner in peace."

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    The capillary formations within the transparent compound on Annie’s body continue to branch out and multiply, becoming an intricate vein-like network over her skin. Soon the clarity of the words on her stomach become lost in their webbing. In addition, the area of compound covering her eyes is starting to change texture to that of a brown crust-like substance, while brown strains of the capillary lines begin to grow from her nostrils and ears.

    A Colossal creature swoops down from the heavens with intent to snatch one dark figure, while Maras approaches another with sword drawn, and Ezmond launches his own attack upon yet a third. This combined attack, however, happens to coincide with the climax of the rapid succession of sharp sound given off by the dark figures –

    All at once, the ten dark figures release a charge of energy, depicting that of many currents of electricity that connects all ten figures, while simultaneously discharging across the ground and into the air like an explosion of purple lightning. This immense explosion of energy strikes everything within ten meters of each figure, be that merely an instant before the colossal beast makes contact, but also the instant directly after Ezmond made contact with his own attack.

    As a result, the creature from the heavens, Maras and Ezmond, are all blanketed in the power of this powerful charge of energy. All three of them, for an instant in time, are rendered inert. In the following instant the burst of energy has ended. The colossal creature is repulsed and sent spiraling up towards the heavens. Maras is propelled backward at an alarming rate and impacts the wall of a stone building some twenty meters away. Ezmond is also sent back, crashing through the door he had once been blocking and into the mansion, where he proceeds to tumble onward for quite some distance.

    There is then a second void of any activity, but that one second of calm is shattered when every floor within the mansion bursts into flames and hundreds of black raven materialize, flocking down the corridors and into each room in search of Annie. These ravens’ eyes are ablaze with red fire, as too are their beaks and talons, ready to attack any individual that manages to stand in their way.

    Nevertheless, while the floors of the mansion are burning wildly and the Ravens go about their hunt, the one Dark Figure that Ezmond managed to strike before receiving his own fate, also succumbs to flames. Their person is engulfed in fire for several second while they release a tortured scream like that of dog being wounded. The flames, however, do not last, soon they are doused by an intense wind that encircles the figure like a tornado, but the garments of the figure have already been turned to ash, leaving exposed the figures true form. Unwilling or possibly unable to be seen for what it truly is, the figure flees from the mansion, departing with haste to conceal themselves in the darker shadows of night.

    Upstairs, in the Attic, Ei is staring out into the distance when the figures release the charge of energy, and she grins.
    "They're here. I hope you're all ready and hungry, for it is time to feast."

    Maras quickly recovers from his impact, but takes the time to smash a hole in the wall next to him before he charges towards another of the figures and throws a trident at it. The creature too turns around, and dives straight down, it's shape constantly changing, making it near impossible to fire an accurate attack at it. And as the figure flees towards the shadows, something emerges from the shadows and lands on him, pinning him to the ground. A large creature, taller than a human, vaguely resembling a hybrid between a fish, a frog and a man, it has a long tail and webbed, flipper-like feet and sharp claws. More of these creatures emerge from the shadows surrounding the mansion, and proceed to charge towards the figures, some running only on their hind legs, while others move about on all fours, agile enough to dodge incoming attacks while they close the distance between them and the figures to get within range to rip them apart with their claws and sharp teeth.

    Inside the mansion halls, the ravens have trouble navigating, as the twisted hallways ensure the stairs are hard to find. To make matters worse, they're not alone. Out of the walls and ceiling emerge shadowy claws that reach out to grab the ravens and smash them against walls, ceilings and floors, while water pours out of the holes in the walls, soon dousing the flames and filling the corridors with enough water to reach up to one's knees. Strangely enough, the upper floors have this too, creating waterfalls down the staircases. Out of the water emerge more of the strange creatures, who chase after the ravens to try and devour them, jumping from walls to increase their momentum as they chase down any ravens they find.

    Back in the attic, Ei curiously watches the change the substance covering Annie is undergoing as several other Eis, each with green skin, finish barricading every possible entrance with far more furniture than was originally found in the attic, having somehow taken furniture from other places in the mansion. Once the entrances have been barricaded, they give Ei a thumbs up, and melt into puddles of water.
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    Quote from Buttons»

    "Pester pester, that's what pests do." Revel replies. "One can't help their own nature. But we both know she loves me." He jests. Once Lyudmila was done dishing out the potatoes he places them back on the table for her. "And why put yourself down like that, my lady? The only thing I'm desperate for is a little bit of... fun with that special person, maybe? Given, sure, I'm not the fussy type, but you can hardly call that desperate." Thinking a moment while licking away a dab of potato that got stuck to his thumb, he then says; "To be perfectly honest, thin walls are my thing, why sleep when you can listen to the doings of the couple next door? But you know..." He says, looking like a light turned on in his head; "...I really should get myself a cow bell."

    A cow bell appears on the table beside him.

    "Would you like one too?"

    "She's not a pest!" Lyudmila says, and sighs. "But yea, it's in her nature to behave like that. She's just a bit... peculiar, I'd say."
    "And I'm not sure whether or not to be surprised about you being interested in listening in on other people's business. And I'll pass on the cowbell, thank you very much." Lyudmila says, as she fills a glass with wine and starts drinking.
    Quote from 9314265068»

    After a while of the others chatting, she decided to question them. "Lillid... What are you talking about? You say they're having fun? What do you mean?" she asked Lyudmila, then turned to Revel. "What fun you talking about? Why does Betty want cookies and love angels?"

    Lyudmila spits out her drink as Chisille asks the question, which seemingly came out of the blue.
    "Well... err..." Lyudmila tries to think of a good explanation. "Ask Revel, he's more of an expert than me on the subject I'd say."
    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Ei’s behaviour makes no difference to Annie’s condition. Furthermore, while Ei circulates her finger in the air, the yellow compound enveloping Annie is gradually changing. Dark capillary lines are starting to take shape within the thin layer of the compound, branching out like fine, black roots over her arms, legs, face and torso.

    What is however most curious, is that some of these capillaries are taking a different type of form above Annie navel. They are taking on the shape of four words, and soon their formation is clear enough for Ei to read:

    As Ei sees what is happening, she starts to worry even more. Is the substance slowly killing her friend?
    Then, however, Ei notices something, above Annie's navel, text seems to be forming. Ei waits until it becomes readable.
    "Dont... let... them... come..." Ei repeats the words she reads, becoming silent after she finishes. Then, she starts giggling, her laughter echoing throughout the mansion, seemingly coming from all directions at once, as Ei's red eyes are slowly replaced by a starry void.
    "Don't worry, Annie. I'll protect you at all costs."
    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    The dark, cloaked figure makes no effort to prevent this assault. Boris simply falls to the ground as though he’d been thrown against a concrete pillar. The figure does not react, they do not take counter measures, they do not show any sign of retaliation. They remain perfectly still, unperturbed, while the rapid succession of short, sharp sounds they emit continues to intensify.

    Maras’ group has been ignored.

    Maras seems rather... annoyed by the lack of effect throwing Boris at the figure has, when something catches his attention. Maras looks up as the clouds fade away, revealing a night sky full of bright but foreign stars, stars never seen before in the night sky. Then, he spots the creature from earlier. It swoops down to ground level, and flies right over the group, targeting one of the cloaked figures, seemingly with the goal of catching the figure in it's mouth, which is big enough to swallow a man whole.
    "Well, that creature seems to be on our side. You guys go inside, I've got business to take care of out here." Maras says, pointing at the front door leading to the foyer, while drawing a sword and approaching the nearest figure.
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    Quote from ValkonX11»

    As his heaviest bolts fail to pierce the knight's armor, and he fails to find any indication of a vulnerability in the knight's armor, Jack slides his crossbow back into its place on his back, exchanging it for his shield. He prepares to defend himself once more as the Knight turns to strike with his warhammer; Boris, however, is quicker than their mutual opponent, and his strikes knock the Knight to the his knees, forcing Jack to back away to avoid being crushed.

    As the Knight switches its focus to Boris, Jack thinks of what to try next, though it doesn't take long before the quick melee between the Knight and Boris results in the latter being launched into Jack by a punch, briefly taking the both of them out. As their tumbling comes to a close, Jack ends up underneath Boris once more. After being helped up by the giant man he watches the Knight, thinking over potential strategies for a moment before turning to Boris.

    "Alright, Boris. I will do what I can to distract him while you... make a smash-smash."

    With that, he draws Magebuster, charging towards the Knight as if to attack head-on, banging the flat of the blade against his kite shield in an attempt to draw its attention.

    The distraction works, and the knight swings his warhammer in a way to hit Jack from below. As Jack rushes forward and the Hammer approaches, it seems inevitable that Jack is going to get hit, which would force the shield into his face while simultaneously forcing him into the air, which would have disastrous consequences for Jack.

    Quote from Buttons»

    While Jack begins his routine, Boris arks around fast, coming at the knight from behind with another severe sideways blow to the same knee as before, in the hope to add to any previous injury he may have caused there.

    Fortunately for Jack though, Boris acts fast. The hit to the knight's knee causes the hammer to veer off-course, narrowly missing Jack as the Knight falls onto it's side, giving Boris only moments to get out from under the falling Knight if he wanted to not be flattened.

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Keeping her close, Annie uses one hand to arch Ei backward, then bites into her own wrist. Keeping said position, she extends her arm, allowing the blood to trickle into Eie’s mouth. Her blood is dark and thick like molasses….

    “Revive….” Annie whispers, and while Ei feeds upon her life source, she can feel her vitality returning, Annie’s blood providing strength and healing to her wounded areas.

    It does not take long Before Ei’s health is restored. Annie pushed her away rather callously. When Ei stumbles and straightens her posture, she sees Annie’s skin is no longer dark and Granite-like, her eyes have returned to her regular green color, a purple aura shimmering like waves about her form.

    A warm breeze fills the Attic from no specific location. It feels like hands on Ei’s skin, caressing her face.

    “You are mine….” Annie repeats the words in a hushed breath, as then her tongue extends, a blackish-blue in hue, long and cylindrical, writhing like an eel as though straining to try and reach out to make contact with Ei, though she remains out of reach. She then sucks the tongue back in, sharp and quickly with the sound like that of a whip.

    “Come…. We will continue.”

    The still-exhausted Ei gives in, letting Annie move her the way she wants. When Annie bites her own wrist, Ei’s eyes widen in surprise, but when she moves her arm to allow the blood to trickle into Ei's mouth, Ei does her best to catch all the blood with her mouth and savors the taste, enjoying Annie's blood. The wounds she sustained from the fight gradually disappearing as Ei feels her energy return.

    When Ei is forced to stand on her own again, she almost collapses but manages to keep standing, smiling at the return of Annie's original hair and skin colour. Then the breeze comes, caressing Ei's face.

    As Annie speaks again, Ei smiles and walks over to her, stumbling on the way. Unable to resist, she wraps her arms around Annie and kisses her.
    "Thank you, Annie." she manages to say. "Let's have some more fun."

    Quote from Buttons»

    Ariel was feeling slightly better seeing as Chisille was coming around, but the reality of his situation was still clearly keeping him down, at least, until Betty showed up. When she first walked in he didn't really respond, somehow it took a few moments to react and drag himself back up from his depressed state. Only after she finished her speech did he get from his chair, still unconsciously sustaining from any sudden moves on account of the dragon, and gave Betty and Lyudmila a nod of recognition.

    "Good to see ya both again. And yeah, Betty, I really am an angel, but you're probably right, I sure haven't been acting like one since I arrived. Maybe I'm just feeling a little rebellious after the whole getting kicked out heaven thing."

    He tries his hardest to smile, and truth be told, he was feeling kind of glad to see Betty again. She was an attractive girl, well, besides the overalls, not the most attractive female attire. But she was otherwise a stunner and had a lot fire in her heart. She meant well too, despite having the appeal of a klutz, but she didn't give a damn what anyone else thought of her, or so it seemed, and Ariel respected that.

    "In any case, I'm good with that idea." He agrees, and takes a second to give Chisille a smile that suggested he was thankful for her starting to trust him, or at least considering the option. "So lets go find a room. Uh... I would prefer not to have a room to myself though - not that I'm scared or anything, maybe a little, but I think I'd be more at ease sharing with someone tonight." He can't help but look at Betty while saying that.

    Lyudmila gives Ariel a nod in return, but not much else as she is interigued by the sounds the floorboards make. When Betty suggests finding rooms to stay, Lyudmila nods.
    "Yea, that sounds like a good plan. I won't be going to sleep just yet though, I expect a friend to show up here soon, so I'll probably see you guys tomorrow."

    Lyudmila starts to head off to another place in the mansion, when she hears Ariel's suggestion, in response to which she giggles.
    "Is the ex-angel scared of the dark, or just lonely? Don't worry, I'm sure Betty will keep you company if you ask her nicely. She seems to like you at least, and by the look on your face you like her too." Lyudmila says as she pushes Betty a little closer to Ariel before turning to Chisille.
    "What say you you and I look for a kitchen, Chisille? I'm sure you wouldn't mind eating something, would you?"

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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Annie is gratified by Ei's willingness to help, yet she must decline.

    "My others are... hunting. They are doing the task only I can perform. They must finish before I rest. If only I could stay the sun... But not even that would work." She breathes deeply, regarding Renard and Ariel. "We should go. Find housing. Tonight, the open will not be pleasant."

    Ei nods.
    "Yeah, that might be a good idea. I think I know a good place to spend the night." Ei says as she starts walking down the street, still holding Annie's hand.
    "Hey, Annie. Mind telling my what that task is? Maybe I can suggest something helpful."

    Eventually, the four arrive at a large mansion, partially built into the plateau.
    "This looks like a good place to spend the night, does it not?"
    Quote from ValkonX11»

    As the bolt of energy from Bone strikes the sword, Jack staggers back, narrowly avoiding being hit by the burst of energy it releases on contact; though he didn't see where it came from, the crowd's cheering and Boris praising his weapon of choice clued him in. The sheer force of the energy, coupled with it taking Jack by surprise, nearly floors Jack again, but he manages to maintain his balance despite the slurry of thrown fruit covering the ground around him. With the knight's attention drawn to Boris by the bolt of energy, Jack aimed to get a few more strikes in, though that plan was halted when the knight shifted his shield to block him.

    Jack knew that if the knight intended to keep him from reaching the sword, there would be little chance for him to manage to get around the shield, which is why he considered it a lucky break that the knight's focus was next drawn back to Annie, resulting in Jack no longer being blocked. His luck continued to grow as Annie and the Knight locked blades, the latter's seemingly getting caught in the steel of the former's. Whatever reason Annie had for fighting the Knight, their melee gave Jack enough time to rush up to him, reaching the Knight as his shield became stuck in a field of energy that was projecting from Annie's body. With the sword wide open, Jack releases a flurry of strikes against what runes continue to persist on the blade of the Knight's sword.

    Quote from Buttons»

    Boris is already alongside Jack, Both of them pounding the swords with a series of strikes. Each strike Boris makes releases a roar and a flash of Cyan light from the bone, while continuing to increase Boris's speed and strength systematically.

    As the two of them work together with Annie, the crowd becomes divided, some areas chanting for Boris, others chanting for Jack, while other chanted support for Annie. But since the knight was taking damage and not much else at the moment, no one wanted to show it support. I'ts a mob thing. A good thing was, now Jack had obtained some followers, no one bothered to throw fruit at him anymore... or maybe they just ran out.

    After relentless attacks, the final rune on the sword shatters, accompanied by a blast of energy which knocks everyone, including some unfortunate members of the crowd, off their feet.
    The knight itself finally materialises, and takes a look at it's sword. It lets out a loud roar and throws it straight at Annie, while equipping the massive warhammer it was carrying on it's back instead.

    The knight starts walking towards the three, it's heavy footsteps accompanied by small shockwaves that would knock those that get too close off their feet.
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    Username: Darthrafael
    Interests: Fantasy, History, Magic, Games, Touhou, any Roleplays I made/am making/am participating in
    Roleplays: Abandoned, to which I'm also the GM
    Preferred Genres/Themes: Mainly Fantasy (As long as it has magic I tend to like it)
    Preferred Post-Lengths: Varies. Sometimes very short ones, other times longer ones.
    Preferred Activity Levels: As long as it doesn't go too slow I'm okay with almost any speed.

    Roleplay Name: Abandoned
    Description: Rumours about the abandoned town of Waise have been becoming more and more common, rumours about a town with supernatural incidents. The town has been quarantined by the government, which makes it more likely that the rumours are true. The player character travels to Waise for a reason only they know, likely in an attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery and become famous for resolving the Waise Mystery, though solving the mystery is more difficult than it sounds...
    Start Date: June 27, 2017
    Genre: Fantasy
    Status: Accepting
    Activity Level: Varies greatly every day. Sometimes multiple posts a day, at other times it's slower.
    Writing Level: Technically any is accepted, though people tend to complain about people with a low writing skill (Lack of good grammar, first-person sentences, etc.)

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    posted a message on General Roleplaying Discussion and Information Thread

    I tend to not put a post length limit in my RPs, generally for the reason mentioned above; it might discourage less experienced players. Plus, I myself sometimes have difficulty writing long posts as well, so having a rule that prevents short posts yet writing short posts myself is not really something that'd work out well.

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    Quote from 9314265068»

    Chisille opens her mouth to speak, but she isn't sure where to start. Her memory flashes back to the start of the encounter, so that would be a good place to start. However when she remembered who it was that had told her all of this, now free of the emotion spell she started to doubt what they had told her. Regardless she had a story to tell.

    "The hunter. He found me. Came up behind me and... and did something. Made me feel so... happy, calm. He make me think of things, like telling me a story. There was this... young human. A she I think, and she..."
    Chisille stopped for a moment as the feelings of sorrow sank in while she remembered what had happened. The feeling of loss for either the death or the lies. She wasn't sure witch. She resisted the tears trying to escape from her, but one still managed to slide down her face.
    "...Femmell was not a real dragon... she was the young human. I don't know if this is really true..."

    She tried to calm herself down again for the next part of the story.
    "After the images went away, the hunter asked me to help him find her. They told me I would live if I did. I just felt so... kind. I agreed. Betty came in and I came out. They told me I had allowed them entry. I would be rewarded."

    Once she had finished, she tried to sort out how she felt about the whole thing now that she could feel properly again. Should she continue to help them? They did after all kill another who looked like her just minutes after they met. And they looked like humans. What they did didn't really help with what she thought of them. On the other hand- or paw to be more precise, they didn't act like they were about to kill her, and from what she had seen and heard they are easily be able to do that. Plus they did say they had already entered. She didn't entirely know what that meant, but she didn't think going against them would be a good idea at this point.

    She was so involved in her own thoughts, she neglected to answer Lyudmila's second question, not that she really cared about Gwen after what had happened to her.

    Lyudmila listens to what Chisille has to say, not really knowing how to respond. In the end, she just looks at Betty to see what her response is to all this.

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Ariel has hardly entered the house when he feels a tight grip take hold of his clothing from the rear. He is then pulled back with a great force that sends him flying to the ground outside of the house. Where he lands, he sees Annie appear standing over him, glaring down.

    "Speak of the music you played!"

    Renard too can hear Annie from his position in the house and, had Renard looked back, he would have also seen Annie standing over Ariel, with Ei watching on nearby.

    Quote from Buttons»

    Ariel, obviously started by what happen, lifts his head of the ground to look at her in an impertinent way.

    "Oh, hi there, what a lovely delight. Nice to see you again too, Demon Child!"

    Making an effort to sit up on the still soggy ground, he taking a long, deep breath, let's it out with a sigh, and raises his eyes to her again.

    "You know, you could really learn some manners. Asking nicely would have gotten you just as far. Further in fact. Anyway, the hum I was doing before? That was Jazz, futuristic music from the early to mid 1900's. It's called, Take the A Train. Why, did it hurt you? Because if it did then please, allow me start humming it again."

    He then notices Ei standing close to them looking on.

    "Oh, and hi there to you too. Names Ariel, don't believe we've met. But I'm one hundred percent certain that meeting one of Annie's friends is going to be an absolute pleasure...."

    Ei watches from a short distance when Annie forcefully pulls Ariel out of the building, something Ei couldn't do with physical strength alone, but could easily accomplish using magic.

    Ei decides to just watch events unfold, mostly keeping an eye on Renard. Annie seemed to be keeping Ariel busy, so Ei was ready to stop Renard from interfering.

    And then Ariel seemingly talks to Ei. Ei turns her head to look at Ariel, and Ei smiles. To a normal boring human, it looked like a genuine, friendly smile.

    But not to Ariel. Ariel feels... unwell when he sees Ei turn to face him. Not in a way that causes him to vomit, but it does make him feel very much not at ease, as if something deep inside of him really objects to Ei's presence, as if Ei shouldn't be there. Not because she's an 'Enemy', but because something tells Ariel her presence should not be possible, but Ariel doesn't know why. He's never seen the girl, nor heard stories of anyone like her.

    Ei doesn't really say much in response to Ariel, turning away again to be ready to stop Renard from doing anything to help Ariel.

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Vernon keeps his his head bowed as to prevent his head from scraping the the top of the tunnel, he has one hand on Ki's shoulder, his other occupied with the candle.

    The group continue on their journey.

    As the tunnel continues it gets narrower and narrower, until eventually the group has to go through it single-file.

    After a short while however, the tunnel opens up into a large underground tunnel, with a river running through the middle.

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Annie also appears entertained to some degree, regarding Revel with simper. Then she looks to Jack, her head dropped to one side with a curious notion, then to Boris, straightening her look with a light note of grief. She then looks back at Revel, nods, and yells -

    "So it shall be!"

    In so saying, she begins her paced advance across the dusty floor towards where the battle is taking place, her body beneath the armor becomes ethereal, her eyes are seen as bulbs of fire, she releases the gut wrenching shrill of a demonic beast, and smoke rises from the footprints in her wake.

    Quote from Buttons»

    As Annie starts walking towards the battle, Revel applauds and when he does the entire crowd start applauding and screaming with cheer again too, while at the same time the knight, Jack, Boris and Bob are unfrozen from their positions.

    - Boris may not be the smartest man in the world, but when he sees the stance that the knight has taken he comes to halt in order to rethink his attack, as he does he finds himself suddenly stricken, unable to move even one muscle. At the same time the crowd goes quiet, and right there, just off from his direct line of sight, he sees the very, very bad girl, Annie, entering the Arena -

    After the conversation takes place between her and the weird guy in the Imperial box, and Annie starts charging towards the knight in her transparent form with fiery eyes, Boris becomes unstuck again. He looks confusedly at the knight as he decides to back way, until he has a better understanding of what is actually going on right now. He see's Jack pulling Magebuster from the barrier, and Bob is now spinning in staggered circles as if the temporary freeze had confused him, but Boris just couldn't help but take his attention back to Annie, shaking his bone at her and calling out; "You a very bad girl! A very, very very bad girl! Why Boris not kill you, Annie!?"

    As Boris and Annie seem to be at least a bit distracted with each other, the Knight sets it's sights on Jack, floating up to him and moving to slice him in half from behind.

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