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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Revel seems to be enjoying the phenomenon taking place around him. He is laughing delightedly when the many items, furniture and cupboard break apart on contact with him.

    The large, sharp chunks of ice, however, impale Revel’s body overall. In turn he appears no more to be a man, rather of water in the form of a man that soon drops to a puddle on the floor.

    Before Lyudmila can react, the water has rushed across the floor and rises up over her person. She is now enveloped in water. She can feel it enter her ears, her nose, her mouth and every orifice of her body. She is overcome and unable to move. She cannot breathe. As it feels that she may soon run short on oxygen and pass out, she hears a voice whisper in her ear;

    “Now… we know you. Your essence is sweet. ...Yet the rule of your mistress is hazardous. Do not get in our way lest you perish. Go, tell the one that rules your existence: The child is ours now… and forever.”

    In the closing of his words, Lyudmila is once again able to breathe. The water is gone. Revel is no longer present. The door to the dining room is ajar. She is free to leave.

    Lyudmila shakes her head at the voice, and looks around the now-empty room before sighing and walking to a nearby wall.
    "She's not gonna be happy." Lyudmila says to herself as she places her hand on the wall, and a pitch-black doorway opens. Lyudmila walks through it and the doorway closes behind her, leaving the room empty.

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Ezra climbs the steps to the attic and enters the room. He stands over the bed, upon which is Annie’s sealed chamber.

    As Ezra enters the attic, the runes Ei placed on the floor faintly start glowing. As Ezra approaches the bed, he hears a voice, and becomes unable to move.
    "Who are you?" the voice says, coming from behind Ezra. Or was it next to Ezra? They can't tell. Either that or they forgot. He doesn't have a long time to think though as the voice repeats it's question, sounding more commanding this time. "Who. Are. You..."

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Annie seems… distant. She offers no more than a faint nod to Mara’s upon his introduction.

    When Ezra is mentioned, a small smile grows on her face as she turns to Ei.

    “Hades…. Hell. No one can save those unable to be saved.”

    "Is that so? I've seen people be saved before. Though, I think it'd depend on who is being saved and who's doing the saving. Anyway, Annie, I wanted to ask you something." Ei says, as she turns away from Annie.
    "I've been... meaning to ask you this for a while now but... I didn't... but, what I wanted to ask you was..."
    Ei turns to look directly at Annie, her red eyes glowing brilliantly.
    "Are you the real Annie, or is the Order trying to trick me?"

    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Tenderly taking the mass of snake-like tentacles he assumed to be the person's hand, he said, "Yes. I suppose we do have a deal." Ask for the girl who doesn't like rainbows... That should be simple enough.

    As Fin shakes the figure's hand, the figure slowly fades away and the surroundings fade into a void. Soon, Fin is all alone in the darkness.
    "This will be your last chance at life. If you perish again, nothing can bring you back. Even ones most skilled at ressurecting the dead will be powerless to bring you back."

    Fin then wakes up again in the mansion, while a person he's never seen before is fighting with the person who tried to safe him, with all the wounds on his body having healed.
    "You have 24 hours to ask the question. Fail and your life shall end again. I'd make haste if I were you. And be careful, there might be some... side-effects to being revived." A voice in his head says, reminding him of the encounter he just had.

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    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Tenderly taking the mass of snake-like tentacles he assumed to be the person's hand, he said, "Yes. I suppose we do have a deal." Ask for the girl who doesn't like rainbows... That should be simple enough.

    ((OOC: I'll respond to you soon, I'm waiting for someone else to answer a question of mine regarding things regarding reviving Fin before I can post, please wait warmly))
    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Maras receives no response. It would seem Ezra has… wandered off.

    Annie leads their way through the mansion with unexpected ease, no thought at all given to her navigation. No sign of the Order is seen. They soon arrive in the Foyer to find Maras… alone.

    At first, Maras is confused as to where Ezra has wandered off to. Didn't he say he wanted to meet Ei or something? His train of thought is suddenly interrupted however as Annie and Ei enter the room.
    "Ah! Lady Ei!" Maras says as he notices Ei before turning his attention to Annie. "This must be Miss Annie, correct?"
    Maras doesn't really wait for a response before bowing, to which Ei responds with a chuckle.
    "Yes, this is Annie. Annie, this is Maras, one of my subordinates. Speaking of subordinates, where's Lyudmila run off to this time?"
    "Last time I saw her she was passed out drunk in the dining room. Then only me and Ezra were left and went to look around for the others. Now Ezra is gone too..." Maras responds, as he looks around the room to see if Ezra is still elsewhere in the room.
    "Ezra? Who's that?" Ei responds with a confused stare.
    "Ah, he claims you saved him from Hades. He wanted to thank you but now he's gone..."
    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    A violet light shimmers over Revel’s person when the water comes. He laughs, though the laughter comes to a sudden halt.

    “Well, that was refreshing. But I’m sure you could do better!”

    He continues his savage advance upon Lyudmila.

    "Of course I can, you see, that wasn't just an ordinary stone." Lyudmila responds, as something seems to drag Revel back towards where the rock hit the wall. Not just Revel is dragged back however, furniture and other items in the room are also being dragged towards the wall, and a large cupboard is torn from it's stationary position by the wall as well and enters a collision course with Revel, who will find it increasingly difficult to move forward the more objects collide with the back wall that was hit by the stone.

    Meanwhile, Lyudmila isn't being very... helpful, using magic to create large, spiked chunks of ice that are then drawn towards the same back wall, shattering upon impact and sending large, sharp chunks of ice in various directions, particularly in Revel’s general direction.
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    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Fin paused for a moment as the flames receeded from around them. This.... This is much more reasonable. "All I have to do is ask them how they feel about your offer, correct?" That... That he could do. While Fin may not have been willing to sell his soul to regain his life, he could do this man/demon/being a favor instead.
    "Tell me, who is this lady which you wish me to ask? And how will she know that my question is about your offer?"

    "That is correct. Do that, and you'll be free to live your life again."
    "As for her name, I do not know by which name she goes nowadays, all I know is that she often... lacks colour. Maybe if you ask around people can point you at the right person. And trust me, if you explain what happened here to her, she'll know what you're talking about."
    "So, do we have a deal?" The figure says, as it extends it's arm. It's hand appears to be made out a wriggling mass of tentacles, some pulsing as if they are alive.
    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Ei releases Annie's hand in order to clench her fist. In the moment their fingers disconnect, Ei feels a curious sensation, like that of a small electrical current tickling its way up her fingers, her hand, and dissolves as it traveled up her arm. Annie keeps a playful demeanor, apparently she had felt the sensation too.

    "You felt that, right? I guess we really were meant for each other."

    As the eerie silence ensues, Annie casually looks around, taking note of the dimming light. She smiles in response to Ei's remark.

    "Of course. It's all the same to me."

    With no further delay, Annie leads their way from the Attic.

    Ei looks at her hand as if expecting to see something on it, and then smiles at Annie's reaction to apparently feeling it too.
    "Yes, I did. More evidence that we are meant for eachother, huh?"

    Ei quickly follows after Annie, wondering what's been going on downstairs.
    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    "Hey now, Princess. Don't play coy with me."

    Revel advances. He is laughing playfully, yet in his eyes can be seen a certain... emptiness, not a look befitting the God that hosted the recent dinner. With one hand, Revel grabs the large dining table and casts it across the room where it shatters into many pieces against the wall. With Lyudmila exposed once more, he lashes out with another strike of the broken bottle.

    Lyudmila doesn't waste time when Revel destroys the dining table, quickly getting to her feet and casting a small blast of wind to put more distance between them, buying her more time to charge up a different spell, launching a small boulder at Revel. The boulder misses Revel, and explodes on the ground behind him, releasing a blast of water that is certain to drench everything nearby, including Revel.
    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Ezra remains close behind Maras, keeping away from Maras' line of sight when they enter the Foyer.

    As Ei's pending arrival is announced, Ezra releases the loose hold on Maras' elbow.

    "So, want to wait here, Ezra? Or would you rather we move to a different room?"
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    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Fin's breath, if this could even be called breathing when he was dead, caught in his throat as he stared out at the fire and flames around him, the darkened sky above him, all the suffering that would lay ahead if he didn't comply. However...

    Fin ran through the jungle, racing away from the group of soldiers behind him. What he had seen in that jungle... They would kill him to keep that secret. A secret that would make them lose all semblance of humanity.
    Fin ducked into a small cluster of trees, holding his breath as the men ran past, their red coats flashing against the green vegetation all around, completely missing his hiding spot. Taking back his breath, he ran in the opposite direction they went, back to where they had come from. What he had seen there... He couldn't allow it.
    As he neared the compound they had taken residence in, he heard the cracks of whips, the cry's of men for mercy, and the cruel rebukes of their torturers. Through a gap in one of the logs they had built their fort out of, he could see more of the soldiers standing around holding whips as they forced others into labor: Those that had come into their disfavor, men that had done crimes no worse than being a foreigner, and worse still, children that he was sure no one would have remembered.
    He ran over to a bush next to the entrance-way to the compound, watching through it as the slaves, for that was the only title that fit was he was seeing, dug into the ground, mining for something. He pulled a nearby stick out of the ground, thanking the stars that Selene had blessed him with this gift on their last meeting. He took aim, and threw it through the opening at the soldier who looked like the head slaver, the stick twirling until it hit his head, bouncing off the walls and hitting a few more of the soldiers, completely missing the slaves who were forced to bend down in their work, before heading back through directly at him. He would have caught, had he practiced with the power more, but alas, his hand missed by a few inches, and it whacked him in his stomach region, eliciting a loud "OW' and making him lose his breath.
    Looking back up, he saw most of the men on the ground groaning, while about 4 or 5 were still standing, looking warily about as if another might come at any moment. One slave, seeing all that had happened, and how they now had a greater advantage of numbers, came up behind one and hit him in his back with the crudely shaped tool he had been given, effectively breaking his spine. His chains pulled the others he was linked to with him, and they all started beating the soldiers with their tools, knocking them down, bruising them until they were all unconscious and one had the bright idea to take the keys.
    And where was Fin in all this? He was running back through the jungle to the beach where his small ship layed hidden in a cave. He had done good this day. And he wouldn't allow this evil to be done with his knowledge again if he could help it.

    "In return for life, you would kill my freedom? You would have me be a slave, at your eternal beck and call?" Fin started to shake in anger. "No amount of torture would make me take that offer! If death has come, then so be it. I will not be made a slave!"

    The figure laughs at Fin's response, and the flames die out.
    "You will not let yourself be intimidated it seems. I like that. Most mortals would fall on their knees and beg for mercy at the premise of eternal damnation, but not you."
    "Tell you what, I have an alternative offer for you, perhaps this one will appeal to you more."
    "In the town where you perished, there is a person who also received an offer from me a long time ago, she has yet to accept however. Perhaps you'd be willing to talk to her for me? Don't worry, you don't need to try and convince her to take the offer, all I want is to know her current stance on the offer I made her. That's all you have to do to regain your life. Still interested?"
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    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Fin considered the offer for a moment. Another chance at life.... To right my wrongs. To be with HER. He then looked warily at the hooded person once again. "What... What would I have to do in order to regain my life, Mr.....?"

    The figure again chuckles.
    "My name doesn't matter to you. As for what you would have to do..."
    The figur bends over forward to loom over Fin, staring down at him while the hood obscures his face, if he has one that is, even at this angle.
    "Having you do a single task is way too good of a deal to justify. Instead, I seek someone who I can call on at any given time if I need them to do something for me. You see, if I were to act directly upon the world, I would draw too much attention to myself. Someone like you however, would not."
    "So, to recap, I do not have a single task I want you to do, instead I will have several. If you agree, you are to obey my orders, or face the consequences. Outside of that, I'll leave you alone so you can go about your new life in peace."

    "Do we have a deal, or would you rather spend your time here?"
    As the figure finishes it's sentence, the scenery changes again. The clouds turn black while the sky turns red. The endless ocean turns into a sea of flames, with Fin and the figure standing in a clearing while the fire slowly creeps closer and closer inwards.

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Annie holds Ei, caressing her back affectionately to put her at ease, whispering gently in her ear.

    “You need not worry anymore…. And yes, you are going to be a mother.”

    Stepping back, she keeps a hand in Ei’s while waves the other dismissively. In so doing, the furniture slides gratingly across the floor to allow access to the door. Of peculiar interest, Annie is now clothed in her grey robe as she smiles, winking playfully for Ei.

    “Let’s go kill some Drones.” She then pauses, as though analyzing her own thoughts, then regards Ei with an evocative narrowing of her eyes; “That is, if we can find our way around this mansion?” She grins, pleased with the lengths Ei had gone to in preventing the Order from finding her, but no less making the obvious suggestion that the mansion be returned to its previous outlay for the hunt to commence.

    Ei smiles and nods at Annie's suggestion. "Yes, let's go." she says, while clenching her fist. As she does so, a wave of energy erupts from where she is standing, rippling through the building as it's distorted state reverts back to how it used to be, followed by an eerie silence as all sources of light grow dim.
    "I do hope you don't mind the darkness, but I quite like it being dark."

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Lyudmila wakes from her sleep in the dining room. As she attempt to pull herself free from her groggy condition, she notices that most of the people from the dinner had departed, leaving her all alone with only one other, Revel.

    Revel is standing over her, gripping the neck of a broken bottle in hand, glaring with a grin of anticipated satisfaction.

    “Now, let’s see if I can’t carve up that pretty face of yours.”

    With these words spoken, Revel swings the bottle at Lyudmila’s face.

    It takes a second for Lyudmila to realise what is going on, but she doesn't waste a second to roll out of the way of the swing, and under the table.
    "How much have you been drinking, Revel? If I have to set your face on fire to get you to sober up I will!"

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Ezra nods in thanks for the assistance Maras granted, yet also for the approval of his suggestion.

    “Indeed, My Better, I will follow wherever you go.”

    Ezra takes one step behind Maras, holding loosely to his elbow as he leads their way out the door.

    Maras opens the door, and sees something he didn't expect. Of all the things that could possibly be on the other side of the door that used to lead the main hallway, it's the hallway. Even though the hallway is a lot darker than it used to be thanks to what happened to the lights, Maras apparently doesn't struggle to see in the darkness, opening the door across the hallway to find the sitting room.
    "It seems that the mansion is back to normal, which would mean that Lady Ei is done with what she was doing upstairs. I think she'll be downstairs soon."

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    Quote from Nucleep»

    Silas, not wanting to pick another fight, quickly mustered a quick explanation. "The vision I had. Annie has a child. It called me father. That's all I can tell." He refuses to say much more on the subject.

    Maras mutters something along the lines of 'That's something she needs to know', but doesn't respond to Silas.
    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Fin looked out at the ocean again before turning back to the cloaked 'man'. "Are you... The Grim Reaper?" If he was who he thought he was... Fin would have preferred to face a nest of Snakes alone over this.

    The hooded figure chuckles, though it sounds more like a deep humming noise. "No, I am not the Reaper. The Reaper only visits the dying, and you are already dead."
    The figure extends an arm and moves it across the open sky, and the scenery changes, now the duo are in the house, witnessing Chisille kill Fin.
    "I am here to... give you an offer. An offer to bring you back to life, if you agree on something that is. Are you interested in hearing my proposal, or would you rather... pass on?"
    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Ei’s attention is caught by a sharp sound. She looks to see that Annie’s encasement has ruptured. Cracks continue to form in various areas before the shell decorticates. Annie rises from within the open chamber. She appears older by only a few years, a beautiful young woman in her late teens. The soft locks of her lustrous pearl-white hair seem to glow with an unnatural aura, as does the silver rings of her iris’s, beading like gems against her otherwise powder-blue eyes. Her skin is exquisite, also aglow with a texture that seems somehow out of focus, while her lips are full, glossed with a frosty purple hue.

    She rises from her chamber and stands beside the bed, unclothed as she was prior the transformation. She takes her eyes to Ei, a spectral reverence in her gaze.

    “Ei… my love, you’ve done well in keeping me safe. Behold, I am no longer under threat.” She smiled attentively. “The Order can no longer defeat me.”

    She opens her arms, welcoming Ei’s embrace.

    Ei turns around once she hears the sound, and watches as Annie emerges, stunned by her new appearance. It takes her a few seconds to get used to Annie’s knew look, but she soon rushes over to embrace Annie.
    "The vision, was it true? The child, is it ours?"
    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    In a peculiar moment, Maras discovers himself alone in the dining room with Ezra. The event seems… ambiguous, rendering him uncertain as to whether the others with him had vanished, or if he had simply missed the moment when they exited via the door. Whichever the case, while Maras is still coming to terms with being forsaken by the others, Ezra looks up frightened from his position on the floor to propose the question:

    “Where… where have the others gone?”

    Maras looks around the room, confused.
    "I don't know, so stay close." Maras says, as he reaches out to pull Ezra up onto his feet.
    "Let's explore, hope we find some of the others." He says, as he approaches the nearest door and opens it.
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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    As midnight strikes.

    The dazzling array of lights both in the attic and surrounding the mansion climax in the forming of one light. This light fills the mansion and all of Waise for but a moment, yet only affecting the following people:

    Ei falls to the floor and Dreams…

    Ei stands in a vast cemetery. The night is bathed in the moons faint glow. A low, blue mist blankets the ground, from which the top of nameless headstones show.

    Ei can see Annie. She is a little older. She is facing Ei, standing between two headstones and brilliantly adorned in a white gown, a crown of gold light floats upon her head. In her arms she cradles a newborn child, swaddled in crimson cloud.

    Ei draws near, longing to behold the child. She stops close when Annie speaks.

    “I have supped the blood of mortal man.

    I have endured your contest. I have known your carnal love. Your seed has been claimed as my host. Your gift is my giving.”

    Ei now looks upon the infant. The infant is smiling, they turn their gaze to Ei, and speak.

    “Love me.”

    Ei wakes on the floor of the attic. Annie’s chamber is unchanged. The lights are gone. The unsettling sense of a looming presence has returned to the room in their absence.

    With the exception of Ezra and Chisille, the same looming presence is now felt by all those in the mansion. …It is clear that every person is being watched by an unseen, encroaching malevolence.

    As Ei wakes up from the dream, she starts smiling, turning to look at Annie. Her assumptions were correct; the child Annie was carrying was hers, all the more reason to protect Annie at all costs. As the looming presence returns, Ei turns her attention way from Annie, ready to fight off whatever threats arrived.
    Quote from Nucleep»

    "Annie... child..." was all that he was willing to say. Having noticed the aura of malevolence in the mansion, however, he refuses to say more as he becomes alert to anything that could come out at him at any moment.

    As Silas mutters something about Annie and a child, Maras looks at him with suspicion for some reason.
    "Tell us more. Now."
    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Fin woke up with a choked gasp, seeing the tip of a tail above him, and feeling the worst agony he had ever felt in his throat. Glancing down he saw the spike in his throat. This... This is the end. Fin tried to think peaceful thoughts, tried to be angry, tried to panic even, but the only thing that he was capable of thinking of at that moment was her. As the serpent tugged it's tail spike out, he finally called out her name, barely a whisper of breath inside of him. "Selene..." And with that he fell asleep once again, growing colder and colder...

    As Fin's life fades away, he suddenly wakes up again. Though, not in the mansion where he died, but instead in a strange, endless ocean, standing on the water. A cloudless blue sky is reflected in the calm water, as gentle waves cause Fin to wobble a bit, though they're too weak to do much more than make him sway from one side to the other constantly in this empty, endless ocean. For a while, it looks as though nothing will happen, as if Fin will spend the rest of eternity in this place.

    Then, a voice. "Well, well, well, you've met a terrible fate, have you not?" The voice comes from behind Fin, and Fin is unable to resist turning around to face the voice. Standing behind him, a large figure, almost twice Fin's size, wearing a black cloak and carrying a large pole. "Slain by a dragon on a rampage because you got in it's way, though not through it's fire, but by it's tail. Such a shame your life was cut short in such a... unique way, don't you think?"

    Meanwhile, back in the mansion, Fin's body remains on the ground where it was when Chisille's tail pierced it's neck.
    Quote from 9314265068»

    Now that Fin was dead, Chisille had no reason to stay around in this room anymore. Faux was busy being shoved about or (what she assumed) under the effects of her calming mist, Annie was elsewhere, the golden glimmer was of no importance to her and the entire staircase was about to go up in flames anyway. Without hesitating, she pulled her tail spike out of the dying man and walked over to the nearest door, then started to open it.

    Chisille opens the door, goes through it, and arrives in the same room where she left her cookies, back when she started her rampage.
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    Quote from Nucleep»

    "If you think I want to harm her, you are mistaking my motives," Silas hissed. "I simply want to ask her why her little friend... stole... my will..." he growled, his left eye twitching a little.

    "Oh, I'm not worried about you harming her, you wouldn't stand much of a chance anyway. As for your question, Lady Ei probably doesn't know that, so asking her won't get you any useful information." Maras says, smiling at Silas.
    "Besides, even if she did, why would she tell you?"
    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Ezra seems... frustrated. He repeats the request in words maybe better understood.

    "I understand... I am not worthy to help. But please, allow me to follow you until such a time that Lady Ei is able to accept my gift."

    "Ah, I see. Very well." Maras responds, smiling. "I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon but you're welcome to follow me."

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    As midnight draws closer, the spectacle of lights intensifies.

    As midnight draws closer and the spectacle of lights increase in intensity, Ei is growing impatient, wondering how long until Annie is done.

    OOC: I'm not sure if you want me to announce midnight or that you're planning something with it, so I'm giving you (and only you. If anyone else tries to be smart and declare midnight their character(s) will die a horrible death :3) the permission to announce midnight in your post if you want/need to. Unless you want me to do that, of course.
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    Quote from Buttons»

    "Oh please, Maras, if I wanted to interfere, all this mess would have already been dealt with. I'm quite happy to watch Ei struggle, it's far more entertaining. Besides, ending all the fun with a snap of ones fingers is far too vulgar a display of power, what would that leave for the mortals to do? I'm not one for changing nappies. So go point your silly little stick at someone else, like, say..." He points at Trixie.

    "And on that note, I do believe it's time for me to leave." Revel looks around at everyone to say; "I for one had a delightful time this evening, as I hope you all enjoyed dinner as well. But I really must be going now, let you funny little mortals have your play time. Will be seeing around!"

    With that, Revel winks at Jack, blows a kiss to sleeping Lyudmila on the floor, gives Boris a firm pat on the shoulder, then disappears.

    Maras chuckles at Revel's actions towards Lyudmila, before turning to Silas to answer his questions.
    Quote from Nucleep»

    "And who would you be?" Silas questions, narrowing his eyes. "I'm sorry if I seem so tense, but you said that the little girl named Annie was involved..." He seems to be holding back a little bit of rage, but nobody in the room other than Revel can surmise why. Under the table, his fists clenched. "If this Ei is an ally of her, then she has a few... questions to answer," he seethes.

    "As Revel was nice enough to mention, my name is Maras. Anyway, as for your questions..." Maras steps closer to the table and puts his spear on it, pointing it's glowing tip at Silas "I'm sure they're questions about things what her favourite foods are, right? It'd be a real shame if she got... upset at you, you know?"
    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    For the most part, the replies of those in the dining room do little to serve Ezra's inquiry. He remains unresponsive until Maras enters the room. He takes a reluctant step back, recalling the boy from outside the mansion, but he listens with intent caution to Maras' every word. Once Maras had concluded his speech, Ezra shakes his head seemingly distraught, yet somehow enamored of Maras as he begins to approach the boy with his twisted and struggled walk. He falls prostrate at Maras' feet, as one would to pay homage to a sovereign.

    "You are blessed to be in service of her. I am not worthy of this grace. But I beg of you this day, have mercy upon me, please. Allow me to follow in your footsteps - allow me to assist your cause in any way that I can.... that when the appointed time is due, I may present Lady Ei with my gift of thanksgiving...."

    Maras looks curiously at Ezra as he falls at his feet. He wasn't used to people begging to help them in ways that wasn't saving them in some way, so he isn't quite sure how to respond.
    "If your request is to help her in her fight then I'm afraid I cannot comply; she has forbidden even me and Lyudmila from helping, and I am not sure what her plans are."
    "But, if you truly wish to aid her in any way, I'm sure she'll happily accept your request once she's done."
    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Although the eerie silence remains, the haunted feeling it had presented is subdued by the increasing, marvelous array of randomly appearing lights, while outside the darkness surrounding the mansion begins to glitter like a festive decoration.

    As the amount of lights increases, Ei is started to become suspicious of their purpose. While at first she thought they might have belonged to Annie, she is starting to doubt that possibility. She stands up, the air wavering around her, ready to react.
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    Trixie took a step forward towards Ezra, and looked him over for a breif few seconds. "Who is Ei exactly? And how would spinning us up into a tornado 'convey gratitude' ?" she asked, slightly accusatory, but not making any hostile action.

    Quote from Nucleep»

    "Gratitude?" Silas inquired, out of the blue. "I can already surmise what sort of gratitude you are giving... Anyway, could you explain to us more about yourself, and Ei, other than whatever relationship exists between the two of you?" he then questions passively.

    "Lady Ei saved this man, that's the relationship they have." A voice speaks, coming from the doorway into the dining room. Maras walks in, apparently the person who spoke. He walks up to Lyudmila, pokes her with the back of his spear, and mutters the words 'Can't handle alcohol, huh?' before looking at Ezra, and then at the other people in the room.
    "As for answers to your questions, I'm afraid neither I nor Lyudmila can answer them all, even though we are her servants. Lady Ei's species for example is something nobody knows, and I'm not sure even Ei herself knows nowadays. She's not here right now because she's got some... intruders to deal with. Those figures that have entered this building are targetting her friend, Miss Annie. She has, however, asked us to not interfere, and that goes for you too, Revel." Maras says as he points his spear at Revel for a bit before stabbing it into the ground.
    "But, since Lyudmila here passed out due to being drunk, I do believe I'm the only one here in any position to answer any questions about her you might have. As for you," Maras says as he looks at Ezra. "Lady Ei is busy right now but she should be finished soon. I must ask you to wait for her to be finished and not try and get to her before that."
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    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    (Because I don't know how to make a break-line.)
    (Seriously, how do I make a break-line?)

    OOC: Sit down kiddo, and let me teach you the ancient art of the break-line/line-break/whatever you want to call it.
    Okay, so first off, you press enter two times to put one blank line between your last sentence and where you want to put the break-line.

    Like this. Then, you first do one square bracket, like so: [
    Got that? Good, you've already mastered 25% of the break-line. Next, type a 'h' and then an 'r', thus creating [hr
    You're almost there. Now, for the finishing touches, put another square bracket at the end, but this time the other way around, like so: ], making your end result look like this without the spaces: [ hr ]
    Then, press enter again twice and write your next thing, and then post. There should now be a break-line between your things with some blank space separating it from your text!

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    The calm silence in the attic is somehow... unsettling. Each moment that passes gives Ei the distinct feeling that something is wrong. The air seems to be haunted, visually undisturbed, yet plagued by the repeating notion that someone else is there... looming... watching....

    In time Ei catches sight of a small twinkle of light, much alike a tiny star in the corner of her sight. But as soon as it appears it is once again gone, while another appears and disappears just as fleeting as the first. These fleeting sparks of light now continue to come and go in irregular locations around room, unable to be touched, unable to be captured, while outside the night too is starting to come alive with similar events, as these small sparks of light appear and then vanish at random location around the mansion.

    Ei sits quietly next to Annie, observing the twinkles of light. Unsure of what they are, Ei remains seated, ready to act.

    Meanwhile, Maras enters the mansion again, saying a few words in an unknown language to open a temporary doorway through the barrier created by Ezmond, and passing through while it's open. Once inside, the barrier closes again and Maras wanders around, eventually arriving in the Dining Room.

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    Quote from Nanobytes717»

    "I̛n͡sįd͡e̕ tha͟t h͏oúse..͞.͠"

    Allie notices a figure that passed by. It also started raining suddenly...
    It would be best to shelter from the rain, but it would probably help to follow this figure, maybe it will lead to somewhere with people.

    Allie immediately runs toward a house... an abandoned house. She doesn't know why she chose to look inside that house, it must be her instincts. Inside the house, she found... an umbrella! Old, worn, and patched up, but still useable. She for some reason also decided to leave her shoes and started running barefoot outside in the rain to catch up with the figure. Maybe she'll be able to pick up better shoes in the way...

    Allie runs down the street in an attempt to catch up to the figure, it's cold and wet outside, and the stones that make up the road are slippery, and the muddy bits of dirt aren't very nice to step in either. Inevitably, Allie slips and lands in a muddy puddle. Before she can get up though, she hears footsteps coming closer.
    "Need a hand?"
    Quote from People Having Dinner »

    [Dinnerstuff, also Ezra making an appearance]

    Meanwhile, Lyudmila has spent most of dinner drinking wine. She didn't have many opportunities to drink alcohol, so now that she had one she was going to make the best of it. Unfortunately for her though, she quickly becomes too drunk to hold a decent conversation. When Ezra comes in and makes a mess, Lyudmila is thrown to the floor. She tries to get up, failing several times before she manages to stand. She then tries to say something, pointing in Ezra's general direction, but instead falls over and passes out.

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    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    "Mm... how do I say this... He's me, but I'm still me. I'm him, but he's still him. Of course, it's a riddle for the greatest of engineers," he says, shrugging as he takes the nearest available seat.

    "Oh, I think I came across one of those guys! Y'know, I thought he was cool, but actually, nah, not really, he was being more cryptic than me just now, and that wasn't cool, and, oh, man, if I was just like Ren, I woulda brought out my sword all 'schwing!'-like and, just, y'know, 'BOOM!'-- slash through 'em, get 'em in one hit, and be like 'You're already dead'! Just like that."

    Faux, immediately after this outburst, starts stuffing his face with food.

    "Hmm... So some kind of Alter Ego kind of thing then?" Lyudmila says, somehow managing to look as though she's paying attention to Faux' outburst.
    Quote from Buttons»

    [Trixie losing her clothes]

    Lyudmila raises an eyebrow at Revel's shenanigans, but turns to place her attention on Faux.
    "So, you got a bigger story than what you just said, Faux?"
    Quote from Nanobytes717»

    "Gét͞ up̕."

    Allison hears a soft sound like a voice in her head, but she chose to ignore it. Something feels strange, she doesn't remember it being very cold. The ground feels rough and hard... like sand. She wonders if she's—

    "G͢ET̶͠ ̢́U҉P͏!!"

    After hearing something loud in her head she immediately opened her eyes. She doesn't remember anything that happened before... how did she end up in the middle of the desert? It's dark and cold. The moon is shining bright in the starry sky. Allie brushed off the dirt on her dress and started walking forward to wherever her feet can take her.

    As she was walking, she tried hard to remember how she got here in the first place. A bright light, and someone, who is that... Allie tries to remember what she saw before, but it's not working. It seems as if something or someone is trying to block a chunk of her memory.


    After a walking for a while, she sees a wall in the distance. It's surrounding a city, but it doesn't seem like there's an easy way in.

    "T̴h͟ere'̸s a͞ ̶t͝r͠ee͡ o͢vȩr ͟t̢hère..̸.̡"

    Somehow Allie notices a large tree, maybe she thought she would climb it to look for a way in. What she doesn't notice is that the tree is fragile, because it's a dead tree, and the branches are falling off... After falling off a tree and landing inside the walls of the city, Allie decided it's probably a good idea to take note of surroundings first before acting.

    So quiet here... Allie thought. She wonders where everyone is.

    As Allie is looking around the empty streets of Waise, she spots movement in the distance, a figure walking down the road away from Allie.
    Meanwhile, it starts to rain. Perhaps it'd be smart to seek shelter from the cold and rain, but then Allie would lose sight of the figure...
    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    As midnight draws closer, the thick network of a capillary compound that cocoons Annie’s body continues to thicken and grow in mass, while now exuding a moss-green, viscous matter that emits the pungent odor of rotting flesh.

    Another of the seven dark figures manage to re-emerge from their portal at the bottom of the steps leading to the attic. Before closing, the portal that the dark figure exited, launches upward through the stairwell, devouring Maras and his companion before closing. In that instant Maras and his companion are deposited in the air above the void that separates the mansion from Waise. The dark figure swiftly ascends the stairs in their approach to the door of the attic….

    As the figure rushes up the staircase, a sharp object pierces the door to the attic at high speeds, quickly piercing it's body. However, it doesn't seem to do much damage.
    However, from the moment the object hit the figure, the figure starts slowing down, coming to a point where it is incapable of moving any part of it's body. The figure has been turned into a statue, just out of reach of the door. Incapable of moving or defending itself in any way, it can't do anything but stand still as the hole left behind in it's body by the projectile catches fire, slowly consuming the figure and burning him until only ash is left.
    Quote from NightsRemnant»


    ...The soul of the man abandoned to the room Ei had left him in, and maimed by the years of torture to his soul, lifts to his feet. He stands in a broken and abashed manner, looking down over his charred and lacerated ghostly limbs, before beginning his awry limp across the floor. At the wall he pauses for but a moment then continues, passing on through barrier as though it did not exist and arriving on the other side, where he proceeds in his lame struggle down the hallway in search of…… life.

    As Ezra wanders through the mansion, the spell Ei cast still affects him, each wall they pass through leading into a different, random room. Eventually though, he finds his way out of the mansion, just in time to see Maras emerge from the dark void surrounding the Mansion.

    Up in the attic, Ei knows the Order is getting closer. She just killed one, after all. So, to ensure that she isn't caught off-guard, she prepares for their arrival.

    First, she sets up a barrier around Annie, but not the usual barrier that keeps things out. Instead, she creates what she calls a Spacial Distortion Field. Any projectile that enters it will have it's course altered in ways that prevent it from hitting anything, thus preventing the Order from killing Annie from afar before Ei has the chance to do anything.

    There. First thing taken care of. But then what? What's to stop the Order from knocking out Ei and then rushing to stab Annie? The solution is simple, and Ei's magic springs to work on the attic, extending it, increasing it's size to the point where Ei will have plenty of time to dodge projectiles coming from the door, and running to Annie will take a while. Perfect, now they won't be able to get to Annie easily.

    Ei makes a few final preparations before retreating to be standing between Annie and the door, ready for the Order to show up. Her magic prevents the Order from entering through anything but the door, and the slippery oil on the staircase will make it hard to climb without slipping while powerful wind emerges from the closed door, pushing anyone trying to climb down the stairs too, making it even more difficult to climb the stairs, though not impossible. Ei also took the time to fill the floor with text written in an unknown script, though their purpose is unknown.

    Now, Ei is ready for the fight, and the mansion's hallways twist again, causing any doors the figures belonging to the Order open to lead into the room containing the staircase, leaving them at the bottom of the long staircase. Meanwhile, no other door entered/opened by anyone else leads there, ensuring that nobody will interfere.

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    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    Faux seems to ponder this for a second, before smiling.
    "Hm... the mind's a wonderful thing, isn't it~?" he cryptically wonders out loud.
    He opens his mouth to say something else before an excruciating sound is heard piercing the entire room, and he instead clutches at his ears.
    "Ouch...! Where's that coming from?"

    Lyudmila sighs at Faux cryptic response, she didn't really like people being cryptic.
    "That? Oh I think it's those cultist guys, they've been nothing but trouble really."

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    Quote from ValkonX11»

    Jack nods. "I see. And unless he's moved on to something else, he was fighting the... robed figures outside. But, since one appeared in the Foyer, I'd guess that would mean they've found their way into the mansion, so that may not be the case anymore."

    "Ah, I see. But yes, I think he's in the house too now, though he's... preoccupied with things so he won't make it to dinner for now."
    Lyudmila says as she starts eating again, occasionally drinking some wine.
    Quote from Buttons»

    Revel chuckles a little, moderately happy for his little game, and transmits a little thought to Jack and Mila. Jack and Mila can hear the thoughts undeniably as Revel's voice.

    Poor kid is terrified of giant rats. And just for an instant, while hearing this, Jack and Lyudmila catch a glimpse of Fin's point of view.

    Lyudmila chuckles as she realises what Revel is doing, she could appreciate humour like that.

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    The dark figures become unsettled. They seem… disturbed by something Ei has specifically mentioned. Upon the completion of Ei’s testimony, the soul, who has probably been chosen as a mediator for the sake of more fluent communication with Ei, scowls as though pained by the disappointment she is forced to endure by the intercession of the Orders reaction.

    “No…. you don’t understand. There is nothing you can offer of any interest to them.” The soul now speaks as though fearing for her own wellbeing, that maybe the repercussions of failing in her task to be mediator for the Order, would be worse than the torture of hell she had already endured. “Please help me… please do what they ask. You don’t understand what they’ll do to me if I fai – “ Quite abruptly, the soul throws her head back in obvious pain as the Order retakes full control of her once more. With her tone being what it was prior to Ei’s response, she looks at Ei to speak again under the Orders possession.

    “You claim that the child is busy. You’re words indicates that she is now unable to fend for herself…. We therefore assume that she has commenced her transformation. But this should not be the case…. Her time has not yet come….”

    Although the soul has been restrained of any control of the words she now speaks, Ei can clearly see the fear behind her eyes as a tear of blood comes forth. But now speaking with the words of the Order, there is an undeniable dreaded contempt to her tone:

    “What have you done…? Only one with child can undergo the transformation before their time…. No…. The child has beguiled you by means greater than we had anticipated…. You… do not know… what you have done. It is clear to us now, because of the harlot’s heart that pumps lust within your chest, that we are already too late. You are weak. You have been seduced by the child’s own desire to escape us, your emotional inadequacies have served only as a puppet to her will. The child and her unborn must DIE!”

    The mediating soul, knowing that in her failure she is now to suffer a fate worse than hell, is dragged back screaming across the floor towards the dark embrace of the Order. As she is being dragged back, Ei watches her features change to that of a face Ei did not recognize. They were in fact a young man, apparently chosen at random to be mediator for the order, a young man that now stretches out his hand for Ei to save him while he screams in a voice that pierces the mansion and all of Waise with the sound of unimaginable terror.

    Ei tilts her head curiously at the soul's plea, listening to it with interest yet showing no interest in complying. Then, the Order takes control again, and Ei's curious expression is replaced by a shocked one.
    "One... with child?" Ei seems confused for a second. "But then... that means that..."

    As the Order finish their monologue, a smile settles on Ei's face.
    "If what you say is true. If she is indeed with child, then you can wave goodbye to your hopes of getting to Annie. Before the only reason I had for protecting her was that she is my friend, but now you just gave me several extra reasons."

    As the young man is being dragged away, Ei grabs his wrist, and speaks, her voice twisted and echoing throughout the room.
    "The mistress has given her verdict. You are to be sentenced to death by fire."
    As Ei finishes her sentence, the room shakes and twists, and the figures find themselves in the basement as white-hot flames start filling the room, rapidly spreading. The young man meanwhile is still in the same room, all alone as Ei too has vanished.

    Meanwhile, up in the attic, Ei is once again sitting next to Annie, curiously watching her.
    "So, you are with child, huh?"
    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    "Phew... that really was frightening," says Faux, breathing a sigh of relief as he walks through the archway. "I really thought you'd abandoned™ me..."

    Rubbing his sore eyes from all the steam in the previous room, he briefly looks around, taking in unfamiliar and familiar faces alike. The food was no special sight; he was born into nobility, after all. Suddenly, his eyes light up with a twinge of recognition as he spots a girl in typical witch attire.

    Without a word, Faux quickly dashes up to her and leans in closely, inspecting her.

    "Hm... I see, I see... That's it! I know you! You're that girl he likes!"

    To Lyudmila, the boy looks almost like Renard, though much younger to the point where he is somehow considerably shorter than her. His black cape is missing, and he seems to be strangely donning a full-length golden-coloured coat with a hood, which looks more like some sort of organisation uniform than casual attire.

    "It's nice to meet you," he says, slightly forcefully taking one of her hands and shaking it with both of his. "I'm Faux Ambrose! The best engineer in the world!"

    Lyudmila looks curiously at Faux.
    "The girl he likes? Who even are you...?" Lyudmila says, as she looks at Faux, rather confused at his apparent knowledge of someone liking her.
    "Wait, you look... familiar. Are you Renard's younger brother or something?"
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