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    posted a message on stoThe Standardized papercraft 2.4!
    I was thinking... there doesn't seem to be a version of the sheep when it's been sheered, or in any other colours. Also, it'd be cool to have the different armors that could be put on and taken off. It's late and I was just thinking about it if anyone wants to try it - i don't know if I'll ever have time to invent it myself.
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    posted a message on Papercraft - Yogscast
    This made my day... ur night... hum, I should go to bed... It'd be great to get more of the stuff from the series though *hint hint* :tongue.gif:

    Anyway... I AM DAVE! YOGNAUGHT
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    posted a message on Intellivision AD&D mod for Minecraft
    Quote from zombiefan

    So, not sure about the legalities, but I was thinking that an awesome mod for Minecraft would be one based on the old Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game for Intellivision. (NOT Treasure of Tarmin - although that could be done too.) Here's a clip for reference:

    If you've played this, then you already know that the majority of components are already in the game. Bows and arrows, spiders, axes, boats, the ability to "dig" through tunnels. Throw in some snakes, rats, a blob or two, the dragon (pfffffft! pfffffft!) and a crown and you've got it.

    Unfortunately I can't mod worth a damn, so I'm throwing this out there in case it sparks anyone's imagination. :smile.gif:

    Yeah I was coming here to ask the same question because I have no idea how to make a mod myself. It would be pretty wicked if there was a mod where you could play minecraft and run into all the mobs in the AD&D monster guides, get the gear and items and have a DM set up the world map including dungeons and buildings as well as monster placement. Theoretically you could mod it so that the DM can write the story and set up the world then leave it for other people to play ... you could even have various adventures of a campaign be designed for different participant requirements for multiplayer. Hopefully once npc's are in the game adventure mode can be modded.
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    posted a message on Official Alpha - Survival Picture Thread!

    Been working on this castle a few weeks. All my pictures are on my site though :Sheep:

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