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    posted a message on Small Suggestions

    It would be kind of cool if you could craft a bow using blaze rods instead of sticks and that would automatically give it the flame enchantment. :)

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    posted a message on The most efficient and practical way to branch/strip mine.
    Quote from Sharpe103»

    Why don't you use Silk Touch if take stone primarily for stone bricks and slabs?

    OK, now I feel really stupid! It just never occurred to me to use silk touch on stone! DOH!
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    posted a message on The most efficient and practical way to branch/strip mine.

    When I branch mine, I also like to collect a lot cobblestone to make stone bricks and slabs for building, so in my own survival worlds I don't care if I get the "best" tunnel spacing. I make my main tunnel 3x3 and put branch tunnels every 3rd block. Not only do I never miss out on any goodies, but I also collect loads and loads of cobblestone, and other building materials. Using an enchanted diamond pick with mending I don't worry about breaking tools either.

    In my early days I was constantly running out of cobblestone (stone bricks, stone slabs) for building, and it was annoying. So now I keep as many chests full of cobblestone as I can find room for.

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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Quote from soldieryan91»
    currently, it is not possible to go into the nether on the back of his horse. The only way to go is to draw him with the leash, and once he reaches the other side, he slips between the blocks of obsidian at the risk of losing him.

    it would be well to settle this little detail.

    It would really be cool if minecart tracks could be laid right through a nether portal so you could hop into a minecart, take it to the nether, through the nether to another portal, and ride it right out into the overworld at your destination.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions

    With over 650 pages of small suggestions I'm sure this has been suggested before, perhaps many times:

    There really should be a legitimate way to break bedrock. It should be quite expensive, maybe using a diamond block or something like that, so that you can't just run around breaking all the bedrock in sight. But the most important thing is that it should be a feature, not a bug, so we can be guaranteed it won't be "fixed" away in some future release.

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    posted a message on Spawn in village nestled in roofed forest, next to extreme hills

    plus desert, plains, savanna, ocean monuments and lots of fun crazy terrain nearby. Mushroom island a short ways away too.

    Seed: 5718704905981019115

    The village is pretty crazy. Spread out, and with some buildings way up on stilts with no way to get to the doors.

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    posted a message on Is this cheating?

    There's no such thing as cheating in Minecraft. Play the game any way you like. Play in creative, play in survival peaceful, play with cheats on, play with cheats off. Play with mods, play with resource packs. Whatever you enjoy doing.

    Here's the way I play: I use mapping tools when I want to find the nearest jungle, or mushroom island, or whatever.

    I use the seed of my survival world to make a duplicate world in creative so I can fly around and check out the world.

    Sometimes, when I really, really need to, I use "Open to LAN" to turn cheats on in my survival world.

    When I want beautiful buildings I use one of several resource packs.

    The only time I don't use any aids or cheats of any kind is when I make a hardcore world, totally at random. When I play hardcore, I play hardcore! But then I don't really expect to survive my hardcore quickie games for more than a few real-life days.

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    posted a message on Scared of caves, help?
    Quote from Dixxy69»

    I would never have thought to use Minecraft as a family event/get together. I like the concept of this! If I can just get the wife in on it before we have kids... the game will be so outdated before they're old enough to play it... but if it's not, I am taking this idea! Is that ok?

    When we were dating my wife and I played pencil and paper Dungeons and Dragons a lot. The computer aspect started out years later when the kids were in elementary school and we all huddled around the Apple II playing "Wizardry" as a family. Much later, we moved on to Unreal death matches, and then Everquest and World of Warcraft. Now my kids are grown, and even my grandchildren (ranging from 8 to 24) are old enough to enjoy Minecraft. My son on the east coast hosts the server, my other kids and grandkids scattered around the west coast from San Fransisco to Portland all join in. Sometimes we mix it up with the game "Don't Starve Together", and we still get together on classic Everquest from time to time, but Minecraft is our main thing now.
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    posted a message on Curing Minecraft Boredom

    So every once in a while I get bored with Minecraft. I find myself pacing around in the world, aimlessly, not sure what to do next. Here's an easy cure for boredom that I just discovered a couple days ago.

    Before you start a new world, set a kitchen timer for 28 minutes, and make a list of goals you want to complete in 30 minutes. Then create the new world and start the timer. Once the timer goes off, you've got 2 minutes to wrap things up and log out of the world until next time.

    Then before the next time you enter that world, give yourself another list of things you want to get done in the next 30 minute session. Always wrap up quickly once the 2 minute warning goes off. Never stay in the world for more than 30 minutes before logging out.

    That way you don't get burned out by playing for too long at a stretch, AND you always have a clear cut goal in mind every time you log into that world, and by limiting yourself to 30 minutes, you are always looking forward to getting back into that world to tackle your next challenges. You should take some time between sessions to set your new goals. You certainly aren't limited to one session a day, but you should take a break between sessions to keep it fresh, and to keep you looking forward to the next session.

    Here's my sample list of goals for the first five sessions I played (and the sixth session I haven't played yet) in this new survival island world I just made: (of course you could set different goals depending on what you find in your world)

    Session 1

    1. Harvest trees and plant some saplings
    2. Get some grass seed and plant some wheat
    3. And the big one, sink a shaft all the way down to Y=11 so I can start branch mining for iron and coal as well as diamonds, redstone, lapis lazuli, and gold. (found 5 diamonds)

    Session 2

    1. Make some chests and store extra junk
    2. Start growing some sugar cane.
    3. Make a boat and explore the two big islands that are next to my island to look for livestock. (found cows on one and sheep on the other. Bred my black sheep with my white to get a gray baby.)

    Session 3

    1. Make a diamond pick and mine some obsidian for an enchanting table
    2. breed some cows, get leather, make a book and an enchanting table
    3. See if I can enchant the diamond pick with anything worthwhile
    4. Breed white sheep with gray to see what happens (I didn't find 2 white sheep so I'm trying to breed gray with white to get to true white eventually)
    5. Time permitting, get a real sugar cane farm going.

    Session 4

    1. Mine 2 stacks cobble
    2. Build a nether portal & bunker on nether side to protect the portal from ghasts.
    3. Collect some nether quartz (didn't manage to do this one)
    4. Try to find some brown mushrooms (needed to cure zombie villagers) - found lots of them
    5. Try to find a nether fortress (need blaze rods for brewing stand) - there was one very close by

    Session 5

    1. Get two blaze rods and make a brewing stand. (I figured that was going to be hard enough, with no armor, to take a whole 30 minute session.)

    (I died trying, but I did end up with 3 rods and made the brewing stand before my 30 min ran out. Plus as a bonus, I located, and lit up a blaze spawner that's ideally located for turning it into a blaze farm.)

    Session 6 (Which I haven't played yet)

    1. Get a spider eye and gunpowder to make a splash potion of harming (for curing zombie villagers later)

    2. Mine enough gold to make a couple of golden apples (also for zombie curing)

    3. Time permitting, make a couple golden apples.

    What I set as goals for the next session will depend on how successful I am and finding some gold. By session 7 or 8 I hope to have a zombie trap built and be ready to start curing zombie villagers. After that, I'll set new goals each time I sit down for another 30 minute session.

    I've recorded the first 5 sessions, and I might put them on YouTube. I haven't decided if they're worth posting. (I had fun, but others might find them boring.)

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    posted a message on Amidst now has 1.11 support


    I see what you mean. However, I don't see a reasonable way to implement it. If we add a mechanism to move the world spawn for a world that was not loaded from a save game, most users will probably be confused about what this is supposed to do. At the end of the day, Amidst is not a tool to display a world just like it would be generated. It is a tool to get an impression about what might be generated. If we start to add functionality to manually correct inaccuracies, we will sooner or later see more requests to allow the user to manually fix another inaccuracy. I don't think this adds much value to Amidst, but takes time and effort to develop and maintain, but more importantly it adds GUI clutter that is likely to confuse more users than it will help. Thus, we won't implement this feature, however you already figured out a workaround to get the actual world spawn: Loading a save game.

    I see your point. Anyway, loading a saved game is definitely the way to go then.

    Keep up the good work. I really appreciate it.

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