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I was born in Minecraft Classic, I lived my life building with mainly stone and cobble, then I moved to alpha when my mom and dad said this place was getting 'blah'. Things were a lot tougher at alpha. I also heard strange noises at night. I lived there for the next few years. We eventually had made a mansion when my mom and dad spoke of a beautiful place called Beta. I had moved there, and lived there for a year. Then the land mystically changed, snow men formed, hell portals spawned, and giant mushrooms and mushroom cows blossomed. They told me the evil wrath of 1.0 had come. I was in my house, looking out my window when I saw a tall black figure. I looked away, rubbed my eyes and look back at it. It was gone. I cracked the front door to see if it was there. It was closer. I slammed it shut and looked out the window. It appeared in front of me again, to wail out a strange sound- it sounded like a werewolf, a jaguar, and a human screaming. It then reached for the window I was looking through, it picked it up, and threw it at the ground. It was a sad sight watching the block be destroyed. That wasn't my biggest fear, it began to swing at me through the window! I awoke my parents. We fled to the lower mineshaft, with our gear. In a hurry, my mom had feared doing this but she had done it. The thing she had done is as bad as Herobrine worship. She. Hacked. All the monsters dissapeared and the sun was in the sky. I lost connection to my mom, and flew through a portal. The words flashed in my eyes 'You are banned FOR LIFE!'. I was later born as Crontic. I was in classic again, at the age of 5. This is my life.
Interests Blowing up Covenant Cruiser ships.

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Minecraft Crontic

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