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    posted a message on LittleTiles v1.3.0 #BuildItYourself - Finally Updated to 1.11.2 and 1.10.2
    Quote from kirokadura»

    Hey there! Loving all the new stuff you've been adding, really opening up a lot of new possibilities for building. The recent update with the slanted tiles made me much more motivated to continue working on my project. But I'm having trouble coming up with a solution to a problem I have encountered. Well, it's not really a problem with the mod, more like something I don't know if it can be done with the tools we have right now.

    I'm working on this door:




    The problem is that I'm planning on making this whole area a little flooded, but that would leave a gap where the door is, kinda like this:

    Is it possible to make a put a "ghost" water block in there to fill that gap? I tried the Noclip structure option but it didn't work. I know it's not possible to put two blocks in the same space, but is there some trick that I can use to get around this or is it just impossible?

    Also, I have a couple suggestions, or requests: The first thing, is it possible to add a water and lava drop option to the particle block? Like the ones you see when you have water/lava right above a block. Maybe a option to control how fast it drops too.

    The second one is a way to "offset" the rendering of a block or structure. Like have the physical properties of the object (with it's bounding box / hitbox) in a certain coordinate while having the option to offset it's "physical appearance" to a different coordinate nearby, making it look like it's there. It would solve the issue I'm having, as well as adding new possibilities for building. I have no experience to MC modding, so I got no idea if it's this is possible.

    Anyway, loving the mod. Keep up the great work! 'Night!

    Hey, first of all ... this looks incredible!!! Nice work dude. I'm sorry that i couldn't respond to you earlier.

    There used to be a couple of issues with the drip particles, so i removed them. But now i could fix it, so it will be in the upcoming pre-release.

    Unfortunately it's quite difficult to solve the water issue, if not impossible. I have some ideas in mind, but basically it would require to implement water for LittleTiles, meaning that it will flow through it, which is really difficult to do and would take an awful long time to implement. So that's not really an option at the moment, sorry :(

    No matter how many tiles are inside one block, it will always remove the water. In your case i would recommend to build the walls and the doors at the edge of a block, in a way that nothing sticks out any further. It wouldn't look perfect, but you could fill it with water at least. I'm sorry but there is no other solution at the moment.

    Anyway, I really enjoy what you have built! I want to create a video where i showcase some of the builds made with LittleTiles and i would like to include some of your builds as well. So if you are interested just let me know. I hope i could help you at least in some way and again sorry for my delayed respond.

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    posted a message on LittleTiles v1.3.0 #BuildItYourself - Finally Updated to 1.11.2 and 1.10.2
    Quote from NateAdventurer»

    Unfortunately, a Minecraft block is 16x16 pixels wide. It means that its center is not 1x1 pixels wide but 2x2 pixels wide. For this reason, if the "door" function is used improperly as I did, the rotation will never be symmetrical (because the rotation axis is 1x1 pixels wide).

    Could you give us the option to enlarge the width of the rotation axis? Doing it for example 2x2 pixels wide? We could want to have a perfect rotation, if the axis of rotation should be in the center of a block, as in my Earth globe. Please? :)

    It's also on my todo list to support even axis coordinates. Will be part of the door rework.
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    posted a message on LittleTiles v1.3.0 #BuildItYourself - Finally Updated to 1.11.2 and 1.10.2
    Quote from Resuzx»

    Sliced Tiles? Nice!

    Would be also good if you add other shapes as well (like in ArchitectureCraft mod) or something like smoothing effect, so using chisel you can make sphere/cylinder/etc and then smooth it.

    Similar things are planned, but don't expect anything soon.

    Playing around with the mod and finding a few bugs, il update this post if i find more (using latest version on curse)

    Rubber mallet doesn't work at all as shown in tutorial, trying to use it does nothing

    Holding particle block results in a crash (not sure where to find crashlog with new launcher, would appreciate if someone has info on where to find that)

    Using the saw to make a block smaller will make any parts of neighboring blocks, that were previously hidden, invisible until they receive a block update

    this one isn't entirely a bug? but a bit of a texture error: making a fake hollow pumpkin from these blocks i noticed there were identical except for the top and bottom, on a real pumpkin the stem points twards the front left, on the littletiles pumpkin the stem pointed towards the back right. Also you aren't able to decide which direction the pumpkin faces when placing pixels (you can decide when using the utility knife) This is exemplified by making a door out of pumpkins. Im sure this isnt the only block effected

    this one might be intentional/unfixable, im not sure but light passes through littletiles blocks instead of getting blocked by them like normal solid blocks

    Noclip slowness doesn't work at all

    "fixed" recipe seems a bit redundant to me as it seems None has the same effect as far as i can tell

    Storage crates with the setting invisible storage enabled sometimes make random parts of the storage device invisible if not snapped to minecraft grid

    Ladders placed on the edge of a minecraft block cannot be climbed from the outside of that block (possibly not a bug but annoying for sure)

    attempting to open a door into a block will make the door dissapear

    Overall i love this mod but it has some bugs to fix. Also not a bug but a feature request; New recipe type: Fence

    First of all, thanks for your time! It's really helpful to get this kind of feedback, but keep in mind that this is still a beta, so many things are still temporary.

    - the rubber mallet functionality has been removed. In the future there will be another tool which allows you to do something rather similar, but a lot easier and faster.
    - thanks for reporting this particle block crash, i will try to fix it
    - Saw bug: yeah, that's a known bug. i already have it on my todo list but at the moment other things are more important
    - it would be really helpful if you could send me some screenshot and show me what exactly the problem is. Furthermore i have a tool on my todo list which will allow you to rotate the log, pumpkin, etc. textures. For now i recommend to build the face yourself (especially if you work with doors).
    - unfortunately the light engine is not able to calculate this properly :(
    - I will try to fix the noclip structure as soon as possible.

    - None is not a structure and therefore the tiles will not be bound to each other. A fixed structure is a structure without any purpose, but the tiles are bound together. Meaning it will work as one thing. If you remove a tile you will remove the whole structure, this is very very useful.
    - i will investigate this issue and see if i can reproduce this.
    - unfortuantely this is a limitation of minecraft, i will put it on my todo list nonetheless, maybe i can implement a workaround.
    - if the door cannot place itself again it will drop itself instead.

    What should a fence do?

    Quote from Resuzx»

    Another suggestion: add glow in the dark setting (Maybe in Hammer gui?). So it would look like this:

    Sorry, but this is quite impossible to do :( . It would not be worth the time.

    also im not sure if its a glitch or not but the little container GUI is very confusing especially when attempting to take items out of it as they dont immidiately come with but stick to your cursor or somthing

    Maybe that's due to server lag, i will do some more testing.

    Quote from NateAdventurer»

    Well... now you can create "iron spikes" and "ice stalactites" (as well as stone stalactites) using the "sliced tiles" feature. This mod becomes better update by update.

    CreativeMD you should work with Mojang :))
    Now... if you find a way to set "damage" to those spikes I would really appreciate it. I think we should be able to set damage while chosing the structure type. For example, regarding "iron spikes" I'd like to make them "no-clip + damage" or "fixed + damage", and be able to set a damage value. I don't know if you like this idea, let me know it ;)

    Quote from NateAdventurer»

    RIP Steve... we'll miss you!
    The effigy of Steve is entirely made of cobblestone, I've darkened some areas using the "painting" (I don't remember the actual name atm) tool provided by the mod.

    Any suggestion? I could make the sarcophagus openable using the door feature :D but there's nothing inside right now... it's just hollow and empty.

    This one hides one little secret (you may need to use this)

    That looks really really awesome!!!!

    Damage structures are already on my todo list.
    Quote from Dushess74»

    Hello again, i will ask more about planned features. Besides redstone wires there will be also little controls? I mean little buttons and levers.

    Small tiles will let us create detailed control panels or something similar.

    I have a lot of ideas, but right now there are other things i need to do first.
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    posted a message on LittleTiles v1.3.0 #BuildItYourself - Finally Updated to 1.11.2 and 1.10.2
    Quote from Dushess74»

    Oh, yes. One more question about doors: there is plans for special movements for doors? I mean this variant:

    (Bus door)

    Don't look at different lever lenght, just scheme.

    Quote from TacoRedneck»

    Haha thanks! It's modeled after the big door you find at the beginning of Chapter 6 in Portal 2.

    Sorry, misplaced was the wrong word. It's more like the door starts moving but there is an image left behind until the door moves upwards a couple blocks, then the image jumps back up to match the movement.

    I can't wait for redstone! It would be so much fun to have a bunch of sirens and lights flashing as this door opened.

    Here's a couple more doors I did recently:

    Both of your posts will have a major impact on the future of LittleTiles. @Dushess74 i love your idea. I can't promise anything, but doors will be reworked completely, which will allow you to add extra parts to your animation.

    Also multiple animations at the same time will be possible. Meaning you will be able to make the vault door (second link) roll to side.

    @TacoRedneck your stuff looks really really really awesome!!! I would to include them in a new video format about LittleTiles (showcase buildings). So if you are interested, you can either join on our discord server (and send me a message directly) or send me a pm on this forums. I would need your permission to show your stuff in a video and the world with the builds in it.
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    posted a message on OnlinePictureFrame v1.2.3 #simplebutpowerful - the tool to add pictures to your world
    Quote from FloGamer56»

    Hey bzw. Servus (kommst ja aus Deutschland),

    kannst du kurz erklären wie man GIF's aus dem Internet in die Frames einfügt, funktioniert nicht über Bildadresse bei mir,

    oder ist es nicht mit 1.7.10 möglich? Habe Gif erstellt (ja für Autobahnschilder nutzen wir die Mod) aber wird nur das erste Bild in Minecraft

    angezeigt. Danke für den Support/Hilfe im Voraus.

    Mfg FloGamer56

    PS: Kommste zum Oktoberfest....;)

    Leider ist das bei der 1.7.10er version nicht möglich. Am besten immer updaten wenn man alle neuen Features haben will :D
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    posted a message on OnlinePictureFrame v1.2.3 #simplebutpowerful - the tool to add pictures to your world
    Quote from Resuzx»

    It would be awesome, if it could work as OfflinePictureFrame

    I mean the ability to enter a path to a local file, so it could work without internet.

    That's possible :D but you will be the only person you can see the picture. There is no way to "upload" the picture to the world.
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    posted a message on CMDCam - Be camera & actor at the same time - Smooth camera paths
    Quote from Triliton»

    How do i change mode?

    /cam mode <default:outside> set current mode

    What other modes are there?

    I want to be able to play or do a timelapse and have the camera follow me or target the build.

    There is no timelapse feature and no camera which follows you. You can also set a target for the camera, which will affect it's rotation only and not it's position. This video might help you:

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    posted a message on Enhanced Visuals v1.0.5 - Blur, Blood, Slender, Dust effects

    This mod is originally created by SonicJumper (original thread can be found here). SonicJumper couldn't finish the port to 1.8 (not enough time), so i did it. Eventually the mod got new effects. Feel free to give some feedback.



    1.9.4 & 1.10 & 1.11 (Disable Fast Render in Optifine to fix Black screen issue)


    Enhanced Visuals v0.2.5 mc1.9 download (Disable Fast Render in Optifine to fix Black screen issue)


    Enhanced Visuals v0.2.4 mc1.8.9 download (Disable Fast Render in Optifine to fix Black screen issue)


    Enhanced Visuals v0.2.4 mc1.8 download


    Enhanced Visuals v0.2.4 mc1.7.10 download

    Old Downloads

    1.9.4 & 1.10
    Enhanced Visuals v1.0.3 mc1.9.4 & 1.10 download (Disable Fast Render in Optifine to fix Black screen issue)
    Enhanced Visuals v1.0.2 mc1.9.4 & 1.10 download (Disable Fast Render in Optifine to fix Black screen issue)
    Enhanced Visuals v1.0.1 mc1.9.4 & 1.10 download (Disable Fast Render in Optifine to fix Black screen issue)

    Enhanced Visuals v1.0.0 mc1.9.4 download (Disable Fast Render in Optifine to fix Black screen issue)


    Enhanced Visuals v0.2.4 mc1.9 download

    Enhanced Visuals v0.2.2 mc1.8 download
    Enhanced Visuals v0.2.1 mc1.8 download
    Enhanced Visuals v0.2 mc1.8 download
    Enhanced Visuals v0.1 mc1.8 download

    Enhanced Visuals v0.2.3 mc1.7.10 download
    Enhanced Visuals v0.2.2 mc1.7.10 download
    Enhanced Visuals v0.2.1 mc1.7.10 download
    Enhanced Visuals v0.2 mc1.7.10 download


    • Add crack effect




    This mod is Copyright © CreativeMD (TeamCreative) and licensed under GNU 3

    You may not redistribute this mod in any way, without a written permission.

    You may use this mod for modpacks, as long as you give credit to the author(s) and link to this forum post.



    • Updated to 1.11


    • Added hit effect (optional, default: disabled)


    • Enhanced "Death"-Screen
    • Added Useless Death quotes (suggested by samuel roy)


    • Added heartbeat health configuration


    • Fixed crash while drowning under water. Please delete your config file in order to make it word.


    • Removed Wetness Effect
    • Removed Temperature Effect
    • Added Saturation Effect
    • Added a lot of config options
    • Removed unused effects
    • Added explosion ringing sound effect

    0.2.5 (1.9 only)

    • Fixed ItemPhysic incompatibility


    • Fixed alpha of slender effect
    • Removed heat effect


    • Fixed some crashes for 1.7.10


    • Fixed crash missing player
    • 1.7.10: Fixed blood not visible


    • Fixed blur effects after death


    • Enhanced blur effects
    • Added slender effect
    • Added sand dust effect
    • Enhanced potion effect


    • first release
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    posted a message on ItemPhysic 1.4.4 - More Realtistic Items/ stone doesn't burn in lava

    This mod caused a crash on startup for me running 1.12.1 Here's my client log if you want it.

    ~~ Snip ~~

    Make sure you are using the CreativeCore for 1.12.1 and not the one for 1.12
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    posted a message on Enhanced Visuals v1.0.5 - Blur, Blood, Slender, Dust effects

    Ok looks kinda nice, i have downloaded your textures, put them in a resourcepack and added it to my curseforge page ( so everybody can download your stuff.

    Thank you very much. If you would look to host your resourcepack yourself (using or other stuff) feel free to contact me.

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