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    posted a message on Iron Golem Farm Not Working

    Yea, you shouldn't just arbitrarily change things in a tutorial unless you know what you are doing. Your end result is quite a mess, and even if you had managed to get more doors and villagers working, it would not have helped. You would have gotten no more iron than the simpler tutorial design. To get more iron you need more VILLAGES, not more villagers. While having more villagers will raise the golem cap and allow more golems to spawn, it does not increase the rate at which they spawn. So in an iron farm where the golem is moved out of the village and killed, you won't get any more iron.

    Back in version version 1.8 of the one true Minecraft (Java ;) ) I built a six village iron farm with 2 stacks of 3 villages each, and I added a Redstone Jazz style pigman spawner in the middle for a little gold as well.

    Villages need to be at least 65 blocks apart to prevent merging. My spacing was 68 horizontally and 70 vertically. The golems are flushed to a central lava blade kill area, while the pigmen fall to their death. All the drops are collected by hoppers and sorted into chests. This farm has survived transitions from 1.8 all the way through to the current 1.12.2 without breaking (which is more than I can say for several other farms I have in that same world).

    Although I have made one major modification...

    When fireworks rocket powered Elytra became a reality, I replaced the pigman spawner with a creeper spawner for gunpowder.

    So now I can fly as much as I want!

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    I got a girlfriend for my pet charged creeper. She's only a commoner, but they seem to be getting along.

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    posted a message on Dual skeleton/zombie XP farm

    I like to use a center flush system. It moves the mobs out of the spawn area and into the mobivator much more quickly. For the zombies I have the start of the elevator with the water block at head level so it only picks up the adults. The babies drop into lava under the elevator.

    For the kill room I don't bother trying to pre-soften them, because you can never get a true 1-hit kill that way.

    This is my 1-hit kill device. It will give you a true 1-hit kill, even when mobs spawn with armor (you can kill a zombie or skele in full enchanted diamond armor with one hit). When I have enough mobs on the trapdoor I push the stone button, then the lava retracts, the trapdoor opens, the mobs drop onto the diorite block, the trapdoor closes and the lava returns.

    At this point the mobs have taken no damage. They are at full health, plus whatever armor they are wearing, and yet with one swipe of an unenchanted wooden sword I can kill all of them. Cheats you say, or perhaps magic? Nope, just clever design, which I wish I could take credit for, but the original concept came from sZPeddy. Mine is a modified version of his design.

    So how does it work? Well, mobs will swim up in liquid, and lava is a liquid, and mobs will also hop up when hit. When I attack with the wooden sword it will hit all of the mobs, thanks to the swipe attack. When hit, the mobs will all hop up, which puts their heads into the lava, so they will try to swim up, but the trapdoor blocks their way, and they just hang there with their heads in the lava until they die (which happens pretty quickly since they are in lava).

    And then the drops and XP come raining down.

    Something like this with both a zombie and skele dungeon would be great.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    Quote from Mr_N_Derman»


    I was concerned whether grass submerged underwater (even tho its only a short time) would start turning to dirt, and the farm would become unusable after a while.

    Not sure if you would consider this "cheaty" or not, but if you use Optifine with the clear water option on, grass grows underwater (I forget to what depth, but it's something like 9 or 10 blocks)
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    posted a message on Ocean Monument design questions and suggestions

    The floor level is either 38 or 39 (can't remember off the top of my head at the moment). Above that only guardians spawn, below that normal hostile mob spawning rules apply. Just checked, floor = Y39.

    I used light blue stained glass around mine. I built a blue orchid farm in a swamp to get the light blue dye.

    That's the best way to get light blue dye, otherwise you'll use up a LOT of lapis

    My guardian farm has both collection only and XP modes (controlled by a button).

    For my farm I chose the brute force design methodology. I created a large floating spawn ocean that occupied the entire 58x58 monument area and is 16 blocks deep. The spawn ocean is supported on open fence gates (signs caused too much lag).

    Below the spawn ocean there is a funnel that flushes the guardians over a 4x4 drop into a 4 block deep lava softener.

    The trick here is to have the water flowing over the drop so that guardians don't jump. They just flow to the center and sink.

    After sinking through the lava softener they bounce around on a bed of hoppers until they burn to death.

    There are 4 hopper pipes feeding dual droppers that fire items into a water stream which carries them to an item elevator.

    There are 4 sorters for shards, 2 for crystals and 1 for squid ink, and a final stack of chests for unsorted or overflow items (fish). Squid ink is collected by a ring of hoppers around the drop (before it falls into the lava).

    The stone button switches the farm to XP mode by releasing water across the hoppers and opening a path to the kill room.

    Guardians flow down to a single water source block and I toss harming potions to kill them and collect the XP.

    I turned off entity cramming because it messed up the farm, and it was really designed for servers anyway (it should have defaulted to off for SMP in my opinion). I suppose you could try a larger collection area if you don't want to mess with rules.

    The basic farm design has worked since it was built in the late 1.8 series, but I did have to completely replace the item elevator when they broke the old fence post based design. That also required moving both droppers to the same side (originally they were on opposite sides feeding dual fence post item elevators). So that was some major reconstruction. XP mode was also added after the original build, but I was able to do that while the farm was operational.

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    posted a message on Monsterfarm in Spawn chunks not working

    If you are high enough up in the air you shouldn't need to light up anything below. Is your AFK position more than 128 blocks above the ground?

    It is the server render distance that matters, not yours, so check if the server render distance is 10 or more.

    Spawn chunks shouldn't matter. There is no real advantage to building a general mob spawner in spawn chunks, because they are only active when you are nearby, but it also shouldn't negatively impact the farm. As long as you are within that 24-128 block range it should work.

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    posted a message on How do I change the file name (in the .minecraft folder) of a world?

    Fire up the launcher, click on the world name and select Edit. For renaming the folder, you just do that in your OS like normal.

    If you're running an older version of Minecraft then Edit will be Rename.

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    posted a message on Connecting Minecraft Win 10 to Java Edition servers?
    Quote from Mastermined»

    And this is why in the three years Microsoft has owned Minecraft everything has become a paid service and nothing can be done for free!

    Oh wait...
    You still can
    Even on the Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition can you still download maps, edit skins, and install resource packs for 0 dollars and 0 cents.

    For now, but that will change.
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    posted a message on Finding End Cities

    Crank up your render distance and look around. If your system is too slow to play with high render distance, just crank it up while you are stationary to search the area nearby.

    And as TheWesson said above, map your progress (or at least mark it) to avoid going in circles, and kill the dragon again to get more gateway portals (up to the maximum of 20). Here's a 3x3 grid of 8:1 maps I have completed. Lots of end cities in that area (purple). Click for full sized picture.

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    posted a message on Connecting Minecraft Win 10 to Java Edition servers?
    Quote from Mastermined»

    Console manufacturers in general do not want you to mod your game. Microsoft doesn't, Sony doesn;t, and Nintendo doesn't. That's why Consoles are a closed platform compared to the more open PC.

    Stop trying to shift every negative aspect of console gaming entirely on Microsoft.

    Sony and Nintendo aren't relevant, because they don't own Minecraft. What's happening to Minecraft is, in fact, entirely Microsoft fault.

    Microsoft has ONE goal for Minecraft, and that is to monetize the crap out of it. They intend to make people pay for as much as they can possibly get away with, and from the way the non-Java edition sales are going, it seems like they can get away with just about anything.

    I mean think about it, they HAVE to! They paid 2.4 billion dollars for it! Do you have any idea of how ridiculous that number is? Numbers that large are hard to comprehend, so let me try to put that into perspective.

    If you had 1 billion dollars, with no interest, just 1 billion dollars, you could spend $1000 an hour for 100 years, and you'd still have over 123 million left ($123,400,000.00).

    So Microsoft is going to make you pay for everything. Their shareholders want to see a return on their investment, and that's coming out of your wallet. They will add more DRM to reduce or eliminate free content, and the demise of Java Edition is inevitable. You say prove it, the proof is in the ridiculously large investment they made. They simply can't afford to have a version of the game with so much freedom. If they can't figure out how to monetise Java edition, they will kill it off.

    They won't do it right away, of course. They want us all to voluntarily move over to Windows 10 Minecraft, that's why they are giving it to us for free (it's also why Java won't get cross-platform play), and if the majority of Java players switch, then they can kill off Java Edition with far less drama. We are safe for the immediate future, but Java Edition is living on borrowed time.

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