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    posted a message on Minecraft 2.0: The Magic Update

    PLEASE NOTICE: I have introduced a new poll, as I felt the old one was too specific.

    Below are the results of the previous poll as of 7/20/2015.

    Would YOU like to see this added into Minecraft?:

    YES! I Love Magic -- 26%

    No. I don't like Magic -- 74%

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2.0: The Magic Update
    Quote from Cerrozยป

    Reading most of your posts in this thread, it seems like you're hopping to the other end of the field here. At first, you gave us a big post on all this magic stuff, and now you're telling us to "take this with a grain of salt" and that most of your ideas are placeholders - which I don't know if I believe...

    Don't give us "placeholders", give us the real thing up front, because chances are, people won't come back to later to check if those placeholders are swapped out for the real thing... You also don't need to beat yourself up if your idea isn't supported. That doesn't always mean an idea is bad, just something people aren't comfortable with having in vanilla.

    You say you think the game should have more magic, but why do you feel this way? Why implement what's basically already implemented?

    The reason the post is so long is because I got carried away on my initial idea. In retrospect, my example isn't that great is it?

    Besides, I think that because of the expansive example people think the specifics in the article are EXACTLY what the poll is about. The poll is about the concept of a Magic Update, but I still think something similar to Tomes and Wands should be implemented... just maybe not all the exact spells (The ones that have similar potion type effects should be removed, but I didn't have many ideas what to replace them with so I left them in.)

    I gave the list so people could give their opinions, add onto or contract from what a "Magic Update" would be like. The "placeholders" statement you mentioned, is specifically towards the SPELLS LISTED, as some of the spells have preexisting parallels in Minecraft, some spells will eventually be replaced on the post when I think of something better or is posted here (With Credit to the person who posted it, of course), i.e. Wand of the Serpent.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2.0: The Magic Update

    Hey, people have their opinions. Besides, I'd like to see what the community thinks about a Magic Update of some sort. The poll doesn't mean "Do you think whats in this article should be in Minecraft", I only mean something similar.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2.0: The Magic Update

    If and whenever 2.0 officially comes out, I don't think it'll likely be some sort of magic update. Just about everything written here is total conjecture, and is only my opinion on what a magic update would be like. Also, I posted this before the screenshot with dual-wielding in it was leaked, and I think you idea is good, but when I wrote "Rare chance to freeze enemies", i meant like a 1 in 200 chance to freeze enemies. "Just freeze their weapon" would likely be like a Spell of Disarming or something akin.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2.0: The Magic Update

    I don't really care if something like this doesn't happen until MC 3.0. I just think that Minecraft needs more magic.

    Besides, most of this stuff is just place holder, and I have no mod expertise so i couldn't make this into a mod. I do agree that there shouldn't be anything that is similar in potion form. Thanks for the tip.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2.0: The Magic Update

    Ok then. Also the reason it's in THIS forum is because it's a "Suggestion" form. The idea of it is to suggest something for a vanilla update. Take everything here with a grain of salt.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2.0: The Magic Update

    Fine by me, this is just an idea to make a vanilla version of those sort of things.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2.0: The Magic Update
    Quote from Cerroz,"I accidentally read the part only for Mojang. What is my punishment?

    The thought and effort you put into this is awesome and all, but the concept of magic/spells/tomes all seems bulky and redundant, since we have potions and enchantments as our magic. For example, I don't see much reason to add a "Wand of The Serpent" because there's already poison splash potions. The mana thing also seems like there's some micromanagement involved..."
    I tried to come up with something that was simple, and practical. Turns out I'm not very good at it.
    Well, I still think that there should be some kind of magic other than potions & enchanting. Like, for example, some way to teleport to base when you go too far from home, without using command blocks.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 2.0: The Magic Update

    For the longest time we have had magic-type things in Minecraft. Alchemy (Potion making), Enchantment tables; BOTH were additions added when Minecraft finally got out of beta and into a full version, Minecraft 1.0. So why not continue the trend? But this time go all out.

    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! I present to you, the Minecraft 2.0: Magic Update (or so I hope)


    My idea initially simple, add Wands, and Spells into Minecraft.

    But as the idea expanded, i realized that you'd likely have to add a mana system to minecraft (put the bar over the hunger one).

    And as it got more elaborate I decided to post specifics; so here you go.



    The most complicated part of this "update" was, in fact, figuring out how the mana system would work.

    I went through some ideas and I've think that a 'Level Up' type system wouldn't work with Minecraft, a Terrarian type system with the falling stars is a bit impractical, and an Ars Magica system was FAR too complicated for Vanilla (So it's easy to learn).

    I eventually decided upon making it like armor, hunger, and health.

    A 10-point meter that consists of some magical icon that's blue (Likely a star or a bottle with mana in it), that will drain a certain amount depending on how much mana it costs to use a spell.

    The mana system will slowly recover mana after it is lost, but it will take a long time as a result (i.e. half a mana-point will recover every 15 - 20 seconds).

    In order to make the system work better with Minecraft a new potion would have to be added that will alow you to recover mana on the go.



    I figured that a Skyrim-type system where you would find Tomes and learn new spells REALLY wouldn't work with minecraft at all.

    SO, i decided that tomes would likely be an item that would use mana and break after a awhile*.

    Here is a list that of tomes that would likely appear when the Magic update comes out.

    EVERY Tome has 3 levels of use: Novice, Intermediate, & Advanced.

    ~Novice: Allows for more uses, and takes up less mana, but deals less damage / Heals least damage

    ~Intermediate: Base level of Tomes. Takes a moderate amount of Mana, breaks at a moderate rate, deals moderate damage / Heals Moderate damage.

    ~Advanced: Least amount of uses, takes most mana, deals most damage / Heals most damage

    (Excluding Tome of Warp, & Tome of Return Home, which gain more uses as it goes up a level)

    Tome of Fire Ball


    Novice:164 Uses; +3 damage; takes 1.5 mana

    Intermediate: 148 uses; +4 damage; takes 2 mana

    Advanced: 134 uses; +6 damage; takes 4 mana

    (Rare chance to light target on fire [2 seconds])

    Tome of Ice Bolt


    Novice: 135 uses; +4 damage; takes 2 mana

    Intermediate: 128 uses; +4.5 damage; takes 2.5 mana

    Advanced: 120 uses; +5.5 damage; takes 4 mana

    (Rare chance to slow enemies [for 0:20 seconds])

    (VERY rare chance to freeze enemies in place [2-3 seconds at most])

    Tome of Withering


    Novice: 145 uses; 0:03 seconds of withering; takes 3 mana

    Intermediate: 128 uses; 0:05 seconds of withering; takes 4.5 mana

    Advanced: 100 uses; 0:10 seconds of Withering; takes 6 mana

    (Withers target in crosshair, unless behind glass or wall)

    Tome of Magic Missile


    Novice: 200 uses; does +2 damage; takes 1 mana (2 seconds of cool down after each shot)

    Intermediate: 185 uses; +3.5 damage; takes 2.5 mana (3 Seconds of cool down after each shot)

    Advanced: 170 uses; +4.5 damage; takes 3.5 mana (4 seconds of cool down after each shot)

    (Creates a magic arrow that has no drop and will fly straight until it hits a wall or goes into an unloaded chunk)

    Tome of Heal Ally


    Novice: 130 uses; +2.5 health to ally; takes 3 mana

    Intermediate: 122 uses; +4 health to ally; takes 5 mana

    Advanced: 118 uses; +6 health to ally; takes 6.5 mana

    (During healing ally, will stand still for 1 seconds during healing)

    (You must wait 4 seconds before you can heal your ally again)

    Tome of Health


    Novice: 130 uses; +2.5 health to self; takes 3 mana

    Intermediate: 122 uses; +4 health to self; takes 5 mana

    Advanced: 118 uses; +6 health to self; takes 6.5 mana

    (Same as "Tome of Heal Ally", but only applies to self; During healing, YOU will stand still for 1 second)

    (You must wait 5 seconds before you can heal yourself again)

    Tome of Warp


    Novice: 1 use; (Read parenthesis below); takes 8 mana

    Intermediate: 3 uses; (Read parenthesis below); takes 9 mana

    Advanced: 5 uses; (Read parenthesis below); takes 10 mana

    (Allows you to teleport to ANY loaded chunk you have already visited)

    Tome of Return Home


    Novice: 10 uses; (Read parentheses below); takes 6 mana

    Intermediate: 18 uses; (Read parentheses below); takes 7 mana

    Advanced: 25 uses; (Read parentheses below); takes 8.5 mana

    (Allows you to teleport to the most recent bed you have slept in)

    *The fastest a Tome can break is after 100 uses, not counting the "Tome of Warp". This includes ALL Advanced versions of each tome

    WANDS (batteries not included)


    As I was inventing this "update" I thought to myself, "well if Minecraft had wands, they shouldn't 'break' in the traditional Minecraft sense, as you don't hit anything with it or strain it like a bow string." So I figured that you could use mana potions, combine them with Lapis Lazuli and create a "Charging Stone" (Sort of like how a "Soul Gem" works in the Elder Scrolls series)

    Wands are a more offensive based type of item than Tomes. As they are an item that casts spell, and not hit enemies, it wouldn't make much sense if it broke when the energy was depleted, so when it runs out you have to charge it (Also similar to the Elder Scrolls staffs).

    UNLIKE Tomes, which have multiple levels of power, Wands have a permanent power level. Every wand with a parallel to a tome is above the Intermediate level, but below the Advanced level.

    ALTHOUGH, because Wands do not eat into you mana pool, the uses are lower by comparison.

    Charging Stone

    _Lapis Lazuli + Mana Potion = Charging Stone_

    (The batteries mentioned above)

    Wand of Fire Ball

    112 uses; +5 damage

    (Rare chance to light target on fire [2 seconds])

    Wand of Magic Missile

    125 uses; +3.5 damage; (3 seconds of cool down after each shot)

    Wand of Ice Bolt

    114 uses; +5 damage;

    (Rare chance to slow enemies [for 0:20 seconds])

    (VERY rare chance to freeze enemies in place [2-3 seconds at most])

    Wand of Lightning

    100 uses; +4 damage

    (Rare chance to ignore armor)

    (If used during a storm + 2 damage to the base amount)

    (CAN charge Creeper)

    Wand of The Serpent

    105 uses; 0:06 seconds of poisoning; +1 damage

    (Similar effect to "Wand of Withering")

    Wand of Withering

    100 uses; 0:05 seconds of withering; +2 damage

    (Difference between Tome and Wand: Fires projectile that MUST hit in order to activate)

    Wand of Healing Ally

    110 uses; +5 health to ally

    (During healing ally, will stand still for 1 seconds during healing)

    (You must wait 3 seconds before you can heal your ally again)

    Wand of Fumblemore*

    88 uses; +5 damage [direct hit]; +2.5 damage [blast radius]

    (Fires small, range based, explosive projectile [has 2 block blast radius around object hit {Cannot destroy anything as hard or harder than stone}])




    Brewed from a Mundane Potion, & a "Mana Flower" (IF USED; spawns in caves, or on grass. rarest spawning flower {CAN place in crafting table to get 2 seeds. Flowers grow over 5 Minecraft days})

    *Wand of Fumblmore: Point and make things blow up; named after the "Terrible Wizard" from Shadow of Israphel who kept blowing things up (as it was the only spell he apparently knew)

    I only could come up with some basic ideas (Mostly Based off Elder Scrolls spells), I'd like to see what spells you would like to see in a "Magic Update". What do you think should stay in the post? What should be removed, or changed? Leave a suggestion below. (Don't worry, any spells added or changed from this list will have the user name of the creator credited)

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    Can you try to make 2 versions?

    -One with Mods

    -And one WITHOUT mods
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    posted a message on (Multiplayer) [Servers] Bad Login
    Quote from F34RxM3

    This error occurs if you are using a cracked version of Minecraft.

    Cracked = illegal copy.

    If not, then your MC files may be corrupt. I advise closing minecraft, opening it back up, pressing options and clicking 'Force Update' .
    If that method does not work,
    then go to your Start button and type %appdata% And hit enter. Then search for 'minecraft.' file and then go to Bin, and click minecraft.jar (open with win.rar) and delete all files in there. Then open up minecraft and run the game. - You should be able to connect to servers now.

    Should you require more assistance, don't hesitate to ask via PM. ~ xCrackZx
    Found me helpful? +1 my post. Thanks! Good day .
    I did redownload and i've recently bought a prepaid card for minecraft, is there a problem with prepaid cards maybe?
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    posted a message on (OFFLINE) Zombie-CityCraft
    Welcome to ContraZombie4's CityCraft Fourm Page!CityCraft is my personal server where you can;-run a bussiness-get a job-explore-become a city owner-and more!There is a physical currency system, a main city; which contains our finest jail, a secret underground town, a nether portal transport system, more communities, and always seeking new players!Rules:No griefing-burning-TNTing (unless underground and approved)-not allowedIf you want to join please send a message to my xbox gamertag: ContraZombie4Currency System (based of USA currency)1 Sugar = 1s = 1 cent1 Paper = 1p = 1 Dollar1 Gold Nugget = 5p = 1b = 5 DollarsNOTICE: I will update daily if the server is online or not
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    posted a message on (Multiplayer) [Servers] Bad Login
    I want to play on this one server but it keeps telling me I have a "Bad Login" when I try to join.

    The same thing is happening to my other servers, I need to know what "Bad Login" means and how to fix it.
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    posted a message on Bioshock (Rapture) Survival games map
    hey, will mobs spawn on this map naturally?
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    posted a message on Dungeon Diver (SuperFlat preset)
    Quote from lazyrunner

    I don't think you can have jungle temples and desert temples in the same superflat world because they only spawn in jungles and deserts, respectively and the whole world is one biome. I would suggest using a desert biome, because villages only spawn in deserts and plains, so at least you'd get the villages and pyramids. I'll see if I can give you something more concrete when I get the chance.

    thnx! I figured out that you cant have jungle dungeons on a superflat lands any ways.

    I'm acctually making progress with a key i found on the wiki. But one of the things I want this map preset to have is naturally spawned trees which only exist in the 3 (extreme hills) biome gerator. but villages cannot spawn on extreme hills.
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