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Name: Chasmic_
No, seriously: Dominic
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Location: Scotland
Language: English

Hobbies: I play Minecraft. Figures. I play on the Acolyte SMP server, owned by NotEnoughChar. In actual fact, I am co-owner of the server. Away from that, I enjoy Terraria, Binding of Isaac & some other Steam games. I don't watch TV nowadays, but when I did, I enjoyed How I Met Your Mother, Top Gear & Doctor Who. I am Scottish, but I don't like haggis. Yes, I'm a disgrace.

How I Met Your Mother
Montage Parodies
Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
Jaffa Cakes

The youth of today
Most vegetables
Internet trolls
The Only Way is Essex


Now go away. You've seen enough.

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