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    posted a message on Tower of Casandora [OOC / Accepting]

    Name: Gareth, Commander of the Forsaken

    Gender: Male

    Race: Half-Elf


    Gareth has a square jaw, high cheekbones, pointy ears, and a low brow that is seemingly stuck in a scowl. His eyes are of a bright blue color, and his hair that flows down to his shoulders is of a dark brown hue.

    He wears a gambeson beneath a mail shirt, with steel plates protecting his forearms up to his elbows. Over his mail, he dons a red tunic, with tattered sleeves that end just past his biceps. Fastened to his chest, Gareth has segmented steel plates with engravings of an insignia to protect his entire torso.

    As for pants, Gareth wears brown, borderline black, leather-esque trousers. His pants are flexible, allowing him to a full range of motion. His boots match the color of his pants. Steel plates cover his shins and toes.

    Over all of this, Gareth wears a black cloak, interwoven with gold-infused thread, and a red insignia to match the one on his chest in the center. The insignia itself depicts a hawk and a bear biting at each other's heels in a circle shape, with an Elven symbol of peace in the middle. Surrounding the insignia is the Elven and Human translations for, “Peace, only through war.”

    Floor: 2


    Gareth is a logical and solemn man-elf. He carefully watches the move of everyone around him, without ever giving a clue that he is. He reasons through problems rationally, however, sometimes his pride gets the best of him, a trait passed on from his Elven ancestors. He is extremely loyal, as long as the person he’s loyal to shares his motives. Furthermore, he has an iron will. Everything he does is usually done according to his own will.


    Gareth lived a life such that he became adept in warfare. Movements of troops, tactics, fighting… it all made sense to him. He was a general, his own general. He served no one, but many served him. Gareth had a peculiarity about him that allowed him to consume the mind of a being. At first, this meant rats and other rodents, but as he grew older, this meant men, elves, and anything that had a mind. Gareth had a way of breaking a living being’s will, or its instincts to kill, simply by grabbing hold of them, and entering their mind. It was said that he could break anything’s will and use it against them. So imagine Gareth when he met a being that resisted his influence.

    They called him The Dark Lord.

    Ages ago, Gareth had found himself and his army of Forsaken against the Lord. At the time, none had defeated the Dark Lord, but Gareth Elven pride got the best of him, and so he faced him. In the midst of battle, the two leaders encountered. Gareth was fast, but The Dark Lord was faster. For a moment, The Dark Lord left and opening for Gareth to exploit. He grabbed the Lord around his neck, and attempted to enter his mind. But he couldn’t; The Dark Lord resisted Gareth’s power.

    After breaking Gareth influence, The Dark Lord gripped Gareth by the neck, lifted him up, and slammed him into the ground, knocking any air inside of his lungs out. The Dark Lord did not kill Gareth however. Gareth’s mind faded, and that was the last thing he would see for thousands of years.


    - “Submit to me!” - Gareth can take control of weaker, living beings to force them to fight for him. After he no longer has a use for them, they commit suicide.

    - Elven Wrath - Gareth focuses and time slows to him for a few moments. During this time, Gareth becomes extremely dangerous to weak beings, and some stronger beings. He is able to kill most things in one well placed attack, unless his target is heavily armored, as he only uses his sword and shield during this time. Some beings can “resist” Elven Wrath and can focus down Gareth.

    - Light of the Forsaken - Gareth can consume one or more of his followers in a blinding explosion of frost or fire. This obviously destroys the follower. The more powerful the follower, the more powerful the blast.


    Gareth is adept in using swords and javelins with a small shield. His sword of choice is made of steel with Elven engravings on one side with Human translations on the other. His javelin is made for stabbing armored targets. It has a a very thin tip made for poking in gaps of armor, but isnt useful for much other than stabbing. His shield is special made to resist physical attacks, magic attacks, and attacks from cursed or enchanted weapons. The shield itself is not exceptionally good at defending against any of the mentioned types of attacks, but is instead made to resist all of the attacks decently.

    (( If there's anything that seems too powerful I'd be happy to change it. ))

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    posted a message on [IC][Prologue] A Wrinkle in the World

    The faint light of the sun breaching the windows of Anders' house woke him. He laid there for a moment before sitting up and getting out of his bed. He sat on the edge with his face in palms, rubbing his eyes, before standing. He looked at the bag he'd packed for the night before, noticing his old linen pants laying next to it. He put them in a drawer, as he didn't find it necessary to take them on the trip. He changed out of the clothes in which he slept into what he'd be wearing for the adventure. White shirt, his new cotton pants, and his leather breastplate and pauldrons. He fixed the pouch with his belongings to his belt, then fitted his axes into the metal loops on his hips.

    After he left, he made his way through the market. Few people walked the streets this early, most of them were likely just waking up or tending to their responsibilities at home. He browsed the shops and saw that one in particular sold tools of sorts. Anders approached the vendor and browsed his stock. He saw hammers, saws, hoes, and various other tools, but the vendor also sold knives. Anders wasn't searching for a new weapon, his axes in his hands were far too effective to need anything else, but a knife was a good thing to own as a utility. He spoke to the vendor. "What knives do you have in stock? One with a sheath that I could attach to this strap would be perfect." He gestured to the strap across his chest that held his left pauldron to his shoulder.

    (( I put the parts that relate to my inventory in bold an attempt to help you out with my character sheet, let me know if you don't want me to continue this and I will stop. ))

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    posted a message on Mysteries of the Ancients [Low Fantasy RP] [Created Using Microscope] [OOC] [Accepting]
    Quote from Scarfking»

    However, if you have a plan to get your character into the group, you can consider yourself accepted.

    I read through the more recent story before submitting my application, and have read through it again to get a plan. I spent quite some time on this character, and would very much like to join this RP. I have some ideas about how he could meet up with the group. I'll PM you to keep posts here down.

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    posted a message on Mysteries of the Ancients [Low Fantasy RP] [Created Using Microscope] [OOC] [Accepting]

    Name: Vilralt Adrehen

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human


    Very light, almost white, blonde hair sits at Viralt’s shoulders, pulled back and above his ears. The top is tied into a tight ponytail and the sides are pulled behind his ears to reveal his handsome face. His nose is perfectly symmetrical and narrow. He has a thin, chiseled face; at certain angles, light will reveal the dimple in his chin. Thick stubble covers his lower face and upper lip.

    His body is lean and muscular. Each muscle is tight in his smooth, pale skin. Though the majority of his skin is smooth, he has earned a few scars fighting monsters, one reaching down his left bicep and forearm, another revealing that claws have previously sunk into his back. He stands at six feet and one inch, taller than the average human.


    Viralt has a few past experience with monsters.

    He utilizes evasive maneuvers to make up for the fact that his armor isn’t the tankiest.

    His primary fighting style is untraditional in a dueling sense, and employs thrusts and spinning counter attacks to create momentum in the sword, allowing him to easily cut the thick bones and tissues of monsters.


    Sometimes he is overconfident, and sees himself as a master Slayer. While he is skilled, he is far from being a master.

    The only armor he wears is light and flexible. Getting hit hard isn’t something his armor would stop, unlike most plate armor.

    The style of fighting that he is an expert in is mostly ineffective against trained combatants. Traditional dueling fight styles are not his area of expertise.


    He carries a beautiful longsword with a satin finish. The entire weapon measures four feet long. Nine inches of the weapon are dedicated to the hilt, the other thirty-nine for the blade. The pommel is hexagonal, and gradually increases in width the further it gets from the handle to create a curve. The grip is wire wrapped with annealed steel and copper, and in the center, a ferrule separates two sections of the handle. The guard is v-shaped, with a slight inward offset half way up the guard. The blade itself has a ricasso at the guard, a distal taper, and three fullers. The center fuller stops just past half of the length of the blade, and the two beside it end three or four inches behind.

    Viralt doesn’t carry much else as far as weapons go, he finds that his longsword is versatile enough to do most everything he would need it to.


    Viralt wears a light grey gambeson with pauldrons covering his shoulders. The pauldrons themselves consist of squares of riveted chainmail bordered and backed by leather to keep them durable, yet flexible. Three of these patches are layered on top of each other to create the pauldron. The pauldrons are fastened to his body by leather straps reaching across his chest and back, and around his mid-upper arm.

    His choice in chest armor is somewhat unprecedented. He wears a breastplate made of layers of hardened leather, dyed to be a navy color, that covers only his upper torso. The armor is shaped to mimic the pectorals of a burly man. His backplate is made of the the same material, and connects to the breastplate with three leather belts under each arm. Finally, over the wearer’s heart is a fairly thick piece of steel, vaguely in the shape of a crest, and is fastened to one of the straps that holds on Viralt’s left pauldron.

    Under the armor made for his upper torso, Viralt wears a thick, sleeveless leather shirt, reinforced with chainmail. The chainmail on this shirt, however, is not made in square patches like on his pauldrons, and instead has wide strips running to the top of the shirt in the front and back.

    His gauntlets, or gloves, rather, are made of leather similar in color to his breastplate. They reach mid forearm, and are further secured with two strips of leather, one near the wrist, one near the top. Lastly, he wears a piece of brown leather covers the upper palm and the bases of each finger. A four sided steel pyramid is found on each knuckle.

    As for the lower half of his body, he wears pants, made in a similar quilting fashion as a gambeson. The pants are made of linen that matches the color of his breastplate. His boots are made of simple brown leather, and stop just under the knee.

    Final detail, all of his armor is custom tailored, and most of it is form fitting, the exception being his pauldrons.


    Viralt’s dad was a Slayer. Emphasis on the was.

    He grew up in a fairly large city. It was nothing like the capital of his own race, but it was not a small village by any means either. It was maze-like, winding streets going every which way so that a foreigner might get lost. It was, simply, Viralt’s home. He was the son of Darion Adrehen, a semi-popular Slayer in the town. He was skilled at his job; efficient, for lack of a better word. Viralt looked up to his father, and knew that one day he would follow in his steps.

    From a young age, Viralt was taught to fight with the longsword, a common blade for Slayers. He went through years of training, from intense exercise to studying books on techniques. He practiced footwork, striking, cuttings, thrusting, half-swording, and pommel striking. His father was his teacher, with a few experts in different areas giving him pointers. Through his training, his combat awareness became increasingly better; knowing how his opponent moved and how his sword seemingly became an extension of his hand. It was around this time that he was introduced to an evasive fighting style that relied on swift movements and light footwork.

    Prior to this new style, Viralt relied on parries and blocks to keep himself from harm. However, he found that these new techniques would be more effective against unintelligent or untrained combatants, such as a monsters. To some degree, the style worked against even trained fighters, but less effectively than a traditional dueling stance. This style relied on evading an attack, and creating momentum in the sword to result in a more explosive cut.

    So, when he came of a reasonable age, Viralt went on the hunt. A large, four legged beast was tormenting a small village not far from his own home. He rode on horseback with his father to the village, asking around for leads of where the monster may’ve gone. Most suggested that it was in a forest about a mile north east from the hamlet. He and his father travelled half a mile towards the forest and waited until the night.

    The silhouette of the beast could be seen in the distance, the moonlight giving away its position. Viralt signalled to his father. The monstrosity moved towards the light of the Slayers’ fire, slowly revealing the details of itself. It looks not dissimilar to a boar, or maybe a bear. Or both. Its overall size was larger than the average house. It had greasy tufts of brown and black fur covering its body; areas of dried blood spotted the beast. Its face was narrow, its lips hiding razor teeth, with the exception of two tusks that jutted upward from its jaw. Spikes protruded from the thing’s back.

    The Slayers drew their swords and readied themselves. The monster charged, foam dripping from its mouth. The Slayers reacted, moving from the trajectory of the beast. It stopped in its tracks, not far from Viralt, and let out a deafening roar while standing on its hind legs. Darion approached the creature, sword at the ready, and struck it across the stomach. The horror brought down its paws in an attempt to crush Darion, though he evaded the attack, allowing Viralt to thrust into the thing’s ribs. The giant swiped in both directions, and while Viralt avoided the cut, his father didn’t, tossing him to ground, bleeding.

    Viralt, greatly angered, launched a spinning cut towards the monster’s leg, which connected and was only stopped by bone. Again, the beast stood on its hind legs and attempted to trample its adversary. Viralt slashed upwards as it began to rise, cutting the stomach of the demon again. After connecting the hit, Viralt rolled to his left and toward the beast’s right leg as it attempted to hit him. When it stomped, Viralt grabbed his blade with one hand, holding the handle firmly in the other, and thrust into the monster’s neck, paralyzing it as it crashed to the ground. He didn’t bother to retrieve his sword from its neck before rushing to his father.

    He was mumbling something. Viralt inspected the wounds. They were deep, possibly fatal. He dressed the wounds after cleaning them, and led his father to their horse, helping him onto their companion. They returned to village, where Darion was given better medical attention than Viralt could offer. Darion suffered profuse bleeding and a few fractured ribs and would have to stay in the village until he was properly healed. Viralt, on the other hand, returned home, leaving the horse behind for his father.

    Weeks later, Darion returned, announcing that he would be retiring from being a Slayer. His excuse was he was getting too old, and that he had taken his final hit. It was a few years later when he died due to the years of stress and damage to his body. Though grieved, Viralt was grateful that his father received a peaceful death, rather than one by combat.

    Now, Viralt wanders from city to city, inquiring if there is any nuisances around the city. Often times the answer is no, but there is occasionally a monster than needs taking care of it.

    Other: After receiving the scar down his arm, Viralt shouted towards the imp that caused it, “For glory and honor, huzzah!” before charging it.

    ((Think I got everything I need for the application, let me know if they're any questions or comments on it, and I'll be happy to respond.))

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    posted a message on [IC][Prologue] A Wrinkle in the World

    Anders heard the horn in the distance, and figured it was relating to official news regarding the Branded. He reached the center of town to hear a crier give a brief statement, announcing that the Branded would all recover. He then went on to say that there was a need for people to adventure into the Conglomerate due to a lack of weaponry, and that there would be payment for their services.

    "A trip to the Conglomerate and money? What's not to like?" He murmured. Anders would make his way to the barracks tomorrow to talk to Clarence about going.

    The sun was setting and the shops were closing, leading Anders to return home. He lit a lamp upon entering and retrieved a whetstone from a crate of supplies for taking care of his weapons. He dipped the stone in a bucket of water and began sharpening Marshall. "Wonder why they need weapons. You'd think if it was just weapons they needed they'd buy them from the citizens. Maybe it's men that they need." He thought. When he was satisfied with the edge of his axes, he put a coat of oil on the heads with a cloth to prevent rusting.

    Anders knew it may be a long time before he returned home, if he he came back at all, and packed a few things for the journey. First, old manuscripts from his master. Anders studied them often, and didn't hope that the trip would impede that. He packed a small book that had mostly pages on axes, and a few on the longsword. Anders had a sort of soft spot for the longsword, as it was his introductory weapon into martial arts, and hoped to one day become more adept at using it. Next, he packed what money he had in the case he'd need it. Lastly, a small bottle of oil to keep his axes clean.

    Nearly ready for tomorrow, Anders laid his leather armor next to his front door, along with his hip pouch he'd packed, and laid down on his bed, thinking about the conversation he'd be having with the Captain tomorrow.

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    posted a message on [IC][Prologue] A Wrinkle in the World

    "Seventy, huh?" Anders considered the gold he had. He wasn't currently saving it for anything, and he did favor the craftsmanship of the pants. After considering it for a short while, Anders agreed to the price. He handed the money to the tailor in exchange for the pants. He changed into the new clothes he'd purchased, and, having nothing else to do at the moment, walked around the market while waiting for some news on the Branded to come out.

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    posted a message on [IC][Prologue] A Wrinkle in the World

    Hearing the conversation between the ma- "Oh, it's him." Anders thought when he turned to see who the conversation was between. He did hear the message from the nurse to the mage. Anders didn't know any Niheres, and dismissed any chance of him getting into the inn. Anders looked back at the woman, "Well, you heard the nurse. Unless we know a Nihere who wants us to be in there, we aren't going to talk to Branded today. I guess I'll see you around." With that, Anders returned to the commercial district, hoping to pass time there until some news about the Branded came out.

    This time while browsing the market Anders did find something that interested him. It was a tailor. They had a variety of clothing, ranging from formal dresses to simple cotton shirts. Anders approached the tailor, a woman, and inquired, "What pants do you have in stock? I'm looking for something durable and practical."

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    posted a message on [IC][Prologue] A Wrinkle in the World

    Anders noticed the man frantically moving through crowd as guards moved in on him. He was hard to miss, as he was similar in size to Anders. The man calmed down when the guards got close after he whispered to one of them. After the guard's gesture, the man began to walk toward the inn for new Branded. Anders pointed towards the man, and said to the short woman, "Looks like one of them's awake. Maybe we'll get some answers soon."

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    posted a message on [IC][Prologue] A Wrinkle in the World

    Anders rolled his eyes. "Whatever. If you do that again, don't bother coming back here." At that time, Anders' shift was nearing its end. He wrote a report for his employer about the damage to the wall and table. He included descriptions of each person involved: the alleged cheater, the drunk, and the mage. Upon finishing, he left the pub, taking his daily wages of twenty pieces of silver with him, and walked into the commercial district, glaring at the mage on his way out.

    To hopefully put off the stress of the situation that just happened, Anders browsed the stands of artisans. There were knickknacks, dolls, plates and cutlery; some of the bigger stands housed furniture or large, skinned livestock. Unfortunately, nothing caught his eye. Previously Anders didn't want to hear any rumors about the new Brandeds that had shown up, now, however, he felt some gossip could help with his mood.

    He made his way to the well where a large crowd seemingly was always present. He walked threw the people towards the well, hearing all kinds of theories about the Branded. One woman said they were demonic, while two men argued whether there were actually four of them or not. When Anders made it to the well he examined it. Nothing seemed different about it. Looked about the same as the day he showed up. His eyes darted to his brand. He didn't know exactly what was in the center. A circle with eight lines forking off of it, each with a different design on their ends. Sometimes he wondered what brands meant. If they were just there for no reason, if they were pictures of their owner's past life, or if they were a symbol of fate and told who would become what. Looking back at the crowd around him, he saw a few familiar faces of people who frequently came into his pub. He asked around the well what people knew about the Branded. Little didn't seem far-fetched.

    Anders approached a short woman with black hair standing near the well the same question he'd asked everyone else, "So, what've you heard about the newcomers?"

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    posted a message on [IC][Prologue] A Wrinkle in the World

    Anders was furious at the person that had cast the lightning bolt in his bar. Or perhaps he wasn't a person. He was far too skinny, and, given his display of reckless use of magic, far too barbaric to have rational, human thought. Anders raised his voice at the mage, "What are you thinking? You could have killed the both of them with a bolt like that!" Anders gripped the handles of his axes subconsciously, then released them. At that time, the drunk fumbled out of the door.

    Anders ran out the door after the drunk. Citizens filled the streets, providing the drunk a perfect opportunity to escape him. Frustrated, he turned back inside to deal with the "man" who'd threatened more lives than the drunk had. "What was your thinking in doing that, huh? He may have been holding a knife up to someone, but that doesn't mean you had to try to kill him. You just about burnt down this entire building." Again, Anders subconsciously reached for his axes, then stopped himself.

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    posted a message on [IC][Prologue] A Wrinkle in the World

    He struck against the chest of a stuffed target. Each hit caused the mannequin to shake, despite being on a solid post, and throw dust in the air. Cuts and tears covered the cloth that held the hay against the post, the contents spilling out of each. Anders, using wooden, practicing axes, swung repeatedly at the target, striking high and low and everything in between. Finally, on what had become his last swing, the axe in his right hand, made in the likeness of Marshall, snapped at the head, sending it flying some distance. Anders watched it fly, then glanced at his axe, realizing what happened. Out of frustration, he threw the handle in the same direction of the head that choose to dislocate itself and thought, And to think I just bought that one last month. Hmph, poor craftsmanship.

    Anders pulled out of a drawer in his house a list of carpenters he knew of in the city. He searched through the list for the name of the last one he'd gone to and crossed it out, passing about a dozen others that had also been scribbled over. It was not Anders' desire to go commission an axe today, with a group of, not just one or two, but four Branded showing up recently, and the rumors that come with them. Still, he went anyway to town anyway, as he did have a job to do.

    During his trip, the sights of the city caught his eye. The people talking, the children playing, and, somehow, the reassurance of each building still standing where it had been previously. As time went on, Anders made his way through a sort of commercial district. Farmers sold their crops, artisans their goods, and some various other shops sprinkled throughout. Finally, he made it to the pub he'd been working at for so long. He entered the dark, dingy building. Groups of men sat throughout the building, with fair women, who were scantily clad, and who also tried to woo their hearts and their money away.

    Anders walked slowly to the counter, his boots seemingly shaking the building around him with each step. He glared at onlookers, who seemingly questioned his intentions of being here. Anders was by no means a small person, and had a threatening air around him. Maybe that was the reason he was kept around the pub for so many years, just to scare off trouble and to intimidate anyone he decides not to pay. Anyone who frequented the bar knew he was well-meaning, and, after a few drinks, quite jovial. Now standing behind the counter, the people in the bar went back to what they were doing, seeing that Anders was in fact an employee.

    In the same seat that his former master, Marshall, sat in the night Anders life took a turn, was a short, stocky man who called over Anders, asking for a drink.

    "What kind of whiskey do you got?" said the man. Anders replied to him, stating what was in stock. "Hmm, I think I'll go for-" The man was cut off by a loud banging, as if a table was flipped over, from across the room. Both Anders and the customer in front of him turned to look, the rest of the people in the pub doing the same, silent. A table was indeed flipped, and next to it, a bulky drunk had pressed a man against the wall, holding a shiv to his neck. Nearby witnesses told the drunk to calm down, which seemingly made him more angry.

    The drunk shouted, "He's a liar and cheats a cards!"

    "I have done no such cheating!" retorted the man against the wall, careful not to accidentally graze his neck against the shiv and draw his own blood. Anders brusquely trotted to the situation to intervene.

    "Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave." Anders and the drunk stared at each other, unmoving, like statues.

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    posted a message on [OoC][Reviewing applications; not accepting] A Wrinkle in the World

    - Anders' damage is slightly on the low side for an expert axe user. I'll probably bump up Marshall to 3d6 and maybe make Throwing Axe deal 2d4 + 2 + [axe damage].
    - Because Protugere is a small weapon, using it to attack will add a small speed bonus (not applied to Berserker Fury). Even without my buff to Marshall, the only reason to use Protugere otherwise would be for roleplaying reasons (which isn't entirely an invalid reason, but still).

    I''m definitely not opposed to buffs. I'l edit my post to match your suggestions.

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    posted a message on [OoC][Reviewing applications; not accepting] A Wrinkle in the World

    Username: Caruso09

    Character Name: Anders Brightwind

    • Race: Human


    • Gender: Male
    • Brand Location: Inside right-upper forearm
    • Brand Design: In the center of Anders' brand lies a Viking Compass

    Physical Appearance:

    • Anders' dark blonde, mid-shoulder length hair lays over his stern face. It is not long on all sides of head, rather, just the top and back, the sides barely more than half a centimeter. He pulls his hair back into a sort of braided ponytail for most occasions.
    • Anders’ face is fairly attractive, though it is rough as well. His brows locked in a natural scolding position; his blue eyes are set not far, yet not close, to his strong nose. Underneath his left eye, on his upper cheek, a scar, around half an inch in length, is found. With a strong jawline, and a chin to match, Anders’ mouth lies a short distance from his nose, just as most humans’ do.
    • He has a muscular, tall frame, standing at five feet and ten inches. Scars are not uncommon on his body. Most can be found on his upper arms and chest area, the physical results of bad footwork and defense.
    • Anders’ daily clothing is nothing special. Typical shirts, trousers, shoes, etc. He does however own light leather chest and shoulder armor, which he has only used during his training in martial arts, a type similar to what we we call Western Martial Arts. He did not always own this luxury, which explains the scars covering his body.

    Backstory: ( TL;DR at the bottom )

    • Like most people, Anders’ showed up in the well one day, and like most people he was curious about where he came from. Unlike most people, however, Anders sought to return to the Conglomerate and find answers about his origins.
    • When he came out of that well, Anders was quite young, probably fifteen or sixteen if anyone was to guess. He learned to be a functioning member of society in the city: do your job, mind your own business, etc. The longer he lived in the city, the more curious he became about the Conglomerate, and, more importantly, himself. He’d heard the stories of the creatures that live outside of the city, and how the Conglomerate is a mess of changing ruins, and so he sought help.
    • Anders searched for someone who could teach him the old ways of combat, using steel and might to cut down opposition. Even in a town of 8000 people, there seemed to be no one who knew the old arts of war. Day by day went on, as Anders grew older and began to give up on returning to the Conglomerate. Now, on this day, about three years after Anders’ arrival in the town, he was working at a sort of pub, where guests could drink and wager away possessions in card games, a middle-aged man entered the establishment. Upon approaching Anders’ the man requested an ale from the barista. Anders’ looked up from what he was doing and glared at the man, noticing that he had a peculiar object at his hip. “Of course, sir, and if you don’t mind my inquiring, what is that on your hip? It couldn’t be a knife, it is far too large.” The man gazed at Anders for a moment, the spoke, “A sword.”
    • Anders had never seen a sword in person. “I assume you know how to use that,” he leaned in a little closer, “Do you think you teach me how to use one?” Now, this man realized three things, the first was that he had a knowledge of fighting, the second being that he was getting old, and it’d be a waste for him not the share his knowledge, and lastly that he wanted his ale. “First, my ale, then when I leave here, I want you to come with me.”
    • Anders followed his elder’s commands, and followed him out of the pub. The man trained Anders in multiple forms of combat with multiple weapons over the next year. After this time, the man, who Anders learned was called Marshall, made his apprentice choose a weapon to specialize in. Anders didn’t think long to decide on the battle axe. He especially favored the duel wielding of them. Over the next four years, he trained daily with Marshall until Anders’ master died, thankfully peacefully in his sleep. Though grieved by his masters death, he received two things from his master in his will: a beautifully crafted war axe, and his copies of manuscripts that he’d used to learn martial arts.
    • Now, Anders is twenty-six and still practices combat with his axes daily. He is currently looking to return to the Conglomerate, he even has an appointment lined up with the town chancellor regarding an expedition to the Conglomerate.

    TL;DR - Anders found a guy to teach him how to use melee weaponry, and had found a special taste for axes, especially when he’s holding two.


    • Expert of battle axes. Uses one axe as an offensive measure, and one specially designed axe as his main defense.


    • HP: 100
    • FP: 35

    • STR: 13
    • DEX: 10
    • SPD: 8
    • END: 10
    • WIL: 7
    • INT: 5


    • Strong as the Mountain: Passive | 1.3x more likely to grapple an enemy, and 1.2x less likely to be staggered mid-attack by a normal attack.

    • Berserker Fury: Anders attacks three consecutive times, first with his offensive axe, then his defensive axe, then again with his offensive axe. If the first attack hits, the second is guaranteed.

    • Throwing Axe: Anders throws his defensive axe at his target. If successful, deals axe’s base damage plus 2d4 + 2. Axe must be retrieved - can be retrieved only after combat unless the hit was unsuccessful. Without a defensive axe, Strong as the Mountain no longer applies.

    Primary Weapon:

    • Marshall: 3d6 | Named after its owner and Anders’ former master, this axe is beautifully crafted and well balanced.The head is shaped rectangular, with a slight curve on the top and bottom. On the other side of the handle, a four inch long spike extends from the head. Elegant engravings cover the surface of the head, inset an inch from the edges. The handle is made from a solid piece of ash wood, stained to a dark brown, engraved with a pattern that is similar to a lizard’s skin, and a leather wrap down ⅔ of the handle.

    Other Inventory:

    • Protugere: 1d4 | An axe that does not compare to its counterpart, Marshall. Used as Anders’ main defense, with occasional attacks to supplement Marshall. The axe is shaped to be used for grappling and parrying, with a significant curve on the underside of the head. The back of the head lacks a spike, and is instead a curved piece of metal, about a centimeter in width. The handle is made of ironwood, making it resistant to cracking, cuts, and snaps.
    • A sleeveless white shirt and dark brown linen pants.
    • Thin leather breastplate and pauldrons. Minor damage. Worn over the sleeveless shirt.
    • Hip pouch to carry small objects.
    • Some of his master’s old manuscripts, bulk of it being on axes and some on the longsword.

    Edit: Just to clarify. I didn't say exactly how many SP my abilities should use, as I thought you'd be a better judge than I of that.

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    posted a message on [Interest Check] A Wrinkle In The World: A Stat-Based Forum RPG

    You have a set number of points that you can allocate as you wish.

    Races will affect your maximum stat cap (e.g. humans might have a maximum STR of 25, orcs might have a maximum strength of 28). Races don't affect your stats directly, however.

    I'll allow non-human races, but I would prefer people play as a human. If you play a non-human race, I would prefer it not be too exotic or magical, but I would prefer it be distinct from typical fantasy races in some way. If you can create an interesting story around your character that requires them to be of an exotic race or your race is interesting in terms of game mechanics I'll be more likely to accept it despite an exotic race.'

    Awesome. Definitely interested.

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    posted a message on [Interest Check] A Wrinkle In The World: A Stat-Based Forum RPG

    I'm interested, and I have a couple of questions regarding stats.

    1) Will we be rolling to determine stats, getting a set number of points we can put where we want, or something else?
    2) Will there be various races? And if so, will race affect stats? I'm inclined to believe the answer to both of those is yes, given that you said previously:

    (e.g. you want to kick down a wooden door and you have 20 strength when the human average is 8, I won't require you to do a roll for that).

    I am definitely okay with different races getting stats boosts, I'm mostly curious about it.

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