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    posted a message on Please help big problem.

    Any chance you can post some of the different reasons shown on BSOD ??.

    They may have different reasons showing but they may have a common root cause

    - I had random BSOD (with different 0x000 numbers) years ago that only seemed to occur on a particular game, just when I did a particular action in-game & only seemed to happen if I'd had been playing for a fairly long period of time.

    Thought it was an overheating issue but it actually turned out to be a Memory card was playing up (at the time I had 4 memory modules occupying all the slots on the motherboard) - once I removed it, everything worked fine

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    posted a message on help pls

    Do you use a Wireless mouse/keyboard ??

    Although I never had this problem with Minecraft, I did have problems with unusual keyboard/mouse movements in another game & it turned out something was interfering with my Wireless Keyboard/Mouse setup. When I swapped to a 'Corded' setup the problem disappeared.

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    posted a message on How to not cheat in survival?

    Go online & go onto a vanilla server (or a vanilla server with 'some' mods) - that way you won't be able to cheat ;P

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    posted a message on Better writing/reading stuff
    Quote from HUZBUBBER_TIM»

    ..... Also, I really like the concept of using bookshelves as storage, but wpuld it affect enchanting at all? .....

    IIRC there are Mods that allows bookcases to act as storage (Or maybe I'm thinking of server plugins), so in theory it can't be that hard to add the feature to Vanilla. If memory serves me right - the mod/plugin relies on the bookCASE to affect enchanting.. even if it's empty, the level still adjusts as you place more bookcases.

    I would guess it would be too difficult to check each bookcase to see how many books it is holding to determine how much the table enchanting level should be adjusted by.

    The OP doesn't state a limit the bookcase can handle - but if it's multiple books each bookcase can hold then the game would have to check all the bookcases around the table to see how many books each one contains...
    It'll then have to divide '30' (max enchanting table lvl) by the maximum number of books that could be possibly stored,
    Multiply by how many books HAVE been found stored..
    then adjust the enchanting table lvl appropriately - meaning you could end up with a table with some ridiculous valve of 21.75 or whatever

    I agree though - bookcases SHOULD be able to store books &/or discs & not be just 'decorative' & I like the idea of the 'note'

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    posted a message on [Q] end_gateways and /fill command - help needed

    Thanks for feedback.
    I agree that if it was JUST available as a setblock then this may be true, but the Wiki page shows 'the only way to get this is by fill OR setblock'.

    I'm beginning to think that this is a bug or something, as I've been searching since my OP & SOME results I found seem to indicate that Fill command can't work with certain item/entities properly (Tile entities) & it's making me think that the End gateway MAY actually be classed as a type of Entity & not an actual block, causing a glitch in the Fill command

    Guess this problem isn't going to be as easy to solve as I thought

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    posted a message on [Q] end_gateways and /fill command - help needed

    Firstly a small bit of background

    On the server I play on, we have a 'small' problem when spawning in the Enderdragon - which is a weekly event

    Occasionally he/she hit's an End Gateway & get's tp'd away from 0,0

    .. a new Dragon gets auto (re)spawned when this happens (something in the code I think about 'missing dragon') but the original Dragon is now somewhere out in the void & since those chunks are not loaded - it just 'sits' there until someone goes through same End Gateway to load the chunks in to allow this dragon to start flying back to 0,0

    - which of course once out of range of the player ends up in more unloaded chunks.. until someone enter THOSE chunks

    Now I was considering maybe 'replacing' the End Gateway BEFORE spawning in the Dragon manually to prevent this from happening, then Replace all end gateways after the dragon is killed (we've got the maximum 20 gateways all spawned in)

    instead of having 20+ command blocks to do each gate seperately I was considering using the '/fill' command this in a command block,

    The 'FILL' command however will not allow such a large area (x= -96 to 96, z=-96 to 96) so instead I decided to use 4 Command blocks for each quadrant from 0,0 [0,0 to 0,96 / 0,0, to 0,-96 / 0,0 to 96,0 / 0,0 to -96,0)

    The first set of Command blocks used to replace the End Gateways to Lapis Blocks seems to work ok (replacing the '0' / '96' as appropriate)

    /fill 0 75 0 96 75 96 lapis_block 0 replace end_gateway

    HOWEVER to replace the Lapis block back to End Gateways afterwards doesn't

    /fill 0 75 0 96 75 96 end_gateway 0 replace lapis_block

    Instead I get a message of 'Data tag parsing failed: Expected '{' but got 'l' at: l<--[HERE]'

    According to the Wiki pages there is this

    /<a title="Commands/setblock" href="">setblock</a> ~ ~2 ~ minecraft:end_gateway 0 replace {Age:180,ExactTeleport:1,ExitPortal:{X:1,Y:2,Z:3}}

    which makes me think I NEED to include the '{' somewhere in the line, but experimenting with stuff like '{lapis_block}' causes other errors to appear (something about missing ':')

    Anyone have an idea why & do they have a command block line that works ??

    I just don't fancy having 20+ command blocks - each with '/setblock end_gateway' - just to replace the gates

    Many thanks

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    posted a message on XRay Mod (1.6.4 - 1.11) ( Vanilla/Forge/LiteLoader )
    Quote from Urist_McSteve»

    Tried removing EnderIO, it just crashes on launch. Took a look at the log and I'm pretty sure other things depend on enderio. Removing xray mod completely solves the crashing. I've been googling around the past day and I'm completely out of ideas. I guess with 200 mods theres bound to be something that conflicts with an xray mod. Thanks for the help though. I appreciate it.

    200 mods ?!?!? - why am I not suprized....

    I would usually suggest starting from scratch - run - test OK
    - Load forge - run test - ok
    - Install ONE mod - test - ok
    - Add another one mod..... you get the idea, but somehow that would take a Loooong time to find out which mod causing the problem
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    posted a message on Can someone tell me what the heck this crash report means!
    Quote from nubbin2003»

    But i dont have Not Enough Items installed. I will try adding the plugin though.

    My mistake.. I assumed it was NEI, but the chicken code core is used on other mods by same developer, as listed here although I don't think all of them uses the Core Code
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    posted a message on Can someone tell me what the heck this crash report means!
    Quote from majestyc2k1»

    Its actually this:

    UCHIE Automagy{0.28.2} [Automagy] (Automagy-1.7.10-0.28.2.jar)

    Yep - I would've suggested that as well, although I also see 'java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: codechicken/nei/config/Option' so possibly there's something in Automagy that NEI doesn't like

    Googling it seems that there may need to be an additional plugin added for NEI & Thaumcraft [source]

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    posted a message on Weird particles that won't go away?

    Not going to go through all those mods to try & figure it out, but I've usually seen players with constant particles if they're using a hacked client, or have a mod that involves 'speed' or 'constant running'/'running toggle'

    Do the particles show up only when running, or are you constantly running without pressing the sprint key ??

    If so perhaps one of the mod you've installed has that feature auto turned on,or there's a keyboard conflict that 'jams on' your sprint key

    Just a guess

    Normally I would suggest starting from scratch & adding 1 mod at a time & seeing if it occurs, kepp repeating until it happens - then you'll know which mod it is

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    posted a message on Book of maps suggestion

    +1 Support
    I'd like to add that once added to Atlas that the Co-ords are also posted in the books so you know where where the map refers to

    Say - for example - a 2 'page' books with map on one side & the Coord on the opposite page
    Imaging the pic below with the map on the Left & the co-ords on the Right & that you can also add extra 'notes' onto to right hand page

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    posted a message on XRay Mod (1.6.4 - 1.11) ( Vanilla/Forge/LiteLoader )

    @Redstonemaniac: You sure you posted in the right place ??

    You have not mentioned anything like "added this mod & now I get this " or anything like that..

    ...I can't even SEE the xray mod installed in the log (which incidentally would've been better in a Spoiler)

    Just in case you did post in wrong place - a quick look seems to show "thaumicenergistics" had Errored & could be your problem

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    posted a message on Will there ever be Minecraft 2.0?

    Minecraft 2... The Universal Sandbox Game.

    Instead of a [vanilla] single world with 2 dimensions..

    it'll be Multiple Worlds with Multiple Dimensions with Multiple Enviroments and new multiple skills to be discovered........ no more Mods

    Oh & since it's now belongs to Microsoft... to get to these you'll need to buy in-game access to these new features

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    posted a message on custom modpack with crashes at stage 3 of forge lunch

    I'll take a guess at the following causing problem - but I'm no expert

    java.lang.NullPointerException: Initializing game
      at net.minecraft.client.renderer.block.model.ModelBakery.func_177596_a(
      at net.minecraftforge.client.model.ModelLoader.func_177590_d(

    AFAIK 'Modelbakery' is something to do with 'MineFactoryReloaded' so try & remove that mod & see if problem still exists

    I also THINK that the number in each of the lines 'client.renderer.block.model.ModelBakery.func_177596_a(' indicate the block in question & I suspect that since you have a load of entries with this line - I'm guessing it may be conflicting with another mod that also alters those particular items


    441 = Lingering potion

    170 = Hay Blocks

    28 = Detector Rail

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    posted a message on i need help

    Firstly, I apologize but I don't have that program installed that you asked me about in that PM you sent me, & I have no plan of installing it just for this


    I've finally got home to attempt this setup myself & it worked fine. I used the Mapwriter mod from here

    As I said earlier.. if it still doesn't work - then I suspect either your MultiMC 'instance' of Minecraft OR the forge installed is either corrupted or incomplete, although why the official launcher also fails I don't know - I can only guess you installed forge wrongly.

    Does a vanilla 1.11.2 setup work in the official launcher OK ?? - if not, then the problem may lie with either the launcher, the 1.11.2 files that were downloaded from Mojang, or something about your PC that Minecraft doesn't like fore some reason

    If it works OK, then try installing Forge again, make sure you select the forge version of minecraft in the launcher & see if it runs OK

    If THAT doesn't then it must be something about Forge that causing the problem

    The only differences between your setup & mine that I can see is that I used the 'Recommended' version [1.11.2 -] & not the 'Latest' version [1.11.2 -] of Forge, so I tried it with the latest as well & it still worked

    You also seem to have an older version of MultiMC [0.5.0-945] instead of the latest [0.5.2-1096]

    I would suggest you backup your existing MultiMC folder & store it somewhere safe, install the newer Latest Version, perhaps in a new folder

    Create a new 'instance' of Minecraft 1.11.2 & run it to make sure it works

    Use MultiMC to install the latest Forge, & run it to check

    Then if it works, install mapwriter

    Other than that I'm stumped

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