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    posted a message on Why do item filters use 2 hoppers?

    Whats wrong with using a Water stream ??

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    posted a message on Server Crash HELP

    Never set up a server, so I googled "Exception in server tick loop"

    Most results I found seem to point towards 'memory leak' in a suspect plugin.

    It's been suggested in some posts to remove all plugins & test.. then add 1 plugin at a time & re-test until it all got wrong, & this will be the likely cause of your problem

    I'm going to take a guess that the following lines net/minecraft/client/Minecraft
     at TMIConfig.isMultiplayer(
     at TMIForgeContainer.playerInteract(

    MAY point towards TooManyItems (the 'TMI' bit is what I'm guessing as being part of the plugin code eg TMI = TooManyItems)

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    posted a message on Strange pixelated rainbow mob found, 1.12.2 -- anyone else??

    By any chance was it magenta and black?

    Good point - it may've been a normal mob but with missing texture for some reason... although I would've thought that all mobs of (whatever it was) would've all been purple/black
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    posted a message on Creating a modpack, crashes on launch

    Try removing the microblocks/immibis & see if it still crashes.. if it doesn't then it proves those are at fault & needs further looking into

    If it still crashes, I'd suggest starting from a fresh Minecraft & adding 1 mod at a time & testing until it finally crashes.. that way you'll know exactly what one is the problem

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    posted a message on Lavamite

    I sort of support this.. the Nether is too dam empty of mobs, but I'd like to suggest something a little different.

    What I'd like is......

    - when Mining either Quartz ore or Magma blocks (your choice but my preference is Magma Block) that there is a small chance of a lavamite to spawn,

    > It cause fire damage (another reason to wear fire protection in the Nether) when they touch player, maybe with a knockback effect as well

    > IF there are many magma blocks touching one another (say a batch of >10) then further Lavamites may appear (ie like silverfish - but less likely to spawn)

    - if there's a smaller batch of magma block then the chance are virtually zero

    > If any peaceful pigmen are around - they start to attack it (like endermen & endermites) but can't kill the bug, meaning you have to but you still have to avoid hitting the pigmen

    > Killing causes it to drop 1 magma cream

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    posted a message on Looking for a person who can design skins well

    I'm no good at making skins ( I usually copy others - tweak a few pixels & add my head to it (mine is currently the '13th Doctor' [DrWho] skin with my head on - NOT the avatar that you see - that's an old one) but perhaps those that can may need help of design you'd prefer

    > Is there any preferences of style (eg modern;furturistic;fantasy;techno;spooky) ?

    > Do you want it with some type of headgear (glasses/headphones/Headband/hat etc) ??

    > Is there any particular cartoon/tv/movies you like, that could be used as a reference (eg are you a trekkie or do you prefer horror films) ??

    > Any preference in colours eg green, red, blue ??

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    posted a message on Aliens!
    Quote from Mastermined»

    A mob that flies around griefing the terrain, has a chance to abduct you and probably kill you without you being able to prevent that, and shoots instakill lasers when on the ground.

    How is any of this supposed to be fun?

    Hmm ...Don't some of that sound like an Enderman ??

    No support - too OP
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    posted a message on How did you choose your username?

    Use to play Team Fortress 2 / Day of Defeat

    - Had another nickname until I was invited to join a 'clan' & one clan member said

    'Glad you're on our team - you always rush in & act as cannon fodder so that we can see the snipers" (or something like that)

    I liked the name 'CannonFodder' better than my original, so changed it but then when starting playing Minecraft - found 'cannonfodder' was taken

    ... best I could get was 'cannonfoddr' so that how I ended up with it

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    posted a message on How do I place a door with a command block open

    @command block shadow: with a name like that - couldn't you give some examples ??

    @Maayan: These are links to the Minecraft wiki that shows the data values & block state flag for doors

    I personally don't know command blocks etc but I would assume you would need to have a command LIKE:

    /setblock X Y Z minecraft:wooden_door 4 replace

    (note '4' I think is for OPEN door facing EAST, Facing North would be 4+3= '7')

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    posted a message on Positioning villager-powered farms
    Quote from Mehrcraft»

    I just checked out the mod, the description seems to indicate that it "visualizes" village marker data sent from the server. Wouldn't that mean that if the server doesn't supply it, I'm out of luck?

    Or did I just misunderstand? It seems a little strange that something purely based on object positions would need to depend on server data.

    You're right - IF the [online] server does not have this installed then it won't work however if you use it in a single player map - it does work just fine..
    This is why I mentioned making a test map & using Worldedit to move stuff around.

    The idea is once you got them just right - you can probably make a note of coords/spaces etc - then go online & build it there
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    posted a message on Hello, I got problems with my minecraft server on FTB Presents Crackpack

    Firstly, it'll be nice if it was in a spoiler.... even nicer if it was formatted - making it easier to read....

    Anyway, although it was difficult to read, I seem to see the following line

    UCE CustomMainMenu{1.9.2} [Custom Main Menu] (CustomMainMenu-MC1.7.10-1.9.2.jar)

    The 'UCE' indicates an error while all the other mods seems to show 'UCH'

    (This line of log seems to tell you what the letters stand for

    197 mods loaded, 193 mods active States: 'U' = Unloaded 'L' = Loaded 'C' = Constructed 'H' = Pre-initialized 'I' = Initialized 'J' = Post-initialized 'A' = Available 'D' = Disabled 'E' = Errored )

    I would suggest removing that mod & seeing if it works afterwards

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    posted a message on Can't open a chest with slab on top
    Quote from lotus49»

    Post a picture and tell us if this is survival, single or multiplayer and whether you are using any mods. It must be something fairly simple.

    Or a hacked client
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    posted a message on Can't open a chest with slab on top

    Also is this single player or on a server, & if single player - any mods installed ?

    I can't vouch for single player but I know that on a server I play on, we had a similar problem regardless of single or double chests..

    It turned out to be a plugin bug that was causing it to happen, once the plugin was updated - the fault went away

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    posted a message on Positioning villager-powered farms

    FYI - there's a mod called VillageMarkerMod for liteloader.. this can show where your 'village' & 'breeder' borders are.

    If you create a test world & use Worldedit to copy/paste/move each 'village'/breeder around, you can see how close you can get them without them registering any of the others. I used this when I created my Iron golem farm in the end

    In the picture you see my iron farm on the farm (consists of 16 'spawn cells' - the 4 furthest ones are too far away to show the village sphere's) & a village breeder on the left - some distance away.

    (You'll also may notice an old-style Enderman farm platform in the distance behind the lower cyan sphere - this is not affected by the iron farm in any way)

    If I had the time & patience I could probably relocate the villagebreeder closer to the iron farm & it still won't register any of the spawn cells.

    The only problem would be the 'foodfarms' in the tower in between the iron farm & breeder - The farmer villagers there MAY register the breeder as a village & try walking to it instead of actually farming although I guess by placing it [breeder] higher up - it should work

    In theory I could even try & fit the breeder inbetween 4 of the iron farms cells since villages have a spherical range.. it MIGHT just be able to squeeze into that void between them

    These food farms are approx 100 blocks away from both the iron farm & breeder & the farmers are not affected in anyway

    (Sorry not @home to check on test world/server for exact distances)

    I'm not sure where this '120 blocks away for a villager breeder' came from.. IIRC on a typical Iron farm the cells can be as close as ~70blocks & since these could also act as breeders then I would say '70 blocks' is more likely.

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    posted a message on Server Logo
    Quote from Vxel»

    What I meant was an actual logo, not a banner. Thanks for the reply anyway!

    Ah ok - I misread your post..

    Not sure on how large minecraft server logos are usually.
    Looking at mineplex logo's on Google Images seems to be about 900x900 or 720x123 but I've also seen some server logos that are 1280 x 720

    Any preferences ??.. I think if others have a bit more info on sizes, colour schemes, any other preferences (eg type of text styles, any minecraft item/characters to be shown on it etc) you might get more replys
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