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You're walking through a forest. The sun just went down. The grass is up to your knees. The trees are blocking your view of the stars. Yet you continue forward. You keep walking until you find yourself in a field. The grass is shorter and you can see stars everywhere like fireflies. There's a calm stream nearby.

There's someone near the stream. They have messy brown hair and are wearing a white sleeveless hoodie over a grey t-shirt and blue jeans. They're looking into the beauty of space. They don't notice you. You walk towards them slowly. you step on a branch making it snap. The person turns around and greets you with a smile.

"Hello there," he says in a calm and gentle voice. "My name is Nathan. It's a pleasure to meet you." You don't say anything in return. "Would you like to join me?"

"Join you? For what," you ask.

"For the adventure of a lifetime."

He looks up. You do too. You see a bunch of different and unique looking planets, most of which have never been touched. Your eyes widen as your mind yearns to want to know more about these amazing yet mysterious worlds.

"Are you ready," he asks.

"Yes," You respond. "Let's start our adventure!"

Location The Galaxy in my Mind!

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