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    posted a message on Mobs that drop quartz

    I agree with being able to farm quartz in some way or another. It's the perfect material for farming potential, too. It has very few non-decorative uses, and it's near-impossible to get enough quartz to build anything reasonably big by mining in the Nether.

    I do agree with Mastermined that it should spawn in the Nether. Not only does this make sense, and makes sure that quartz is still gated behind Nether travel, but it also gives people a good reason to build a base in the Nether.

    Let's not make Minecraft a game focusing around building mob farms, because then it becomes Farmcraft, not Minecraft.

    In my opinion, if building the farms requires designing and getting the materials beforehand to build it, it's balanced enough. While you may like building without farms, some people like to think big. Hermitcraft players (Mumbo Jumbo, iskall85, xisumavoid, etc.) and many other players like to build large scale structures, and having to mine hundreds of resources like Iron, Gold or Quartz is a huge barrier between them and building cool stuff. That's why farms are a thing, not just for the sake of amassing hundreds of resources so that you'll never need to go mine for them again.

    Do you want to mine for the iron to build a giant spaceship or a huge skyscraper? (Keeping in mind that 7 iron blocks alone require 63 ingots, almost a full stack, so in order to get the 10 or 20 stacks of iron blocks necessary for huge builds, you basically have to be TheMasterCaver.)

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    posted a message on Dehydration, Medical Supplies, Sickness, and more.
    Quote from LilBroskey»

    It would be so much better if there was a gamemode that had dehydration, medical supplies to heal instead of food, sicknesses so if you get a cold you have slowness amd hunger for a day

    It would be so much better if there was a gamemode that had pointless micro-management, gamemode-exclusive items (which already exist in the form of potions, by the way) and annoying effects that you have to deal with depending on the Random Generator's mood.

    Do you even know what a gamemode is? A gamemode is like Survival, Creative, Adventure or Spectator mode. (Hardcore is actually just survival mode, but with death being handled differently.)

    I don't want to see a gamemode that is litterally just Survival mode, but with extra gameplay added on. That's not what gamemodes are for.

    The medical supplies idea may need revisions. Like there would have to be a way to create basic medicines from plants and stuff because when you first start, what would happen if you get hurt.

    Again, this is just a copy of potions and food, but cheaper, so it makes food and potions redundant.

    Please post more ideas to add on to this thread to see what we can come up with

    That's not how this forum works. You complete your suggestion, and then you post it. We can suggest ways to improve your thread, but we're not here to make it for you.
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    posted a message on What version did you think Minecraft went wrong for you? [POL]

    None of them.

    I have an optimistic look on the future of Minecraft. Unlike other people, I'm not interested in whining about my nostalgic experiences with one version or another. To me, it's okay if Mojang makes a bold decision. If I don't like it, I do my best to ignore it. If I can't ignore a new decision, it's not like I can't fall back on other games.

    One example is the Llama: I personally think that llamas are a silly addition, and kinda pointless. But they're rare and I don't see them spawn much, so it's not like they've ruined the game for me. I still play it.

    A lot of people complain about 1.7 terrain generation... But a lot of people complain about the map generation before that. Honestly, I think the new terrain looks just fine, and it's not like I can't landscape it if I want to. (Heck, if I'm gonna spend time on a build, I might as well landscape it.)

    I really wish less people would have this pessimistic attitude on what Mojang does with their game. It's not gonna be the same forever. The textures are gonna be updated, the rendering engine is going to improve, and in the future, Minecraft's whole style might even change. (You know all those ridiculous suggestions about adding modern cars, trains, or rockets into the game? Those might not be that ridiculous in the future if Minecraft lasts a long time.)

    (And the truth is: I spend a lot of time on older versions that have good mods or modpacks too. It's not like Mojang has forced me into having one specific experience with Minecraft, I can go back and play old versions, and add the mods to them that I like. Heck, I wonder why Minecraft gets so much complaining about versions when it's so easy to go back and play whichever ones you want to.)

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    posted a message on We should have our skin in offline mode

    I wouldn't really mind saving the Player's own skin permanently to the local Minecraft folder. Heck, if it's possible, the client should be able to send the player's skin to the server it's joining, which then sends player skins to the other people on the server. Then we have a more reliable system than Mojang's skin servers, which take a while to update themselves.

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    posted a message on new generated structure the castle
    Quote from Vader_Gamer_YT»

    Please describe the castle. These will count toward "Spam" if you don't give detail. Here are the rules for posting a suggestion. (BTW I copied and pasted the rules)

    No, they won't count towards spam, we haven't locked vague suggestions since forever because the definition of "vague" was vague itself. And you don't need to repost the rules for posting a suggestion, only a link is necessary.

    OT: You need to describe all of these things:

    How big is the castle? What does it look like?

    Where do knights spawn, and what are their stats?

    What kind of loot is in the chests?

    Please edit the original post with these and more details. (DO NOT POST THE DETAILS IN A SEPARATE POST IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO READ THEM.)
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    posted a message on Hats! (nothing like the Hats mod)

    The Diamond Crown seems kinda silly, but I like the idea of the Baseball Cap, Top Hat, Gold Crown and Knight's Helmet. (You could probably make those the actual names.)

    I think the recipes need improvement, though. Or better yet, the items should be found in chests.

    While I don't think it's essential, some practical uses might be nice. (I.E. The Top Hat makes Villager prices cheaper because they think you are an entrepreneur, the Knights Helmet has high durability, etc.)

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    posted a message on The Twitcher; a parasitic mob that will cling to you until it dies

    For those who are confused: This is a joke post, because it's about Twitch taking over the Minecraft Forums. (Unless it's not, in which case... Who is actually sitting in Mastermined's computer chair?)

    With that out of the way...

    I love this suggestion! I definitely consider annoying long-lasting visual effects a nice addition to gameplay! Sooper-de-duper Support! :3

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    posted a message on Bring back Steve!

    If you can give a good use for this mob, such as being an optional AI competitor to the player that can build or mine within certain boundaries, I can see how this would be a nice suggestion. (The AI would have to not be a lag-machine, an annoying griefer or an easily exploitable mechanic. But that's another suggestion, for another time.) The old Steve never really did anything but wander around and act stupid, and I don't really think that it needs to be brought back exactly how it was in Pre-Alpha.

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    posted a message on Big list of enchantments that could be added

    = Mostly Good.

    ~ = Needs Improvement

    = No Support.

    Endurance: Instead of the player losing less hunger while holding it, I would suggest that the loss of hunger because of mining with that tool is nullified.

    Crushing: I suppose this is a better solution to the "Fortune on Iron and Gold" problem than Autosmelt, but the name needs to be better. "Purification", maybe? (Also, iron and gold are pretty common, and both can be farmed, so I don't really see why we need to use Fortune on them.) ~

    Experience: The name is bleh, I think it needs improvement. This one might be worth adding into the game, but I feel like it would be better if Fortune made blocks drop additional XP. ~

    Critical: Wait... How much does a critical hit do already? I don't think it needs to do too much more than it already does...

    Stunning: Ew... No. This would get annoying fast, and the FOV changes would be nausea-inducing.

    Recharge: Oh lookey! A way to completely nullify the combat changes in 1.9! No, no, and just to clarify, no.

    Recover: Not every enemy is going to be solo, this will just make the player invincible when fighting large groups of mobs. Besides the fact that it pretty much makes potions obsolete.

    Weakening: Also annoying, makes potions redundant, this one is a no.

    Sneaky: This needs a better name, but somehow I think this could potentially be a good enchantment.

    Tank: This would be pretty useful when fighting ranged mobs like Skeletons. This is another one that sounds plausible.

    Escape: Do I need to say it? We don't need to make potions redundant. Besides the fact that it could become OP quickly.

    Healthy: Considering that Absorption and Health Boost potions don't exist yet, this won't really make anything redundant. (Enchanted Golden Apples give Absorption and Health Boost though, and those are pretty rare.) I guess I can see this one entering into the game maybe. ~

    Drawback: Yes, a machinegun bow wouldn't be OP at all.

    Range: This could will get annoying if you're trying to get used to the bow's specific range.

    Sickness: No. Nausea should never be inflicted on a player by another player.

    Homing: What about this doesn't sound OP?

    Overall, most of these are pretty bad. Some of these sound like they would be okay with improvements, but I don't think I would want to see most of these make it into the game.

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    posted a message on Why the big hype on the words "Java Edition"

    The fear that everyone has is that Microsoft is going to discontinue the Java version, and is going to port the C version to Linux and Mac. (Or worse, they won't, so you'll have to get a Windows 10 PC, iPhone or Console to play Minecraft.)

    This also brings the fear that not only will the same mods that were used on the Java edition be impossible to recreate on the C edition, but community content will be limited to pay-to-get maps, resource packs and skins.

    I feel like there are points to either side, and benefits on both sides as well. (And if Microsoft wants to be nice, maybe they'll develop a good Mod API for Minecraft C and they won't put restrictions on community content for the PC. If that happens, I would gladly accept being able to play Minecraft with anyone else no matter what system.)

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