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    posted a message on Hydra
    Quote from lagagamorp»

    Yep, definitely a snake. Nothing even vaguely octopus-like in the slightest. (And I'll fix the other problems)

    What you think of when you hear the word Hydra:

    What the rest of us think when we hear the word Hydra:
    (No, I don't speak for most of the community. But I'm sure if I ask some person on the street to describe a Hydra, this is what they'll think of.)

    As for the suggestion itself, do each of those duplicate nine hydras spawn hydras when they're hurt, or just the first hydra? Also, why do you have to hit it 10 times with Fire Aspect in order to burn it? And where or how does this thing spawn? This seems like it has to be a boss mob, because I would lock the game on Peaceful if I had to fight this thing constantly just by being in a specific biome.
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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?

    If Mojang is going to give good reasons why not to add sharks, the least they could do is come up with gameplay reasons why they shouldn't be added. The Parrots and Cookies thing is reasonable, considering if my friend has a parrot and I don't know how to take care of one, and my friend is serving cookies at their house, I might apply Minecraft's logic to that situation.

    The shark thing is dumb, because it's unlikely that I'll ever see a shark anywhere in my life except an aquarium. Heck, it's likely that the people with the equipment to go find sharks in the ocean have been trained on how to deal with sharks. Will this game encourage people to kill sharks? Not likely, but even if it does, it's only going to encourage people that already had the intention of killing them anyway.

    This game hasn't encouraged me to kill rabbits in real life, a very common animal that I'm likely to find nearby my house. And if I was ever faced with an unowned cow and I had a suitable weapon, unless I'm desperate for food, it's not likely that I'm going to kill and butcher an animal just because a game told me how meat works...

    I can think of a few gameplay reasons why I might not want sharks, which are reasons likely to be actual problems. First off, unless they despawn, they add to the hostile mob count, so less Zombies and Skeletons can spawn. (There are some solutions to this, though. They could be made neutral, but unless they have a good use when tamed, I feel like this would make them a bit pointless. Alternatively, they could spawn in only certain locations, like Deep Ocean biomes, but then they'll effect mob spawns when caving.)

    The second, less important reason that I can think of is that I kinda want to build underwater without hostile-mob intervention. The ocean isn't really a place where a threat is needed, because if I'm trying to do work underwater, I'm probably going to be too busy to worry about sharks. (Although the new sunken ships might change this...)

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    posted a message on ZzzZ

    I've seen this idea before, but I don't think I've ever seen a less descriptive post title before. It's almost click-baity...

    As with other suggestions of this type, this is often shunned for letting players sleep in places that they don't intend to visit again, but I personally think that it wouldn't really be an adventure without a little bit of mob fighting to spice things up...

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    posted a message on Clothes and banners on armor
    Quote from Clen_»

    The only way to customize player's color is to give them dyed leather armor wich is ugly in general, and in addition not very "role play" : If the fighters are supposed to be rich and/or epic, leather is not very suitable...

    True, but iron or diamond armor isn't often painted, if only because the paint just wears off when hit with a sword. Whereas with Leather or Cloth, I think the paint or dye can soak into the fabric a lot better than it can soak into metal. And diamond armor isn't often painted... for obvious reasons.

    On the contrary, if the game is pacific (like hide and seek or soccers), the large leather shoulder pads will ruin the role-play too.

    I'll just assume you know what your saying for this sentence.

    That's why we need
    1. a type of colored clothes wich does not look impressive and agressive
    2. a way to give color to the rich armors
    And these are the solutions I found :

    wool armor can be crafted : shirt, pants and maybe socks ; they do not give any armor points, and can be dyed

    at the start of the game, instead of having an empty inventory, Steve would own a "light blue shirt" and "dark blue pants" (maybe "grey socks" ?).

    people can wear colored shirt and banners on theirs armors

    of course, the stick of the banner is not shown

    Can you please not use bullet lists if you can avoid it? The Minecraft Forum's BBcode software makes me have to edit posts with quotes at least once if you have fancy stuff in them.

    I kinda feel like this is what Leather Armor is supposed to be, though. Wouldn't it be better to just remove the parts of leather armor that don't get dyed, or better yet, allow them to be dyed a different color?
    Wearing a banner over your armor might be an interesting idea...

    Additionnal feature :
    feathers can be dyed and attached to helmets

    Sounds a little bit useful. Would this feather be attached to the ear, Indian style, or as a Mohawk, like Roman helmets?

    Here's the thing though: If we're trying to suggest ideas for cool clothing items to add to the game, I'd like to see pieces that deviate from the default armor model, similar to the Elytra. Top Hats, Gowns, Caps, Santa Hats, Robes and other pieces of clothing which we can't really properly simulate. Arguably, though, I'd like all of those armor items to have some kind of use. (Although if it's gender-specific clothing like the gown, I'd feel reluctant to take use of it's ability.)

    (Also, rather than crafting those items, it might be cool to buy them from Villagers. Maybe a "Seamstress" Villager that you can buy these clothes from? Speaking of Villagers, they should also be able to wear all these items.)

    Alternatively, in the past I found a suggestion about changing the model of armor based on the enchantments it has. It might be cool if you could use that for some of these. Either that, or hammer things like Santa Hats or Caps onto your armor. (No, it makes plenty of sense!)
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    posted a message on The 4 Year Old+ - "Quartz Block To Quartz" Suggestion

    Support, but can you please split up that giant paragraph into some smaller paragraphs? I'm not going to read that whole thing.

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    posted a message on Chass- a board game for minecraft

    I'm not going to review every single rule and piece individually, because frankly I'm not an expert at any kind of strategy board game.

    The first thing I feel like pointing out, is that just like how I'm not that good at chess-like games, there are a lot of other people that aren't that good at this either. That means that a whole aspect of Minecraft exists that I can't get any use out of. Sure, you argue, some people aren't good at redstone, but redstone circuitry has very few practical applications besides the many, many farms which are either dead-simple to figure out on your own, or have a hundred tutorials about them on Youtube.

    Plus, the redstone dust item still has some use for the people that don't want to wrap their head around it. Redstone is used in brewing, crafting a decorative light source, crafting a nice "speaker"-block for your "TV" room, and a dark, ambient light source for when fully bright light doesn't fit the atmosphere.

    This chess chass board has one practical use: play a game with a villager and hopefully earn something that you bet. It can't be crafted into other things, nor can it be used for other things. It may have a decorative use, but I wouldn't know that because you haven't provided me with a description of what it looks like.

    The second thing I feel like pointing out is that this doesn't fit with the rest of Minecraft's simple gameplay at all. Yes, there are some crazy redstone things or mob farms you can build which require complex design, but they're all built on simple components and rules. For the people not into redstone or mob farms, the game is even simpler: Mining just requires the abilities to observe situations in order to prevent injury, react quickly if you are under attack, and hold left-click.

    There are quite a few enchantments, but all of them are easy enough to learn after so much time playing. The potion recipes are hard to learn, but you can just look up a crafting guide if you don't want to learn them. And considering that most of the potions are simply Water Bottle + Nether Wart -> Awkward Potion + Ingredient -> Potion anyway, it's not really that hard to memorize, nor do I think it's worth it. It's basically a differently textured furnace with different recipes.

    I will say that having a more in-depth brewing system where you can make powerful potions by experimenting with simple rules and constants might be a cool idea, but that's offtopic right now.

    The third thing I need to point out is that when I boot up Minecraft, I do it for the simple gameplay or the designing or the creative building. If I want to play a different game, like chess, I can start a game of chess that's provided for my operating system. Or better yet, if I have a chess set available, I can play it with my family members.

    Now, it might, if done very well, be cool if there was a dungeon with a very, VERY simple version of chess that even small kids could understand. (Probably on the same level as checkers) By solving this game, rather than just looking up the solution to a puzzle on Google, you can collect some nice loot. However, I can already see that a minigame like that is going to have to be very simple, and impossible to balance for all ages. Plus, it shouldn't last that long or impatient players will just get bored and either cheat or leave the dungeon for later.

    You mention that this would "add a layer of intelligence", but this just means that all of the intelligent Minecraft players can play a chess-like game in Minecraft (Even though they were probably happy just playing the chess game that came with their Operating System), whilst all the people of mediocre intelligence or of click-baity Youtuber intelligence (Not you, Hermitcraft players, or Antvenom, if you're reading this. You're not the ones I'm talking about.) can see a feature in the changelog that isn't useful to them in the slightest.

    No Support.

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    posted a message on New Tools- Wrenches and Hammers
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    First I would like to say that I don't think the "bolts" texture overlay should be displayed unless you have a hammer in your hand so that it doesn't ruin builds.

    Good point.

    Also, you should be able to claim/protect more than just bricks, quarts, and metal blocks. Stone blocks (i.e. stone bricks), sandstone, etc. are other obvious ones. I think wood should also be able to be protected, but maybe not to the same extent as other materials.

    My main idea was that this protection shouldn't be so easy to get that you can secure every structure around you. But, if you want to force a player to get into your base by solving a lever combination lock like you suggested, I think that this is a good way to make redstone and such more useful for locking stuff down.

    It's probably not a good idea to give players complete craftable grief-protection for their builds, however, because it would be too easy to turn this into a new kind of griefing.

    What if each player had a list of coordinates bound to them which saved what blocks were protected by them?

    Would this be a list of every single protected block, or cuboid-shaped areas that have been protected? I want to minimize the amount of memory being taken up.

    That way players could easily be limited in what they could claim (there would be a default limit, but it could be changed by the admin just like world borders) and the game could also make sure only the player who placed the block can unprotect it.

    Makes sense, I guess.

    What should this limit be, though, and how would a player go about increasing it?

    Not sure.

    I think there's a slight difference in our ideas about what block protection in Minecraft should be like, though:

    My idea for this protection system would be to protect more expensive blocks for the sake of smaller areas like safes where the answer isn't mining into it with a pickaxe. This makes redstone locking devices much more valuable, and is less prone to griefing, but isn't incredibly useful when protecting larger builds.

    Your idea is for general-purpose protection, which is good for protecting large builds, but it's easy to abuse by protecting areas with valuable stuff in it. Spawn Chunks, Ores, and unclaimed houses can all be protected by a malicious player, and do more harm than good. If the number of blocks that can be protected is limited, though, then it's hard for griefing players to get the materials needed even to trap a player entirely.

    I personally also feel like general-purpose protection doesn't really belong in the game, but the idea of reinforcing blocks might. But that's my opinion.
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    posted a message on Mud Block

    Eh.. he did. Rain water comes from the rainfall cycle.

    Goodness darn it! Rainwater is in there. Obviously yes, I don't want to cover up all of my farms, because that would be ridiculous.
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    posted a message on The off hand is being made Useless

    Give me 1.9 Combat. I personally even think it's better than the system that required a good internet speed and a cooperative server.

    Give me Llamas. They're rare and I can easily ignore them if I think they're useless.

    Give me Glazed Terracotta. It's completely optional to craft and I'm sure people more creative than me can use it for some pretty cool things.

    But for goodness sake Mojang, don't remove functionality! What point does this serve? Balance? Cross-device play?

    First off, I don't think that just because phones don't have a right click button, the rest of us should suffer because of that. Are we going to force the player to use only the left mouse button now? Second, what if we PC users don't like those Bedrock Edition differences? What if we play the PC edition because we think that the way the Bedrock Edition does things is stupid, like how Elytra can magically float upwards?

    The only thing I use the off-hand for is eating and torches. I never use shields because they break far too quickly, and I never use maps, because I don't really need them. Compasses? Don't need 'em either, I just memorize coordinates. If they're going to do this, they might as well add an option to completely remove the offhand from the GUI, because people like me would never need it.

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    posted a message on Block: Bubble Projector
    Quote from Shroom_Kid»

    Building underwater is a pain in the Swearing isn't permitted here. You have to take a bunch of blocks, and build a gigantic shape. Then, you have to break all of the blocks you just placed and start building. This is easier said than done. You could ask ANYONE, and they'll all say that building underwater is ridiculously annoying and takes ages. And you might say, why not use sponges? Well, sponges are useless if you're building in a large body of water. What's worse is that if you want to build something big, you'll need more blocks! If only there was an easier way to build underwater. That's where my idea comes in, Flextape the bubble projector!

    The bubble projector is crafted using prismarine, iron, and magic raindrops, which come from enemies called droplets. Can I have more details on these mobs?

    Just place it down, and a massive force-field will form around it. It will start off as 5x5x5, but you can give it more magic raindrops, which can increase the size up to a maximum of 16x16x16. In the force-field, all of the water that was once there is pushed to the side, to create a completely water-free area. You can still place water inside the force-field, however, so stuff like agriculture is still possible. I'm curious as to how this would work. Does this mean that there are actual force-field blocks stopping water from flowing into the bubble, or are we using some kind of other method to stop water from flowing back in?

    You can also join multiple bubble projectors together to make a bigger force-field. Below is the crafting recipe, with the Ghast Tear representing the magic raindrop. I do like that it requires you to go to a monument before you can get this thing.

    The recipe

    There you have it, my solution to building underwater. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

    Ehhh... Maybe Support?

    I like this idea somewhat. I don't really like the idea of upgrading the machine using more droplets, though. I think that the projector should be a one-time purchase that does a consistent amount of work. The main reason I have for this is that if I plan on using actual blocks rather than force fields for my base, I'll probably just place this down to clear the area of water, build my base and then pick up the machine since my base is watertight.

    I'm not sure about the logic behind using magic water to create a bubble in actual water. Maybe if there was an air-related mob drop or item?
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