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    posted a message on The Tricked Chest


    So I'm guessing you're suggesting a new kind of chest that spawns in the middle of the desert. When you open it, it contains diamonds and other items, but when you open your inventory after looting the chest, all of the looted items are gone.

    What purpose would this serve? This is effectively the game trolling players. There's no reason for it to exist, and by the time I've already discovered one of these Tricked Chests, I'll start ignoring the rest of them.

    No Support.

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    posted a message on Minecart speed

    I think this belongs in the "Minecraft Suggestions" forum, not the "Minecraft: Java Edition Suggestion" forum.

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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?

    If Mojang is going to give good reasons why not to add sharks, the least they could do is come up with gameplay reasons why they shouldn't be added. The Parrots and Cookies thing is reasonable, considering if my friend has a parrot and I don't know how to take care of one, and my friend is serving cookies at their house, I might apply Minecraft's logic to that situation.

    The shark thing is dumb, because it's unlikely that I'll ever see a shark anywhere in my life except an aquarium. Heck, it's likely that the people with the equipment to go find sharks in the ocean have been trained on how to deal with sharks. Will this game encourage people to kill sharks? Not likely, but even if it does, it's only going to encourage people that already had the intention of killing them anyway.

    This game hasn't encouraged me to kill rabbits in real life, a very common animal that I'm likely to find nearby my house. And if I was ever faced with an unowned cow and I had a suitable weapon, unless I'm desperate for food, it's not likely that I'm going to kill and butcher an animal just because a game told me how meat works...

    I can think of a few gameplay reasons why I might not want sharks, which are reasons likely to be actual problems. First off, unless they despawn, they add to the hostile mob count, so less Zombies and Skeletons can spawn. (There are some solutions to this, though. They could be made neutral, but unless they have a good use when tamed, I feel like this would make them a bit pointless. Alternatively, they could spawn in only certain locations, like Deep Ocean biomes, but then they'll effect mob spawns when caving.)

    The second, less important reason that I can think of is that I kinda want to build underwater without hostile-mob intervention. The ocean isn't really a place where a threat is needed, because if I'm trying to do work underwater, I'm probably going to be too busy to worry about sharks. (Although the new sunken ships might change this...)

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    posted a message on ZzzZ

    I've seen this idea before, but I don't think I've ever seen a less descriptive post title before. It's almost click-baity...

    As with other suggestions of this type, this is often shunned for letting players sleep in places that they don't intend to visit again, but I personally think that it wouldn't really be an adventure without a little bit of mob fighting to spice things up...

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    posted a message on Different chests
    Quote from fishg»

    I like the safe, it would be very helpful for mapmakers. However, I don't see the point of the other three containers. No one would use them because chests have far more storage space.

    Partial Support.

    There is some space for decorative "furniture" blocks like the bookshelf, furniture that belongs in one block but is hard or simply impossible to represent with other blocks. (Think microwaves, alarm clocks or computer monitors. None of these specific items belong in the game, though.)

    I think I'd use the wardrobe at the very least, though. It's certainly a better place to put old sets of broken armor than in a chest, where I'm just going to end up moving them around to fit other stuff. At the very least it might get me into the habit of better organization.
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    posted a message on Clothes and banners on armor
    Quote from Clen_»

    The only way to customize player's color is to give them dyed leather armor wich is ugly in general, and in addition not very "role play" : If the fighters are supposed to be rich and/or epic, leather is not very suitable...

    True, but iron or diamond armor isn't often painted, if only because the paint just wears off when hit with a sword. Whereas with Leather or Cloth, I think the paint or dye can soak into the fabric a lot better than it can soak into metal. And diamond armor isn't often painted... for obvious reasons.

    On the contrary, if the game is pacific (like hide and seek or soccers), the large leather shoulder pads will ruin the role-play too.

    I'll just assume you know what your saying for this sentence.

    That's why we need
    1. a type of colored clothes wich does not look impressive and agressive
    2. a way to give color to the rich armors
    And these are the solutions I found :

    wool armor can be crafted : shirt, pants and maybe socks ; they do not give any armor points, and can be dyed

    at the start of the game, instead of having an empty inventory, Steve would own a "light blue shirt" and "dark blue pants" (maybe "grey socks" ?).

    people can wear colored shirt and banners on theirs armors

    of course, the stick of the banner is not shown

    Can you please not use bullet lists if you can avoid it? The Minecraft Forum's BBcode software makes me have to edit posts with quotes at least once if you have fancy stuff in them.

    I kinda feel like this is what Leather Armor is supposed to be, though. Wouldn't it be better to just remove the parts of leather armor that don't get dyed, or better yet, allow them to be dyed a different color?
    Wearing a banner over your armor might be an interesting idea...

    Additionnal feature :
    feathers can be dyed and attached to helmets

    Sounds a little bit useful. Would this feather be attached to the ear, Indian style, or as a Mohawk, like Roman helmets?

    Here's the thing though: If we're trying to suggest ideas for cool clothing items to add to the game, I'd like to see pieces that deviate from the default armor model, similar to the Elytra. Top Hats, Gowns, Caps, Santa Hats, Robes and other pieces of clothing which we can't really properly simulate. Arguably, though, I'd like all of those armor items to have some kind of use. (Although if it's gender-specific clothing like the gown, I'd feel reluctant to take use of it's ability.)

    (Also, rather than crafting those items, it might be cool to buy them from Villagers. Maybe a "Seamstress" Villager that you can buy these clothes from? Speaking of Villagers, they should also be able to wear all these items.)

    Alternatively, in the past I found a suggestion about changing the model of armor based on the enchantments it has. It might be cool if you could use that for some of these. Either that, or hammer things like Santa Hats or Caps onto your armor. (No, it makes plenty of sense!)
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    posted a message on The 4 Year Old+ - "Quartz Block To Quartz" Suggestion

    Support, but can you please split up that giant paragraph into some smaller paragraphs? I'm not going to read that whole thing.

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    posted a message on Different chests
    Quote from Clen_»

    Isn't it a bit weird that you put your armor, your food, your weapons and your building materials in the same spot ? For a more RolePlay and logic game, here are my different containers :

    • Classic chest : can now be opened and broken by mobs (like a wooden door)

    Whilst I'd be a fan of this idea, the problem is that there are so many chests in so many worlds that are now endangered by this cool new feature.

    It's kinda sad that that is the case, because having mobs be able to open your chests means that the player has some incentive to build rooms that are lit up and safe from mob attacks. (Especially if creepers actually try to blow up walls to get to you. Then the early game before beds would be more about defending your base and less about hiding in it.)

    • Safe : like a chest, but more resistant : like an iron door), it can only be opened by redstone (and maybe explosions ?)

    This idea has some promise to it, seeing as it requires redstone to open it, although it would be pretty easy to open it by just placing a button on the ground. (Although, you can arguably already do this with iron doors...)

    I'm not a fan of making bookshelves into tile entities. The only way you're gonna sell me on this is if you can craft a "shelf" block, which you can put written books or maybe potions on, but also, right-clicking it with three empty, unwritten books will turn it into the old, no tile-entity block, so that players can still use that block in their builds. (It might also be nice to see no tile-entity shelves for empty glass bottles or something else you'd keep on a shelf.)

    When you mine the no tile-entity bookshelf, it drops an empty shelf and three empty books.

    In addition, this might be a nice place to keep food.

      Silo : contains vegetables and cereals

    Ehh, I don't really think we need silos just for food. Plus most silos are much bigger than one or two cubic meters.

    Wardrobe : each block contains ~4 hangers wich can hold 4 armor item (you can have bigger wardrobe by placing several wardrobe blocks next to each others.

    I suppose this could be a pretty nice decorative block. I like that.

    So in conclusion, I think the Safe and the Wardrobe might fit nicely into Minecraft, and with some changes, the shelf might be nice, but theres no need for the Silo, and I don't think we can safely change the chest.
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    posted a message on Doing something with the elytras texture

    Uhh... Can you specify exactly what you want done with the elytra texture? You haven't specified anything except that your role-play maps are ruined for some reason. (Maybe try a resource pack??)

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    posted a message on Chass- a board game for minecraft
    Quote from Clen_»

    Oh yeah, and about the "iz it usfal 4 evrybuddy" debate :
    First of all, there is no problem adding features wich are not useful for all the players (ie the diorite wich is only for builders

    Besides being an a block with almost no functionality (contrary to an entirely new form of gameplay in one block) it's also generated underground to spice up the bland stone walls. I guess we don't need flowers because only landscapers need those? No, of course not, because they still exist just to look pretty.

    or the commands wich are only for the mapmakers).

    Except map-making is something that exists only inside of Minecraft, and is a part of the community that Minecraft is already trying to cater to. The Chess and Board Game community, whilst they may play Minecraft, maybe make maps in Minecraft, is not an example of the entire target audience.

    Second of all, what you propose is a side-gameplay : it does not connect with any of the existing features, it is like a different game. You could open "chess.exe" or click on the chass block, it would have the same effect.

    Exactly. So why does it need to be in the game if I can just click "chess.exe"???

    As I've said before: If this new gameplay doesn't have any kind of reward, it doesn't need to exist. And if it does have some kind of reward, the chess part is just an annoying barrier to non-chess players rather than an entertaining journey to the reward.
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    posted a message on Chass- a board game for minecraft
    Quote from fishg»

    I don't know about you, but I'm not good at redstone, and that's fine because I have other options. Same goes for many people who are bad builders, or those who don't like survival. There's nothing wrong with not understanding chass (in retrospect it is kind of complicated) but just because someone doesn't enjoy one part of the game doesn't mean nobody else could like it.

    Except that redstone's functionality is still incredibly easy to use for simple lights, doors and traps, and the item itself is useful for crafting a bunch of stuff. Survivalists are still going to need to build shelters to sit in, it's just that some people can build them better. And whilst you might have a point with survival mode: That's an entirely different game mode, while we're talking about an item.

    All challenges in a game have some kind of reward, the problem with Chass is that if it has some kind of substantial reward, then the chess part is a complicated and unnecessary barrier between me and the reward. For me, at least, any reward worth learning this for possibly even months would be too OP to keep the main game fun. But if it doesn't have some kind of reward, I'm going to ignore it completely and it doesn't need to be in the game.
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    posted a message on Chass- a board game for minecraft
    Quote from NLonforum»

    Why? Cause it adds something extra, something optional you can do if you want to 100% Minecraft's own little challenges.

    What if I can't 100% Minecraft's own little challenges because this little mini-game was put in that totally contrasts the rest of Minecraft's easy to understand gameplay and is too complicated for me to master?

    It's not so outlandish to have a minigame game in your game, it's a sidequest,

    No. A side-quest usually has the same gameplay as the main game, or is very short and easy. Especially in Minecraft: all of Minecraft's other side quests (Ocean Monuments, Mansions, anything that doesn't directly lead to the Ender Dragon) follow the same gameplay: Left click to break stuff, Arrows to move. There's no GUIs to figure out or strategy to master.

    a bonus, plenty of video games have an optional game or two within them.

    I don't care if it's optional. My skills with the rest of the game should be all the skill required to play all it's side-quests and the side quest should provide me with an ample reward for doing it.

    If anything, side-quests should be simpler than the main game, so that I can quickly figure them out and do them, then return to the main quest.
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    posted a message on Sea mob

    Okay, how does the plankton upgrade the elytra?

    Does anyone liek my picture? I like getting feedback on my drawings...

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    posted a message on Goblin
    Quote from lagagamorp»

    Goblins are mobs that spawn underground. They act like villagers but underground, and they use gold as currency. They are pale green, .5m tall, and otherwise look like villagers. That thing is going to have a tiny hitbox. Unless you want to make an atmospheric mob like the bat, please increase the size of that thing. Also, why are we using gold instead of emeralds, which are already meant to be a currency unit?

    There are blue-robed goblins, which sell and upgrade mechanical hearts. Skipping ahead, you don't mention any other robes of goblins. Were you on a time limit to create this thread, or are all of the goblins blue robes?

    And why can't this just be a villager variation instead of an entirely new mob?

    Mechanical hearts are items with levels. they look like metal boxes, and give health boost n at level n.

    This sounds incredibly easy to become overpowered, except you don't actually mention how much health boost you intend on giving the player with the maximum-sized canister.

    They can be bought with a broken box and 20 gold. The broken box is crafted with redstone, a health potion, a fermented spider eye, and 6 iron. They cost 10 gold for upgrades.

    I don't like the idea of crafting a box meant only for this purpose. Maybe I should find these in dungeons? Also, if you mean 10 gold ingots, that is cheap. I would rather it be a dungeon loot item than a crafted item.

    Also, how can an item be broken when I've just made it.

    No Support in it's current form.

    This is something that I might even be interested in seeing come to fruition, but you need to specify more about these goblins then one career and one trade. Where do they spawn? Do Zombies still attack them? How many hearts do they have? What other robes can they spawn with?
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    posted a message on Sea mob

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is hopefully the strangest thing I'll ever draw.

    Based on your description, this is what I could come up with, and I don't think it's anything like you imagined.

    You never gave this thing a name, nor did you specify health, attack, speed, all of the things needed for such an original mob.

    I'm not sure why I put this much effort into this post...

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