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    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Braun wakes up with a minor headache, finding himself in a strange storeroom surrounded by empty bottles with labels in an unreadable language. The room he's in is littered with cardboard boxes and wooden crates, and seems to have two doors.

    Minor headaches were common for Braun, but waking up in strange places, not so much. The last thing he remembered was rolling his latest victims weighted corpse off the side of his 18 foot half cabin cruiser, and now somehow he's waking on the cold concrete floor of unfamiliar territory. He didn't like unfamiliar. He didn't like being out of control. Most of all, he didn't like games, unless he was the one making the rules, rules that usually resulted in the demise of an unfortunate soul. But this... well, somebody out there was obviously playing silly buggers.

    "Someone out there loves me..." He mutters, pushing himself off the floor, taking a calm look around. A room in some warehouse? The basement of a home? Eh, where he was didn't matter a great deal, after all, had someone gone through the trouble of getting him there, chances are they would have made sure he wouldn't be leaving in a hurry. The more interesting prospect was that, at least from Braun's perspective, for the first time in his life the tables had turned; he had now become a victim. There was no way to tell the extent of the plot, or who was actually responsible, possibly just some random mad mans idea of fun. Then again, it was also possible he had gotten so damn drunk after disposing of last nights body that he doesn't remember the rest of the night... but that much was doubtful, since his tolerance to alcohol was well beyond anything normal. The most probably scenario was that some bitter acquaintance of a past victim had finally caught up to him and decided it best to toy with his food. "So be it..."

    Padding himself down, he notices his trusty Gerber is still nestled warmly in his back pocket, which caused some amusement for the stupidity of the person that captured him. What sort of knucklehead would capture a killer and let him keep his knife? He let out a soft chuckle, pulled the weapon from his pocket and extended the blade.

    He wasn't keen on immediately trying the security of the room like some cornered and mindless rat, as attempting escape through the two 'doors' straight away was far too obvious, so he casually made his way to the nearest crate, jammed the blade beneath the lid and pried it open. Maybe his imbecile abductor was stupid enough to have left a few extra handy items for him as well.
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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Ariel sees Renard enter the kitchen with Betty in his arms. By the blood, many lacerations and the gaping wound to her neck, it is clear that she dead. To his rising horror, Renard appears to smile casually while speaking the words:

    “I had to, Ariel, she was meant to be mine. But don’t worry… you’ll be joining her soon.”

    Renard enters the kitchen with Fin in arms. He sees Ariel before him, yet the angel’s appearance has drastically changed. Dark, demonic wings are spread wide from his back. His eyes are bloodshot and crazed, his mouth lined with many rows of serrated teeth, his skin is burnt red, parched and cracked, yet his entire person shimmers like that of a mirage, while in his hand is a black sword that appears to bend and contort as though it were liquid.

    “NO! What have you done!” Ariel yells in a maddened voice, clearly out of his mind, while wielding his sword viciously in his advance upon Renard.

    Out of Character: I have requested permission from Buttons via PM that I may take the liberty of Ariel's initial action in this post. I would also like to thank the others players I contacted via PM for their patience in refraining from posting until this post was made.

    When Ariel sees Renard enter the kitchen, he was taken by two instant emotions. The first one being of gladness that Renard wasn't the beast he was expecting to appear from the looming nature of what he was feeling. The second was being completely and utterly horrified by seeing Betty dead in his arms. At first he figured Renard would have a reasonable explanation to this, but when he heard Renard claim responsibility for killing her due to jealousy, Ariel just... lost it....

    - Ariel hadn't had a lot of practice keeping his new human array of emotions under control, since he had only been in human form for a day, and because of this the emotional horror didn't for a moment allow him to stop and consider that Renard's knowledge of the affair between Ariel and Betty didn't make any sense. After all, it was only a little while ago that Ariel saw Renard in the hallway fighting Chisille. Not to mention the oddity of knowing that there could have barely been enough time for Betty to finish fighting her dad and then manage to meet up with Renard, tell him about what happened, and subsequently get murdered by him -

    Logic seemed to be damned by a flooding of despair and rage in the moment he heard Renard speak those casual words; 'I had to, Ariel, she was meant to be mine. But don’t worry… you’ll be joining her soon'. In that moment of overwhelming emotion, Ariel wanted nothing but to have him pay for what he had done, and raising his sword with intent to kill, he screamed out some unmentionable cussing and charged at Renard.

    Boris is awoken with a knock to his bed. Eyes open, he sees a man standing over him. The room is dark, yet just enough light is available to make out the form as that belonging to Jack.

    “Hello, Boris. I’m sorry from waking you like this. I’ve come to you because I’ve been giving your situation some careful thought. I’m sorry to be the one to do this but… I believe I know what’s best for you now.” Jack raises Magebuster above his head, preparing to strike. “Clearly, I should be the one to put you out of your misery.”

    With a powerful swing, Jack brings down the weapon on Boris.

    Boris was confused when he made out the form of Jack standing in the night beside his bed. He'd never been approached by a man while in bed before, then again, he'd never been approached by a woman either. But when he heard Jack speak, it became perfectly clear why Jack was their. History was once again repeating itself; Jack was like all the rest. He hated Boris, and wanted nothing more than to hurt him. With this realization in mind, Boris made a sorrowful groan, knowing he had lost his only friend - but moving fast, Jacks sword only hit the bed as Boris rolled from his position and onto his on the floor.

    With the bed between himself and Jack, Boris drew his bone as a tear ran down his cheek.

    "Why you want to hurt Boris, Mr. Jack? Why you make Boris' heart hurt?" Boris' voice then became bitter with rage as he raised Revel Yell - "BORIS NEVER DID NOTHING WRONG TO YOU, MR. JACK!!!"

    With a big stride, Boris jumped on the bed and came down with an overhead swing at Jack's head.

    In a peculiar moment, Buttons discovers himself alone in the dining room. The event seems… ambiguous, rendering him uncertain as to whether those with him had vanished, or if he had simply missed the moment when they exited via the door.

    Lifting his head from nibbling a flea, Buttons looks around to find he'd been deserted. He lets out a long sigh and groans a little...

    "Yeah, that'll be about right. Don't mind me, I'm just a cat...."

    Feeling like maybe he should go look for the others, he walks to the door where he then stops and drops back in a seated position, regarding the door handle with a defeated stare.


    Trixie narrows her eyes at the hooded man. She picks up a chair and hurls it in his direction. She ran around for a little, being careful not to be near his blade. A fiery orange fireball forms in her hand and she sends it flying in his direction. She starts forming another.

    In a peculiar moment, Trixie discovers herself alone in the dining room. The event seems… ambiguous, rendering her uncertain as to whether those with her had vanished, or if she had simply missed the moment when they exited via the door. Whichever the case, while still coming to terms with being forsaken, Orson enters the room.

    The hooded man is noticed as the door slams shut behind him. Without a moments further notice, he advances upon Trixie, wielding the blade wildly while yelling all manner of profanities.

    Sluggy, still on Trixie's shoulder, was screaming in terror as Orson started his attack, which would have sounded more like a small high pitched squeal because Sluggy's small size.

    "Don't let him harm your perfect body, my sweet! Throw another chair! Use another fireball! Kick him in the balls! Knock the dagger out of his hand! Trixie, don't let him cut me in half - my life is already pathetic enough!!"

    Quote from Pandolen»

    Back down in the library, Ezmond sees a very strange man with his face buried in the corner of the room.

    Bob doesn't seem to acknowledge Ezmond's arrival, he just keeping moving his legs as if trying to walk through the wall.

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    Boris had a lot to think about, like the annoying piece of turkey meat stuck between his teeth. No amount tonguing seemed to dislodge it. He tried picking at it with his fingernail as well, but it just wouldn’t budge.

    Of course, that might have been the least of his concerns because, mostly, Boris’ life had been a very confusing and troubling thing, and being in Waise didn’t help clear things up for him at all. For starts, he didn’t understand what was going on with the monsters; why they were there, or even why they wanted to kill him, and he especially had no idea why one of those monsters looked a lot like himself. Waise did offer Boris a few good things though, like Jack, the bone, cookies, and the big chest of gold he had stolen from the very strange man named Orson. Boris felt bad that he had to leave most of the gold on the street, but he was happy at the same time, knowing he had stuffed as much of it in his back pack as he could. There wasn’t anything else he could about that.

    There was also the matter of the tornado that blew through the room for no apparent reason and rudely interrupted his most recent meal. It was a very good meal and a very bad tornado. Then there was that strange man named Ezra, who appeared in the dining room right after that happened. Ezra had obviously played with one too many fires in his life, maybe had too many fights with wild animals too, because he sure was ugly on account of all that mischief. Coincidently, it sounded like he had spent some time in hell, or Hades, something like that, and that couldn’t have been a good thing at all because, as that kind Mr. Revel had pointed out, only bad kids went to hell. A person could only guess, for that reason all by itself, that Mr. Ezra must have been a very, very bad boy. Boris was going to have to keep a careful eye on that guy.

    Now, that right there brought to mind that very bad girl, Annie. She made Boris feel angry by not keeping her promise and throwing his gold all over the floor of that creepy graveyard house. It only seemed right that Boris should kill her, and he did, but for some reason she didn’t die. She was dead, that’s for sure, but then she wasn’t somehow, and that just made Boris feel even more worser about Annie. It was all so very confusing, but Boris made a promise to himself for sure; he would have to use his bone to kill her properly if he ever saw her again.

    – And that was another matter that kept playing on Boris’s mind; the bone he had found in the store earlier that day, as well as some cookies that were yummy to his tummy. It sure made Boris sad that most of the cookies had been crushed to crumbs in his pocket during all that fighting early, although he sure was glad that his bone hadn’t broken… and that brought to mind the matter of Mr. Jack.

    Mr. Jack was his friend, or at least Boris thought so. But Boris never had anyone he could call a friend before, and that made him worry a lot. Since all the people Boris had known in his life had either left him or treated him real bad, it was only a matter time before Jack left him too, so it was probably best that Boris let Jack go on his own, before Jack hurt his feeling and left him as well.

    Even so, Mr. Jack sure was a very nice man, he even read the label on the bone for Boris in a way that sounded very exciting somehow. Jack said the bone was called ‘Revel Yell’, and was also a gift for Boris, no less given to him by that kind Mr. Revel, who apparently admired Boris a lot. But Boris couldn’t figure out why anyone would admire him, he’d never been admired by anyone before, ever. In any case, it sure was a really good bone and made him stronger when he fought stuff, even though it made him feel tired after using it. But that didn’t matter so much, it was still a very, very good bone, by far the best thing he’d ever owned.

    Boris didn’t really know what to make of Mr. Revel though. Sure, he was nice enough, but he also must have been some sort of magic man who could make things appear and disappear, like the big stadium where he and Jack fought the giant knight, plus all the food on the table at dinner, Mr. Revel could even make himself disappear if he wanted to - and he did, right there in the dining room before Boris’ very eyes! That reminded Boris of a carnival he once went to, where he saw a man use smoke to make himself disappear, but Mr. Revel didn’t seem to need smoke to do that. He must have been a professional or something.

    He didn’t know if it was a coincident or not, and really didn’t pay that part any mind at all, but Boris’ bone wasn’t the first time he’d made contact with Dragons in some way, and neither was that young dragon in the dining room earlier the first young dragon he’d seen. Not the less, seeing that dragon earlier sure brought back memories of the first time Boris had met a dragon, maybe close to five years go.

    Back then, Boris was running away from some very mean people and just so happened to find a cave to hide in. It sure was dark in that cave, and it was night outside, so Boris snuck in and went to sleep on the first bit of flat rock he could feel, hoping that no one would find him while he was resting. Thing is, Boris got woken up by a loud grumbling noise, and right there in his face was a big dragon looking down at him. He could see the dragon well because morning had come and daylight was shining into the cave. Before Boris had time to do anything at all, that dragon picked him up with its mouth and threw him across the cave. He still has the scars on his chest from that bite. Boris remembered how much that hurt, and also how much it hurt when his head hit the wall when he landed. But the big angry dragon didn’t stop there, it just kept coming. That was when Boris drew a big knife from the back of his belt, and just as the dragon got close enough, he swung that big knife deep into the dragon’s eye. The knife must have stabbed the dragon in the brain as well, because then it just died.

    After that, Boris got up and saw something else moving in the shadows, so holding his knife ready to defend himself some more, he went over for a closer look, and that’s when he saw some very young baby dragons huddled in the corner. Those baby dragons sure did look cute, but they were also very scared, and seeing them like that sure did make Boris feel bad about killing their mother. Boris didn’t kill the baby dragons, of course, he just left them all alone in that cave because he didn’t know what else to do, and he never blamed their mother for attacking him either, she was only protecting her babies. For that reason, Boris really didn’t mind dragons at all. In fact, dragons were one of his favourite things, and he sure did hope those baby dragons didn’t remember his face at all.

    So those were some of the things Boris was thinking about while the conversation about Ezra was taking place in the dining room, but overall the conversation was, like most other things, very confusing for Boris, and all he really wanted to do was get that chunk of turkey out from between his teeth and find a comfortable bed for the night. All that food had made him sleepy.

    He tapped Jack on the shoulder, just to say ‘sorry’ for reasons that Jack couldn’t have known, then turned away to leave the room. Unfortunately he had to stop before walking out the door, because he only just then remembered the house was acting all funny and finding a bedroom was probably going to be a hard thing to do.

    Feeling sad and slumping dejectedly, he closed his eyes and wished he was a smarter man, smart enough to think of an easy way to find a soft bed. He wanted this so much that he even started picturing the bed he wanted to sleep in. The bed was big and soft, stuffed with feathers, not with straw like a lot of those lumpy beds were – and it just so happened, right at that moment, Boris disappeared before Jack’s very eyes.

    When Jack saw Boris inexplicably vanish, he heard Revel’s voice move softly though the room, as if carried by a passing breeze.

    “That’s my boy….”

    A moment later, Boris opened his eyes on account of a strange feeling he had, kind of like a quick spell of dizziness, and that’s when he found himself standing in a bedroom and looking at a bed, the very same bed he had just been imagining.

    Things were getting more and more confusing for Boris, but there was very little he could do about it all. He just let out a long sigh, shrugged, and thought it best that he just went to sleep for the night.

    So he did.

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    Trixie glanced over at Revel and nodded. It took a few seconds for her to hear Sluggy basically screaming her name at the top of her lungs. Trixie sighed and went on over, and tried to reach him. Glancing over at Ezra occasionally, holding her wand in a defensive position.

    Sluggy fell deeply in love at that moment, seeing now that Trixie really did care about him. Releasing his grip, trusting her with his life, he fell from the wall and into the silky pillow of her loving hand.
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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    The Dining Room.

    All those at dinner are suddenly interrupted when everything in the room, including said guests, are lifted from their places in a tornado of wind and grey cloud. Moments later the swirling mass of people, furniture and food fall heavily to the floor while Ezra manifests his previous form, huddled with arms wrapped about his knees in the corner. While his quivering eyes examine the many strangers and destruction he had caused, he is convinced he will likely be chastened for his actions and would soon need to make yet another escape....

    Quote from ValkonX11»

    Jack takes the last remaining bit of the steak Revel had given him at the beginning of the dinner as he replies, "Alright, Revel. I'll keep that in mind." He then consumes the piece of steak, leaving only what was left of his potatoes to finish off.

    As Silas explains himself, Jack nods. "I see. Understandable." He didn't have any idea what a 'radar' was either, but he assumed it was just another one of the science things, and most likely beyond his understanding if he had tried to ask about it. He opted instead to finish off what remained of his roasted potatoes, bringing his meal to a close. "Well, this has been a particularly satisfying meal. A shame every dinner can't be like this," he starts, taking the bottle of red in his hand again, "but perhaps if they were, this wouldn't have felt as special as it does."

    As Jack is about to drink from the bottle of red again, the tornado strikes. As the contents of the room are thrown into the air, Jack grabs the bottle of cinnamon brandy with a speed and precision one might not expect of a man who has had as much to drink as he had that dinner. He keeps his grip tight on both of the bottles, plugging their tops with his thumbs as they are thrashed around the room. As quickly as it had started, however, it ends, leaving Jack floored, lying on his back, still carrying the bottles, which against all odds didn't take any damage in the torrent of wind and feast-turned-debris.

    He sits up, only to be greeted by his mug from earlier striking him on the head as it falls, followed by Jack's helmet managing to land on his head as perfectly as if he had put it on himself. He sets the bottles on the ground next to him, taking off his helmet as he mutters, "You would've been useful if you had gotten here before the mug," rubbing his head where the mug had hit it. He sets the helmet on the ground too as he pushes himself up off the floor, stumbling a bit as he looks around the room, asking, "Everyone alright?" The first person he noticed was Lyudmilla, snoozing away on the floor. "She seems to be alright..." Next, in the corner, he noticed the charred, lacerated body of...

    He didn't know who that was. They hadn't been there before the tornado. "Guys? I think we have company..." Jack moves his hand onto the grip of Magebuster, ready to draw it and strike should the figure lunge out to attack or something.

    Trixie huffed. "I'm alright, thank you and I can see that there..." she said, grabbing her wand, powering it up just incase. She doesn't attack the figure yet though.

    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Meanwhile, Lyudmila has spent most of dinner drinking wine. She didn't have many opportunities to drink alcohol, so now that she had one she was going to make the best of it. Unfortunately for her though, she quickly becomes too drunk to hold a decent conversation. When Ezra comes in and makes a mess, Lyudmila is thrown to the floor. She tries to get up, failing several times before she manages to stand. She then tries to say something, pointing in Ezra's general direction, but instead falls over and passes out.

    Buttons was still relaxing at his spot on the table, casually watching the shenanigans taking place, and was just lowering his head to nibble at a flea when the cloudy tornado struck the room. There must have been something very calming in his dinner, possibly the milk, that prevented him from getting upset as he swirled through the air with his legs and tail flailing every which way. When the wind suddenly subsided he landed on his feet, as cats normally do, just a few feet from the charred and partly transparent man that had appeared. He sits where he landed, licks his paw to give his face a quick brush, and then looking rather offhandedly at the oddly disturbing individual, he says;

    "Hey, how ya doing?"

    Sluggy was upset, actually he was very distressed when the tornado wind struck, because somewhere in the turmoil he lost grip of Trixie's shoulder. His little soggy, slimy body twisted and turned in the air, narrowly missing all manner of projectiles as he screamed, not just for his life, but for the deep, deep despair he was suddenly feeling for possibly having lost his purple girlfriend forever. Then, just before everything went calm, he was thrown from the tornado and slapped against the wall with enough force to flatten his body on impact. Fortunately, he didn't die, and as his body regained its rounded shape he decided clinging to the wall was probably his best option for now in any case. He looked around desperately for Trixie, calling out her name at the top of his lungs, fearing more than anything that maybe she couldn't hear his little voice from way up high near the ceiling.

    A garbled "Daww..." was all the noise that Boris made as he circulated the room one or two times then came down heavy on his bottom near the center of the room with a cut of pork hanging from his mouth as looked around baffled. He clambers to his feet, swallowed the pork, kicks a few items from his path and steps over sleeping Lyudmila on his way to stand next to Jack, where he then looked down, befuddled by the new arrival.

    "He sure is ugly, Mr. Jack...."

    Revel had just polished off his bottle of black label in the moment the tornado struck. Lifted from his seat he laughed merrily enjoying the ride until it sadly came to an end and he was dumped on his back in a puddle of gravy, empty bottle still in hand. He then watched Lyudmila as she struggled to her feet then attempt to speak before collapsing on the floor beside him. He rolled over, gave her a kiss on the cheek and wished her sweet dream before standing up and looking around at the mess.

    "I did say it wasn't going to last much longer," he said to no one in particular, then threw a not-so-surprised look in Ezra's direction; "...So let the games begin."

    He then walks up next to Boris, Trixie and Jack, folding his arms while raising one brow in an aloof kind of way at the charred soul huddled in fear on the floor. But he didn't say anything to him at all.
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    Bob was staggering from wall to wall through constantly changing hallways when the fires started. By time the flames had been doused by the water, the pants of the long john style evening wear had already been burnt clear. The pants were now shorts. I suspect the ravens just left him alone since he is probably least of all threats in the house. Also, when the water came rushing through the hallway, he was swept off his feet and floated rather calmly on his back, gently moving his feet as if he was still walking, around the bend in the hallway and into the basement cellar. There he bobbed peacefully among the wine racks and crates, still kicking his legs as if walking while gazing empty eyed at the stone ceiling.

    Buttons was up on the dining table purring and gnawing his grilled fish when the commotion broke out, so he pretty much just ignored it at first. But then as the water doused flames he started to feel a burning sensation at the end of his tail. Unfortunately, he had his tail hanging over the edge of the table the whole time, and now the tip of the tail had been singed of all fur exposing the skin of the pointed end. He takes a break from eating to lift his tail and give it a look over. He isn't impressed, but he isn't really upset either.

    "Figures..." he says, and continues eating his fish.

    Revel sighs when the fire breaks out, the windows explode and the ravens appear. The fire doesn't hurt him, of course, he just waves his hand around to ensure the flames are kept at bay around Mila, while the other hand brandished a comically sized fly swatter to wack the ravens away like annoying flies at a picnic.

    "Seems summer came all at once, but they did say we were in for a real scorcher this year." When the waters surge in through the dining room he just nods his approval to Ei's ever watchful eyes. "Thanks for the refreshment. Let me know if you want me to join in the fun and games. But you know..." he shrugs; "I'm quite content to watch all the same."

    Sluggy, still on Trixie's shoulder, becomes petrified by both the flames and the appearance of Raven's. He was bigger than your average slug and would have possibly been seen as a tasty meal, that is if the flames didn't get him first. empowered by fear induced adrenaline, he moved at un-slug like speed and using his body like a sprint, lunging himself at Trixie's ear hole. Since he was a bigger than average slug, there was no way he was going to make it through, but that didn't stop him trying, writhing on her earlobe and hammering his head to try and force himself inside, while scream at the top of his lungs:

    "Please, Trixie, let me inside! Please, just let me inside, for the love of God - I need to get inside you!"

    Boris, wanting nothing more than to protect his good friend Jack when the flames appear and the door burst in on the lobby, quickly swoops Jack off his feet, forsaking his own safety, and cradles Jack in his arms like an infant.

    "Don't you worry, Mr. Jack, Boris save you."

    When the water floods in, he looks around with a pleased yet deeply concerned frown, and released Jack again, but he didn't really have any words to express the confusion he was feeling for the situation.

    Boris wasn't facing Renard when the bright light flashed through the foyer, so he wasn't sure where it came from, and therefor didn't notice the golden attire Renard was now wearing either. Feeling angered and frustrated by his own lack of understanding for the whole situation, he punches a raven very hard as it flies by and starts swinging at any more within striking range.

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    Trixie does a sigh at that. "Not now...maybe later. I've got...things to do right now. Not involving you...but later." she smirks. This slug certainly likes her, for whatever reason.

    The words 'maybe later' was all the confirmation Sluggy needed, and was about as close to getting lucky he'd ever been with a lady. He looks off into the distance, fantasizing about all things he would do to Trixie later.

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    Trixie is confused by that. "Well, hes certainly part of that. Sluggy. How do slugs eat anyways?" she asks.

    "Ohhhh, baby, you know the right questions to ask, don't ya." Sluggy licked his soggy lips and gave Trixie's fine neck a looking over; "I'll eat however you want me to." He presses up against her neck, excreting some mucus on her skin. "Let me tell ya, there's plenty more where that came from."
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    Quote from ValkonX11»

    As his heaviest bolts fail to pierce the knight's armor, and he fails to find any indication of a vulnerability in the knight's armor, Jack slides his crossbow back into its place on his back, exchanging it for his shield. He prepares to defend himself once more as the Knight turns to strike with his warhammer; Boris, however, is quicker than their mutual opponent, and his strikes knock the Knight to the his knees, forcing Jack to back away to avoid being crushed.

    As the Knight switches its focus to Boris, Jack thinks of what to try next, though it doesn't take long before the quick melee between the Knight and Boris results in the latter being launched into Jack by a punch, briefly taking the both of them out. As their tumbling comes to a close, Jack ends up underneath Boris once more. After being helped up by the giant man he watches the Knight, thinking over potential strategies for a moment before turning to Boris.

    "Alright, Boris. I will do what I can to distract him while you... make a smash-smash."

    With that, he draws Magebuster, charging towards the Knight as if to attack head-on, banging the flat of the blade against his kite shield in an attempt to draw its attention.

    While Jack begins his routine, Boris arks around fast, coming at the knight from behind with another severe sideways blow to the same knee as before, in the hope to add to any previous injury he may have caused there.

    Quote from 9314265068»

    As Ariel started talking again, Chisille's attention was once again drawn to him. This time the sound of his voice was more... frustrated or irritated as well as calm and caring. Even though she was just about ready to leave the room from how incredibly uncomfortable she felt right now, she stayed a bit longer just to hear him. After all, they seemed to be doing nothing but talking and all that and she wanted to straighten as much things out as she could.

    Annie. That name rung a bell, though she didn't quite understand it until Ariel explained about a... little girl. Images rushed through her mind, similar to the time when she was forced to see all the things the strange hunter had shown her. "Annie..." Chisille whispered under her breath. 'She's the only one I can think of... the only one who I've seen... Must be her... the so called deceiver.' she thought. From the sounds of what Ariel was telling her, she seemed like a real troublemaker. Right here in the house making the noise.

    As Ariel talked, he could see that Chisille's constant panicked stance was slowly loosening and relaxing. Seems as though the talking, the stressed sickness or just simply being tired was making her lower her guard once more. Perhaps it was a combination, but it was nonetheless effective right up to the point where he brought forth his wings.

    The wings caused her to jump with surprise, but it was less fear and more just being startled by them. Upon both being told and realizing that he wasn't really human even though he looked like one... a large amount of her fear drained away. The way he was talking now was driving her to feel somewhat empathetic for him. She certainly knew all about what he was telling her about particularly with constantly checking over your shoulder. She remembered when she first got free... every twig snap at night felt like she was about to be found... brought back... locked away again... more nastier things...

    In the end, Ariel's constant depressed way of talking, among all the other things aided by her young naive mind had made Chisille drop most of her aggression and fear, exactly as he had planned all along. She sat down and groaned in a dragonlike way, now feeling the full effects of her stress with nothing else to distract her. Her eyelids drooped a bit and her claws tensed up at each ache. "Owww..." she whimpered quietly.

    Quote from Pandolen»

    Betty keeps herself quiet and listening to Ariel talking from behind the corner at the other end of the passage. At first he sounded kinda way too nice, like someone trying to be nicer than people really should be, which sounded gosh darn odd coming from him, But then when the noise started on upstairs, he started to sound kinda deflated sorta thing. What he said sounded sad and Betty couldn't help but feel sorry for him somehow. After he finished blabbering, and she heard the quiet moan of her little dragon friend, Betty stepped out into the passage. The floor made a creek sound and alerted the other two to her presence.

    "It's just me! Don't worry little bub, you're safe."

    Betty walks down the passage and into the Lounge room. She gives a big smile to Chissy. When she saw Ariel sitting all dashed and vulnerable, it made him look a lot more, uh, what's that word... 'Attractive' than the guy she had met before. But you know, Betty always was a sucker for a guy who wasn't afraid of expressing his emotions. In a way it kinda made a guy look stronger, not all hung up on the insecurities of trying to look all macho all the gosh darn time. Something like that anyway.

    "Well tickle me pink and spank me silly! That's gotta be one of the saddest stories I've heard when I really think about it" Betty says to him. "So you really are an angel? Gosh dammit, and I thought you were just some stupid hot headed retard who didn't care about nothing except his fine looking butt...

    Betty clears her throat. "I mean... yeah... never mind what I just said. Moving on then!"

    She looks back over her shoulder at Lyd, who she was glad had followed her until now. She then looks at the rest of them. "Well, call me skittish, but I think it might be a good idea if we all find rooms for the night and keep hidden until morning, especially with that freaky-freak kid upstairs. And don't worry about anything getting into the house either, my dad is here now and he's out front watching over the place. He's one gosh darn powerful wizard, so I think everything is gonna be all fine and dandy!"

    Ariel was feeling slightly better seeing as Chisille was coming around, but the reality of his situation was still clearly keeping him down, at least, until Betty showed up. When she first walked in he didn't really respond, somehow it took a few moments to react and drag himself back up from his depressed state. Only after she finished her speech did he get from his chair, still unconsciously sustaining from any sudden moves on account of the dragon, and gave Betty and Lyudmila a nod of recognition.

    "Good to see ya both again. And yeah, Betty, I really am an angel, but you're probably right, I sure haven't been acting like one since I arrived. Maybe I'm just feeling a little rebellious after the whole getting kicked out heaven thing."

    He tries his hardest to smile, and truth be told, he was feeling kind of glad to see Betty again. She was an attractive girl, well, besides the overalls, not the most attractive female attire. But she was otherwise a stunner and had a lot fire in her heart. She meant well too, despite having the appeal of a klutz, but she didn't give a damn what anyone else thought of her, or so it seemed, and Ariel respected that.

    "In any case, I'm good with that idea." He agrees, and takes a second to give Chisille a smile that suggested he was thankful for her starting to trust him, or at least considering the option. "So lets go find a room. Uh... I would prefer not to have a room to myself though - not that I'm scared or anything, maybe a little, but I think I'd be more at ease sharing with someone tonight." He can't help but look at Betty while saying that.
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    Quote from 9314265068»

    It seemed as though Chisille's idea to camouflage herself against the wall was justified, as the floor started squeaking again. A human who she did not recognize walked into the room, attracted by all the noise that she had made. She kept perfectly still and quiet... except not really. She still had to quietly breathe and all that so there was still something to be discovered by, but unless Ariel actually got close enough to her position, she would remain hidden.

    The longer Chisille looked at Ariel, the more she seemed to know this particular man. In the dark she couldn't make any definite conclusions, so instead she just continued to remain hidden, hoping that someone she knew would be able to distract them or that they would leave her alone. If they got any closer to her position she might have to lash out and flee back to the rest of her group.

    A certain smell was drifting about the room that Ariel could detect. The unmistakable smell of smoke from a recent flame wafting about the place, which was strange because there was no fireplace in this room, or at least no lit one. It didn't smell like wood smoke either.

    While awaiting a response from the unknown watcher, Ariel identified an aroma in the air. It was a distinct smell of lingering smoke, but not from any regular source. He had smelt this specific smoky scents at numerous events during his time as an angel, and it was a smell that could have only been caused by a few specific things... Interestingly enough, all but one of those things could have actually been responsible in that mansion, at that time, in the town of Waise.

    Ariel smiled once he realized what had caused the smell, feeling glad that it wasn't a monster watching him - well, not a real monster, even though some people might call it one. But to Ariel, Dragons were far from being monsters.

    "Hello Chisille...." Ariel spoke softly and as kindly as he could, which was something he was actually very good at being that his previous line of work called for it quite often. It's the gift of practically any angel to subdue someone with a gentle voice; "We met earlier, remember me? I'm not going to hurt you...." He paused for a moment, then continued; "I was only joking with what I said back at the house.... I'm very sorry for what I did. Truly I am. I didn't mean to scare you. I didn't want you to run away. Really though... you have no reason to fear me. To be honest, I actually love dragons. They're one of my all time favorite creatures."

    To prove he had no intention of being aggressive, and to appear a little more submissive, he took a few very careful steps towards a chair and sat down slowly.

    "You can come out. It's fine. I know your there. And I give you permission to burn me to ashes if I ever say anything like that again. It would be my honor to meet you properly."

    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    It takes a while before Renard actually acknowledges the man's presence. He identifies him as some sort of jester.

    Renard looks at him with empty eyes, seemingly expecting a follow-up to what he had already said.

    "You know, Renard," Revel says; "I used to be a lot like you - Actually, no, that's just a blatant lie. But I have come across many people with similar personal conflicts as your own. The doubt in ones self. The feelings of inadequacy. The self loathing. The countless questions and confusion. All those feeling of emptiness and sorrow...." He sighs. "That whole identity crisis thing... you know, it's all very boring to be perfectly honest. You're capable of so much more. Which is, in fact, the reason why I'm sitting here right now. I think I can help put a smile back on that dial of yours! Oh - and where are my manner?"

    Revel leans forward in his chair, extending one hand.

    "Call me Revel! Just in case the writing on my top didn't give it a away."

    Trixie looked around for a second. Making sense of where she was, rather confused. She payed no attention to Orson though. Glaring at Revel. "Trixie will not obey you, human! Rack off, silly poop throwing ape!" she shouts at him, she eats her fries up hungrily though, ravenously. After that she locks her lips. "Thanks for the fries though." she says, with a slight chuckle. She tries to get out of her mummy wrapping.

    Quote from ScorpionXR64»

    Orson then turns to the horse in the cage, wrapped up in linen cloth and acting strangely, he then decides that this thing was probably brought here for Orson and Revel's own amusement, so he figured he would test out his new dagger.

    Orson pulls out the knife by the hilt, and then swiftly throws it at the horse's leg, it lands perfectly on point and sinks deep into the horse's flesh, the knife then almost immediately flies back at Orson hilt first and returns to his pocket.

    "Nifty." is the only thing he had to say.

    "Oh - please!" Revel actually seems a little upset by Orson's behavior; "Now I may be a God who thrives on entertainment, even in the hopes of bloodshed a lot of time, but harming a caged and defenseless animal, especially a talking freak like this one, is just downright inhumane of you..." Revel raises an eyebrow; "But make no bones about it, you aren't exactly human either, are you?"

    Turning to Trixie, Revel gives a doting look, but probably forced, and reaches into the cage. He touches the Ponies wound, which immediately heals.

    "But you're actually wrong." Revel Tells Trixie with a scornful laugh; "I have been known to throw poop around the place, but I am far from being human. But I tell you what." Revel says with a single clap of his hands. The Cage disappears as he does so. "Why don't you let me know what being human is actually like? I'd be interested in your feedback." And, with those words said, the mummy wraps unraveled from Trixie's body and gathered neatly in a bundle on the floor, revealing her new human form.

    Revel then look's around mischievously, as if making sure no one else will hear an upcoming dirty joke, then leans in close with his hand placed next to his mouth to whisper. "But don't come running to me if you... uh... encounter a few unexpected side effects." He gives her a wink.

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