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    Quote from Mackerellatorn»

    Renard's eyes shine with a determined glimmer for the first time. With all that had happened and finally remembering who he was, now he was finally out of that horrid state of mind. He knew what to do, and he had a plan-- but first, he had to escape the mansion and lay the person in his hands to rest. This was easily done, but before he could do that, he first had to find his companions: Ariel, and Maras. He did have a feeling Maras could be in the mansion; he always was attracted to trouble, and this place was definitely the holy grail of trouble.

    And he had to get his original body back too-- sure, it wasn't much of a priority, and there really wasn't much of a problem with Faux's form, but the height difference and squeaky voice meant people were going to treat him like a child, not taking him seriously. It was all so strange; what really was the point of Faux taking the liberty of changing appearances to his dead self? Was there any significance of his trademark golden coat? And how did Renard's weapons even disappear with his body? Where was his body and weapons all stored? There were many unanswered questions. They were both still the same person, and but Faux was still somehow hiding something from him.

    Even now, looking at Faux was strange-- he did look like him slightly, but sometimes he found it hard to grasp that Faux's form was really just Renard from around 8 years ago. He only knew of his own past not from his memories but from Faux's tales, so details like his personal growth had been left unknown because of the memory gap. It still felt like he was a different person.

    Renard shakes his head and continues through to the kitchen before him, Fin still in his arms. Everything he thought about would wait for now; he had more important things to do.

    That was easy. He had already found him, less than a minute after he decided to go look for him. Convenient. Renard narrows his eyes at the unsettling sight, trying to make sense of what was going on with Ariel's appearance. He sure had gotten a makeover-- and a dark one, too. Maybe this was what angels really looked like? Never could really leave the depictions of them up to artists. Nonetheless, Renard approaches him-- violent-looking or not, it was still the same person.

    "Ariel... what've you been doing this entire time? Fooling around?" he remarks, forgetting entirely about the weight of Fin on his arms.

    Renard's first thoughts are about how Ariel nonchalantly throws out swears and other sorts of incomprehensible dialogue as if he weren't a Christian, though whatever he is saying all seems to blend together messily-- and then his mind quickly drifts to less sillier matters like Ariel attacking him. With almost no time to react, Renard closes his eyes tightly, bracing for impact. It is only after a loud 'CLANG!' sound is heard that Renard opens his eyes again, to the strange sight of his floating blade locking together with Ariel's. He had inadvertently moved the 'Truth' to save himself. But this particular feature of the sword obviously wasn't intended for combat; the blade begins to falter, only about 2 seconds before it had started locking.

    Renard quickly drops Fin, who falls to the ground with a thud. Intentionally not taking the opportunity to go for a groin-attack or anything else for his friend's sake, he instead grabs his sword in defence, continuing to lock swords in a tie with Ariel.
    "What in the... you've lost your mind now, haven't you?! It's me, Renard!"

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Renard's words do not come across to Ariel as intended:

    "Ariel... what did you think was going to happen? Raise mutant children on a farm?"

    With pressure of both blades seemingly locked in a tie, Renard can see that Ariel's blade is descending slowly upon him, yet it remains unclear as to which of the blades is cutting through the other.

    Renard speaks once again. The words Ariel hears, as in the previous instance, are vastly different to what Renard intended:

    "To be honest.. it gave me great pleasure to end that harlots life. She was meant to be mine!"

    When the blades became locked overhead, the words Renard spoke 'To be honest.. it gave me great pleasure to end that harlots life. She was meant to be mine', seemed to jar Ariel from his sudden impulse of rage, which in turn caused him to be mindful of the obvious discrepancy concerning the unlikelihood of Renard having time to meet up with and subsequently kill Betty in the time that had transpired since Ariel left her behind in the bedroom. In one sudden moment the entire situation felt absurd. These weren't words fitting of the man, Renard, that Ariel had gotten to know, and it was obvious that there just wasn't enough time for him to have killed Betty... despite the fact that she was lying dead on the floor at their feet.

    Releasing the tension from the lock of blades, Ariel stepped back, but taking no chances he kept on guard with sword at the ready. The situation may not been making any sense, but there weren't any obvious answers as to why, either.

    "Have you completely lost your mind?" Ariel shouted; "How can you be saying all that crap and be so nonchalant about it!?" He looked at Betty's corpse on the floor, then back at Renard. "Tell me what the hell is going on here!"

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Jack is advancing at Boris when the light fills the room. In that moment, Jack halts, analyzing the change with moderate curiosity. A wave of violet light moves over his body, from head to toe, before looking back at Boris with a weak smile and empty eyes as he re-commences his advance. He is now moving faster, blurred with speed as he swings Magebuster at Boris' neck.

    Boris was too large a man to dodge or parry Jack's speedy attack in time to avoid having his head lopped off, all he could really do was begin raising Revel Yell in defense while stepping back, at the same time wanting nothing more than to just move out of the way in time - and as Jack's blurred motion brought the blade of Magebuster to Boris's neck, Boris found himself behind Jack, while continuing the action of stepping back and raising Revel Yell - The whole thing happened so fast, Boris barely realized what was taking place before swinging the bone back down hard on the rear of Jack's head.

    A loud, cracking thud was heard as the bone smashed into Jack's helmet, synchronized with a pulse of cyan light that charged Boris with extra power, and chaperoned by the beastly roar of a dragon that shook the room.

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Bob doesn't seem to mind the yelling. Keeping his dazed condition, he simply alters course, each floundered step increasing speed toward Buttons.

    "You've gotta be bloody kidding me!" Buttons streaked as he circled around Bob with kitten speed; "You don't actually expect to catch me, do you?"

    Pouncing high, he latched onto Bob's upper back, attacking his neck in a frenzy of claws and teeth.

    Meanwhile, Sluggy continued to frantically grope his way low across the wall to the exit and tried escaping the room through gap beneath the door.

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    Quote from Buttons»

    Sluggy, still on Trixie's shoulder, was screaming in terror as Orson started his attack, which would have sounded more like a small high pitched squeal because Sluggy's small size.

    "Don't let him harm your perfect body, my sweet! Throw another chair! Use another fireball! Kick him in the balls! Knock the dagger out of his hand! Trixie, don't let him cut me in half - my life is already pathetic enough!!"

    Trixie fires more aimed at his legs and keeps moving around, and picks up another chair and hurls it straight at him aswell as other objects laying around.

    "Forget the fireballs!" Sluggy bounces up and down in frustration on Trixie's shoulder. "They obviously aren't doing any good, you think shooting at his legs is gonna make all the difference? - Or are you going for the burn-down-the-house-instead approach? And aim for the dagger when you're throwing that stuff! Knock it out of his hand! Run out the door! Escape! Do something before it's too late for the both of us! WE'RE BOTH TOO YOUNG TO DIE TODAY!"

    After a lot of yelling and assessing the situation a little more, Sluggy gives up and stops his frantic jumping about with a long sigh....

    "That's it..." He says, turning from Trixie with disappointed in his voice; "...I'm dumping this dame."

    Using his body as a spring, Sluggy launches himself off Trixie's shoulder then flattens is body to act as a sail as he glides gracefully through the air. On the other side of the room he lands gently, attaching himself to the wall, and starts groping his way towards the door.

    "Later, hot stuff! Send me a letter or something!"

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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Gripped with one hand, and apparently not feeling the need for his shield, Jack raises Magebusted to block Boris’ overhead attack with incredible ease. Jack laughs as though mocking the large man’s efforts, while he raises one leg and proceeds to kick Boris across the room.

    Boris is a little winded by the impact to the wall on the other side of the room. He sits on the floor catching his breath for a moment before pushing to his feet. He was also a little confused, which is expected with Boris, really, but this time the reason was clear enough; Jack seemed different. He seemed mean in a mocking way, and that wasn't like Jack at all, and he also seemed a lot stronger than he was before. Even for Boris' naive and simple mind, something about the situation just didn't add up.

    As Boris started to cautiously circle about the room, which now had less light than before, towards his the dark silhouette of his subject, he was very much desperately wishing that he could see Jack better. After all, It was going to be even harder to fight him if he couldn't see properly. That was when another strange thing happened, adding to the many things that were confusing Boris lately: Form no particular source whatsoever, the bedroom lit up. Not a lot, but there was now enough light spread evenly around the room for Jack to be seen properly.

    Boris paused mid-step, wondering where the light had come from, and as he did, he heard a familiar voice. It was the magic man, Revel, but Revel's voice wasn't spoken from somewhere in the room, it was coming from inside Boris' head.

    "That was you, my boy, the light is yours. Now show this fake Jack what you're made of, be the man I know you can be. All you need to do is believe...."

    Boris finished his step, but felt even more confused as he looked at Jack. Apparently the magic man, Revel, thought this Jack was fake, which Boris, in some way too, had considered as well. But what did Revel mean by the other stuff he said? The light is yours? All you need to do is believe? Be the man I know you can be...? It must have been that Revel was trying to tell Boris something important. Trying hard to figure out what all these things meant, Boris held his position with Revel Yell at the ready, allowing the fake Jack to make his advance while he thought things through.

    As the kitten stares defeated up at the door handle, he hears a scuffled sound behind him. It is unmistakably the familiar sound of faltered footsteps, belonging to no other than Bob. The soulless man had somehow appeared in the dining room, staggering toward Buttons and raising his foot with apparent intent to crush the cat.

    When Buttons heard the sound, he instantly knew who it was, since he had heard the familiar sound of Bobs senseless staggering all too many times before.

    "Well, that'd be just about right, just when I thought things couldn't get any better..." Buttons sneered and sarcastically grumbled, as turned around to look, but seeing Bob lifting his foot to deliberately stomp him was something Button's didn't expect in the least.

    Taking off fast, paws skidding on the floor like a cartoon, before bolting out of the way just in time for Bob's foot the come down on the already singed tip of his tail, Buttons screeched in pain. When he reached the other side of the room he spun around again, arching his back and hissing. After his involuntary cat-like response, he started yelling at bob;

    "What are you doing, you dumb bum?! Get a grip on yourself, hammer head! What sort of spell did that girl put on you anyway? It's me! The kitten that holds your only chance of ever getting your stupid dumb bum soul back!! Now, cut that out!!"

    Quote from Pandolen»

    Back down in the library, Ezmond introduces himself to the strange guy trying to walk through the wall, but not getting any response he walks on over and taps the weirdo on the shoulder.

    “Well, excuse me, young man, but I don’t really see the point of what you might be doing there. By the way, your long johns are all burnt and your bum crack is showing. Really might wanna find some new clothes if you don’t mind my humble opinion at all.”

    Bob doesn't respond, continuing to try and walk through the wall for a few more seconds before finally he reacts, but maybe just by sheer chance as he pivots about, teeters on the spot for a few seconds as his dazed stare seems to look right through Ezmond. After regaining his balance, kind of, Bob continues his journey, his first step landing his face in Ezmond's chest. Once again, just like the wall, Bob's feet continued to flick about awkwardly as if he was trying to walk right through the man.

    ((I'll respond to Mackerellatorn once I know if NR has more to add to that situation or not.))
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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Ariel sees Renard enter the kitchen with Betty in his arms. By the blood, many lacerations and the gaping wound to her neck, it is clear that she dead. To his rising horror, Renard appears to smile casually while speaking the words:

    “I had to, Ariel, she was meant to be mine. But don’t worry… you’ll be joining her soon.”

    Renard enters the kitchen with Fin in arms. He sees Ariel before him, yet the angel’s appearance has drastically changed. Dark, demonic wings are spread wide from his back. His eyes are bloodshot and crazed, his mouth lined with many rows of serrated teeth, his skin is burnt red, parched and cracked, yet his entire person shimmers like that of a mirage, while in his hand is a black sword that appears to bend and contort as though it were liquid.

    “NO! What have you done!” Ariel yells in a maddened voice, clearly out of his mind, while wielding his sword viciously in his advance upon Renard.

    Out of Character: I have requested permission from Buttons via PM that I may take the liberty of Ariel's initial action in this post. I would also like to thank the others players I contacted via PM for their patience in refraining from posting until this post was made.

    When Ariel sees Renard enter the kitchen, he was taken by two instant emotions. The first one being of gladness that Renard wasn't the beast he was expecting to appear from the looming nature of what he was feeling. The second was being completely and utterly horrified by seeing Betty dead in his arms. At first he figured Renard would have a reasonable explanation to this, but when he heard Renard claim responsibility for killing her due to jealousy, Ariel just... lost it....

    - Ariel hadn't had a lot of practice keeping his new human array of emotions under control, since he had only been in human form for a day, and because of this the emotional horror didn't for a moment allow him to stop and consider that Renard's knowledge of the affair between Ariel and Betty didn't make any sense. After all, it was only a little while ago that Ariel saw Renard in the hallway fighting Chisille. Not to mention the oddity of knowing that there could have barely been enough time for Betty to finish fighting her dad and then manage to meet up with Renard, tell him about what happened, and subsequently get murdered by him -

    Logic seemed to be damned by a flooding of despair and rage in the moment he heard Renard speak those casual words; 'I had to, Ariel, she was meant to be mine. But don’t worry… you’ll be joining her soon'. In that moment of overwhelming emotion, Ariel wanted nothing but to have him pay for what he had done, and raising his sword with intent to kill, he screamed out some unmentionable cussing and charged at Renard.

    Boris is awoken with a knock to his bed. Eyes open, he sees a man standing over him. The room is dark, yet just enough light is available to make out the form as that belonging to Jack.

    “Hello, Boris. I’m sorry from waking you like this. I’ve come to you because I’ve been giving your situation some careful thought. I’m sorry to be the one to do this but… I believe I know what’s best for you now.” Jack raises Magebuster above his head, preparing to strike. “Clearly, I should be the one to put you out of your misery.”

    With a powerful swing, Jack brings down the weapon on Boris.

    Boris was confused when he made out the form of Jack standing in the night beside his bed. He'd never been approached by a man while in bed before, then again, he'd never been approached by a woman either. But when he heard Jack speak, it became perfectly clear why Jack was their. History was once again repeating itself; Jack was like all the rest. He hated Boris, and wanted nothing more than to hurt him. With this realization in mind, Boris made a sorrowful groan, knowing he had lost his only friend - but moving fast, Jacks sword only hit the bed as Boris rolled from his position and onto his on the floor.

    With the bed between himself and Jack, Boris drew his bone as a tear ran down his cheek.

    "Why you want to hurt Boris, Mr. Jack? Why you make Boris' heart hurt?" Boris' voice then became bitter with rage as he raised Revel Yell - "BORIS NEVER DID NOTHING WRONG TO YOU, MR. JACK!!!"

    With a big stride, Boris jumped on the bed and came down with an overhead swing at Jack's head.

    In a peculiar moment, Buttons discovers himself alone in the dining room. The event seems… ambiguous, rendering him uncertain as to whether those with him had vanished, or if he had simply missed the moment when they exited via the door.

    Lifting his head from nibbling a flea, Buttons looks around to find he'd been deserted. He lets out a long sigh and groans a little...

    "Yeah, that'll be about right. Don't mind me, I'm just a cat...."

    Feeling like maybe he should go look for the others, he walks to the door where he then stops and drops back in a seated position, regarding the door handle with a defeated stare.


    Trixie narrows her eyes at the hooded man. She picks up a chair and hurls it in his direction. She ran around for a little, being careful not to be near his blade. A fiery orange fireball forms in her hand and she sends it flying in his direction. She starts forming another.

    In a peculiar moment, Trixie discovers herself alone in the dining room. The event seems… ambiguous, rendering her uncertain as to whether those with her had vanished, or if she had simply missed the moment when they exited via the door. Whichever the case, while still coming to terms with being forsaken, Orson enters the room.

    The hooded man is noticed as the door slams shut behind him. Without a moments further notice, he advances upon Trixie, wielding the blade wildly while yelling all manner of profanities.

    Sluggy, still on Trixie's shoulder, was screaming in terror as Orson started his attack, which would have sounded more like a small high pitched squeal because Sluggy's small size.

    "Don't let him harm your perfect body, my sweet! Throw another chair! Use another fireball! Kick him in the balls! Knock the dagger out of his hand! Trixie, don't let him cut me in half - my life is already pathetic enough!!"

    Quote from Pandolen»

    Back down in the library, Ezmond sees a very strange man with his face buried in the corner of the room.

    Bob doesn't seem to acknowledge Ezmond's arrival, he just keeping moving his legs as if trying to walk through the wall.

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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    As midnight strikes.
    Boris Dreams…

    Boris stands in a vast cemetery. The night is bathed in the moons faint glow. A low, blue mist blankets the ground, from which the top of nameless headstones show.

    Boris can see Annie. She is a little older. She is facing Boris, standing between two headstones and brilliantly adorned in a white gown, a crown of gold light floats upon her head. In her arms she cradles a newborn child, swaddled in crimson cloud.

    Boris draws near, longing to behold the child. He stops close when Annie speaks.

    “I have supped the blood of mortal man. I have born your animosity. Your strength and heart have been imparted.”

    Boris now looks upon the infant. The infant is smiling, they turn their gaze to Boris, and speak.


    Boris wakes upon his bed.

    With the exception of Ezra and Chisille, the same looming presence is now felt by all those in the mansion. …It is clear that every person is being watched by an unseen, encroaching malevolence.

    Boris wakes with a start from the dream, not too much crazier than one of his regular dream, since it had a talking a baby in it. Dreams usually made Boris chuckle, being that they were ever more dumb than he was, but this one particular dream sort of made him angry, because it had that very, very bad girl in it.

    "Liar..." He grumbled, "Little babies don't talk."

    Then, of course, there was the very bad feeling in the air that he felt after dismissing the dream as silly, stupid liar Annie stuff, and as much as it wasn't a good feeling, it also wasn't the first time he thought monsters might be hiding under his bed or in a closet watching him, so he just went back to sleep.
    Sunset goes to look around for a way back to her friends. Unfortunately for her she doesn't find her way back to them, as it is blocked by debris and pieces from the church. She decides to pace about the place for now, staying quiet and on alert just in case.
    Trixie looked to Jack in a slight worry. "What do you think that could be...?" she asks, slightly nervous.

    After having a dream about eating crumbs from Trixie's silk smooth skin at a romantic picnic on a perfect rainy day, Sluggy wakes up on Trixie's shoulder feeling nervous. His goggling eyes reeled about in search of anything that might embody the pending danger he was suddenly feeling.

    "Trixie, baby, sweetheart!" He says, doing a few blubbering turns, "You gotta hide me. Please hide me, I'm a very fragile slug, and slugs dry up and shrivel really fast when they're scared!" His eyes sway about thoughtfully, searching for ideas about where she might be able to hide him. "Maybe put me somewhere warm and moist? I mean... just until the trouble is over, then you can come and find me, right?"

    Buttons, still in the same spot on the floor, couldn't help but wonder what Bob was doing, or if he was safe from the pending doom that was being felt. He also took a moment to nibble at a flea.

    Meanwhile, Ariel is still in the kitchen eating when the blast of light happens, but it wasn't the strangest thing he'd seen that day, he was more concerned about the unsettling sensation of prying eyes. He gets to his feet, drawing his sword, which as mentioned before is capable of damaging spirits as well as physical matter. But as he stands, the prying doom wasn't the only bad feeling he had. The changes to his body, brought on by his most recent transgression, was starting to cause all sorts of pain and discomfort throughout his body. He was getting a fever, breaking out in a cold sweat as it felt like every inch of his skin was being pierced with hot needles. The food he just ate felt like lava in his stomach. His mouth was suddenly parched and to swallow felt like razor blades cutting at his throat. His eyes started aching and everything in the room became different shades of orange and red, while becoming distorted with double vision.

    But he kept his ground, gripping to the sword, ready for anything that might strike.
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    Boris had a lot to think about, like the annoying piece of turkey meat stuck between his teeth. No amount tonguing seemed to dislodge it. He tried picking at it with his fingernail as well, but it just wouldn’t budge.

    Of course, that might have been the least of his concerns because, mostly, Boris’ life had been a very confusing and troubling thing, and being in Waise didn’t help clear things up for him at all. For starts, he didn’t understand what was going on with the monsters; why they were there, or even why they wanted to kill him, and he especially had no idea why one of those monsters looked a lot like himself. Waise did offer Boris a few good things though, like Jack, the bone, cookies, and the big chest of gold he had stolen from the very strange man named Orson. Boris felt bad that he had to leave most of the gold on the street, but he was happy at the same time, knowing he had stuffed as much of it in his back pack as he could. There wasn’t anything else he could about that.

    There was also the matter of the tornado that blew through the room for no apparent reason and rudely interrupted his most recent meal. It was a very good meal and a very bad tornado. Then there was that strange man named Ezra, who appeared in the dining room right after that happened. Ezra had obviously played with one too many fires in his life, maybe had too many fights with wild animals too, because he sure was ugly on account of all that mischief. Coincidently, it sounded like he had spent some time in hell, or Hades, something like that, and that couldn’t have been a good thing at all because, as that kind Mr. Revel had pointed out, only bad kids went to hell. A person could only guess, for that reason all by itself, that Mr. Ezra must have been a very, very bad boy. Boris was going to have to keep a careful eye on that guy.

    Now, that right there brought to mind that very bad girl, Annie. She made Boris feel angry by not keeping her promise and throwing his gold all over the floor of that creepy graveyard house. It only seemed right that Boris should kill her, and he did, but for some reason she didn’t die. She was dead, that’s for sure, but then she wasn’t somehow, and that just made Boris feel even more worser about Annie. It was all so very confusing, but Boris made a promise to himself for sure; he would have to use his bone to kill her properly if he ever saw her again.

    – And that was another matter that kept playing on Boris’s mind; the bone he had found in the store earlier that day, as well as some cookies that were yummy to his tummy. It sure made Boris sad that most of the cookies had been crushed to crumbs in his pocket during all that fighting early, although he sure was glad that his bone hadn’t broken… and that brought to mind the matter of Mr. Jack.

    Mr. Jack was his friend, or at least Boris thought so. But Boris never had anyone he could call a friend before, and that made him worry a lot. Since all the people Boris had known in his life had either left him or treated him real bad, it was only a matter time before Jack left him too, so it was probably best that Boris let Jack go on his own, before Jack hurt his feeling and left him as well.

    Even so, Mr. Jack sure was a very nice man, he even read the label on the bone for Boris in a way that sounded very exciting somehow. Jack said the bone was called ‘Revel Yell’, and was also a gift for Boris, no less given to him by that kind Mr. Revel, who apparently admired Boris a lot. But Boris couldn’t figure out why anyone would admire him, he’d never been admired by anyone before, ever. In any case, it sure was a really good bone and made him stronger when he fought stuff, even though it made him feel tired after using it. But that didn’t matter so much, it was still a very, very good bone, by far the best thing he’d ever owned.

    Boris didn’t really know what to make of Mr. Revel though. Sure, he was nice enough, but he also must have been some sort of magic man who could make things appear and disappear, like the big stadium where he and Jack fought the giant knight, plus all the food on the table at dinner, Mr. Revel could even make himself disappear if he wanted to - and he did, right there in the dining room before Boris’ very eyes! That reminded Boris of a carnival he once went to, where he saw a man use smoke to make himself disappear, but Mr. Revel didn’t seem to need smoke to do that. He must have been a professional or something.

    He didn’t know if it was a coincident or not, and really didn’t pay that part any mind at all, but Boris’ bone wasn’t the first time he’d made contact with Dragons in some way, and neither was that young dragon in the dining room earlier the first young dragon he’d seen. Not the less, seeing that dragon earlier sure brought back memories of the first time Boris had met a dragon, maybe close to five years go.

    Back then, Boris was running away from some very mean people and just so happened to find a cave to hide in. It sure was dark in that cave, and it was night outside, so Boris snuck in and went to sleep on the first bit of flat rock he could feel, hoping that no one would find him while he was resting. Thing is, Boris got woken up by a loud grumbling noise, and right there in his face was a big dragon looking down at him. He could see the dragon well because morning had come and daylight was shining into the cave. Before Boris had time to do anything at all, that dragon picked him up with its mouth and threw him across the cave. He still has the scars on his chest from that bite. Boris remembered how much that hurt, and also how much it hurt when his head hit the wall when he landed. But the big angry dragon didn’t stop there, it just kept coming. That was when Boris drew a big knife from the back of his belt, and just as the dragon got close enough, he swung that big knife deep into the dragon’s eye. The knife must have stabbed the dragon in the brain as well, because then it just died.

    After that, Boris got up and saw something else moving in the shadows, so holding his knife ready to defend himself some more, he went over for a closer look, and that’s when he saw some very young baby dragons huddled in the corner. Those baby dragons sure did look cute, but they were also very scared, and seeing them like that sure did make Boris feel bad about killing their mother. Boris didn’t kill the baby dragons, of course, he just left them all alone in that cave because he didn’t know what else to do, and he never blamed their mother for attacking him either, she was only protecting her babies. For that reason, Boris really didn’t mind dragons at all. In fact, dragons were one of his favourite things, and he sure did hope those baby dragons didn’t remember his face at all.

    So those were some of the things Boris was thinking about while the conversation about Ezra was taking place in the dining room, but overall the conversation was, like most other things, very confusing for Boris, and all he really wanted to do was get that chunk of turkey out from between his teeth and find a comfortable bed for the night. All that food had made him sleepy.

    He tapped Jack on the shoulder, just to say ‘sorry’ for reasons that Jack couldn’t have known, then turned away to leave the room. Unfortunately he had to stop before walking out the door, because he only just then remembered the house was acting all funny and finding a bedroom was probably going to be a hard thing to do.

    Feeling sad and slumping dejectedly, he closed his eyes and wished he was a smarter man, smart enough to think of an easy way to find a soft bed. He wanted this so much that he even started picturing the bed he wanted to sleep in. The bed was big and soft, stuffed with feathers, not with straw like a lot of those lumpy beds were – and it just so happened, right at that moment, Boris disappeared before Jack’s very eyes.

    When Jack saw Boris inexplicably vanish, he heard Revel’s voice move softly though the room, as if carried by a passing breeze.

    “That’s my boy….”

    A moment later, Boris opened his eyes on account of a strange feeling he had, kind of like a quick spell of dizziness, and that’s when he found himself standing in a bedroom and looking at a bed, the very same bed he had just been imagining.

    Things were getting more and more confusing for Boris, but there was very little he could do about it all. He just let out a long sigh, shrugged, and thought it best that he just went to sleep for the night.

    So he did.

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    Quote from Pandolen»

    Betty finally finds something say!

    "Daddy, stop! Don't hurt Ariel - don't ya know it's bad luck to kill an angel!"

    "Well hot diggity dang!" Ezmond yells back at Betty in no polite way whatsoever; "You're in this place for less than a New York minute and already you're gallivanting about with all them boys in town! Now you listen here, young lady, I didn't raise my darling daughter to be some floozy woozy night walker! I'm taking care of this here good for nothing hot rod rejection of our good lord, and them I'm taking you all the way home to spank you till you blister!"

    Betty screams! "Gosh dammit all anyway on a perfectly fine Sunday morning, Daddy - I'm not do'n noth'n with all the gosh darn boys in town, it's just this one angel, I swear upon my own grave! Why you always gotta go and do this to all my boyfriends anyhow??"

    Then! As Ezmond turns to shoot another blast at the Rhinoceroses sheltering Ariel, Betty launches her own spell at Ezmond. As Ezmond is ducking for cover, not wanting to be turned into a turtle or something like that, Betty yells out for Ariel run!

    "I've got ya covered, baby! Save your hot butt while you still can!"

    Ariel figured he better take Betty's advice and make a break for it while he could. Using a rhinoceros as a launching pad and his wings for an extra boost, he flew across the room, flipping in a kind of sideways somersault about half way to plant a quick kiss on Betty's cheek while passing by. On the other side of the room he hit the floor running while calling back 'You were great!' and simultaneously opening the door. He then entered the basement where he kept up the pace, ascending the stair on the other side and through the next door into the library. Not bothering to stop for a formal introduction, but said a quick hello to a strange man wandering aimlessly in burnt long johns before exiting the next door to see Chisille ravaging Renard - who was for some reason now dressed in a golden coat - and some other guy laying bleeding on the floor. It was quite a bloody mess to say the least, but Ariel didn't have time to stop and ask questions. Taking another leap, he managed to say 'Hi' to both Chisille and Renard as he flew by overhead, down the stairs, and out the next door.

    He was now in the foyer, only to find the front door of the mansion was blocked by a pink force field, so turning around he went back out the door he had entered, but did NOT find himself back with chisille and Renard. Instead, he was in the lounge room. Now, since he had been preoccupied with Betty of late, he hadn't even noticed the alterations that had taken place to the mansion, so at that point he had to pause for a confused moment.

    "Well, that's a little odd. From the bedroom to the basement to the library, and now this...."

    Feeling like there wasn't much point dwelling on the phenomenon, and still not feeling he'd created a safe distance between himself and Ezmond, he shrugged and ran off through the next door, down a hallway and out into the kitchen where he tripped on a jar of honey and landed face first in a pile of assorted cuisines. Sitting up, he took a dazed look around at the mass quantity of foodstuff covering the floor.

    "I know a God given sign when I see one...." he said, picking up a perfectly roasted chicken leg; "Must be time to take a break."

    Unfortunately, as he started feeding, he felt a curious sensation move through his body, causing his bones to ache and skin to crawl like a vast army of ants had covered him.

    "Oh no, that can't be good...." He told himself as the delicious food slide down his throat. "...I think I may have yet another problem."

    Ariel was pretty sure what the problem was, and it wasn't good. Being with a woman out of wedlock was a big no-no, especially in his line work. But at the same time there wasn't much he could about that now, what was done was done, and besides, he was apparently far too hungry to dwell on the problem for the time being. He would just have to worry about that later... not that worry was going to help the matter in any way.

    Keeping his position on the floor of the kitchen, he continued stuffing his face.

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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Ezra doesn’t seem to react to Jack’s ignorance on the matter, he however seems slightly eased by Revel’s statement. He rises slowly from his crouched position, eyes flickering from Jack to Trixie with dwelling caution. Now standing, though awry by cause of his disjointed right leg and contorted torso, he regards each person with equal diffidence.

    “My name is Ezra.” He winces slightly, believing those words alone could warrant a hostile reaction, but when the expected rancor was not rendered, he concludes his statement with calming stress. “Ei delivered me from Hades and… worse . I wish to… convey my gratitude.”

    "Hades, indeed, nothing like hell to spend an eternity in." Revel smirks, amused by Ezra's response; "No doubt that's where all the well behaved kids go to play when they die."

    Trixie smiled at this. This allowed her to focus on...more important manners. It was also a little cute.

    Trixie took a step forward towards Ezra, and looked him over for a breif few seconds. "Who is Ei exactly? And how would spinning us up into a tornado 'convey gratitude' ?" she asked, slightly accusatory, but not making any hostile action.

    Revel covering his face with his hand for a moment, then sighs before looking at Trixie. "Are you on drugs? Perhaps I didn't pay enough attention to your mind when I gave you that body...." He looks down at himself, then at everyone else in the room as if searching for someone who obviously isn't there. "I think it's been established that Ei isn't here, so all the windy tornado do-da could hardly be conveyed in any way for Ei, yes?"

    Quote from Nucleep»

    "Gratitude?" Silas inquired, out of the blue. "I can already surmise what sort of gratitude you are giving... Anyway, could you explain to us more about yourself, and Ei, other than whatever relationship exists between the two of you?" he then questions passively.

    "I do believe I'm developing a headache here. You don't need to be a God to figure out that this frightened and battered little soul hasn't yet got a 'substantial' relationship with Ei. Hence his request to find her in his endeavor to convey gratitude for delivering him from the naughty kids corner. Is all that new will I gave you playing havoc with your reasoning abilities?"

    Quote from Darthrafael»

    "Lady Ei saved this man, that's the relationship they have." A voice speaks, coming from the doorway into the dining room. Maras walks in, apparently the person who spoke. He walks up to Lyudmila, pokes her with the back of his spear, and mutters the words 'Can't handle alcohol, huh?' before looking at Ezra, and then at the other people in the room.
    "As for answers to your questions, I'm afraid neither I nor Lyudmila can answer them all, even though we are her servants. Lady Ei's species for example is something nobody knows, and I'm not sure even Ei herself knows nowadays. She's not here right now because she's got some... intruders to deal with. Those figures that have entered this building are targetting her friend, Miss Annie. She has, however, asked us to not interfere, and that goes for you too, Revel." Maras says as he points his spear at Revel for a bit before stabbing it into the ground.
    "But, since Lyudmila here passed out due to being drunk, I do believe I'm the only one here in any position to answer any questions about her you might have. As for you," Maras says as he looks at Ezra. "Lady Ei is busy right now but she should be finished soon. I must ask you to wait for her to be finished and not try and get to her before that."

    "Oh please, Maras, if I wanted to interfere, all this mess would have already been dealt with. I'm quite happy to watch Ei struggle, it's far more entertaining. Besides, ending all the fun with a snap of ones fingers is far too vulgar a display of power, what would that leave for the mortals to do? I'm not one for changing nappies. So go point your silly little stick at someone else, like, say..." He points at Trixie.

    Quote from Nucleep»

    "And who would you be?" Silas questions, narrowing his eyes. "I'm sorry if I seem so tense, but you said that the little girl named Annie was involved..." He seems to be holding back a little bit of rage, but nobody in the room other than Revel can surmise why. Under the table, his fists clenched. "If this Ei is an ally of her, then she has a few... questions to answer," he seethes.

    "And on that note, I do believe it's time for me to leave." Revel looks around at everyone to say; "I for one had a delightful time this evening, as I hope you all enjoyed dinner as well. But I really must be going now, let you funny little mortals have your play time. Will be seeing around!"

    With that, Revel winks at Jack, blows a kiss to sleeping Lyudmila on the floor, gives Boris a firm pat on the shoulder, then disappears.

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    Trixie smiled slightly at this, and set Sluggy onto her shoulder. "I couldn't leave you up there like that." she says with a slight grin.

    "Yeah, I feel the same about you, doll face." Sluggy replied, then curled up in the crook of Trixie's neck to take a nap while absorbing the sweet love of her company. He didn't seem to care at all about anything else going on in the room.

    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    Keeping stationary in his huddled position, Ezra guardedly observes the various people now acknowledging his presence. He listens to their words, he studies their faces, he is unnerved by their approach. Nevertheless, he persists to contain the viable impulse to flee, eyes continuing to quiver with fearful unease, for in truth there is but one thing persuading him to stay...

    ...Unwrapping one arm from his knees, he slowly raises his trembling hand, erecting one finger at the ceiling as he singles out Jack with apprehensive curiosity.


    Quote from ValkonX11»

    Jack watches the charred man as he points to the ceiling, the figure's focus apparently falling on him as he presents his question. Jack glances at the others before looking at the ceiling, opening with, "Ei...?" He looks back down at the figure, continuing, "Who or what is 'Ei'?" He takes a brief glance at the others again, thinking that perhaps one of them would have a better idea what the charred man was talking about, before looking back at the trembling figure, hand still ready to draw Magebuster if an attack commenced.

    Boris just shrugs at Ezra's question, then again when Jack asks his. Revel, on the other hand, replied to Jack with a discerning nod.

    "That'll be a friend, and the lady responsible for..." He looks back at Lyudmila sleeping on the floor, as if she may have been related to the situation somehow, then decides not to finish what may have been a far too informative explanation for everybody in the room. He then looks to Ezra, while refraining from his usual acclaimed demeanor.

    "Don't worry, I don't believe anyone here will bite unless you bite them first. No need to be afraid...." Revel informs the charred man, in one of his more benevolent tones. "And as for Ei, yes.... She is definitely upstairs, but I don't think she's accepting... guests at the moment. A little preoccupied, you understand? In the meantime, maybe you'd like to share who you are, and why you might be asking for Ei? I'm sure the others here would feel a little more comfortable if they knew who they were talking to."
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    Trixie glanced over at Revel and nodded. It took a few seconds for her to hear Sluggy basically screaming her name at the top of her lungs. Trixie sighed and went on over, and tried to reach him. Glancing over at Ezra occasionally, holding her wand in a defensive position.

    Sluggy fell deeply in love at that moment, seeing now that Trixie really did care about him. Releasing his grip, trusting her with his life, he fell from the wall and into the silky pillow of her loving hand.
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    Quote from NightsRemnant»

    The Dining Room.

    All those at dinner are suddenly interrupted when everything in the room, including said guests, are lifted from their places in a tornado of wind and grey cloud. Moments later the swirling mass of people, furniture and food fall heavily to the floor while Ezra manifests his previous form, huddled with arms wrapped about his knees in the corner. While his quivering eyes examine the many strangers and destruction he had caused, he is convinced he will likely be chastened for his actions and would soon need to make yet another escape....

    Quote from ValkonX11»

    Jack takes the last remaining bit of the steak Revel had given him at the beginning of the dinner as he replies, "Alright, Revel. I'll keep that in mind." He then consumes the piece of steak, leaving only what was left of his potatoes to finish off.

    As Silas explains himself, Jack nods. "I see. Understandable." He didn't have any idea what a 'radar' was either, but he assumed it was just another one of the science things, and most likely beyond his understanding if he had tried to ask about it. He opted instead to finish off what remained of his roasted potatoes, bringing his meal to a close. "Well, this has been a particularly satisfying meal. A shame every dinner can't be like this," he starts, taking the bottle of red in his hand again, "but perhaps if they were, this wouldn't have felt as special as it does."

    As Jack is about to drink from the bottle of red again, the tornado strikes. As the contents of the room are thrown into the air, Jack grabs the bottle of cinnamon brandy with a speed and precision one might not expect of a man who has had as much to drink as he had that dinner. He keeps his grip tight on both of the bottles, plugging their tops with his thumbs as they are thrashed around the room. As quickly as it had started, however, it ends, leaving Jack floored, lying on his back, still carrying the bottles, which against all odds didn't take any damage in the torrent of wind and feast-turned-debris.

    He sits up, only to be greeted by his mug from earlier striking him on the head as it falls, followed by Jack's helmet managing to land on his head as perfectly as if he had put it on himself. He sets the bottles on the ground next to him, taking off his helmet as he mutters, "You would've been useful if you had gotten here before the mug," rubbing his head where the mug had hit it. He sets the helmet on the ground too as he pushes himself up off the floor, stumbling a bit as he looks around the room, asking, "Everyone alright?" The first person he noticed was Lyudmilla, snoozing away on the floor. "She seems to be alright..." Next, in the corner, he noticed the charred, lacerated body of...

    He didn't know who that was. They hadn't been there before the tornado. "Guys? I think we have company..." Jack moves his hand onto the grip of Magebuster, ready to draw it and strike should the figure lunge out to attack or something.

    Trixie huffed. "I'm alright, thank you and I can see that there..." she said, grabbing her wand, powering it up just incase. She doesn't attack the figure yet though.

    Quote from Darthrafael»

    Meanwhile, Lyudmila has spent most of dinner drinking wine. She didn't have many opportunities to drink alcohol, so now that she had one she was going to make the best of it. Unfortunately for her though, she quickly becomes too drunk to hold a decent conversation. When Ezra comes in and makes a mess, Lyudmila is thrown to the floor. She tries to get up, failing several times before she manages to stand. She then tries to say something, pointing in Ezra's general direction, but instead falls over and passes out.

    Buttons was still relaxing at his spot on the table, casually watching the shenanigans taking place, and was just lowering his head to nibble at a flea when the cloudy tornado struck the room. There must have been something very calming in his dinner, possibly the milk, that prevented him from getting upset as he swirled through the air with his legs and tail flailing every which way. When the wind suddenly subsided he landed on his feet, as cats normally do, just a few feet from the charred and partly transparent man that had appeared. He sits where he landed, licks his paw to give his face a quick brush, and then looking rather offhandedly at the oddly disturbing individual, he says;

    "Hey, how ya doing?"

    Sluggy was upset, actually he was very distressed when the tornado wind struck, because somewhere in the turmoil he lost grip of Trixie's shoulder. His little soggy, slimy body twisted and turned in the air, narrowly missing all manner of projectiles as he screamed, not just for his life, but for the deep, deep despair he was suddenly feeling for possibly having lost his purple girlfriend forever. Then, just before everything went calm, he was thrown from the tornado and slapped against the wall with enough force to flatten his body on impact. Fortunately, he didn't die, and as his body regained its rounded shape he decided clinging to the wall was probably his best option for now in any case. He looked around desperately for Trixie, calling out her name at the top of his lungs, fearing more than anything that maybe she couldn't hear his little voice from way up high near the ceiling.

    A garbled "Daww..." was all the noise that Boris made as he circulated the room one or two times then came down heavy on his bottom near the center of the room with a cut of pork hanging from his mouth as looked around baffled. He clambers to his feet, swallowed the pork, kicks a few items from his path and steps over sleeping Lyudmila on his way to stand next to Jack, where he then looked down, befuddled by the new arrival.

    "He sure is ugly, Mr. Jack...."

    Revel had just polished off his bottle of black label in the moment the tornado struck. Lifted from his seat he laughed merrily enjoying the ride until it sadly came to an end and he was dumped on his back in a puddle of gravy, empty bottle still in hand. He then watched Lyudmila as she struggled to her feet then attempt to speak before collapsing on the floor beside him. He rolled over, gave her a kiss on the cheek and wished her sweet dream before standing up and looking around at the mess.

    "I did say it wasn't going to last much longer," he said to no one in particular, then threw a not-so-surprised look in Ezra's direction; "...So let the games begin."

    He then walks up next to Boris, Trixie and Jack, folding his arms while raising one brow in an aloof kind of way at the charred soul huddled in fear on the floor. But he didn't say anything to him at all.
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    Quote from Pandolen»

    Ezmond keeps on walking through the house looking for his darling little Betty, trying to find the sound of the animal noise he can still hear hollering, but no matter what he does, he just can’t seem to find his way.

    Getting all frustrated and stuff, he decides to use a spell that opens up a gateway to the room his little girl is in. When he steps on out of the gate, he finds his little darling girl laying on a bed with (beside) some guy he ain’t even never seen before. The rest of the room is full of very happy animals!

    “What in the friggen gosh darn tarnation is going on around here, young lady??” He yells at Betty, and look’n at Ariel right after that, he yells; “And who in all of heck are you, and just what do you think you’ve been doing with my gosh darn darling Betty, Mr. Man??”

    He’s sounding pretty angry and even takes off his straw hat to prepare a spell to strike poor Ariel into the next universe over or something. When Betty realises her daddy has just walked in the room, she jump to her feet all flustered and stuff and for the first time in her life, Betty doesn’t even know what to say.

    The next thing Ariel knows is Ezmond shooting some big old angry red pulse of light at him!!!

    When Ezmond enters unannounced, Ariel panics, naturally. But he really can't think of any reasonable or believable excuse to get him out of the trouble he just found himself in. While Ezmond is yelling, Ariel struggles to put on his pants, only managing to get one leg in before Ezmond fired the red pulse at him. Using his wings for a little extra boost, he launches himself across the room and takes cover behind a couple of rhinoceros's.

    "I'm sorry!" He yells out and finishes doing up his pants, "I'm a weak, weak angel and just couldn't resist kissing your beautiful daughter!" As he finished talking he realizes his choice of apology probably didn't help his cause at all.

    Quote from ValkonX11»

    As had been the case with the brandy before, he began to understand why those he had known years ago drank as much of this variety of alcohol as he had recalled. For a brief moment, he contemplated an idea inspired by something Revel had said shortly before in the dinner, but before he could decide whether to try it or not Revel began talking to him once more.

    Jack listens as Revel reveals Boris's past to him, the mood growing more somber as he gets deeper into the story. Jack had heard cases before of men and women who had abused and neglected their children, though he had never encountered any of the products of such an environment until Boris. He looked to Boris, a feeling of sorrow for the large man growing within him. Jack glanced to Boris, watching him as he ate, unable to help but wonder how Boris might have turned out if he hadn't been subjected to such trauma.

    Jack looks back at Revel as he receives the mental message, nodding as he mentally responds, "The pleasure is mine. To Boris, and with hope, to better days for him in the future..."

    With that, he takes the bottle of brandy in his free hand, lifting both it and the bottle of red as he drinks them simultaneously, implementing his idea.

    "Thanks, Jack," Revel places one hand gently but firmly on his shoulder, "You have my blessings. If you ever need a favor, ever, you just call on me." He thinks for a moment about what he just said, and takes another swig from his bottle. "But hey, if I don't answer at first, try thinking my name three and half times. There's a reason for that specific method, but I can't really be bothered explain at the moment."

    She smirks at that, and does a little flick of her wand. The 'trick of light' that was running around screaming vanishes completely, she was a little unamused.. "Done, now can you please give my clothing back?" Trixie asks.

    Quote from Nucleep»

    Silas looks at the sudden change in Trixie's appearance and starts laughing. "Ahahaha! Revel, why do you have to screw with my dopamine glands!" he bellowed joyfully. As Trixie struggles to hide her parts, he laughs so hard his chair falls back onto the floor, with him still in it.

    Revel seems pleased that the quirks of Silas's new will are proving extra entertainment for those at the dinner, enough to have him decide that Trixie's nakedness isn't really needed anymore, and so, as Silas falls to the floor, her clothes re-appear, back to front.

    "Oops," Revel smiles and chugs a bit more from his bottle, "my accuracy must be hindered by the alcohol or something."

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    posted a message on Is the above avatar Good Or Evil?

    Good! And if anyone says differently then they will have to answer to Buttons!! and we all know how scary that is....

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    Once the disruption comes to a close, Revel continues his confidential chat with Jack, stating;

    "I'm glad you approve of him, Jack, it makes me warm at heart to see him making friends for a change. And if I might add, he certainly has taken a shining to you as well. But don't judge Boris too harshly for his shortcomings. You see..." He glances over at Boris with a doting glint before continuing; "Boris wasn't born with the mind he has today - No, no, you see..." He sighs, showing grievance for the coming explanation; "...Boris suffered at the hand of his step father when he was just a wee pup. One too many beating, you see, caused damage to his brain. Alas... we have the simple minded man we see before us today." Jack actually heard hints of Revel's voice breaking with emotion at this point; "But my boy, he deserves so much more, you know? I'm working on making things better for him. ...but its hard, Jack... for reasons I find hard to express. It's so very hard.... And so that's why I gave him Revel Yell... a handsome start in my more... discrete efforts to renew his life for the better. In any case..." Revel clears his throat and straightens in his seat, while a large black bottle appeared in his own hand; "'s the least I could do for not being there when he needed me most."

    With that, Revel pops the cork from his dark bottle and takes a long chug. On the label, Jack read the words:

    'Revel's Black Label

    Here's to the Dark Times'

    Meanwhile, Boris is paying little mind to the events unfolding around him, just enjoying the food mounted high on his plate, while now and then taking sips from a bottle Revel had placed next to his plate, labelled; 'For a special Son'. Of course, Boris couldn't read, so he wasn't aware of the message, which was, for now at least, the way Revel preferred it to be.

    Once Revel finished sinking back half of his bottle of Black Label, He turns to Jack, wipes a small tear from his eye as a pain induced smile forms on his face. Then, Jack receives one more message, only this time in his mind.

    "This feast is for my boy. I'm glad he has a friend like you to share it with. ...It's his birthday today."

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    Quote from ValkonX11»

    Jack set down the bottle of brandy, the sensation of growing strength welling within him becoming particularly exhilarating. Or perhaps that was just the amount of alcohol he had consumed. Either way, he turns to Revel, stating, "It certainly seems to. Can't say I've ever felt better." He thinks to events long in his past, quietly adding, "And I can see why they liked brandy as much as they did..." He contemplates times long gone for a few moments more before turning back to Revel, stating, "Well, that's one sampled. Pass the red, if you don't mind? I'll want to try that one as well, of course..."

    "Jack, please, you're talking to Uncle Revel now," Revel seems more than glad for his request, as a second bottle of the Red grows out from the table by Jack's plate, "Why share when you can have your own? Besides, more for Mila this way. Lord knows we all need to take the edge off right now."

    Quote from 9314265068»

    While Chisille was thinking about what her dream could've meant, she casually tapped a single claw on the ground, the sound assisting with her thinking, or perhaps it was to help keep her awake. This rhythmic tapping was soon replaced with a hard press on the floor, soon to be followed by the rest of her claws. In one large sudden swipe, a sharp set of claw marks had pierced lightly into the floor. Smoke began to rise from her nostrils once more as the intense feeling of her fury rose. However she could not resist the sheer power over her will the presence had.

    Chisille rose from her spot on the ground, her anger taking hold of every fiber of her body. She snarled at nobody in particular while her tail quickly whipped at the wall behind her, causing a large mark, just like the floor. Everything that had happened to her. EVERYTHING. She was going to get what was rightfully hers. There was to be no stopping her. Her mind focused down on a single being who would bring her satisfaction to tear to shreds and burn to cinders. There didn't have to be a reason for it, she just knew that this child was going to die. After all, she deserved every single bit of pain that she was going to get at Chisille's claws.

    "It is time. Begin the hunt!"
    She didn't need to think twice. Chisille launched herself out from the cozy nest she had made for herself, knocking over the bucket of oreos she had treasured without a second thought. The oreos spilled all over the floor as the bucket rolled around a little bit from the force. Several oreos also rolled some distance away before settling down like a chocolatey buscuity coin. By the time the room had come to a standstill again, Chisille had already opened the door and was out, sniffing aggressively for any hints she could get of Annie.

    However the first door she charged through had brought her to a bedroom, and an empty one at that. She growled at this, trying again for any hints of Annie. Even with how manipulated this place was, there was still the hint of Annie in the air just from her merely being here long enough. This drove Chisille to keep searching, opening more doors. Unfortunately no matter how many doors her fury drove her to go through, none of them got her close enough to Annie to the point where she could practically smell her blood.

    'What am I-' she tried to think, but it was quickly shut down by the presence that was driving her.

    One of the dining room doors burst open and slammed shut just as hard. Everybody who had looked over to the loud noises could see Chisille walking past the table towards the next door in the room. However the way she was walking and just everything about her... she looked absolutely focused, and above all FURIOUS. She looked like she would lunge over and tear open the throats of anyone who so happened to even glance at her. Lyudmila could tell that this was definitely not the way she had behaved when they first met.

    Quote from Merry_Pippin»

    Fin, as he was about to raise an eyebrow at Revel and his flying pig, was startled as the door flew open. When he looked, he saw- "S- S- S- SNAKE!" Immediately he leaped from his seat and ran in the opposite direction of where it had come from, which happened to be the door it was heading towards. Fin really didn't like snakes.

    Quote from ValkonX11»

    As Revel leans in closer and whispers to Jack, Jack nods, quietly answering, "Boris... he's certainly a unique man. Not too bright, but seems good enough, as long as one minds his temper... and doesn't get on his bad side. As an ally, invaluable. I'd have died to that knight if it wasn't for him and that dragonbone you gifted to him."
    Jack's focus is brought towards the door as the noises begin, and he watches as Chisille bursts through, bearing a furious look that, compared to how she had been when Jack first saw her, almost could have led one to mistake her for a completely different dragon... if dragons such as her were more common, anyways. He glances at Fin as he shouts something about a snake- presumably referring to Chisille- and rushes to the door that Chisille seemed to be heading towards. "Not many snakes have wings and limbs, friend... and it would appear you've managed to put yourself in her path. I suspect this is counterproductive to what you were trying to accomplish."

    Revel seems a little disappointed by the ensuing distraction, at the same time amused by Jack's response to Fin. But he doesn't bother to partake in that specific interaction, possibly finding logic a lost cause for Fin at this point.

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