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    posted a message on Improved Biomes, Taiga, Deserts, and Oceans
    Quote from WyrIz»

    Snow biomes are pretty boring, considering all you see is just white until the end of your render distance.

    So anyway, I decided to add some stuff that might make it better

    This is kinda generic, but we should have reindeers. Yes, I know, it's a really weird idea, but it's kinda decent since it's turning X-Mas and all :P

    They should have 8 hearts of health (16 HP) and are used to obtain venison.

    Venison is basically exactly like steak, so that's kinda boring.

    But it's at least something

    Anyways, you can also get antlers, which you use to make spikes.

    Spikes can be activated like redstone, and much like Evolcation Fangs, they rise from the ground and stab you.

    Though, they base block of it looks like wood, with a hole on top, which the 3D spikes come out of.

    Anways, dumb idea and all, but let's move on to deserts

    Wait wait I'm not done

    So, in snow biomes you should have a chance to find a 'Ice Temple'.

    You can download the model here : (Not yet released)

    Inside, you can find Yetis, which will defend the loot, which you get like iron gear or even BETTER.

    You can find the gold every so and then, but you'll mostly find potions.

    So about Yetis, they are kind of like Iron golems, where they flip their arms and it throws you in the air,

    Except they have less health points, and obviously they look much different.

    Also, if you're far away, they pick up snow blocks and throw it!

    That's kinda good I guess :unsure:

    Anyways, they have about 50 HP, (25 hearts) and do 4 hearts of damage in melee.

    Thrown snow blocks do 5 hearts of damage, (remember this is all without any armor) and also inflict slowness on the victim.

    Now onto desert biome improvements.

    You are able to find 'Sandcastles' which is an outer wall surrounding a more like modified sandstone village.

    You find sandstone trading posts, and also sphynxes,

    Also a giant pyramid in the middle, which has a maze and stuff in the middle.

    Also, let me talk about the new blocks.

    Blocks in the Snow Biome should have a 'Tumbling Rock' and also 'Sliding snow'

    Sliding snow is an avalanche simply.

    If placed, will slide in the direction that leads downhill.

    They also break trees, which breaks the actual blocks and drops it.

    Also, tumbling rocks are similar, where they fall downhill.

    The look like more bulky stone blocks, and don't just teleport down the hill, they have a falling animation and all.

    Also, leaves of any kind should actually drop leaves, (About 2 per block) when not using shears.

    Like not leaf blocks, actual


    So, with these you an stack them, in a pile of 10, which is kind of like you know in Autumn where kids just make leaf stacks and jump in them

    Yeah like that

    So, they break your fall, so if you were to jump (at the maximum) of 15 blocks high onto it, they leaves will break your fall then burst apart.

    Now, sand deserts contain Sand Traps, which basically is a block update.

    You know when you have floating sand but if you update the blocks it will fall?

    It's like that, but you can place it so it falls when something is nearby

    Also, they should add quicksand, which is in the pyramid mazes.

    Now, we only have rain, thunderstorms, and snow, so I decided some stuff we should add to those, too.

    When it rains elsewhere, in deserts there are sandstorms.

    Basically, if you don't have leather armor on, you will start to suffocate. Much like underwater, there's a bar which goes down.

    Also, it gives you slowness, because we don't see people in real life with some clothes running at max speed in sandstorms


    Now onto Ocean improvements

    I know, we're already getting 1.14 coming soon to update oceans, (Known as the Aquatic update) but I want to suggest some things BEFORE they make that happen.

    Instead of Elder Guardians effecting you with Mining fatigue, in a 50 block radius (filled, not 50 blocks away, 50 blocks fully filled) is filled with "Waste water". Waste water gives players Mining fatigue, so this can be used for some things :

    • Traps that players make for other players,
    • Alerting a player that a sea temple is near by

    Also, you can pick it up with a bucket, too.

    Also, you still get the Curse Elder Guardian Particle and sound, so you don't have to remove it.

    That would be some small stuff for this Ocean section, (which some of you were probably waiting for some actually good ideas) so there's more.

    You know Mojang is adding Sunken Ships and all that?

    Well this is kinda related to that

    I dunno I didn't read the whole entire aquatic update announcement (or hear it) so I don't know if this is already there.

    It would be good if parrots spawned at sunken ships, you know the pirate feel and such :)

    Also, random chests should be spread across the ocean containing general ocean-like loot.

    There should be waves that come up when near the entrance to an ocean, (when you're at a beach for example)

    Scuba gear should be craftable, but has pretty low durability so that it doesn't beat the purpose of water-breathing potions

    Also there should be "Fins" you can attach in your chestplate slot, which make guardians passive for a few seconds upon encountering them.

    Anyways, I'll add more stuff sometime soon, (or not) but mostly those downloads for those buildings and such, but besides that, thank you for reading.

    Cool, you got some reindeers! I believe that we should be able to ride them too!

    Yeah I don't agree with the antler 'spikes' since it would break too easily.. antler is a bone marrow, so if they did add spikes they'd have to add the bone variation, yeah?

    How many Yeti's spawn when you enter the temple, if its too much then it'd probably just kill the player instantly depending what they're wearing.

    About the 'sandcastles' I think you mean a 'Masada' a better name for a sandcastle since its a wall.

    I can see where you're going with the sandstone trading posts.

    About the pyramid, what's the 'stuff in the middle'. Clarify for me.

    Who wears leather armor? Most people wear iron or diamond.. nothing else unless they've just started. The sandstorm is too extreme, I don't want to be suffocating just because I don't wear leather.

    Urmm.. parrots spawning at sunken ships?? eh.. they'd drown right! A sunken ship is found underwater - no parrot should spawn underwater its un-natural!

    How would you craft the fins?

    Uhh.. well 15% support - the kindest I can be here.
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    posted a message on Better writing/reading stuff
    Quote from Clen_»

    Boring introduction you can skip :

    While trying to create adventures maps, I was worried by the lack of RP when it comes to the reading : you're forced to use a chest to store the books ; even if the text you wanna give to the player is short you'll need to give him a whole book, the bookshelves are just a decoration...

    Here are my suggestions to make minecraft writing/reading system better :

      • The "writable paper" item (crafted with 1 paper, 1 ink and 1 feather) is like a writable book, but with fewer room to write (~140 letters only)
      • When crafting a bookshelf block, it will be empty. If you have a book in hand and you left click on the bookshelf block, then your book will be placed inside. If your hand is empty and you left-click on a book placed in a bookshelf block, then you'll take the book.
        • Books can be colored to appear differently in the shelves
        • The title of the books could appear on the spine of their "in shelf" texture
          • Enchanted books should be recognisable. I personnaly think it should be a colored drawing on the spine, but I await your ideas !

    Additionnal ideas to discuss :

    • Shelves can also store discs ?
    • What would trigger the enchanting table upgrading effect ?

    A book in total is 12,800 characters long, and only has 50 pages. 12,800/50 = 256. We should make the paper have the capacity of 256 characters, mathematically.

    Also can the paper (writable) be stored inside of a shelf? I mean in its flat position?
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    posted a message on Mud Block

    Quote from Mancu32»

    Using a bucket of water or rain fall on a block of land. It has the same duration of blows as a block of slime

    Quote from C1ff»
    And he never said anything about rainwater

    Eh.. he did. Rain water comes from the rainfall cycle.

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    posted a message on Mud Block
    Quote from Mancu32»

    Did you ever want to drown a Mob with a block?
    Today I present my first suggestion the Mud Block
    Note: I have done this with the Terracotta block, although the design I have imagined is the same

    How can this block be generated?

    Using a bucket of water or rain fall on a block of land. It has the same duration of blows as a block of slime

    The block can be used to defend the houses since the Mud Block can drown Mobs

    It can also be used for MapMakers of Parkour maps

    So.. if I tried created a farm using some water (and intentionally the tilled area is next to it) I'll end up with mud. And if a rainwater fell onto the tilled area then I'll lose all the progress the crops were on. I'd lose and have to redo it again, not in for inconvenience, I don't like repetitively repeating something (say if rain kept coming after a dry day) again and again.

    Until you address that problem - No support.
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    posted a message on Tekkit Classic FurredClassic | A server for furries! ~ Needs admins! ~
    A server for furries playing Tekkit Classic

    FURREDClassic is a Tekkit Classic Factions server owned & founded by Buckwheat Paektu. A fully free to play server which uses the 'vote' system to distribute ranks depending on how many times you voted every month. The economy is updated every month and ran by the players (depends on how many items were bought in the store and player-owned in Faction stores). Items will be banned and unbanned depending on the month or update we spread out and veteran players will be rewarded with nice ranks. All complying with the EULA - all we ask from the player is to vote on the site so we can get more players.

    Ranks & Staff

    Staff Members

    _Buckwheat ~ Owner
    ~ We're Hiring!! ~


    SilverFur ~ 28 Votes In 1 month+
    (Kits, titles and privileges!)
    GoldFur ~ 90+ Votes overall
    (Kits, titles, hall of fame, and privileges!)
    PlatinumFur ~ 1 Year Playtime
    (Kits, titles, hall of fame)
    Default ~ Normal

    Server Rules

    1. Exploits, Hacks & Non-Tekkit Clients
    Just don't even risk using that 'xray' you were going to use or use a 'flyhack'.. we have our plugins that log these activities and we punish efficiently
    Punishment: IP BAN (we don't want anyone like that on our servers)

    2. Cussing
    No. We are a child-safe server, and don't tolerate cussing - we acknowledge when you're angry.
    Punishment: Resolution Talk & Mute if constant

    3. Spamming
    We don't tolerate any spams.. at all!
    Punishment: Mute - 1 day (if repeated perm-mute)

    4. Advertising
    No absolute advertising
    Punishment: IP BAN

    5. Griefing Your Own Faction
    Proof is required by other members, i.e. signs with a special id (only checked by admins) created by that member. Griefing own factions is not allowed and is using advantages over other players who play fair. You may however grief factions during raids or a war.
    Punishment: Removal of your joining factions permission (only allowed to create)

    6. Scamming
    This is hard to prove and may only be proved by video, screenshots could be edited - only video.
    Punishment: Lost permissions to use chestshop and banned for 3 days. (if done again - removal of build or drop permissions)

    7. Hate, abusive content
    Hate and abusive content is not allowed. If anyone is bullying send a video capture of the chats and what they've done towards you to a moderatorfur/adminfur
    Punishment: IP BAN

    8. Beg-Spamming
    Don't ask people for items, it isn't allowed.. begging is a nuisance in the server
    Punishment: Mute for how long you've beg-spammed multiplied amount of players in hours

    9. Trolling
    This is not permitted and is annoying, trolling will cause you to be banned.
    Punishment: PERM-BAN

    10. Selling soft-currency for hard-currency
    Also against the EULA, if this happens you'll be captured by video and logged then sent to Mojang and ip banned from the server
    Punishment: Email sent to Mojang, Inc. and IP-BAN

    11. Illegal Activities
    Not tolerated at a whole. We are harsh on these people
    Punishment: Email sent to Mojang, Inc., sent to any governing bodies and IP-BAN including anyone involved.

    12. Dating
    Our server is not a dating platform.
    Punishment: PERM-BAN

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    posted a message on Crafting Recipe Ideas

    I love these! They're really balanced too (i.e. the totem of undying is expensive. end game item. and etc)


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    posted a message on Idea for a new biome: The nuclear waste biome
    Quote from KaoticRaptor»

    Hey guys another idea I have for minecraft is a new biome. It has been a long time since minecraft got a new biome and I think it's time it finally did get one I present to you all the nuclear waste biome. This biome would be themed about nuclear waste. The ground would be black which will introduce a new block black grass. The black grass used to be normal grass but it was tainted by the nuclear waste. Their would also be toxic waters which would be green in color and would act in a simliar way to lava. The biome itself is toxic the only way a player can go in there would have to be wearing a hazmat suit each piece of the hazmat suit requires wool and iron ingots to craft. Now it's onto the mobs while normal mobs such as zombies do spawn here there would be a new mob called the toxic waste swimmer only found in toxic waste waters. This mob looks simliar to a eel it's green in color and has 20 health points they are aggressive mobs and attack by ramming the player also the hazmat suit provides protection agaisnt the toxic water so the player can go in them. Another mob that would spawn there would be a land mob called the cockroach. This cockroach would be huge compared to reality's cockroaches. It would be neutral and would have the same health points as a spider. So what do you guys think of my idea?

    This has been request pre 1.12 and has never been imported into the game, If a new player spawns inside of the new biome - boom; killed by cockroaches.. mutation in the real world doesn't make sense? I didn't get mutated when Fukushima melted down, I only got a higher chance of cancer and some other illnesses I had to be checked out for (I'm fine now). The huge cockroaches don't make sense.

    Minecraft is Minecraft (High Fantasy)

    Fallout (what I think you're talking about) is Fallout (High Science)

    Both genre's don't mix since Minecraft is not a HFS game.. It'll turn into North Korea.. don't want that ;)

    Absolute no support.
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    posted a message on Add Nuclear Mechanics!
    Quote from 1337Congress»

    Mojang should add nuclear mechanics to Minecraft.

    Uranium: Uranium ores will be found underground. You need an iron pickaxe or weaker to mine it. If you use anything stronger, it produces a nuclear explosion. Nuclear explosions also occur if the ore is shot by an arrow or blown up by a creeper/TNT.

    Nuclear Reactor: These are crafted with 8 iron blocks around the edges and uranium in the middle. They work 20x faster and more efficient than iron furnaces. Instead of running on coal, they run on uranium. They will also make regular furnaces run this efficiently if they are within 20 blocks from them, plus regular furnaces won't have to run on coal when near a running reactor. The down side is that occasionally, they sound an alarm that they are experiencing a nuclear meltdown. If that happens, you have 15 seconds to take out the uranium in the reactor or else it creates a nuclear explosion. There is a 25% chance that reactors will create nuclear waste instead of the desired item. Nuclear reactors can also serve as redstone. Nuclear reactors can also power redstone very well and in a different way called "nuclear powered redstone".

    Nuclear Powered Redstone: Redstone powered by a nuclear reactor. It is more powerful then regular redstone, and poered redstone trails for up to 200 blocks long. Powered rails are 5x stronger than regular rails, and redstone lamps get brighter. Its restone effects also requires 1 uranium rod, where each rod runs the reactor for 5 minecraft days.

    Uranium Rod: Can only be made by smelting a uranium ore in a nuclear reactor. Used to make radiation potion.

    Nuclear Waste: They are completely useless, and just takes up space. If they are near plants, grassblocks, or mobs, it will slowly damage them with .5 hearts per second. They are best against facing a bunch of hostile mobs and storing them in chests or thrown in lava.

    Nuclear Explosion: They are huge explosions that are 100 blocks radius and form a huge crater. Anything in that explosion will get killed. After the explosion, the area will have radiation floating around where anyone in or near it will lose 1 heart per second. This effect lasts 30 Minecraft days. If you look at the explosion, your character goes blind for a minecraft day.

    Hydrogen Creeper: A special type of creeper that creates a nuclear explosion rather then a regular one. Their trade off would be they are really slow due to being really heavy. They look like regular creepers that have a radiation icon on their chests and are really fat.

    Radiation potion: Made by using a uranium rod and water. If consumed, there is a 50% chance you die and 50% chance you get stronger. For the 50% chance it makes you stronger, it will either triple your walking speed, mining speed, strength, defense or some combination of them.

    Nuclear Bomb: Craft it with TNT and uranium. It works like a regular TNT except it makes a nuclear explosion.

    About your 'nuclear explosion', what about the blast damage (aka can it destroy obsidian, bedrock.. forget that one! OR any other types of high-blast resistant material). The hydrogen creeper seems to be a bit over powered, doesn't it. Perhaps if a new player joined the game, attacked by one, then it explodes.. great day? They're dead and they don't like the game.. smashing the uninstall button..

    Perhaps you could add a timer to when they are unlocked and dispatched into the world? How would you protect against the wasteland area, hazmat suits by any chance..

    Getting rid of some of the idea's and replacing them or bettering them would give you my wholeheartedly support.. but currently I'd rather stay on the; 'no'.
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    posted a message on Ideas for NEW Blocks/Ores, Weapons, Trading System, and Tools

    Ore Suggestions

    - Sapphire

    - Ruby

    - Amethyst

    Trading System

    - Make some villagers change preference on what they want in exchange for a trade (Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst) or make all allowed for any trade but, some are more expensive.

    Weapons and Tools

    - Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst tools.

    - Steel Weapons and tools.


    - Make it possible to go another step further can make a way to convert iron into steel allowing for steel tools and armor.


    What properties will the ores and the steel have? Durability, stack-max, minimum found-depth & maximum? What biome can these be found in (the case of the emerald and the extreme hills).

    How fast will the tools break objects, and enchantability? Tell us how the trade system would work in a bit more detail.

    Status-quo - we don't need more of these ores or metals, we already have enough but go on.. answer these for me. ;) -
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    posted a message on FurredClassic Minecraft Tekkit Classic Server!

    How are you people doing today? I have hosted a Minecraft Tekkit Server (I found out MinecraftForum Servers tab would allow me to post it as it kept saying it was 'offline' - unfortunate.) and I want to have a small community of people.

    The server has a more 'EULA' complying technique of keeping donations inside of the the server, by using the servers forum site cosmetics. I also have introduced a voting system to my server. I will give a free rank (all players can get it if they have over 28 votes by the end of the month) and the rank will change every month (incl. kits) all ranks will stack.

    I will also release updates for the server, even though the shop has not been finished - I believe that people should create in-faction stores (selling to their own faction using ChestShop iConomy). We also have the mcMMO plugin with different modifiers for non-PVP skills to 4*.

    I hope I see you soon, in my server.. here take the ip fellow adventurer!


    Version: 1.2.5 Tekkit Classic (requires technic launcher)

    Plugins: mcMMO, Factions, Essentials and etc.

    Rank System: Vote-based

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